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Macbeth, King of Scots MP (1005 - 1057)

"Mac Bethad mac Findlaích", "The Red", "Mac Bethad /mac Findláich/", "nicknamed Rí Deircc", ""the Red King"", "Maelbeatha", "Macboeda Macbeth /Finlay/", "Macboeda Macbeth Fionnladh /Finlay/", "/Macbeth/", "Macbida Fionnladh /Mcfinlay/", "Macbeth Mormaer /Moray/", "Macbeth..."

Macbeth , Mac Bethad mac Findlaích , son of Findlaich and Donada (daughter of King Malcolm II). Born c 1006 Mormaer of Moray. Served as military general for King Malcolm II & later King Duncan. King of...

5/9/2007 10/24/2010

Boedhe mac Cináeda MP (985 - 1058)

"Boete", "Boite", "Bode"

Boete, Boite, Beoedhe, Bode Father of Gille and Gruoch who married Macbeth Etymology of his name is obscure; it may be cognate with Irish "Buadach" (victorious; cf. Boudica), or "Buite" (a saint's na...

5/9/2007 10/12/2010

Gruoch 'Lady MacBeth' MP (c.1015 - c.1060)

"Lady Macbeth", "Macgille Coemgain", "Gruoch ingen Boite", "Gruoch of Scotland", "Lady Macbeth /Gruoch/", "Gruoch /MacKenneth/", "Lady MacBeth"

Grouch, daughter of Boite mac Cinaeda mhic Dubh. Crowned Queen of Scots in 1040. Later Dates unknown Married 1. Gille Comgain, one child, son: Lulach 2. Macbeth - no confirmed children of this ma...

5/9/2007 10/12/2010

Kenneth Iii Mac Duibh, king of Scots MP (962 - 1005)

"Cináed mac Duib", "nicknamed An Donn", ""the Chief" or "the Brown"", "Kenneth", "King Kenneth III"

Cináed mac Duib (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Dhuibh)[1] anglicised as Kenneth III, and nicknamed An Donn , "the Chief" or "the Brown",[2] (before 967–25 March 1005) was King of Scots from 997 to 1005....

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin, King of Scots MP (c.1030 - 1058)

""Tairbith", ""the Unfortunate" and Fatuus", ""the Simple-minded" or "the Foolish"", ""The Unfortunate""

Lulach mac Gille Coemgáin (Modern Gaelic: Lughlagh mac Gille Chomghain,[1] known in English simply as Lulach, and nicknamed Tairbith, "the Unfortunate"[2] and Fatuus, "the Simple-minded" or "the Foolis...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Dubh mac Máel Coluim, King of Scots MP (c.915 - 966)

"Dub mac Maíl Coluim", "Duff Dén the Vehement", "Niger the Black"

King Dub Dubh Duff of the Scots ruled Scotland from 962 to 967 He followed Indulphus as King of Scotland. Malcolm I & his wife had two children: 1. DUBH [Duff] (-killed in battle Forres [19/20 Ju...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Bethoc MP (901 - c.935)

Name attributed, source unknown (F6) Malcolm I of Scotland (C2 - Wikipedia, obsolete page version; information reasonably reliable) Malcolm I (Máel Coluim mac Domnaill), the son of Donald I of Scot...

5/12/2007 10/11/2010

Giric King Of Scotland MP (c.832 - 889)

"Giric mac Domnaill", "Griogair mac Domnaill"

Giric mac Dúngail (Modern Gaelic: Griogair mac Dhunghail)[1] known in English simply as Giric, and nicknamed Mac Rath, ("Son of Fortune")[2] (floruit circa 878–889) was a king of the Picts or the king ...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Bethóc ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda MP (984 - c.1045)

"8917", "daughter of Máel Coluim mac Cináeda (King of Scots", "reigned 1005–1034)"

Bethóc ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda Parents: Malcolm II of Scotland (Maíl Coluim mac Cináed) and his wife Spouse: Crínán of Dunkeld, Mormaer of Atholl Children: 1. Duncan I, King of Scotl...

