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Johanns Aaron Kribs (b. - 1826)

1/15/2017 1/15/2017

2/13/2013 1/11/2017

William Paine MP (1750 - 1833)

William Paine was a physician and political figure in New Brunswick. He represented Charlotte County in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1786 to 1787. Paine was unusual in that he was a U...

8/18/2008 12/22/2016

John Ketchum (1755 - 1837)

Immigration : John was an United Empire Loyalist (U.E.L.)--that's why he came to British Canada* Residence : 1861 census-owned lot #33. Deeds--bought in 1809 from James Miller then sold to John Ketchum...

3/19/2011 12/18/2016

Founder of Belleville, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. Settlement originally known as Meyer's Creek.* Residence : Rensselaer, New York, USA - Apr 4 1818* Residence : Albany, New York - 1775/1783* Res...

1/25/2010 12/11/2016

Samuel McCay (c.1770 - 1847)

Samuel McCay (McKay or McCoy) went to Ontario in about 1788 with his mother and sister after his father, a British Army Officer, was killed in the Revolutionary War. He was an United Empire Loyalist. H...

6/24/2009 12/11/2016

William Ketcheson (1759 - 1848)

3/30/2008 12/10/2016

Joseph Allen (deceased)

12/2/2016 12/2/2016

Thomas Merritt, UEL MP (1759 - 1842)

12/2/2008 11/1/2016

George DeBlois, Jr. UE (1739 - 1799)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Nov 1 2016, 22:33:38 UTC Settled before war : Salem, Massachusettsmarried 25 Dec 1771 - Sarah (DeBlois) DeBlois (29 Dec 1753 - 25 Dec 1827), daug...

11/1/2016 11/1/2016

Benjamin Knapp (c.1760 - 1823)

This is preliminary research and the connection to this family is not confirmed. Benjamin Knapp was born about 1761 in America. According to records of the Old United Empire Loyalists, he enlisted fr...

9/9/2009 9/27/2016

Farrington Ferguson (1765 - 1843)

9/2/2008 9/12/2016

Peter Valleau (1751 - 1845)

3/27/2008 9/12/2016

Leonard Scratch, a.k.a. Leonhard Kratz MP (1756 - 1829)

"Leonhard Kratz"

Leonard served in the military as a Soldier with Butler's Rangers Revolutionary War. The Butler's Rangers was a British Provincial regiment of Loyalists. (Wikipedia) It seems that Leonard changed h...

8/7/2008 9/1/2016

Deaton: Capt. Deaton William (son of Thomas Deaton Sr. and Mary Corrington) was born Abt. 1736 in Henrico County, Va., and died September 13, 1781 in Cane Creek, Chatham, N.C.. He married Sarah Jackson...

5/25/2007 8/20/2016

Robert Huston (c.1754 - 1842)

a farmer • Belonged to a troop of dragoons (British Army) during the Revolution

7/9/2016 7/9/2016

Major, Third Battalion, NJ Volunteers (British Army) during the Revolution Born In Ireland, raised in Glasgow. Buried in Digby (Anglican cemetery) Biographical Sketches of Loyalists

8/15/2008 7/8/2016

Gabriel Van Norden (1737 - 1810)

The son of Theodosia Earle, a scion-ess of the landed NJ pro-crown Loyalist set. Gabriel, too, was under the thrall of British fealty: He was imprisoned for his leanings/behaviors and held for exchan...

8/15/2008 7/8/2016

Abel Hardenbrook (1734 - 1751)

Abel Hardenbrook , who was born February 1734 and married Rebecca Anthony ~• possibly a Loyalist exile who went to Nova Scotia HARDENBROOK, Abel 1,2,2,1,2,1 Loyalist Granville note: The number...

3/29/2009 7/7/2016

Willem Karseboom (1747 - d.)

"William Cossaboom"

William was brought up at Oyster Bay, Long Island, but came to Digby in 1783. A wife and four children over 10 years old accompanied him. He and three sons received grants of land: Samuel at Culloden, ...

8/29/2009 7/6/2016

Thomas Van Buskirk (c.1759 - c.1789)

Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, Volume 3 By Lorenzo Sabine "Lieut in the KIng's Orange Rangers. Son of Lawrence... Went to NS at the peace but returned to NJ and died...

11/11/2008 7/6/2016

Samuel Morse (c.1739 - 1798)

Was living in Annapolis by 1768 (see CENSUS > not then a refugee family, rather New England Planters

11/30/2008 7/6/2016

Abner Morse MP (c.1731 - 1803)

11/30/2008 7/6/2016

Abraham Adolph Lent (1757 - 1852)

As a brother of the known Loyalist of Tusket, it is perhaps he who had a grant of land in Clements, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. It was located on the south shore of the Annapolis Basin, a map of whi...

