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Lord William de Ros MP (c.1329 - c.1352)

Summary for William de Ros, 3rd Baron Ros of Helmesley: Relationships: Parents: Father: William de Ros (d. 3 Feb 1343, buried in Kirkham Priory, Kirkham, North Yorkshire), 2nd Lord Ros of Helme...

7/22/2007 2/21/2011

Elizabeth de ROS Birth: Circa 1367 - Of, Hamlake, England Death: Mar 26 1424 Parents: Sir Thomas de Ros, Beatrice Burley Husband: Thomas Clifford Children John Clifford, 7th Baron de ...

6/3/2007 1/24/2011

Margaret Grey, Baroness Grey de Ruthyn MP (c.1361 - 1414)

"Margaret Grey", "Margaret de Ros"

Sir Reynold de GREY Lord Grey of Ruthin [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 was born 1362 in Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales. He died 30 Sep 1440 in Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales. Reynold married...

5/10/2007 1/24/2011

Alice de Ros MP (1094 - 1151)

Alice De ROS Father: Malcom De ROS Mother: ¿? Married: William De PERCY (3º B. Percy) Children: 1. William De PERCY (4º B. Percy) 2. Walter De PERCY de Rugemond 3. Henry De PERCY 4. Geo...

5/10/2007 11/2/2010

Alexander I, King of Scots MP (c.1078 - 1124)

"Alexander I", "The Fierce"

Alexander I, Alaxandair mac Maíl Coluim (Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Mhaol Chaluim), nicknamed "The Fierce" Parents: Máel Coluim mac Donnchada & Margaret of Wessex Spouse: Sibylla de Normandie (n...

5/9/2007 11/2/2010

Adam fitz Godebert de la Roche MP (c.1160 - d.)

"Adam de la Rupe"

Adam de la Rupe (Roche) Adam was the first to hold Roch(e) Castle, Pembrokeshire. He was married to Blandina and founded Pill Priory. : Little is now known of the origins or chronology of the Roche...

6/22/2008 11/2/2010

Henry FITZROBERT MP (c.1158 - d.)

7/24/2008 11/2/2010

Gilbert De Ros MP (c.1127 - 1176)

7/27/2007 11/2/2010

Sybilla de Valoignes MP (1098 - c.1218)


Exactly which branch of the de Valoignes family she belongs to is unknown. SIBYLLA de Valoignes, daughter of --- (-after 1212, bur Nun Appleton Priory). m firstly [as his second wife,] ROBERT de Ros ...

11/7/2007 11/2/2010

Piers (Peter) de Ros MP (1087 - 1130)

"Piers de Roos", "Peter de Ros"

Possibly a son of HERBERT de Ros (-after 13 Jan 1103). "…Herbertus de Ros…" witnessed the charter dated 13 Jan 1103 which records an agreement between “Philippus de Braosa” and the abbey of Fécamp [D...

11/7/2007 11/2/2010

ROBERT de Ros (-[1162/63]). “Walterus Espec et Adelina uxor eius” founded Kirkham Priory, Yorkshire by undated charter, dated to the reign of King Henry I, witnessed by "…Everardo de Roos et Roberto de...

11/7/2007 11/2/2010

Piers "Peter" de Ros MP (1176 - d.)


PIERS de Ros . The Rotuli de Dominabus of 1185 records “uxor Everardi de Ros que fuit filia Willelmi Trussebut…xxxv” and her land “in Strowestone”, adding that she had "ii filios, primogenitus est xi...

10/16/2010 11/2/2010

Ferquhard de Ros MP (c.1151 - 1237)

This is probably a duplicate profile for Ferchar (Fearchar, Farquhar) mac in tSagairt (MacTaggart), made Earl of Ross circa the 1220s after he delivered the heads of the MacHeth and MacWilliam rebels t...

12/18/2009 11/2/2010

Rohese Trussebut MP (1152 - 1196)

"Roysia Trusbut/Rose/Royola De Roos"

EVERARD de Ros (-1183). A manuscript narrating the foundation of Rievall Abbey records that “Robertum de Roos” married “Sibillam de Valoniis”, by whom he was father of “Everardum de Roos”[581]. The R...

11/7/2007 11/2/2010

EVERARD de Ros (before [1141/44]-1183). A manuscript narrating the foundation of Rievaulx Abbey records that “Robertum de Roos” married “Sibillam de Valoniis”, by whom he was father of “Everardum de Ro...