3/8/2007 10/11/2010

N.N. ingen Cináed MP (c.834 - d.)


Daughter of Kenneth mac Alpín LINKS 3. daughter . Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the 10th century Pictish Chronicle Cronica de Origine Antiquorum Pictorum which records that "Eoc...

3/25/2007 10/11/2010

Cuilén mac Ilduilb, Rí na h'Alba MP (966 - 971)

"Cuilén mac Ildulb", "nicknamed An Fionn", ""the White"", "King of Scots & Prince of Cumberland"

Cuilén mac Ildulb (Modern Gaelic: Cailean)[1], sometimes anglicised as Culen or Colin, and nicknamed An Fionn, "the White"[2] (died 971) was king of Scotland (Alba) from 967 to 971.[3] He was one of th...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Domnall mac Ailpín (Modern Gaelic: Dòmhnall mac Ailpein), [1] anglicised sometimes as Donald MacAlpin, and known in most modern regnal lists as Donald I (died 13 April 862), was king of the Picts from ...

3/26/2007 10/11/2010

Constantín II mac Áeda, Rí na h'Alba MP (874 - 942)

"nicknamed An Midhaise", ""the Middle Aged""

Constantine, son of Áed (Mediaeval Gaelic: Constantín mac Áeda; Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Aoidh, known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine II[1], nicknamed An Midhaise, "the Middle Aged"[2]; be...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Amlaíb mac Ilduilb (Modern Gaelic: Amhlaigh)[1], known in English as simply Amlaíb (died 977) was King of Scots during the 970s.[2] He was the son of King Indulf (Idulb mac Causantín) and brother of Ki...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Causantín III mac Cuiléin, Rí na h'Alba MP (c.971 - 997)

"Causantín mac Cuiléin", "Còiseam mac Chailein", "Constantin III"

Constantine, son of Cuilén (Mediaeval Gaelic: Causantín mac Cuiléin; Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Chailein), known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine III[1], (before 971–997) was king of Scots fr...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Ildulb mac Causantin, Rí na h'Alba MP (954 - 962)

"Ildulb mac Causantín", "anglicised as Indulf", "[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh", ""the Aggressor""

Ildulb mac Causantín, anglicised as Indulf,[1] nicknamed An Ionsaighthigh, "the Aggressor"[2] (died 962) was king of Scots from 954. He was the son of Constantine II (Causantín mac Áeda); his mother ma...

5/9/2007 10/11/2010

Áed, King of Scots MP (838 - 878)

"Aedh", "Ædh"

Áed mac Cináeda (died 878) was a son of Cináed mac Ailpín ("Kenneth MacAlpin"). He became king of the Picts in 877 when he succeeded his brother Constantín mac Cináeda. He was nicknamed Áed of the Whit...

3/24/2007 10/11/2010

Olith (possibly Donada) 'Thora' 'Anleta' MacKenneth MP (deceased)

"Olith ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda", "Anleta", "Thora Donada", "Anleta "Thora Donada" /Mackenneth/", "Anleta /MacKenneth/", "Princess of Scotland"

Olith ingen Maíl Coluim mac Cináeda was the youngest daughter of Malcolm II. Her name is uncertain (Olith, Anleta, Thora). Parents Malcolm II and his wife (Ælfgifu) Spouse: Sigurd II Digri Orkney...

7/25/2007 10/11/2010

Donada ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda, Princess of Scots MP (deceased)

"Anleta", "Thora", "Donada ingen Maíl Coluim meic Cináeda", "Thora Donada", "Donada Anleta", "Dovada", "Donalda", "Donada Ingen /Coluim/", "Donada /Scotland/", "/Donada/", "Donalda /Mac Kenneth/", "Donalda /Scotland/"

Donada (Anleta, Thora Donada) was the daughter of Malcolm II. She married Findláich, Mormaer of Moray. Child: Macbeth ___________ DONADA . The primary source which confirms her pare...

