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David de Goiti Dulay MP (deceased)

===The heirs of Lakan Dula In 1587, Magat Salamat, one of the children of Lakan Dula, and Augustin de Legazpi, Lakan Dula's nephew, and the lords of the neighboring areas of Tondo, Pandacan, Marikina...

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Datu Felipe Salonga MP (deceased)

Felipe Salonga was the Datu of Polo. Because of his participated in the "Revolt of Lakans", he was exiled to Mexico and was thus one of the very first Filipinos to settle in there. More here:

12/28/2009 11/15/2010

Dionisio Capulong MP (deceased)

Dionisio Capulong was the Datu of Candaba. More here:

12/28/2009 11/15/2010

Lakan Dula MP (1503 - 1575)

"Rajah Lakan Dula"

Rajah Lakan Dula was the Rajah of Tondo who fought the Spaniards during the colonization of the Philippines. Together with Rajah Sulaiman II and Rajah Sulaiman III, they governed a settlement along the...

12/28/2009 11/15/2010

Sulaiman Dula, II MP (1480 - 1572)

"Rajah Sulaiman Dula II"

Rajah Sulaiman II (also, Rajah Matanda, Rajah Ache el Viejo) was a 16th century Muslim chieftain of Tondo and Namayan, a Tagalog kingdom on the region of the Pasig River in the Philippines. Together wi...

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Sulaiman Dula, I MP (deceased)

"Rajah Sulaiman I"

Rajah Sulaiman I (also, Salalila, Sri Lela) reigned betwen1515-1558 and was a Rajah of Tondo and Namayan. A son of Dayang Kalangitan and Gat Lontok, his reign marked a golden age in the history of Tond...

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Rajah Lontok MP (deceased)

Rajah Lontok ascended to the throne after his father, Sultan Bolkiah invaded Maynila. He was married to the queen regent of Tondo. More here:

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Dayang Kalangitan MP (deceased)

Dayang Kalangitan (or Kaylangitan) ascended as the Queen of Tondo in the 14th century, after her father died without a male successor. She was considered to be one of the more powerful rulers of the ki...

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Rajah Gambang MP (deceased)

Rajah Gambang reigned as King of Tondo from 1390 to 1420). He was the grandson of Rajah Alon and the father of Dayang Kalangitan. More here:

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Rajah Alon MP (deceased)

Rajah Alon was the King of Tondo in the 13th century who expanded their borders by conquering neighboring territories such as Kumintang (Batangas) and Bicol. He was succeeded by his grandson Rajah Gamb...

11/15/2010 11/15/2010

Lakan Timamanukum MP (deceased)

Lakan Timamanukum is the earliest known monarch of Tondo, also referred to as Tundo, Tundun, and Tundok. He ruled in the 12th century. Tondo was a Philippine fortified kingdom whose capital was locat...

11/15/2010 11/15/2010