11/7/2007 11/2/2010

Robert de Ros, 1st Lord Ros of Helmsley MP (c.1172 - 1226)

"Magna Charta Surety", "Knight Templar", "1st Baron Of Helmsley", "de Roos", "Magna Carta Surety"

Robert de Ros, 1st Lord Ros of Helmsley (c.1170 - 1226) Date of birth may be 1158. son of Everard de Ros (c.1148. -1183) and Rohese Trussebut (c. 1136 - ?) married Isabella of Scotland, daughter of W...

7/1/2007 11/2/2010

Robert lll de Brus, of Annandale MP (c.1156 - c.1190)

Robert III de Brus (fl. 12th century, died ca. 1191) was the oldest son of Robert de Brus, 2nd Lord of Annandale. He predeceased his father, and so did not inherit the lordship of Annandale, which pa...

6/10/2007 11/2/2010

John de Ros, 5th Baron de Ros of Helmsley MP (c.1364 - 1393)

"John Ros", "John Roos", "John de Roos"

John de Ros, 6th Baron de Ros (1365–1394). He took a prominent part in the pageantry at the coronation of the ill-advised, and ill-fated Richard II, then only years old. Following the coronation he was...

11/23/2007 11/2/2010

Sir Robert de Ros, 1st Baron Warke MP (c.1195 - 1269)

"de Roos", "Wark"

Robert de Ros son of Robert de Ros and Isabel of Scotland From John Ravilious on 9 Jan 2006 at : Death: 1269[1] knight, of Wark on Tweed, Northumberland and Sanquhar, Nithsdale second son ...

7/22/2007 11/2/2010

Isabel of Scotland MP (c.1170 - 1242)

"Isibéal inghean Uilleim", "Isabella of Dunkeld", "Isabella mac Crinan", "Isibéal nic Uilliam"

William I [d], "The Lion", King of Scotland, b 1143, Scotland, d 4 Dec 1214, Stirling, Scotland. He md Ermengarde de Beaumont 5 Sep 1186, Woodstock Palace, Oxfordshire, England. His mistress was a daug...

7/1/2007 11/2/2010

7/5/2008 11/2/2010

Robert de Brus, 4th Lord of Annandale MP (c.1195 - c.1226)

"The Noble", "4th Lord of Annandale or Baron of Annandale", "Robert de Bruce Lord of Annandale", "Robert de Bruce // IV L of Annandal", "The Competitor", "Lord Annandale", "Lord of Annandale (Forth)", "Robert The /Bruce/", "213", "4th Lord of Annandale", "Earl of /Carrick/..."

Robert de Brus, 4th Lord of Annandale Born ca. 1195 Died 1226-1233 or 1245 Buried Gisborough Priory, Guisborough, Yorkshire Predecessor William de Brus, 3rd Lord of Annandale Consort Isobel of Huntingd...

5/9/2007 11/2/2010

Lucy FitzPiers, Baroness de Ros MP (c.1210 - c.1247)

"Lucia", "Lucy;de;ros; Lucy", "FITZ", "PETER", "ros"

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Pedigree Resource File Search Results | Print -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lucia of Brecknock FitzPiers Com...

6/6/2007 11/2/2010

Sir William de Ros MP (c.1196 - 1258)

"2nd Baron Of Helmsley"

Summary of Sir William de Ros: Relationships: Parents: Father: Robert de Ros "Fursan" (1172/73-before 23 Dec 1226), Baron of Warke, Bailiff of Bonneville sur Toques in Normandy, Sheriff of ...

6/6/2007 11/2/2010

Isabel de Thweng MP (c.1276 - 1318)

"Lady de Facounberg"

Isabel de Thweng (de Ros) Birth: Death: 1309 Parents: Sir William de Ros, Baron Ingmanthorpe and Eustace de Ros (FitzHugh) Husband: Marmaduke de Thweng 1st Lord Siblings:Lucy/Lucia de Ros; ...

6/6/2007 11/2/2010

Lucy de Ros MP (c.1270 - d.)

Lucy de Ros (circa 1270 - ) Lucy de Ros|b. c 1270|p646.htm#i18174|Sir Robert de Ros 1st Baron|b. bt 1220 - 1223\nd. 17 May 1285|p646.htm#i18522|Isabel D'Aubigne|b. b 12 Jun 1233\nd. 15 Jun 1301|p24...

7/28/2009 11/2/2010

Mary Fitz Roy MP (c.1250 - c.1274)

"Baroness Brewose"

Sir WILLIAM de Breuse (-Findon 1290, bur Sele, Sussex). "William de Breous son and heir of John de Breus" was granted "a yearly fair at his manor of Horsham", dated 3 Aug 1233[1287]. "Domino Willilem...

