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Served with both Gen. John B. Hood and Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Voted against Texas' secession, but joined Gen. Sibley's brigade. Also served with Terry's Texas Rangers. After the war, prospered as...

5/8/2017 5/8/2017

Levi W White MP (1818 - 1868)

In Memory Levi W White, whose burial site is currently unknown, though it is suspected he is buried in Houston Co TX. Levi's middle name has appeared as Wiley and William, on old sources, one who had a...

10/22/2015 4/30/2017

Thomas Roderick Townsend MP (1797 - 1838)

THOMAS RODERICK TOWNSEND Thomas Roderick Townsend was the second child of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth (Stapleton) Townsend. He was born 7 February 1797 in Marlboro County, South Carolina. On 17 April 1...

8/26/2009 4/30/2017

Rep. Milton H. West (D-TX) MP (1888 - 1948)

Milton Horace West, a Representative from Texas; born on a farm near Gonzales, Gonzales County, Tex., June 30, 1888; attended the public schools and the West Texas Military Academy at San Antonio; se...

7/12/2009 11/28/2016

John James Smith MP (1822 - 1924)

Illinois native John James Smith came to Texas shortly before enlisting for service in the Mexican War, 1846-48. He later served as a Texas Ranger, helping protect frontier areas from attacks by hostil...

11/4/2016 11/4/2016

William Andrew Jackson Hancock MP (1875 - 1964)

"Will Hancock"

He was a Texas Ranger.* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : May 9 2016, 19:46:42 UTC

5/9/2016 5/9/2016

Henry Eustace McCulloch (December 6, 1816 – March 12, 1895) was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, and a brigadier general in the army of the Confederate States during the American Ci...

4/17/2011 5/1/2016

Charles Edward Travis MP (1829 - 1860)

Birth: Aug. 9, 1829 Death: Dec. 8, 1860 Son of Col William Barrett Travis, hero and commander of the Alamo. On March 5, 1836, a few days before the fall of the Alamo, the Commander of the Alamo, ...

1/10/2009 4/16/2016

Henry Bishop Elliott MP (1840 - 1875)

Elliott left his home, wife and four children in Liberty Hill Texas to seek a better climate in AZ for his tuberculosis. When the stagecoach he was a passenger on stopped at Ft. Bowie, he suddenly bega...

10/9/2015 10/9/2015

Benjamin B. Ellis MP (1813 - 1867)

Arrived in Texas in 1838. Was a member of the Sumpter Masonic Lodge #163, and then the Tyler Prarie Masonic Lodge #290 in Pennington. Served in the Houston County Rangers, and later the Texas Rangers...

12/31/2008 10/9/2015

William A. Becknell, Sr. MP (1787 - 1865)

William Becknell (1787 or 1788–30 April 1865) was a soldier, politician, and freight operator who is credited with opening the Santa Fe Trail in 1821 and improving the route. But, he was often using lo...

11/6/2008 7/29/2015

Brig General Benjamin McCulloch (CSA) MP (1811 - 1862)


Benjamin McCulloch (November 11, 1811–March 7, 1862) was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, a major general in the Texas militia and thereafter a major in the United States Army (Unit...

11/17/2008 12/10/2014

Family Data Collection - Births about Nathaniel Davis Name: Nathaniel Davis Father: Rolla M Davis Mother: Margaret Baker Birth Date: 1854 City: Belmont County: Gonzales Cty State: TX Co...

8/2/2010 7/24/2014

Simeon P. Mixson MP (1809 - 1864)

Member of the Texas Rangers.

5/8/2010 9/24/2013

William Harrison Mayfield MP (1810 - 1862)

William Mayfeild, (1810 - 1862), American pioneer in Illinois, Texas and California, soldier, farmer, miner, cattleman. He led Tulare County militia to aid settlers in the early part of the Owens Val...

7/29/2013 7/29/2013

Joseph Wesley Parsons MP (1842 - 1907)

Notes Birthplace also seen as Ohio and as Indiana

7/26/2013 7/26/2013

Nora Williamson MP (c.1867 - 1900)

Scott Cooley (1845 – June 1876) was an Old West Texas Ranger and later outlaw, best known for his association with gunman Johnny Ringo. Biography Cooley was born in Texas, and was unofficially ad...

7/25/2013 7/25/2013

Dallas Stoudenmire (December 11, 1845 – September 18, 1882) was an American Old West gunman and lawman, who gained fame for a brief gunfight that was later dubbed the "Four Dead in Five Seconds Gunfi...

9/27/2011 7/25/2013

Moses Posey Ball MP (1816 - 1897)

Member of Company B, Frontier Battalion, TX Rangers Sources A Fate Worse Than Death: Indian Captivities in the West, 1830-1885  By Gregory Michno, Susan Michno. Page 287

2/17/2007 7/23/2013

Texas Ranger Capt. Tom Ross MP (1871 - 1946)

Tom Mather Ross Maria Navarro married John Clark Ross on August 20, 1870 at San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio. They made a home for themselves on land given to them as a wedding gift from Maria...

