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A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of LIEUTENANT COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A100879 Michael Smyser was a farmer and tavern keeper in West Manchester Township, near his f...

7/9/2007 5/4/2017

John Pierpont, of Roxbury MP (c.1618 - 1682)

"Pierrepont", "C Pierpont"

1. John Pierpont was born ABT 1618 in London, England, and died 7 DEC 1682 in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He was the son of 2. James Pierpont and 3. Margaret. family He married Thankful Stow ...

7/9/2007 4/29/2017

John Griswold MP (1776 - c.1827)

Biography Harriet Goodwin (John Pantry 50, John Pantry 48, Hezekiah 46, Nathaniel 44, William 4, Ozias 3) married November 15, 1805, John Griswold of Sharon, Conn. After December 1827, they removed t...

7/3/2015 4/25/2017

Gov. Daniel Rogers MP (1754 - 1806)

Daniel Rogers (January 3, 1754 – February 2, 1806) was an American miller and politician from Milford, in Sussex County, Delaware. He was a member of the Federalist Party, who served in the Delaware ...

4/17/2013 4/7/2017

Nathaniel Hancock MP (1668 - 1755)

Parents: Nathaniel Hancock & Mary Prentice Wife: Prudence Russell Here lyes Buried the Body of Mr. NATHANIEL HANCOCK who departed this Life May the 10th 1755 Aged 87 Years. Reference:...

7/4/2008 3/9/2017

David Thomas, U.S. Congress MP (1762 - 1831)

David Thomas, a Representative from New York; born in Pelham, Mass., June 11, 1762; completed preparatory studies; served as a volunteer in 1777; joined the Fifth Massachusetts Regiment as a corporal...

2/23/2017 2/23/2017

Andrew Warner MP (c.1595 - 1684)

Andrew Warner was born by about 1594/5, son of John and Mary (Purchas) Warner of Great Waltham, Essex, England, who later moved to neighboring Hatfield Broad Oak. He died on 18 Dec 1684 in Hadley, Hamp...

1/18/2007 2/22/2017

William Tucker MP (c.1765 - 1797)

3/5/2009 2/19/2017

John Howard MP (1647 - 1726)

"Ensign John Haward", "Hayward"

From his family graveyard, John's internment is unknown. From JOHN2 HOWARD, JR. (John1 HAWARD) (Martha2, Thomas1 HAYWARD) "He [John Howard] then settled in Joppa in East Bridgewater and lived on th...

5/8/2007 2/16/2017

Lieut. William Dustin MP (1740 - 1818)

Participant in the Pine Tree Riot. Kept Dustin's Tavern. He served in the French and Indian Wars. He was one of the first "Committee of Safety," and signed the "Association Test," 5 Jun 1776. He went...

9/10/2007 2/16/2017

Reuben Wells MP (1753 - 1815)

Reuben Wells, tavern keeper in Greenfield, Massachusetts. During the American Revolution, Reuben enlisted for a 3-month tour in 1780. The muster roll described him as being 5'10" and possessing a "li...

3/7/2015 2/16/2017

Joseph Purmort MP (c.1650 - 1688)

1. JOSEPH PURMORT was born C1650, and died 1688/90 in pr New Castle, Rockingham Co., NH. He was the son of 2. PHILEMON PURMORT and 3. ELIZABETH. He married HANNAH WOODIS C1675 in Newcastle, Rockingham ...

2/11/2017 2/12/2017

Richard Malone, I MP (1735 - 1801)

Richard Malone, II Birth: September 11, 1765 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States Death: August 1801 (35) Indiana, United States Immediate Family: Son of Richard Malone, I ...

7/20/2008 1/11/2017

Abraham Bartholomew MP (1708 - c.1777)

Abraham, son of Isaac Bartholomew, was born in Branford. June 28, 1708. He was also a farmer, as his father was. Until fortysix years of age he lived in Branford. In 1754 he purchased much land in Farm...

11/16/2008 12/19/2016

Thomas Wheeler, of Boston MP (c.1643 - c.1679)

"Thomas", "Thomas Wheeler"

DESCENDANTS OF THOMAS WHEELER OF BOSTON, MASS. 7500. THOMAS WHEELER, of Boston, Mass. Married Hannah Pell, dau. of William Pell and Alice ( ) Pell. He was a " Taverner and Vinter " and must have atta...

