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  • Al-Haj Azharuddin Halim (1932 - 2018)
  • Al-Hajja Sharifa Japanwala (1936 - 2018)
    WiIaadat (Birth: 25th Ramadhan ul-Kareem 1355 AH (8th December 1936 AD) Wafaat (Death): 13th Rajjab ul-Murajjab 1439 AH (29th March 2018 AD)
  • Asghar Husain Shakir Hakim (1949 - 2018)
    Wilaadat (Birth): 1368 AH (1949 AD) Wafaat (Death): 15th Jamaadil Aakhir 1439 AH (1st March 2018 AD)
  • Amena Haseeb Faizy (2015 - 2018)
    Wilaadat (Birth): 22nd Zil Hajjah 1436 AH (5th October 2015 AD) Wafaat (Death): 22nd Jamaadil Awwal 1439 AH (7th February 2018 AD)
  • Zakera Azim Palejwala (1943 - 2018)
    Wilaadat (Birth): 1362 AH (1943 AD) Wafaat (Death): 3rd Jamaadil Awwal 1439 AH (18th January 2018 AD)

20th January 2011: Building initiated of a complete list of historical/ public profiles of members of the Sulaimani Jamaat, a smaller sect of the Shi'a community mainly settled in India, Pakistan & Yemen, with members spread across the Western World, Europe & GCC in the past few decades of the 21st century.

February-June 2011: Historic profiles of the Al-Hindi, Banu Al-Anf & Banu Al-Makrami family members have been added.

June-December 2011: Several members have been invited from the prominent families of the Jamaat to contribute and furnish their own trees, which have now been merged with the wider tree.

January-July 2012: A substantial number of historic profiles of most families, especially of the following center's of the Jamaat have been updated with ages, dates of expiry, maiden family information, and location of burial through referencing with Ahya-ul-Salaf (Expiry Registers of the Sulaimani Jamaat); with the center's being:

  1. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  2. Sidhpur, Gujarat, India
  3. Baroda, Gujarat, India
  4. Khambat, Gujarat, India
  5. Surat, Gujarat, India
  6. Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India
  7. Satara, Maharashtra, India
  8. Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India
  9. Bombay, Maharashtra, India
  10. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  11. Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  12. Karachi, Pakistan
  13. Jazeera-e-Sindh, Pakistan
  14. Bangkok, Thailand
  15. Najran, Jazeera-e-Yemen (currently part of KSA)

An approximate guess would be, that it is 75% complete (from 1800 AD onwards atleast).

August 2012: An alternate project, titled as Hudood-e-Kiram has been initiated to compile all historical profiles of religious figures which have assisted in building & spreading the Da'wat in India. Collaborators have been currently set to compose of priests knowledgeable in regards to these profiles. Key Anecdotes, qualitative characteristics of the associated personalities, and furnishing of further information in regards to lineage of these profiles is the main contributions which are currently sought. Purpose; is to aid as a research/ reference tool for all ages and backgrounds alike. More to be added...soon... Contributor: Mahir

Notes-2nd September 2012 A little background on Ahya-us-Salaf, it was first started by 30th Dai' Sayyidna Ali bin Sayyidna Sulaiman Al-Hindi saheb and studiously added at the death of every Sulaimani, right from the time of Aadam till date. (Ahya-us-Salaf: Expiry Registers of the Sulaimani Jamaat):

In fact it can be easily derived by this logic that it was ordained by 30th Dai' Sayyidna Ali bin Sayyidna Sulaiman Al-Hindi saheb to all office bearers of the Sulaimani Jamaat to add all events in Ahya-us-Salaf meaning; "Bringing back the deceased to life". (Expiry Registers of the Sulaimani Jamaat). That the real originator of genealogy is Sayyidna Ali bin Sayyidna Sulaiman saheb.

Mahir sees that the tree is 75% complete, but i would say it is far from complete.

Contributed by Mulla Saadullah Husami -- 2nd September 2012.