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Elisabeth Jensdotter Schancke (c.1581 - 1659)

"Lisbeth Jensdtr. Skanke"

Elisabeth Jensdatter HOV ABT 1581 - 27 Apr 1659 * BIRTH: ABT 1581, Ovigen, Jämtland (ist. d. av en Jens Hemmingsson ?) * BAPTISM: (Lisbeth) Schancke ? * DEATH: 27 Apr 1659, Jämtland...

3/29/2008 12/27/2011


11/17/2008 11/3/2011

Hugues I d'Arles, King of Italy, Regent of Lower Burgundy MP (c.880 - 947)

"Ugo", "Hugh of Italy Hugh of Arles (or Hugh of Provence"

Hugh of Italy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh of Arles or Hugh of Provence (before 887 – 10 April 948[1]) was King of Italy from 924 until his death. He was a Bosonid. During his re...

5/30/2007 10/31/2011