7/20/2010 11/23/2016

Samuel Thatcher, I MP (1792 - 1852)

The Mount Liberty Tavern, located in Mount Liberty, Knox County, Ohio is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built by Samuel Thatcher, a prolific builder, in 1832 and first opened its d...

7/11/2013 9/24/2016

Gen. George Weedon MP (1734 - 1794)

George Weedon was a general in the Continental Army. He accompanied Washington during his crossing of the Delaware River and fought at the battle of Trenton, and at the battle of Brandywine. Weedon als...

5/3/2009 9/3/2016

Levi Price MP (1835 - d.)

Levi Price owned and operated a distillery in Hyattstown, Maryland. 1835, in Frederick County, Maryland, in what was then the Urbana District, near the present community of Hyattstown. His father was...

5/11/2012 8/15/2016

Lewis Tabler MP (1781 - 1847)

Lewis (Louis) Tabler Soon after his marriage (September 28, 1805), he migrated to Hyattstown, Montgomery Co., MD with his parents. He purchased in the lower end of town 15a of land and a tavern, wher...

4/27/2012 8/15/2016

Col. Edward Tyng MP (c.1610 - 1681)

Tombstone: Here lyeth the body of Mr. Edward Tyng Esqir aged 71 yeares Died December 27 day 1681 biography "I should not be doing justice to this town, and discharging my duty on this...

11/9/2007 7/22/2016

scribe to Thomas Jefferson. His is the hand that wrote The Declaration of Independence. Timothy Matlack was born in Haddonfield, New Jersey, to Martha Burr and Timothy Matlack, a Quaker merchant an...

10/7/2007 7/7/2016

Reuben Buckman "Buck" Claflin MP (1796 - 1885)


Reuben Buckman Claflin (Buck) was a "stableman, tavern keeper, farmer, and promoter – a man of many occupations and of dubious reputation." He was a con man and snake oil salesman. ------------------...

2/26/2012 6/23/2016

Frederick Bumpus MP (1808 - 1883)

Frederick Bumpus was born in 1808, Albany, Albany County, New York, the son of Frederick 1769 and Hanna Bumpus 1770, and he died on the 25th of March, 1883, in Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. Frederic...

6/9/2016 6/9/2016

Col. Gideon Morgan MP (1751 - 1830)

Col. Gideon Morgan (1751-1830), surveyor, architect, civil engineer, merchant, Indian trader, and tavern keeper. During the Revolution they lived at Washington Township, Connecticut. Gideon served as...

3/8/2008 5/22/2016

Thomas Jefferson Amis, IV MP (1744 - 1797)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA.    DAR Ancestor # A002271 He was an innkeeper. He served as a delegate to the Provincial Congress in 1776, and was Captain of the 3rd Regiment...

3/23/2009 5/22/2016

William Nathaniel Gale MP (c.1740 - 1820)

William Nathaniel Gale (c1740-before 1820). He was an innkeeper in Carter and Sullivan Counties, Tennessee. He was living at Watauga, Carter County, Tennessee in 1805. From 1809 he kept a "house of ent...

1/18/2011 5/22/2016

James Roberson, of Lee County MP (c.1780 - 1835)

"James Robinson"

James Roberson or Robinson (1769-1835), of Lee County, Virginia. He lived at Turkey Cove near Yokum's Station (or Yoakum Station) now Dryden, on the Wilderness Road, seven miles west of Big Stone Gap i...

5/10/2009 5/22/2016

John Andrews, of Ipswich MP (c.1629 - 1662)

Baker, yeoman, sometimes called "corporal." Married Sarah Holyoke; his wife died April 29, 1666 Children John,, of Ipswich and Salem. Married Ann Jacobs. H.F. Andrews In 1899 claims another John ...

11/27/2007 5/20/2016

John Hammond MP (b. - 1663)

John Hammond settled in Virginia after coming from England, but moved to Maryland. He established an inn where the court of St. Mary's County met. He joined Lord Baltimore's forces in the Maryland wa...

