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Eadgar MP (994 - c.1008)

"Edgar of England the elder"

Eadgar or Edgar, son of Æthelred and Ælfflæd no known children LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS EADGAR (-[1012/15]). "Eadgarus filius regis/clito" subscribed charters of King Æthelred II dated between ...

8/8/2007 11/9/2010

Cerdic is cited in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as a leader of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain, being the founder and first king of Saxon Wessex, reigning from 519 to 534. Subsequent kings of Wessex...

2/2/2007 10/31/2010

Crioda, king of West Saxons MP (493 - 534)

"Crioda", "Creoda of the Gewissae"

Creoda of Wessex (b. c. 493) is a shadowy figure in early Wessex history, mentioned only in the regnal list in the preface of the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. There he is stated to have been the son of Cer...

2/2/2007 10/31/2010

Cynric, king of Wessex MP (c.525 - c.560)


Cynric of Wessex From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Cynric of Wessex ruled as king of Wessex from 534 to 560. Everything known about him comes from the Anglo-Saxo...

2/2/2007 10/31/2010

Eaba MP (c.732 - c.762)


His father was Eoppa. It has been speculated that he married a Kentish princess (name unknown) because his son was given a Kentish name, Ealhmund, and is usually identified with the Ealhmund who occurs...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Cutha Cathwulf MP (c.594 - 679)

CUTHA5 (Cuthwine4, Cealwine of WESSEX3, Cynric2, Cerdic1), son of (4) Cuthwine4 _____, was born between 575 and 585, and died between 634 and 694. [82, 28] aka Cuthulf Children: 1. CEOLWALD6, d. ...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Eoppa MP (c.706 - 781)

Eoppa of Wessex was a member of the House of Wessex. Although a member of the direct male line from Cynric to Egbert, Eoppa was never king due to usurpations by junior branches of the family (see House...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Ingild MP (680 - 718)

Ingild of Wessex (672-718 was a member of the House of Wessex. He was Wessex, England. Although a member of the direct male line from Cynric to Egbert, Ingild was never king due to usurpations by junio...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Coenred, Co-Ruler of Wessex MP (c.644 - c.694)

Cenred of Wessex was a member of the House of Wessex and a member of the direct male line from Cynric to Egbert. It is possible that Cenred ruled alongside his son Ine for a period. There is weak evi...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Ceolweald MP (c.622 - 688)


Ceolwald of Wessex was a member of the House of Wessex (see House of Wessex family tree). Although a member of the direct male line from Cynric to Egbert, Ceolwald was never king. His birth and death...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Ealhmund, Under King Of Kent MP (c.758 - aft.786)

Ealhmund, was King of Kent in 784. The only contemporary evidence of him is an abstract of a charter dated in that year, in which Ealhmund granted land to the Abbot of Reculver. By the following year O...

2/2/2007 10/24/2010

Egbert, king of Wessex MP (c.769 - c.838)

"Egbert", "Ecgberht", "Ecgbert", "Ecgbriht;"

Egbert of Wessex (also spelled Ecgberht, Ecgbert or Ecgbriht; 769 or 771 – 839) was King of Wessex from 802 until his death in 839. His father was Ealhmund of Kent. In the 780s Egbert was forced into e...

2/2/2007 10/12/2010

Aethelwulf, king of Wessex MP (c.795 - 858)

"Ethelwulf", "Aethelwulf", "AEthelwulf", "Æthelwulf"

Æthelwulf (Old English for "Noble Wolf";[2] died 13 January 858) was King of Wessex from 839 to 858.[a] In 825, his father, King Egbert, defeated King Beornwulf of Mercia, ending a long Mercian dominan...

2/2/2007 10/12/2010

Eadred, king of the English MP (c.924 - 955)

Eadred (also Edred, Aedred, etc.) was the King of England from 946 until his death in 955. He was a son of Edward the Elder by his third marriage, to Eadgifu, daughter of Sigehelm, ealdorman of Kent. ...

5/8/2007 10/12/2010

Edmund I "the Magnificent", king of The English MP (c.923 - 946)

"The Magnificent", "the Deed-doer", "the Just", "Eadmund", "Edmond The Magnificent"

Ēadmund I 'the Magnificent Links: The Peerage [ Edmund I (Old English: Ēadmund) (922 – 26 May 946), called the Elder, the Deed-doer, the Just, or the Magnificent, was King of England from...

3/13/2007 10/12/2010

Ælfweard (904 – 2 August 924) was the second son of Edward the Elder, the eldest born to his second wife Ælfflæd. No known children. ÆLFWEARD (-Oxford 2 Aug 924, bur Winchester Cathedral). "Ælfwe...

5/8/2007 10/12/2010

In brief: Æthelstan or Athelstan was King of the Anglo-Saxons from 924 to 927 and King of the English from 927 to 939. He was the son of King Edward the Elder and his first wife, Ecgwynn. Modern histor...

5/8/2007 10/12/2010

Edward I "the Elder", king of The Anglo-Saxons MP (c.874 - 924)

"Edward The Elder", "Ēadweard se Ieldra", "Eadweard", "Edward", "Edward the Elder", "Edward "The Elder" of Wessex", "Ēadweard "Se Ieldra", ""Anglorum Saxonum rex" or "king of the Anglo-Saxons", "King of Wessex", "Eadweard cyning"

Edward the Elder (Old English: Ēadweard se Ieldra) (c. 870 – 17 July 924) was King of England (899 – 924). He was the son of Alfred the Great (Ælfrēd se Grēata) and Alfred's wife, Ealhswith, and ...

2/2/2007 10/12/2010