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Mary Quant OBE, FCSD is a fashion designer and British fashion icon. Born in England to Welsh parents on 11 February 1934, she became an instrumental figure in the 1960s London-based Mod and youth fa...

6/28/2012 12/20/2012

Owsley Stanley (aka, Bear) MP (1935 - 2011)

Owsley Stanley (born Augustus Owsley Stanley III, January 19, 1935 – March 13, 2011) also known as Bear, was an essential and transitional personality in the development of the San Francisco Bay coun...

1/7/2012 1/7/2012

Robin Hugh Gibb MP (1949 - 2012)

Robin Hugh Gibb, CBE (22 December 1949 – 20 May 2012) was a singer and songwriter, best known as a member of the Bee Gees, co-founded with his twin brother Maurice and older brother Barry. Their youn...

11/12/2011 1/2/2012

Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, CBE (born 1 September 1946) is a musician, singer and songwriter and producer, who rose to worldwide fame as a founder member of the Bee Gees. He is also the eldest and last...

11/12/2011 1/2/2012

Maurice Ernest Gibb MP (1949 - 2003)

Maurice Ernest Gibb, CBE (22 December 1949 – 12 January 2003) was a musician, singer-songwriter and record producer. He was born in the Isle of Man to English parents, the twin brother of Robin Gibb ...

11/12/2011 1/2/2012

Tony Richardson MP (1928 - 1991)


He was was an English theatre and film director and producer. Richardson was born in Shipley, Yorkshire in 1928, the son of Elsie Evans (Campion) and Clarence Albert Richardson, a chemist. He attende...

5/3/2010 1/1/2012

Georgie Fame (born Clive Powell, 26 June 1943, Leigh, Lancashire) is a British rhythm and blues and jazz singer and keyboard player. The one-time rock and roll tour musician, who had a string of 1960s ...

9/14/2010 1/1/2012

Sir David Frost, OBE MP (1939 - 2013)

"Sir David Paradine Frost, OBE (7 April 1939 – 31 August 2013) was an English journalist, comedian, writer, media personality and daytime TV game show host. After graduating from Cambridge University, ...

9/20/2010 1/1/2012

Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, DBE (born 20 July 1938) is an English actress. She is probably best known for her portrayals of Emma Peel in The Avengers and Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in the 1969 Ja...

10/18/2010 1/1/2012

Auberon Alexander Waugh MP (1939 - 2001)

Auberon Alexander Waugh ( /ˈɔːbərən ˈwɔː/; 17 November 1939 – 16 January 2001) was a British author and journalist, son of the novelist Evelyn Waugh. He was known to his family and friends as Bron Wa...

10/27/2010 1/1/2012

Caroline Romaine Colthurst MP (1935 - 2010)

Caroline Colthurst, who died on December 29 aged 75, was successively a nonconformist deb, reed-thin model, energetic fashion journalist and highly original “Swinging London” boutique owner. She wa...

8/11/2011 1/1/2012

Antony George Booth MP (1931 - 2017)

"Tony Booth", "Anthony George Booth"

Anthony George Booth aka Tony and Antony Booth From WIkipedia: Anthony George Booth (9 October 1931 – 25 September 2017, later known as Tony and Antony) was an English actor, best known for his rol...

2/17/2011 1/1/2012

Pat Phoenix MP (1923 - 1986)

"Patricia Pilkington"

Pat Phoenix From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pat Phoenix Born Patricia Frederica Manfield 26 November 1923 Fallowfield, Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK Died 17 September 1986 (ag...

2/17/2011 1/1/2012

Robin Douglas-Home MP (1932 - 1968)

12/22/2008 1/1/2012

Kathy Kirby MP (1938 - 2011)

5/21/2011 1/1/2012

Richard Reid Ingrams MP (1937 - d.)

Richard Ingrams (born 19 August 1937) is an English journalist, a co-founder and second editor of the British satirical magazine Private Eye, and now editor of The Oldie magazine. Career Ingr...

9/19/2011 1/1/2012

Laurence Harvey MP (1928 - 1973)

Laurence Harvey (born Laruschka Mischa Skikne; 1 October 1928[1] – 25 November 1973) was a Lithuanian-born actor. In a career that spanned a quarter of a century, Harvey appeared in stage, film and t...

10/28/2009 1/1/2012

John Edmund Andrew Phillips MP (1935 - 2001)

Known as Papa John, John Edmund Andrew Phillips was a member and leader of the singing group The Mamas & the Papas. He was the father of Jeffrey Phillips, Mackenzie Phillips, Chynna Phillips, Tamerlane...

1/13/2009 6/16/2011

Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty (November 29, 1940 – January 19, 2007) was a Canadian singer and songwriter. He was most widely known as a founding member of the 1960s musical group The Mamas & the Papa...

6/16/2011 6/16/2011

Mama Cass Elliot MP (1941 - 1974)

Cass Elliot (September 19, 1941 – July 29, 1974), born Ellen Naomi Cohen and also known as Mama Cass, was an American singer and member of The Mamas & the Papas. After the group broke up, she released ...

6/16/2011 6/16/2011

Roman Polanski MP

"Raymond Thierry Liebling"

Roman Polanski (born 18 August 1933) is a French-Polish film director, producer, writer and actor. Having made films in Poland, Britain, France and the USA, he is considered one of the few "truly inter...

11/6/2010 11/6/2010

Sharon Tate MP (1943 - 1969)

Sharon Marie Tate (January 24, 1943 – August 9, 1969) was an American actress. During the 1960s she played small television roles before appearing in several films. After receiving positive reviews for...