7/10/2009 5/19/2016

John Blackleach MP (c.1605 - 1683)

John Blackleach was born by about 1605, based on estimated time of marriage. Merchant & innkeeper from London, who came to Massachusetts Bay in 1634 & first settled in Winnisemmett. Moved to Salem MA b...

11/3/2008 5/16/2016

He was the son of Levi Locke and Hannah Prescott, who moved to Epsom sometime after 1780. They resided at Lockes Hill, and Levi and his wife are both buried in the cemetery there (there names carved ...

7/31/2013 5/5/2016

Jacob Ebersole MP (1760 - 1832)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A036175 He had a permit to operate a still in Lancaster Co.,Pa. and also Knox Co.Ohio...In Knox Co.Ohio ...

2/12/2015 4/17/2016

Joseph Staats MP (1740 - 1826)

Revolutionary War Veteran Excerpt from "History of Knox County, Ohio: its past and present, containing a condense, comprehensive history of Ohio "Joseph Statts, Jr., was a native of Virginia, and w...

6/11/2010 4/16/2016

John Sparks Birth 1634 of Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, Colonial America Death 12 Mar 1706 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, Colonial America court document exist to prove he was born in 163...

12/17/2007 4/14/2016

Pvt. Powell Shannon (CSA) MP (1826 - 1864)

Son of James Harrison Shannon, Powell Shannon was a tavern keeper in Tazewell County, VA, who enlisted with the 23rd Virginia Infantry, D Company on 1 Feb 1863, and fought with that unit until his deat...

6/20/2014 4/9/2016

Jonathan Poore MP (1678 - 1742)


son of John Poore Jr. and Mary Titcomb, wife Rebekah Hale From: The Essex Antiquarian, Vo. 12, p. 40-41. "Old Poor Tavern, Newbury." It was next owned and occupied by the latter's son Jonathan Po...

2/23/2009 4/4/2016

Ralph Blaisdell, of Lancashire, York and Salisbury MP (1593 - 1649)

"Goodman Ralph Blasdel"

Came to America on ship, "Angel Gabriel" 1635 . It was shipwrecked Pemaquid Maine. The Puritan minister, Richard Mather, described the end of the Angel Gabriel in his diary, " On Sunday morning about...

9/16/2007 3/31/2016

John Emery, III MP (1598 - 1683)

Links A lot of information has been compiled on this man and more biographical for john the immigrant here and his descendants down to today - - - this is a Continually and on going project since 1...

5/19/2007 3/19/2016

Daniel Drew MP (1797 - 1879)

Daniel Drew (July 29, 1797 – September 18, 1879) was an American businessman, steamship and railroad developer, and financier. Summarizing his life, Henry Clews wrote: "Of all the great operators of Wa...

2/12/2016 3/15/2016

Benjamin Butler MP (1779 - 1872)

Founder of Mount Vernon, Ohio Benjamin came from Virginia to Mt. Vernon in 1801 [NB: According to Norton (see above) his first trip into what is now Knox County was Sep 1801. He actually moved to the...

12/3/2012 3/15/2016

Mary 'Marie' Wilder MP (1652 - 1711)

"Marie Sawyer", "Mary Sawyer Wilder"

In 1686, Nathaniel Wilder of Lancaster was licenced " for retailing of Wine, Beer,Ale and Cider, Rum ect" He continued to be the only inn keeper until his wife, Mary, retained the business. "The Birt...

5/10/2007 2/12/2016

Lt. Nathanael Wilder, I MP (1650 - 1704)

"Capt. Nathaniel Wilder"

Capt. or Lieutenant Nathaniel Wilder Birth: May 3 or Nov 1 or 3 1650 - Concord, Massachusetts or Charlestown, Suffolk or Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States Death: July 31 or Aug 10 17...

5/10/2007 2/12/2016

Walter Brock MP (1743 - 1825)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VERMONT. DAR Ancestor # A014735

8/5/2010 2/2/2016

René Auguste Chouteau, Sr. MP (1729 - 1778)

On 20 Sep 1748, at the age of fifteen she was married to René Auguste Chouteau, a native of Bearn, France who had come to New Orleans in early youth and was a baker and tavern keeper. The arranged marr...