10/21/2008 7/6/2016

George Ryerson (1750 - 1808)

Loyalist in the Maritimes < Annapolis County Is the George Ryerson in the following the sam man? "GEORGE RYERSON — Ensign in the Fourth Battalion in 1778."

1/25/2015 7/6/2016

Rev. John Wiswall, SPG MP (1731 - 1821)

"John Wiswell"

biography Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, Volumes 11-13 ; By Nova Scotia Historical Society, Halifax After many trials, Rev. Wiswall established a congregation in Wilmot Township...

7/3/2016 7/3/2016

Robert Stackhouse's Quaker Heritage Here's one of Middletown Land owners who may not all be members of Middletown Monthly Meeting Land-owners in Middletown in 1684 Walter Bridgeman, Thomas Constable,...

8/27/2011 7/1/2016

Col. James DeLancey (1746 - 1804)

James DeLancey, Loyalist in wikipedia "he raised a loyalist unit known as "De Lancey’s Cowboys" and "De Lancey's refugees". De Lancey himself was called the "Outlaw of the Bronx". He married M...

2/21/2012 6/26/2016

Stephen DeLancey (1738 - 1809)

Loyalist Stephen Delancey in wikipedia After Stephen Delancey moved to Nova Scotia he was granted land for his service to the Crown. Some of this may be seen in a reconstructed map of Clementsport , ...

6/26/2016 6/26/2016

Rev. Jacob Bailey (1731 - 1808)

by written by Darrin Lythgoe 2001-2016. ~• quite elucidating; should be read in its entirety Maintained by Harcus Hennigar one ancestry dot com tree Jacob Bailey was born into a Congregati...

12/31/2009 6/25/2016

Lawrence Van Horn (1728 - 1814)

~• A contemporary of Lawrence Van Horne who is written about in the work by Adrian C. Leiby: The Revolutionary Was in the Hackensack Valley Rutgers Univ. Press ISBN 0-8135-0898-3 (pbk) see p...

8/6/2008 6/24/2016

James Lent (1753 - 1839)


An Ensign in the Queens Rangers (British Army) during the Revolution in wikipedia •James Lent (1753 – August 11, 1838) was a judge and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Sh...

8/15/2008 6/24/2016

John Rapalje, Loyalist (1760 - d.)

"John Rappelly"

possible Loyalist who moved to Annapolis County, Nova Scotia (at least for a while) the following is taken from Index sheet No. 21 held by the Historical Society on the waterfront at Annapolis Royal ...

11/10/2015 6/24/2016

Charles Inglis MP (1734 - 1816)

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Inglis was an Irish clergyman who was consecrated the first Church of England bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia. He is buried in the crypt of St. Paul's Church (Halifax). ...

1/17/2013 5/28/2016

John Wiltse (1748 - 1801)

JOHN WILTSE (b. Mar 31, 1748; died Jul 26, 1801; resident of Yonge Township, Leeds County, Ontario) m. (1st, 1771) to Anna Cary (d. 1788; daughter of David Cary); m (2nd, Nov 29, 1789) to Mary Cather...

3/11/2008 5/18/2016

Lieut. John Dulmage (1738 - 1813)

John Dulmage was the one of the true first Palatine [Irishman] to arrive in America coming over at age 18 with the British Army in June 1756.It is believed while he was still on the Southwell Estate he...

8/28/2011 5/7/2016

John Warren Ryckman, UEL (1805 - 1852)

John Ryckman can rightfully claim U.E.L. status as his father was a U.E.L. [All blood line descendants can rightfully claim the same status of a person designated as U.E.L.]John Warren Ryckman and Mart...

5/4/2016 5/4/2016

Edward Ryckman, UEL (1767 - 1846)

Edward married Anna Warren and they moved to West Flamborough just before the outbreak of the War of 1812. Edward was listed as an owner of substantial property in the 1819 assessment rolls of West Fla...

5/4/2016 5/4/2016

Lt. Israel Harding (1733 - 1794)

Loyalist Ancestor Info from: The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada 50 Baldwin St., Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, MST 1L4 email: " Lieutenant Israel Harding, UEL Lt...

6/9/2007 2/3/2016

Justus Sherwood (deceased)

1/31/2016 1/31/2016

Christopher Robinson (1763 - 1797)

Christopher Robinson Christopher served in the British forces under John Graves Simcoe during the American Revolution, and following the surrender, traveled with his regiment to New Brunswick where P...