12/10/2008 6/15/2013

Gov. John Spark of Nevada MP (1843 - 1908)


) John T. Sparks (August 30, 1843 – May 22, 1908) was an American politician. He was the tenth Governor of Nevada, and was nicknamed Honest John. Like his predecessor, Reinhold Sadler, Sparks was a c...

2/1/2009 5/30/2013

Thomas Saltus Lubbock MP (1817 - 1862)

Thomas (some sources give Thompson) Saltus Lubbock (November 29, 1817– January 9, 1862) was a Texas Ranger and soldier in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. Biography Lubbo...

2/15/2010 3/30/2013

Captain Samuel Walker MP (1817 - 1847)


Captain Sam Walker In the 180-year history of the Texas Rangers, there have been many shining stars, but none glowed any brighter than Samuel Hamilton Walker. Walker’s years of life were few. He wa...

10/28/2012 10/28/2012

Robert McAlpin Williamson MP (c.1804 - 1859)

""Three Legged Willie""

Robert McAlpin Williamson (1804? – December 22, 1859) was a Republic of Texas Supreme Court Justice, state lawmaker and Texas Ranger. Williamson County, Texas is named for him. Early life Williamso...

10/28/2012 10/28/2012

Capt. Stephen Townsend MP (1801 - 1851)

Stephen Townsend, left Florida with his brother Thomas Townsend and cousin William Stapleton, but Stephen and his wife had to stop in Louisiana for the birth of their child. After the birth Stephen and...

10/6/2008 10/25/2012

William Lee Wright was born in Lockhart, Texas, February 19, 1868. He was reared in Dewitt County, before moving to Wilson County. At the age of 24, Wright became deputy sheriff of Wilson county unti...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

Everett Ewing Townsend MP (1871 - 1948)

"Father of the Big Bend National Park" Everett Ewing Townsend, called the "father of the Big Bend National Park," was born on October 20, 1871, in Colorado County, the son of William Wallace and Marg...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

William Alexander Anderson "Bigfoot" Wallace (April 3, 1817 – January 7, 1899) was a famous Texas Ranger who took part in many of the military conflicts of the Republic of Texas and the United States...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

John H. Rogers, Texas Ranger MP (1863 - 1930)

John Harris Rogers was born near Kingsbury, Guadalupe County, Texas, October 19, 1863. Rogers first enlisted in the Rangers in September 1882 serving under Capt. S. A. McMurray in Company B. He ser...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

Clinton Thomas Peoples MP (1910 - 1992)

Clinton Thomas Peoples was born in Bridgeport, Texas on August 25, 1910.During the height of the oil boom in Conroe, Texas, Peoples served as a deputy sheriff and was promoted to chief deputy. Also, ...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

Leander Harvey McNelly (March 12, 1844-September 4, 1877) was a Confederate officer and Texas Ranger captain. McNelly is best remembered for leading the "Special Force", a quasi-military branch o...

6/21/2012 10/25/2012

John B. Jones (December 22, 1834 – July 19, 1881) was a Confederate army officer and Texas Ranger captain. Born in Fairfield, South Carolina, his family moved to the Republic of Texas in 1838. ...

6/21/2012 10/25/2012

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

James B. Gillett (November 4, 1856 - June 11, 1937) was a lawman of the Old West, mostly well known due to his service as a Texas Ranger, and is a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. Earl...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

J. Abijah Brooks, Texas Ranger MP (1855 - 1944)


J. Abijah Brooks was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky on November 20, 1855. He moved to Collin County Texas about 1876. Brooks joined the Rangers in 1883, serving in Company F under Captain Shely. Broo...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

John Salmon Ford MP (1815 - 1897)


John Salmon Ford (May 26, 1815 – November 3, 1897), better known as "Rip" Ford, was a member of the Republic of Texas Congress and later of the State Senate, and mayor of Brownsville, Texas. He was a...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

Bobby Paul Doherty MP (1936 - 1978)

Bobby Paul Doherty was born in Mount Calm, Texas, in July of 1936. He attended Lamar University, and joined the Texas Department of Public Safety as a patrolman in 1958. He served in Marlin and Gaine...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

Robert Austin Crowder MP (1901 - 1972)

Robert Austin Crowder was born in Minden, Texas on January 29, 1901. After serving a hitch in the United State Marines, Crowder became a Dallas police patrolman in 1925. When the Texas Highway Depart...

10/25/2012 10/25/2012

Col. George W. Baylor (CSA) MP (1832 - 1916)

BAYLOR, GEORGE WYTHE (1832–1916). George Wythe Baylor, Confederate military officer and Texas Ranger, the son of John Walker Baylor, was born in Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, on August 2, 1832. H...

6/28/2012 10/25/2012

Stephen F. Austin ("Father of Texas") MP (1793 - 1836)

"Father of Texas"

Stephen Fuller Austin (November 3, 1793 – December 27, 1836), known as the Father of Texas, led the second and ultimately successful colonization of the region by bringing 300 families from the Uni...

3/18/2009 10/25/2012

Bass (Baz) L. Outlaw (1854-1894) - Coming from a good family in Georgia, Bass grew up to be a refined gentleman, but he had a serious drinking problem that continually got him into trouble. After he al...