4/25/2011 2/1/2016

Jonathan Sprague MP (1656 - 1730)

[ The Sprague Project] "The Sprague Family: from Dorset, to Massachusetts & Gibraltar", by Joan Watkins, 1992, correspondent. (NOTE: continued from Jonathan Sprague's father, Capt John Spragu...

4/9/2007 12/24/2015

Robert Bradish MP (c.1607 - 1657)

Robert Bradish was born by about 1607, based on estimated date of marriage; he was a dyer who came to Massachusetts Bay in 1635. First settled at Cambridge MA; moved to Boston by 1657. Died between 12 ...

8/5/2007 12/16/2015

John Masters MP (1581 - 1639)

John Masters and his young family arrived in the American Colonies as a party in the Winthrop fleet, the "Great Immigration". They likely arrived aboard the flagship "Arbella" on 6-22-1630. John ...

2/21/2007 11/23/2015

Mary Gilbert MP (1627 - 1700)

Mary (Wells) Gilbert, widow of Jonathan, died July 3, 1700. In her will, dated May 23, 1700, she describes herself as "I, Mary Gilbert of the Town of Hartford widow and innholder." The "inn," which was...

2/23/2007 11/4/2015

John Foss MP (1633 - 1710)

"John Foss of Rye Calker (Not John Fost of Dover Tailor & Attorney)", "John Fosse"

This is the profile of John Foss of Rye, New Hampshire, caulker, who married Mary Berry. Please don’t confuse him or merge him with the profile of John Fost of Dover (spelled Fost not Foss) who was an ...

3/23/2007 11/3/2015

Edward Convers, Sr. MP (1696 - 1784)

"Edward Converse"

Edward Convers received from his father, 6 February 1718, a deed of fifty acres of land north of the home farm, and soon after built the house thereon occupied by him, and his sons, well known as the "...

3/11/2008 11/2/2015

Ebenezer Barnes MP (1676 - 1756)

Mehitabel MILLER and Ebenezer BARNES were married on 28 September 1743 in Southington, Hartford Co., CT. Source: Third Generation 83. Mehitabel HANCOCK was born in 1698 in Farmington, Hartford Co...

8/20/2008 10/9/2015

John Hathaway, Jr. MP (1650 - 1730)

His will dated 5/23/1723 bequeathed half the iron works to his son Jacob and the other half to son Isaac. Will was probated 6/11/1730. Selectman 12 years John Hathaway and Shadrack Wilbore witnessed Wa...

8/19/2007 10/6/2015

Lieut. Simon Davis MP (1683 - 1763)

Simon [Lt.] Davis Birth: August 09, 1683 Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA . Death: Feb. 16, 1763 in Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA Married: Dorthy Heald 1713, Stow, Mi...

5/8/2008 10/4/2015

William Weeks, of Edgartown MP (1628 - 1677)


Do not confuse this William with William Weeks/Weekes who married Elizabeth Atherton . [The following was compiled by Judy B. Anderson, 4485 S. 2025 W., Roy, Utah 84067] WILLIAM WEEKS The surname...

3/4/2007 10/2/2015

Phillip Van Rensselaer MP (1747 - 1798)

from Wikipedia: He was appointed as keeper of the store in 1775 and the appointment was confirmed by the Continental Congress. He was also a member of the Committee of Public Safety of Albany. Duri...

9/5/2008 8/4/2015

Rev. Jacob Green MP (1721 - 1790)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW JERSEY. DAR Ancestor # A046989 Info added per Mary S Lockwood's "Lineage Book of the Charter Members" of the DAR: Jacob Green was a member of Provincial...

4/9/2007 7/29/2015

Col. James Bellows MP (b. - 1813)

Biography Recorded as written: TRYPHENA CHANDLER (Daniel Joseph John William) and Col. James Bellows Fairfax, Vt. He was born on Long Island d. 10 Sept., 1813 in his 57th year at Fairfax. He had be...