11/24/2007 11/2/2010

Agnes de Ros MP (c.1285 - 1328)

THIS BOOK LISTS THE WIFE AS AGNES DE ROS DAUGHTER OF WILLIAM DE ROS OF HAMLAKE. Complete peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and ..., Volume 7 By George Edward Cokayne Pg.401

7/1/2007 11/2/2010

Sir John de Fauconberge MP (c.1290 - 1349)

11/24/2008 11/2/2010

Joan Lovell, of Helmsley MP (c.1252 - c.1348)

7/22/2007 11/2/2010

Robert de Ros, Knight MP (c.1265 - c.1361)


5/10/2009 11/2/2010

Margaret de Brus, Heiress of Kendal MP (c.1218 - 1305)

"de Roos"

From the Celtic Casimir online family tree: Margaret DE BRUS Heiress of Kendal 593,8750,8751 Born: Abt 1238, Skelton Castle, Yorkshire, England Died: Before 30 Jan 1306-1307, Kendal Castle, Wes...

7/2/2008 11/2/2010

Isabel d'Aubigny, Heiress of Belvoir MP (c.1224 - 1301)

"Also called 'Isabel d'Albini' 'Isabel of Belvoir';de;ros;", "Isabel of Scotland"

Summary for Isabel d'Aubigny: Relationships: Parents: Father: William IV d'Aubigny or d'Albini Mother: Possibly Albreda de Bisset (not supported by FMG or Lundy, but Castelli asserts) Sib...

6/6/2007 11/2/2010

Robert de Ros, Lord of Belvoir MP (c.1230 - 1285)

"Knight", "1st Baron de Ros", "Lord of Belvior"

Sir Robert de ROS (1223-1285) [Pedigree] Son of Sir William de ROS (1193-1264) and Lucy FITZPIERS (-1266) b. ABT 1223 r. Helmsley, York, Eng. r. Belvoir, Leicester, Eng. r. Hamlake, Trusbutt;...

6/6/2007 11/2/2010

John de Ros, Baron Ros MP (c.1287 - 1338)

7/22/2007 11/2/2010

Alice de Meinill MP (c.1310 - c.1344)

"de / roos/ ross/"

7/22/2007 11/2/2010

William de Ros, 2nd Lord de Ros of Helmsley MP (c.1290 - 1343)

"William", "Lord de Roos of Hamelake and Belvoir’"

From the English Wikipedia page for William de Ros, 3rd Baron de Ros: William de Ros, 3rd Baron de Ros (died February 16, 1342) was the son of William de Ros, 2nd Baron de Ros. As 3rd Baron de Ro...

5/10/2007 11/2/2010

Alexander Rosse MP (c.1377 - d.)

Cut connection to parent Maude (Matilde) De Vaux (daughter of John De Vaux and Sibel)  who died 1316 so dates are impossible.  The Ancestral File Number for this profile is 9HJT-P2 (LDS / FamilySearch....

7/4/2008 11/2/2010

Baron of Kendal

5/21/2008 11/2/2010

Mary de Ros MP (1277 - 1362)

7/4/2008 11/2/2010

Sir William de Ros, Baron Ingmanthorpe MP (c.1242 - c.1310)

"3rd Baron Of Helmsley", "ross", "Sir William de Roos of Helmsley"

William was one of the twelve competitors for the Scottish crown following the death of the Maid of Norway (grand-daughter of King David I). His claim was made since his grandmother was the eldest ille...

5/17/2007 11/2/2010

Matilda (Maud) de Vaux, Baroness Helmsley MP (1257 - c.1316)

"Matilda de Vaux", "Maud de Vaux", "Baroness Helmsley"

Matilda de Vaux, best known as Maud de Vaux, was born between 1257 / 1261 and died before 1316. She is buried in Pentley Priory, Norfolk, England. Parents: John de Vaux & Sibyl de Longchamps ...

7/1/2007 11/2/2010

From the William de Ros, 1st Lord de Ros of Helmsley1 M, #151688, b. circa 1255, d. from 12 May 1316 to 16 August 1316 William de Ros, 1st Lord de Ros of Helmsley|b. c 1255\nd. fr 12...

7/1/2007 11/2/2010

Henry le Scrope Sir Henry le Scrope (b. in or before 1268 – 7 September 1336) was an English lawyer, and Chief Justice of the King's Bench for two periods between 1317 and 1330. He was the eldest son...

8/7/2007 11/2/2010


2/22/2008 11/2/2010

Margaret de Ros MP (c.1298 - 1357)

Margaret Roos1 F, #16010, d. after 1343 Father Sir William de Roos, 1st Lord Roos, Governor of Wark Castle b. c 1255, d. 6 Aug 1316 Mother Maud de Vaux b. c 1261, d. a 26 Mar 1312 Margaret Roos...

11/24/2007 11/2/2010