10/24/2009 1/31/2016

Theunis Davidse Blauvelt (1747 - 1827)

see Leiby's The Revolutionary War in the Hackinsack Valley p. 179-180 • spied surreptiously on his neighbors and evacuated to Canada after the war where he married the daughter of another staunc...

8/15/2008 1/26/2016

Andrew Van Buskirk (1756 - d.)

• a NJ Hackensack Valley Loyalist see Leiby's work • arrested, tried, and jailed early in the Revolution... may have been used in an exchange of prisoners see p. 124 • NJ property ...

8/15/2008 1/25/2016

Jacobus Van Buskirk (1760 - 1834)

from wikipedia: Jacob Van Buskirk (1760 – November 27, 1834) was a merchant, judge and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Shelburne County in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly fro...

5/29/2013 1/13/2016

Fourth Battalion New Jersey Volunteers (Loyalist) Ensigns John Hammell, William Van Allen, Samuel Heyden, Peter Ruttan, Patrick Campbell, Daniel Bessonet, Samuel Ryerson, Arthur Maddox. Edward Ea...

8/15/2008 1/11/2016

Charity Gertraud Warner (1759 - 1833)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jan 10 2016, 17:55:22 UTC

8/10/2009 1/10/2016

Justus (Joost) Earle (son of Sylvester Earle and Machteldje Zabriskie) was born August 19, 1749 in Secaucus, Bergen County, New Jersey, and died September 22, 1826 in Grande Point, Queens County, New B...

1/11/2014 1/9/2016

1/9/2016 1/9/2016

Isaiah Josiah Cain, UEL (c.1735 - c.1811)

Ref: IGI Record ,Film Num. 170658, Pg. 419, Reference Num. 35172 Leah Adams and Isaiah Cain lived in the Manor of Rensslarswyk in 1775. We know nothing about the Cain family prior to that time. We kn...

5/10/2008 1/4/2016

Leah Cain, UEL (1738 - c.1806)

LEAH ADAMS - From the May 8, 1886 edition of the Gananoque newspaper: "While looking through the Caintown Cemetery last Sabbath, we came across two very old interments. On two smooth field stones wer...

5/10/2008 1/4/2016

Christopher Hendershot (c.1734 - 1812)

4/23/2013 1/2/2016

Frederick Mabee MP (1735 - c.1794)

Mabee Family Contacts: Bob Frei & Delinda M. Tenney Migrated from New Brunswick in 1792-93 to Norfolk County. Frederick and Lavinia (Pelham) Mabee settled at Turkey Point, Charlotteville Township i...

2/29/2008 12/7/2015

John David HAVILAND, Sr. (1752 - 1839)

Haviland, John(1751-1839) lived near New York City during colonial times. He served as a Captain of a company in Delancey’s Brigade during American Revolution. Following the war, he settled at S...

5/29/2008 12/7/2015

Peter ETTER (1715 - 1794)

a chapter of Joan McGee's book: Loyalist Mosaic, is devoted to Peter Etter

7/9/2011 12/6/2015

Joseph Ryerson, Col. (1761 - 1854)

• Served under Brig-General-Cortlandt-Skinner as a Loyalist in the Revolution as a commissioned officer. See: Pioneer Sketches of Long Point Settlement: Or, Norfolk's Foundation Builders and The...

8/28/2007 12/6/2015

Samuel Ryerse (1752 - 1812)

A great resources at & Both his father and grandfather held judicial appointments under King George II & III. Samuel Ryerson, of Paterson, New Jersey. He was a captain in the Fourth Battalion, Ma...

3/29/2010 12/6/2015

Cortlandt Skinner (16 December 1727 – 15 March 1799) was the last Royal Attorney General of New Jersey and a Brigadier General in the loyalist forces during the American War of Independence. ...

9/8/2008 12/6/2015

Flora MacDonald MP (1722 - 1790)

) Flora MacDonald (Gaelic: Fionnghal NicDhòmhnaill) (1722 – 4 March 1790), Jacobite heroine, was the daughter of Ranald MacDonald of Milton on the island of South Uist in the Outer Hebr...

7/6/2011 12/6/2015

Arent DePeyster, Lieutenant-Colonel (1736 - 1822)

"Arent Schuyler De Peyster"

Arent Schuyler DePeyster (27 June 1736 – 26 November 1822) was a British military officer best known for his term as commandant of the British controlled Fort Michilimackinac and Fort Detroit ...