11/1/2014 7/15/2015

Francis 'the Elder' Littlefield MP (1617 - 1712)

"The Elder"

'Littlefield 13. Anne LITTLEFIELD. Born in Titchfield, Hampshire, England. Anne was baptized in Titchfield, Hampshire, England, on 11 Feb 1615/1616. Buried on 2 Jan 1616/1617 in Titch...

3/13/2007 7/12/2015

Cornelius Bassett MP (1722 - 1778)

Notes for Cornelius BASSETT They resided in Chilmark, Dukes County, Massachusetts. He was a distinguished person in civil and military affairs, being Colonel of the militia 1757-1762 and deputy sheri...

12/28/2008 6/29/2015

Opened the first tavern in Milford 1654. Henry Tomlinson was baptized at St. Peter's Church at St. Werburgh, Derbyshire, England in November of 1606. His family belonged to the "Landed Gentry" of Eng...

5/28/2008 6/13/2015

Capt. Benjamin Hull MP (1639 - 1713)

2. Benjamin, baptized 24 March 1639 in Hingham, Plymouth Colony, MA; died 1713 in Probably at Piscataway, Middlesex, New Jersey. He married Rachel Yorke Abt. 1668. 11 children. Notes HFAm #10, ...

9/17/2007 6/9/2015

Thomas Doty, II MP (1704 - 1795)

Son of Thomas & Elizabeth Dotey of Plymouth, MA. Thomas served in the French & Indian War. He married 3 times: Elizabeth Cooke Ruth Barnaby Abigail Johnson        Inscription: In memory o...

6/12/2008 6/7/2015

John Proctor (1632–1692) was a farmer and tavernkeeper in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts. During the Salem witch trials he was accused of witchcraft, convicted and hanged. His wife and all of his ch...

7/24/2007 5/13/2015

Thomas Judkins MP (1634 - 1695)

From History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape Ann: Including the Town of Rockport  By John James Babson. Page 106: THOMAS JUDKIN is mentioned as a landowner several times before 1650. In 1665, he boug...

8/3/2011 5/3/2015

Anna Judkin MP (1638 - 1706)

"Howard", "landlady Judkin"

From History of the Town of Gloucester, Cape Ann: Including the Town of Rockport  By John James Babson. Page 106: THOMAS JUDKIN is mentioned as a landowner several times before 1650. In 1665, he boug...

5/8/2008 5/3/2015

Capt. John Whipple MP (1617 - 1685)

John Whipple (settler) John Whipple (c. 1617 - 1685)[2] was an early settler of Dorchester in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who later settled in Providence in the Colony of Rhode Island and Providenc...

4/15/2007 5/1/2015

Lucy Tondee MP (b. - 1785)

Lucy operated Tondee's Tavern after the death of her husband, Peter Tondee. Seven years after her death, the buildings and lot were sold.

5/31/2010 4/28/2015

Peter Tondee MP (1723 - 1775)

At age 16, Tondee was apprenticed to James Papot, a Savannah carpenter. During his apprenticeship Tondee worked on the first building of Christ Church, and as a master carpenter he and his partner buil...

5/31/2010 4/28/2015

Mary Davenport MP (1715 - 1760)

Marriage to James Davenport: (12 Nov 1731 — Age: 16) Updated from Ancestry Genealogy by SmartCopy : Apr 2 2015, 20:45:38 UTC notes From the "History of the Military Company of the Massachu...

4/2/2015 4/2/2015

James Davenport MP (1693 - 1759)

James Davenport had 22 children and 3 wives. He was the son of Ebenezer Davenport and Dorcas Andrews. James was born in Dorchester, March 1, 1693.  Administration on his estate was granted June 13, 175...

7/25/2008 4/2/2015

John Durbin MP (1763 - 1845)

John Durbin was a native of Maryland. In early life he was employed as a distiller, but he was a weaver by trade and followed that occupation after coming to Ohio. from:

3/17/2010 3/24/2015

Benjamin Overfield MP (1774 - 1831)

Ohio Militia, 2nd Reg., War of 1812 from the historical marker in Troy, Miami County, Ohio: Benjamin Overfield (1774-1831), son of a Revolutionary War soldier, opened his tavern in this log house ...