9/30/2011 10/25/2012

Pete Spence (Texas Ranger and outlaw) MP (1852 - 1914)

"Pete Spence"

Pete Spence (1852–1914), suspected of robbery in 1878 in Goliad County, Texas, changed his name from Elliot Larkin Ferguson. He was later a suspect in a stagecoach robbery outside Bisbee, Arizona and...

10/5/2011 10/25/2012

Bryan Marsh (1833-1901) - Born in Alabama in 1833, Marsh later relocated to Texas, settling in near Tyler. During the Civil War, he served with distinction as a captain in the Texas Cavalry. In the bat...

9/28/2011 10/25/2012

Jesse Lee (Leigh) Hall 1849 - 1911 Jesse Lee Hall was born in Lexington, North Carolina on October 9, 1849. The original spelling of his name was "Leigh," but Hall changed it to Lee soon after mo...

9/26/2011 10/25/2012

Creed Taylor, Texas Ranger MP (1820 - 1906)

CREED TAYLOR (1820–1906). Creed Taylor, soldier and Texas Ranger, was born on April 20, 1820, in Alabama, one of nine children of Josiah and Hepzibeth (Luker) Taylor. Creed's father, Josiah Taylor, a...

9/18/2011 10/25/2012

Jeff Milton (November 7, 1861 – May 7, 1947), born Jeff Davis Milton, was an Old West lawman, and the son of Confederate Florida governor John Milton. Early life His father committed suicide towa...

9/16/2011 10/25/2012

Alfred Y. Allee (1855-1895) - Born in DeWitt County, Texas in 1855, Allree became a prominent lawman, serving as a Texas Ranger, and as a lawman in Karnes and Frio Counties. As a lawman, Allee quickly ...

9/13/2011 10/25/2012

John Oliver Allen (1850-1928) - A cowboy and Texas Ranger, Allen was born in Kaufman County, Texas on June 22, 1850. Raised on the frontier, he became a cowboy as a young man and enlisted in Rufus Perr...

9/13/2011 10/25/2012

Ira Aten, Texas Ranger MP (1862 - 1953)

Ira Aten (September 3, 1862 – August 5, 1953) was a Texas Ranger who was inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame. Aten was born in Cairo, Illinois. His father Austin Aten was a Methodist circu...

9/13/2011 10/25/2012

BIRD, JOHN (1795-1839). John Bird, soldier and Indian fighter, was born in what was later Perry County, Tennessee, in 1795, the son of William Bird. After service under Andrew Jackson in the War of...

9/13/2011 10/25/2012

Reuben Hornsby Boyce MP (1853 - 1927)

"Rube Boyce"

Reuben Hornsby Boyce (1853-1927) - Lawman, Texas Ranger and miner, Boyce traveled the west before finally settling down in Texas . Boyce was born in Williamson County, Texas on January 8, 1853, the old...

9/13/2011 10/25/2012

Lon Oden, Texas Ranger MP (1863 - 1910)

Lon Oden (March 15, 1863 - August 10, 1910) was a Texas Ranger of the Old West, and is a legend inside the Texas Rangers organization. Early life He was born Alonzo Van Oden and called "Lon", in ...

9/15/2011 10/25/2012

) John Hughes (February 11, 1855 - June 3, 1947) was a Texas Ranger and cowboy of the Old West, and later an author. Early life Hughes was born John Reynolds Hughes, in Cambridge, Illinois,...

9/15/2011 10/25/2012

"Texas John” Slaughter was a Civil War veteran, trail-driver, cattleman, Texas Ranger, famed Cochise County Sheriff, professional gambler, and an Arizona State Representative during his lifetime. Bef...

9/16/2011 10/25/2012

John Barclay Armstrong (January 1, 1850 – May 1, 1913) was a Texas Ranger lieutenant and a United States Marshal, usually remembered for his role in the pursuit and capture of the famous gunfighter J...

9/13/2011 10/25/2012

Col. John Coffee "Jack" Hays (January 28, 1817 – April 21, 1883) was a Texas Ranger captain and military officer of the Republic of Texas. Hays served in several armed conflicts, including the Indian...

3/13/2011 10/25/2012

MCMULLEN, JOHN (1824–?) John McMullen, soldier, was born on June 27, 1824, in Baltimore, Maryland, and immigrated to Texas in 1839, perhaps in company with Samuel H. Walker. He was residing in Galves...

6/24/2011 10/25/2012

Light Townsend (Texas Ranger) MP (1872 - 1932)


10/24/2012 10/24/2012

William "Slick" Clements (Texas Ranger) MP (1857 - 1906)

"Slick", "Bill", "William Anderson", "Billy", "W. T."

William Clements is referred to as William Anderson Clements in the Anderson Family History. He is referred to as William T. Clements by James B. Gillett in "Six Years with the Texas Rangers", and his ...

9/23/2011 10/24/2012

Isaac Standefer MP (1801 - 1855)

On April 4, 1840 Isaac was one of the commissioners appointed by the Texas Legislature to locate a county seat. He served with the Texas Rangers under George B. Erath, March 8, 1838 to June 8, 1839. Hi...

8/25/2007 10/24/2012