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The Hales Family of Chesire

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"The Baronetage of England: Author: Wotton, Thomas, d. 1766; Kimber, Edward, 1719-1769; Johnson, R. (Richard), 1733 or 4-1793; Wotton, Thomas, d. 1766

 Volume: 1
Subject: Baronetage
Publisher: London : Printed for G. Woodfall, [etc.]
  Language: English
Call number: 2813150

19. Hales, of Woodchurch, Kent*

Created Baronet, June 29, 161 1.

HP H E town of Hales, in the county of Norfolk, in all like-

  • lihood, gave name to this antient family ; for, Roger de

Hales, (19 Henry II.) gave a tenement, which he was pofleiTed of in the fa id town, to" the abbey of Bungey, in that county ; and another Ro^er de Hales, 18 Edward I. was returned bv the Sheriff of Norfolk, as a Knight, or Freeman, on the Jury, in a caufe between the King, the Bifhop of Norwich, and Robert Tatefhale, &c. whom I take to be the fame perfon, whofe daughter, Alice, was Co beautiful, as to captivate, Thomas, of Brotherton, Earl of Norfolk, and Marfhal, one of the younger fons to King Edward I. from which marriage proceeded Mar- garet, who was created Duchefs of Norfolk for life, 21 Richard II. from whom, by the Lord Segrave, her hufbanJ, the illu- ftrious houfe of the Howards defcend, enjoying the Lh kedbmof Norfolk, and the hereditary Earl-marfhaHhij> of England.

Nicholas Hales, of Hales -place, had ifiue. Sir Robert Hales, who was Knight-prior of the Hofpital of St. John of Jerufalem, and Admiral of the North parts of England, in the reign of King Edward III. and was conftituted 1 reafurer of England, 1 Feb. 4 Rich. II. but in the fame year, had the hard fate, in. the beginning of the infurr reel ion tinder Wat Tyler, (called afterwards Jack Straw) to be dragged from his habitation, and fuller death on Tower-hill, and his houfe at Hybury, built like another paradife, was utterly destroyed in that popular fury.

Sir Nicholas de Plales, Knt. brother and heir to this Sir Ro- bert, left ifilie, Thomas de Hales, of Hales-place, who had three fons j i.John, 2. Thomas, (from whom defcended the Hales, of Warwickfhire,) 3. Henry, whole fon, George, was f Ledenham, in Kent, and was father to Edward Hales, of Rumford, in EiTex.

John, the eldeff fon, was fucceeded by Henry, his fon and heir, who took to wife Julian, daughter and heir of Richard Capel, of Lenden, in Tenderden', Efq; and had iffue two fons, John, h'.reafter mentioned, and Thomas, who was father of


HALES, of Woodchurch. 9$

Sir Chriftopher Hales, a noted Lawyer in the reign of King Henry Vlii. having been Solicitor-general, Attorney-general, and Mafter of the Rolls to the faid King.

John, eldeft fon and heir of Henry Hales, of Hales-place, had iffue a fon of his own name, John Hales, who, I October, 1523, was conftituted Third Baron of the Exchequer ; and May 14, 1529, 20 Hen. VIII. Second Baron of the Exchequer. He married Ifabel, daughter and coheir of Stephen Harris, and had ifTue four fons, and a daughter, Mildred, married to John Honey- wood, of Seen, near Hithe, in Kent, Efq; Of the fons, James, the eldeft-, will be mentioned hereafter : 2. Thomas, of Tha- nington, in Kent, anceftor to the Hales, of Beakfbourne, of whom, in its proper place : 3. Edward, anceftor to the branch, we are now treating of; and 4. William, of Nackington.

Sir James, the eldeft fon, was made, on the coronation of King Edward VI. one of the forty Knights, after he was crowned, the ceremonies of the Bath being omitted, for want of time. In the third year of that reign, he was conftituted one of the Juftices of the Common-pleas, and was the only Judge that refufed (the reft bein^ frighted at the frowns of. the Duke of Northumberland) to fubferibe the King's will for diiln- hcriting the Ladies, Mary, and Elizabeth, as againft both law and confeience ; yet, in the next reign, by the influence of Stephen Gardner, Bilhop of Wincheftdr, and Lord Chancellor, he was committed to priibn, and. hardly ufed for urging the ob- fervation of fome laws of King Edward VI. and (o threatned by his Keeper, that he endeavoured to have killed himfelf; and "though the Queen, in confideration of his fidelity to her inter- efts, ordered his releafe, yet he afterwards grew melancholy, and in that change drowned himfelf, near his houfe in Kent,

1555. He left jfiue, by his wife, , daughter and heir of

Thomas Hales, of Henley, upon Thames, in Oxford, Efq; two fons, and a daughter.

Humphrey, his eldeft fon, was father to Sir James Hales, knighted by Queen Elizabeth, at Cobham-hall, in Sept. 1573; t>ut this line is extinct.