3/18/2015 3/18/2015

Deacon Samuel Adams MP (1689 - 1748)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via daughter Hannah Adams by SmartCopy : Feb 21 2015, 16:28:57 UTC

5/15/2008 3/18/2015

Jonathan Fowler MP (1764 - 1806)

from historical marker in Poland, Mahoning County, Ohio: Built in 1804 by Jonathan Fowler, one of the founders of Poland Village, this structure served as his family home, general store, tavern and a...

3/15/2015 3/15/2015

Thomas Lewis, Esq. MP (c.1580 - 1637)

""the Gentleman Immigrant""

Thomas Lewis Birth: AFT 1580 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England Death: Davis believes that he died sometime between 1637 and 1639. He left no male heirs. 6 7 Father: Andrew LEWIS b: ABT 1550 in...

5/27/2007 3/14/2015

Sarah Morgan MP (1619 - 1673)

"Lynn Gunnison Mitchell"

Sarh Tilley was the daughter of William Tilley and Alice Frost. Sarah Tilley was married four times 1st to Henry Lynn/Linn 2nd to Hugh Gunnison 3rd to Capt. John Mitchell 4th to Dr. Francis...

9/3/2007 3/14/2015

Sarah Smith MP (1649 - 1694)

Daughter of Ens. John Davis & Sarah Peaslee "Widow Smith" was killed in the Oyster River Massacre with her son Samuel on Jul 18, 1694 in Durham,NH. Marriage James SMITH b: Abt 1638 in Oyster Ri...

7/2/2010 3/10/2015

James Smith, of Oyster River MP (1651 - 1690)

He was killed in King William's War in 1690. notes From History of the town of Durham, New Hampshire  (Oyster River Plantation) with genealogical notes, by Everett S. Stackpole and Lucien Thompson....

2/28/2007 3/10/2015

Robert Andrews, of Ipswich MP (c.1593 - 1643)

Robert Andrews (1593 – 1643) was born about 1593 in Norfolk, England. Robert died 1 Mar 1642/43 in Ipswich, Mass. Capt. Robert Andrews came from Norwich, Norfolk, England, early in the year 1635. He ...

9/6/2007 3/6/2015

William Cory MP (1634 - 1682)

"William /Cory", "William /Corry", "William/ Corey", "William /Coray", "William Corrie"

From : William Cory was born about 1628 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. He was christened on 21 May 1634 in St.James Parish Church, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, UK. He died on 8 Feb 1681/...

9/6/2007 2/28/2015

Michael Harter MP (1750 - 1822)

In 1809 Michael Harter completed a log tavern at the intersection of the Mt. Vernon-Mansfield and Columbus-Wooster Roads. Harter's Tavern became famous as the best hotel in northern Ohio.

6/26/2007 1/21/2015

Reverend Robert Clements, Sr. MP (1595 - 1658)

"Robert Clement"

Robert Clements1 M, #236670, b. 14 December 1595, d. 29 September 1658 Last Edited=12 Jan 2010 Robert Clements was baptised on 14 December 1595 at Cosby, Leicestershire, England.1,2 He was the so...

2/24/2007 1/19/2015

William Coffin MP (1699 - 1774)

Moved to Boston MA 1731-1733 Owner of the "Bunch of Grapes Tavern" in Boston Patriarch of the "Boston Coffins" The "Boston Coffins" were loyalists, Banished during the Revolutionary War The C...

2/5/2008 1/19/2015

Rebecca Holmes MP (1664 - 1730)

Rebecca and her husband operated the Bunch of Grapes Tavern in Boston from 1690-1731 Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via father Nathaniel Wharfe by SmartCopy : Jan 11 2015, 8:35:36 UTC

9/29/2008 1/15/2015

Thomas Hawkins MP (1609 - 1670)

Thomas was born about 1609. He is the son of Richard Hawkins and Jane Unknown. He was a mason in Boston and member of the Artillery Company of Boston. Built and ran a Tavern called Star Inn. [1] note...

2/7/2009 1/13/2015

Francis Barnard, the maltster MP (c.1617 - 1697)

"Frances", "Bernard"

Fran­cis Barnard1 (ca. 1616–1698) Fran­cis emi­grated from Eng­land, arrived in Mass­a­chu­setts (as did sev­eral other unre­lated Barnards), and was among the early set­tlers of Hart­ford, Con­n...

