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Civil War Confederate Army Officer. The pre-war Mayor of Franklinton, North Carolina, he enlisted as a Captain in the 13th North Carolina Infantry regiment after the outbreak of the Civil War. He fou...

8/30/2017 8/30/2017

Daniel Harvey Christie was raised in Loudoun County, Virginia. He had been a teacher and merchant in Norfolk before establishing a military school in 1857 in Henderson, NC. He was appointed Major of ...

8/30/2017 8/30/2017

Capt. Richard Ashby, (CSA) MP (1831 - 1861)

Richard was killed during an engagement with a Union patrol along the Potomac in June 1861. After he had a chance to examine the corpse, Richard's brother, Brig. General Turner Ashby, Jr. was convinced...

4/12/2011 8/30/2017

Brig. Gen. Turner Ashby, (CSA) MP (1828 - 1862)

"Black Knight of the Confederacy"

Turner Ashby, Jr. (October 23, 1828 – June 6, 1862) was a Confederate cavalry brigadier general in the American Civil War. He had achieved prominence as Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson's cavalry comman...

4/12/2011 8/30/2017

John George Walker (July 22, 1821 – July 20, 1893) was a Confederate general in the American Civil War. Early life and military career Walker was born in Jefferson City, Missouri. He grew up in t...

3/11/2009 8/30/2017

Wikipedia of Colonel George S. Patton Note: Col. Patton is the grandfather of his namesake, General George S. Patton, III, of WWII fame. Wikipedia, General George S. Patton George Smith Patton (183...

3/26/2007 8/30/2017

Lt.(CSA), William Beavens (c.1840 - 1864)

Birth: unknown Death: Jul. 31, 1864 CSA: Company D, 43rd North Carolina. Below info by Robert I added two photos to William Beavens stone. I wish I had his birthdate for you - he is a distant cou...

9/16/2009 4/13/2016

Waller Patton was a great-uncle of American World War II General, George S. Patton. Waller Tazewell Patton (July 15, 1835 – July 21, 1863), was a professor, attorney, and an officer of the Confederat...

6/5/2009 4/13/2016

Archibald Campbell Godwin (1831-September 19, 1864) was an brigadier general in the Confederate States Army who was killed at the Third Battle of Winchester during the American Civil War. Early l...

5/3/2011 4/13/2016

Robert Daniel Johnston (March 19, 1837 – February 1, 1919) was a brigadier beneral for the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War. Early life Johnston was born in Mt. Welcome...

4/16/2011 4/13/2016