2/25/2008 10/11/2010

Malcolm Ii "the Destroyer", king of Scots MP (c.954 - 1034)

"Máel Coluim mac Cináeda", "Malcolm MacKenneth", "Maol Chaluim mac Choinnich", "Melkolf", "King Malcolm II of /Scotland/", "o Destruidor", "Malcolm II // K of Scots", "Mael /Coluim/", "Máel Coluim /Mac Cináeda/", "MacAlpin", "Máel Coluim mac Cináeda (Gaelic)", "8955", "The Des..."

Máel Coluim mac Cináeda , Malcolm II, King of Scots Parents: Kenneth II and his wife the Lady of Leinster Spouses: (name unknown - Ælfgifu "Edith" Sigurdsdóttir of Ossory) Children: He had no s...

3/8/2007 10/11/2010

Donald Ii "the Madman", king of Scots MP (c.862 - 900)

"Donald II // King of Scotland", "Domnall mac Causantín", "Dásachtach", "the Madman", "King of Scotland", "King of Alba", "Donald", "King Donald II of /Scotland/", "o Louco", "/Dasachtach/", "Dasachtach", "Donald'/'The Madman", "Domnall mac Causantín (Gaelic)", "Donald II", "10969..."

Name: King Donald II of Scotland Father: King Constantine I Mother: unknown Relation to Elizabeth II: 31st great-grandfather House of: MacAlpin Ascended to the throne: 889 Married: unkn...

3/8/2007 10/11/2010

Malcolm I, king of Scots MP (900 - 954)

"Maol Chaluim mac Dhòmhnaill", "Malcolm I", "An Bodhbhdercc", "the Dangerous Red", "King Malcolm I of /Scotland/", "o Perigoso Vermelho", "Mael Coluim mac Domnaill //", "Malcolm I // King of Scotland", "Malcolm /Macdomhnull/", "10968", "Máel Coluim mac Domnaill", "Máel Colui..."

Malcolm (1), the son of Donald ruled for 11 (2) years. With his army Malcolm proceeded to Moray, and slew Cellach. In the seventh year of his rule he raided the English as far as the River Tees (3), an...

3/8/2007 10/11/2010

Kenneth Ii, king of Scots MP (932 - 995)

"Cináed mac Maíl Coluim", "An Fionnghalach", "The Fratricide", "King of Scotland", "King Kenneth II of /Scotland/", "o Fraticida", "Kenneth II // K of Scots", "Kenneth /MacDonald/", "/Cinaed/", "Cináed Mac Máel /Coluim/", "Cináed Macmáel /Coluim/", "Cináed mac Maíl C...", "899..."

Cináed mac Maíl Coluim, (Modern Gaelic: Coinneach mac Mhaoil Chaluim) anglicised as Kenneth II, and nicknamed An Fionnghalach, "The Fratricide" (before 954–995) was King of Scotland (Alba). The son o...

3/8/2007 10/11/2010

Constantine I, king of the Picts and Scots MP (c.836 - 877)

"Causantín", "Constantín", "mac Cináeda", "King of Alba", "King Constantine II of /Scotland/", "The Wine-Bountiful", "King of Scotland //", "Constantine II // King of Scotland", "Constantine", "son of Cináed", "nicknamed An Finn-Shoichleach", ""The Wine-Bountiful"", "Const...", "..."

Constantine spent most of his reign fighting to consolidate and expand upon the Kingdom of Scotland created when Kenneth I had brought together the crowns of the Scots and the Picts to form the beginni...

3/8/2007 10/11/2010

Kenneth I Mac Alpine, king of the Picts MP (c.810 - 859)

"Cináed mac Ailpín", "MacAlpin", "Coinneach mac Ailpein", "An Ferbasach", "The Conqueror", "Kenneth MacAlpin", "Kenneth I", "King Kenneth I of /Scotland/", "Kenneth I /MacAlpin/ King of Scotland", "Macalpin", "Cruaidh", "/Macalpi", "The Hardy/'The Conqueror'/'Kenneth I", "Clan M..."

It is possible that Cináed mac Alpín is himself fictitious, but there are arguments to be made for his historicity. His supposed father, however, ín-mac-Echdach-Rí-na-Dál-Riata-Fictitious/6000000001041...

2/16/2007 10/11/2010