11/14/2007 12/30/2014

Samuel Beadle MP (c.1643 - 1706)

4/2/2009 12/18/2014

Hannah Lemon MP (1650 - 1736)

4/2/2009 12/18/2014

John Viall MP (1617 - 1686)

John Viall married (first) Mary (???), whose death occurred between 1656 and 1664; (second) Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Smith, who was the senior of Narragansett Country and the first town clerk of ...

2/4/2007 12/18/2014

Valentine Reinhardt MP (1709 - 1774)

"Valentine Reinhart", "Rhinehart"

On 17 Sep 1753, George Valentine arrived at the port of Philadelphia from the ports of Rotterdam and Cowes England on the ship, Patience. Patience was a 200 ton, 3-masted ship captained by Hugh Steel. ...

5/25/2008 12/16/2014

Paulus Balliet MP (1716 - 1777)

Update 7/28/2016(CLM):Fled France due to persecution of Huguenots (French Protestants). Came to Pennsylvania. Credited with founding Ballietsville. Ran a hotel/tavern. Founded the First Line of Balliet...

7/26/2009 12/4/2014

Patrick Jack, Jr. MP (1700 - 1780)

DAR Ancestor # A060818 Red Flagged: "FUTURE APPLICANTS MUST PROVE CORRECT SERVICE". The following data is extracted from Sketches Of Western North Carolina, Historical And Biographical Mecklenburg ...

3/1/2008 11/25/2014

Abraham Pietersen Van Deursen MP (c.1607 - 1687)

"Abraham Pietersz van Deursen"

Wikipedia - wikipedia English Abraham Pieterse Van Deursen - Franklin D. Roosevelt - Abraham's seventh great-grandson Martin Van Buren - Abraham's third great-grandson

3/17/2007 11/23/2014

John "of Rehoboth" Read MP (1598 - 1685)

"John "of Rehoboth" Read"

"The REED FAMILY in Europe and America" by Jacob Whittemore Reed printed in Boston in 1861 states John Read of Rehoboth came to America with the great fleet in 1630. He is supposed to be the son of Wil...

6/15/2007 11/9/2014

Sarah Mirick MP (c.1649 - 1690)

Children of Thomas and Mary [Eddy] Horton: 3SARAH HORTON, d. of small pox 14 Feb. 1690/1, m. BENJAMIN MIRICK, b. 22 (4) 1644 Charlestown, son of John & Hopestill [-?-] Mirick. Benjamin was a tailor i...

10/17/2008 10/30/2014

James Young MP (1738 - 1776)

The tavern records show that Robert Jr., brother of James Young owned a tavern from 1777 to 1779, and James was a proprietor in 1779 and 1780, probably succeeding Robert in ownership. This tavern must ...

2/19/2011 10/20/2014

Robert Young MP (c.1741 - 1795)

Robert served in the militia and state troops during the Revolution and was a Captain in Arnold's Light Horse. This unit was composed of young men of substance who lived in Morristown and the surroundi...

2/19/2011 10/20/2014

Uriah Leonard II MP (1686 - c.1772)

Added by Elwin Nickerson 1706 James Leonard frequently entertained Massasoit and King Philip, who journeyed from Mt. Hope to the hunting grounds at Fowling Pond. Fowling Pond is in Raynham, was one mil...

7/12/2008 10/12/2014

Col. Valentine "The Immigrant" Sevier MP (1702 - 1803)

""The Immigrant"", "The Immigrant Sevier"

Valentine "The Immigrant" Sevier, was born in London, England Februay 1st, 1702. He and his brother William migrated to the United States in 1740 looking for adventure and the things America had to off...

4/11/2007 10/8/2014

Sarah Bishop MP (c.1647 - 1725)

III. Sarah- b.c.1651, m.c.1675 Edward Bishop of Beverly (d. 12 May 1711 Rehoboth) Sarah and Edward were also accused of witchcraft, but they escaped from the Boston jail and went to Rehoboth. notes ...

11/27/2008 10/5/2014