Edward, third fon of Baron Hales, by Margaret, his wife, daughter to John Honywood, of Seen, in Kent, Efq; had ifTue two daughters, Jane, wife of Sir Thomas Honywood, of Elm- fted, in Kent, Knt. and Elizabeth, married to William Auftin, of Tenterden, Efq; likewife three fons, John, and Edward, who left no ifTue, 3. William, who was fucceiTor both to his father, and brothers, in the eftate at Tenterden ; and having married Elizabeth, daughter to Paul Johnfon, of Fordvvich, in Kent, Efq; had two daughters, Mary, wife to Simon Smith, of Boughton-Monchelfey, in Kent, and Elizabeth, to Robert

Ken rick,

9 6 H A L E S, of Woodchurch-

Kenrick, of King's-Sutton, in Northamptonfhire, Efq; and one fon, Edward.

Which Edward, married Deborah, daughter and heir of Martin Hariackenden, of Woodchurch, in Kent, Efq; and having received the honour of Knighthood, was advanced to the dignity of a Baronet, 1611. He ferved in feveral Parliaments, and being ftrictly devoted to the liberty of the fubjecl:, took part with thcfe that raifed the rebellion againft Charles I. He died 141 Oct. 1654, aged fevemy-eight. He had iflue by the aforefaid Deborah, four fons ; 1. John, 2. Edward, of Chilton, in Kent, (w.hofe fon, Ed ward,. by .the daughter of John Evelyn, of Dept- ford, in Kent, Efq; left iflue,) 3. Samuel, and 4. Thomas, who died without lilue. Sir Edward, having buried his firft wife,- married a fecond, Martha, daughter of Sir Matthew Carew, Knu and relict, of Sir James Cromer, of Tunftall, in Kent, Knt. whereby he added a fine eftate to his family.

John, his eldeft fon, having married Chriftian, one of the daughters and coheirs of the aforefaid- Sir James Cromer, of Tunftal, in Kent, Knt. died in the life-time of his father, and left iflue,

Sir Edward Hales, Bart, who, in his younger years, rifqued his perfon and fortune, in endeavouring the refcue of King Charles I. from his imprifonment in the Ifle of Wight, and from the hands of thofe men that brought him to the icaffbld ; but having contracted a debt of near 8co,oool. in order to maintain a body of troops he had raifed for the fervice of the King, and failing in all his enterprizes, he was at laft obliged to abandon his country. He died in France, fome years after the Reftora- tion, and left iflue by his Lady, one of the daughters and co- heirs of Thomas, Lord Wotton, of Boughton-Malherbe, in Kent, Sir Edward, his fuccefibr, John, of the Inner Temple, who died unmarried ; Charles, and Thomas, who alfo died un- married.

Sir Edward Hales, Bart, (fon and heir of Sir Edward) was in much favour with King James II. under whom he had a regi- giment of foot, was one of his Privy-council, and one of the Lords of the Admiralty, and Deputy Governor of the Cinque Ports, and Lieutenant Governor of the Tower of London. At the Revolution, he was confined for a year and an half in the Tower 3 and on his releafe, went to France, was at La Hogue, .) embark for England, when Admiral" Ruflel burnt the French fliips ; and, in consideration of his fervices, w r as created Earl of Tenterden, in Kent, by the late King James, whilft he was in that kingdom ; he died in France, in 1695. He married Frances* daughter of Sir Francis Windibank, of Oxfordshire, JviH. who died 1693, and had ifTue five fons, and feven daughr


HALES, of Woodchurch. 97

ters. Of the Tons, only Sir John furvived ; Edward, the eldcft, was killed at the battle of the Boyn, fighting for King James IL Charles, Robert,, and James, lived to men's eftate, and died un- married. Of the daughters,

Anne, died unmarried.

Mary, married Bauwens, Efq; Judge of the Admiralty,

at Oftend.

Frances, married the Right Honourable, Peter, Earl of Fin- gall, in the kingdom of Ireland.

Jane, Elizabeth, and Catharine, died unmarried. And, Clare, wedded Mr. Hulley, of the kingdom of Ireland.

Sir John Hales, his fucceflbr, married two wives ; firft, He- len, daughter of Sir Richard Sealing, of the kingdom of Ire- land, Secretary to the Queen Dowager of King Charles II. and fecondly, another Helen, daughter of Dudley Bagnall, of Newry, in the kingdom of Ireland, Efq; By the former, he had two fons ; 1. Edward, who married Mrs. Bulftrode, relicl: of Capt. Bulftrode, and grand-daughter of Sir Richard Bulftrode, Knt. (who died at St. Germains, in France, Oct. 171 1, aged one hundred and two,) by whom he left the prefent Sir Edward, about fourteen years of age, heir to the title and eftate ; and 2. John, who died a batchelor ; and a daughter, Frances, married to George-Henry, late Earl of Litchfield, and is now living his widow. By his fecond Lady, he hath had ifTue three fons ; James, killed in Italy, 1735, being an Officer in the Emperor's fervice ; Alexander, and Philip. This Lady Hales died at Luckly, near Oakingham, in Berks, November

On the death of Sir John, Sir Edward, his grandfon, fucceed- ed to the title, and married Mabella, daughter and heir of Sir John Webb, Bart, by whom he had one fon, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who died 1767.

Arms. Gules, three Arrows, Or, feathered and bearded, Argent.

Crest. On a Wreath, a dexter Arm, bended at the Elbow, and armed, proper, garnimed, Or, and bound about with a rib- band, Gules, holding an Arrow, as in the Arms.

Seats. At St. Stephen's, near Canterbury, at Tunftall, and WooJchurch, all in Kent.