11/6/2010 11/6/2010

Marcus Lecky Oswald Hornby Birley MP (1930 - 2007)

"Mark Birley"

He was known as Mark Birley, was an British entrepreneur known for his investments in the hospitality industry. He was educated at Eton where he excelled at drawing, after doing his National Service he...

5/25/2010 11/4/2010

Lady Annabel Goldsmith MP (1934 - d.)

She is a British socialite and the eponym for a celebrated London nightclub of the late 20th century, Annabel's. She was first married for two decades to entrepreneur Mark Birley, the creator of Annabe...

2/7/2009 11/4/2010

Françoise Madeleine Hardy is a French singer, actress and astrologer. Hardy is an iconic figure in fashion, music and style. She grew up in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the daughter of an unmarri...

7/23/2010 11/4/2010

Mia Farrow MP


Mia Farrow, born Maria de Lourdes Villiers-Farrow, has appeared in more than forty films and won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe award (and seven additional Golden Globe nominations), three B...

7/3/2007 11/4/2010

She is a British actress and sex symbol. A pop icon of the "swinging London" era of the 1960s, she has won the Academy, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Julie Christie was born in...

11/4/2010 11/4/2010

Andy Warhol MP (1928 - 1987)

Andrew Warhola known as Andy Warhol, was a Rusyn-American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker who was a leading figure in the visual art movement known as pop art. After a successful career as a commerc...

8/6/2010 11/4/2010

Twiggy MP

"Twiggy", "Leslie", "Armstrong"

Twiggy is an English model, actress, and singer, now also known by her married name of Twiggy Lawson . At 16, she became the first prominent teenage model. She was known for her androgynous looks, la...

11/4/2010 11/4/2010

Serge Gainsbourg MP (1928 - 1991)

"Cabbage-Head Man"

Serge Gainsbourg (Lucien Ginsburg) (né le 2 avril 1928 à Paris - mort le 2 mars 1991 à Paris) est un artiste peintre, auteur-compositeur-interprète, pianiste, scénariste, metteur en scène, écrivain, ac...

4/22/2010 11/4/2010

John Barry MP (1933 - 2011)

John Barry Prendergast, OBE (3 November 1933 – 30 January 2011) was an Oscar winning English film score composer. He was best known for composing 11 James Bond soundtracks and was hugely influential on...

4/22/2010 11/4/2010

Jane Birkin MP


Jane Birkin. Inspiration for the Hermes Birkin. Hermès named and designed a handbag — the Birkin bag — for her in 1984. On an Airfrance flight from Paris to London, Jane Birkin pulled her Hermes date...

4/22/2010 11/4/2010

Deneuve was born Catherine Fabienne Dorléac in Paris, as the third of four daughters to French stage and screen actor Maurice Dorléac and actress Renée Deneuve. She is the actress and the style icon, a...

9/25/2009 11/4/2010

Jane Fonda MP


Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States

Jane Fonda (born December 21, 1937) is an American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model, and fitness guru. She rose to fame in the 1960s with films such as Barbarella and Cat Bal...

1/24/2007 11/4/2010

Roger Vadim MP (1928 - 2000)

Biography Vadim was born as Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov in Paris. His Belarusian father, Igor Plemiannikov, had immigrated from Ukraine and became a naturalized French citizen, and was a vice...

9/25/2009 11/4/2010

gw4.geneanet , fr.wikipedia , en.wikipedia She is a French former actress, animal rights activist, fashion model, and singer. In her early life Bardot was an aspiring ballet dancer. She started her...

9/25/2009 11/4/2010

John Lennon MP (1940 - 1980)

"great uncle john"

John Lennon achieved worldwide fame in the 1960s as a singer, songwriter and guitarist in one of the most successful bands of all time - The Beatles . He is credited as being the original and founding ...

4/23/2009 11/4/2010

George Harrison MP (1943 - 2001)

George Harrison was an English rock guitarist, singer-songwriter and film producer who achieved international fame as lead guitarist in The Beatles. Often referred to as "the quiet Beatle", Harrison em...

4/8/2010 11/4/2010

Sir Ringo Starr MP

"Ringo Starr"

Richard Starkey, better known by his stage name Ringo Starr, the English musician, singer-songwriter, and actor gained worldwide fame as the drummer for The Beatles. When the band formed in 1960, Starr...

6/19/2007 11/4/2010

Sir Paul McCartney MP

"Paul McCartney", "Paul", "Baby Face"

Outside Peasmarsh, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Sir James Paul McCartney , MBE is an English singer-songwriter, poet, composer, multi-instrumentalist, entrepreneur, record and film producer, painter, and animal rights and peace activist. Formerly of...

7/20/2007 11/4/2010

She is an English actress. Her career spans four decades in English-language as well as French and Italian cinema. Early Life: Rampling was born in Sturmer, Essex, the daughter of Anne Isabelle (né...

7/23/2010 11/4/2010

Lynn Redgrave MP (1943 - 2010)

She was was an English actress. A member of the well-known British family of actors, Lynn Redgrave trained in London, before making her theatrical debut in 1962. By the mid-1960s she had appeared in ...

5/3/2010 11/4/2010

She is an Academy Award-winning English actress of stage, screen and television, as well as a political activist. She rose to prominence in 1961 playing Rosalind in As You Like It with the Royal Shak...

5/3/2010 11/4/2010