3/5/2012 12/6/2015

Winifred Maria Perley (1815 - 1908)

"active member of the United Empire Loyalists of Canada" ~ Joan McGee Her photo c.1900 appears on p.133 of McGee's book LOYALIST MOSAIC

12/5/2015 12/6/2015

Styntje Rapalje (1751 - 1799)

11/11/2015 12/6/2015

Capt. Richard Vanderbergh (deceased)

"Richard Vanderburg"

Loyalist who went to Canada from NYC c. 1783 • see • Went to Norfolk County, Ontario with his step-son Abraham in 1800

11/11/2015 12/6/2015

Ensign Heny Van Allen (1766 - 1820)

After 10 or eleven years of hardship, Henry and Winnifred returned to Long Island to attempt to regain family land...~ paraphrasing McGee. His brother-in-law, Abraham Rapalje was with him.

11/11/2015 12/6/2015

Abraham A. Rapalje (1772 - 1857)

see bio. story: in Chapter 7 of Loyalist Mosaic: A Multi-Ethnic Heritage by Joan Magee Dundurn, Jan 12, 1984 - - 248 pages 0 Loyalist Mosaic highlights the ethnic diversity among the Loyalist set...

11/11/2015 12/6/2015

From Wikipedia (English) : William Smith (June 18, 1728 – December 6, 1793) was a lawyer, historian, speaker, loyalist, and eventually Chief Justice of the Province of New York from 1763 to ...

12/11/2010 10/24/2015

DE PEYSTER, ABRAHAM, army officer and office-holder; b. 1753 in New York City, son of James (Jacobus) De Peyster and Sarah Reade; m. 1783 in New York City Catherine Livingston, and they had six childre...

3/9/2014 10/24/2015

Weeden Fowler, UEL (1760 - 1791)

Links Find A Grave

3/17/2015 10/18/2015

Dr. James van Beuren MP (1729 - 1797)


The 13th of 15 children (a twin with Christina), Jacobus was born in Flatbush & married into two New Jersey (Pavonia) families of great land holdings: The Earl(e)s and the Ryersons 1729 Aug 03; Jan V...

1/27/2013 9/14/2015

Samuel McTaggart U.E.L. (1779 - 1871)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees by SmartCopy : Aug 29 2015, 0:10:31 UTC

1/14/2009 8/28/2015

John Fulford Bice (deceased)

9/9/2009 7/6/2015

Joel Pringle, UEL MP (1725 - c.1800)

Notes for Joel PRINGLE (Loyalist) Prindle, Joel do Soldier King's Rangers.--Gov. Hamilton, 100 SOURCE: GENEALOGY: Prindle-Pringle Genealogy by Robert E Wallace [1995]:7,16 from a manuscript originall...

6/17/2010 7/6/2015

Joseph Pringle (1756 - 1833)

secure.findagrave... ; Joseph's obituary on findagrave... ;

5/5/2011 7/4/2015

Robert Gray (deceased)

Was a United Empire Loyalist from Virginia. Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via son John Hamilton Gray by SmartCopy : Jun 8 2015, 19:46:30 UTC

6/8/2015 6/8/2015

James McTaggart, U.E.L. (1789 - 1881)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via son Allen Mctaggart by SmartCopy : Apr 25 2015, 22:50:58 UTC

7/31/2007 6/1/2015

Mary (Rhonda) Rhody Lake (c.1755 - d.)

DNA test pending. On the books before coming to new world, the name is listed as Rhoda Brudenell, it was family that called her Rhonda and it was the New World english Broadwell spelling here. Other ...

9/13/2008 5/23/2015

Hannah Hagerman UE. (1782 - 1826)

Grail Princess chosen by God, Keeper of the Rod of Judah, Empress in Exile but fully empowered and qualified to declare herself Empress in the name of God. The time was not yet. And so, like Adam a...

9/13/2008 5/23/2015

James McTaggart U.E.L. (1754 - 1843)

Name: James MCTAGGART , U.E.L. Sex: M Birth: 6 AUG 1754 in Pennerom, County Galloway, Scotland Death: 28 JUL 1843 in Fish Lake, Sophiasburg Twp., Prince Edward Co., Ontario Burial: Fosters Ceme...

7/31/2007 4/26/2015

) Captain Richard Lippincott, U.E. (January 2, 1745 – 1826) was an American-born Loyalist who served in the British army during the American War of Independence. He is best known for his part ...

12/12/2010 4/30/2014

John Fetterly, U.E.L. (c.1750 - 1810)

2/18/2009 3/18/2014

General Oliver De Lancey (c.1749 - 1822)

. General Oliver De Lancey (c.1749 – 3 September 1822), also known as Oliver DeLancey and Oliver de Lancey, was a British Army officer of French Huguenot descent from a prominent family in col...

9/8/2008 2/16/2014

Samuel Embree, Jr. (1722 - 1799)

"Embury", "Embrury", "Embrie", "note: see about section and other source facts"

Samuel Embree the following sources will cite proven Loyalist status and various surname spellings. This man served with a Loyalist Militia under Colonel Oliver Delancey .-(later Oliver elevate...

10/31/2008 2/13/2014

Johannes Marselis, U.E.L. (1741 - 1801)


His tombstone is in the Pioneer wall at the Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg Ontario ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------...

4/13/2011 12/8/2013

Elisabetha Crim / Krems (1716 - 1793)

"Anna Elisabeth Emgen", "Emgen", "Emichen", "Empey"

marriage to Peter Crim-1739 circa

4/14/2011 4/15/2013

10/11/2008 3/29/2013

Nathaniel Snowball, Capt., U.E.L. (c.1744 - d.)


Nathaniel "Natt" Snowball, Captain Very little known about this man. A Mulatto, once a Slave owned by: Edward Thruston and wife Elizabeth in Virginia, United States. a.k.a. Natt known to have a...

3/19/2013 3/19/2013

5/21/2008 1/31/2013

Titus Cornelius, Honourary Colonel, Elite British Special Forces, U.E.L. MP (c.1753 - c.1780)

"Colonel Tye", "General Ti"

Titus Cornelius Colonel Tye - United Empire Loyalist Leader of the Elite Ethiopian Black Brigade== Sources agree on his Birth Year of 1753 but a gap appears in his Death Year accuracy between 178...

1/26/2013 1/26/2013

Aneph (Anna) Eva Dafoe, U.E.L. (1763 - c.1853)

"daughter of Sgt. Wilhelmus Empey"

Anna is my 1st Cousin 6 times removed.-------------------- Proof of Marriage to: Mickel VanKoughnet in fathers will.

4/1/2011 1/25/2013

Chief Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea of the Six Nations MP (1743 - 1807)

"Chief Joseph", "Thayendanegea"

A GREAT BOOK TO READ ABOUT JOSEPH BRANT IS "Joseph Brant - King of the Mohawks" by Jonathan Bolton and Claire Wilson Brant is his Step Fathers Last Name Last words were "If you can get any influe...

3/18/2009 1/25/2013

Edmund Fanning (1739 - 1818)

) Edmund Fanning (April 24, 1739 – February 28, 1818) was a British North American colonial administrator and military leader. Born in New York, he became a lawyer and politician in North Caro...

5/16/2009 1/12/2013

Daniel Scott, U.E.L. (1744 - 1829)

Daniel Scott, son of Jonathan and Thankful (Hitchcock) Scott came to Canada in 1777. Daniel's Military career included serving under Col.Peters in Major Jessup's Corps in 1777 and enlisting in the Ki...

7/27/2011 1/10/2013

Boston King A man who overcome great adversity This profile meant to Honor his contributions to Canada, and Sierra Leone What we know of Boston King: A Slave in Colonial America, Boston sided...

1/6/2013 1/6/2013

Peter Weaver, U.E. (1756 - 1857)

"Peter of Dundas KRRNY"

From WWW.UELAC.ORG (For a short explanation of each row, click on the row title ex. "surname") Surname : Weaver Given name : Peter (P.) Rank : Private (unconfirmed) Where Resettled : Williamsburg...

5/23/2012 1/2/2013

Johannes F. Empie (Emige), Corp., U.E.L. (1748 - 1810)

"note: also went by name of Hanis Empie/ Emige", "Empey"

Johannes F. Empie a.k.a. Hanis Empie, Emgie U.E.L. United Empire Loyalist This is the John Sr., referred to as the son of Philip. United Empire Loyalist- Served in the KRRNY (Kings Royal Regimen...

4/13/2011 10/31/2012

From the "Old United Empire Loyalist List": Ulleman, Francis.... O.I.C. March 17, 1807, Soldier R.R.N.Y. ...............................................................................................

11/29/2007 10/24/2012

1/26/2012 10/24/2012

John Joseph Omand UEL (1740 - d.)

1/25/2012 10/24/2012

Samuel Dreifuss (c.1809 - 1877)

9/15/2010 10/24/2012

Eugene Eckert, U.E.L. (b. - 1999)

8/11/2011 10/24/2012

8/11/2011 10/24/2012