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Wildman and related families of the Lancashire Yorkshire border (1500s through 1600s)

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  • Elizabetha Cragge (deceased)
  • Margaret Wildman (b. - 1598)
    Burial: 1598 Jan 1 p. 8 of 77 Margaret dau. of Christopher Wydeman of Nubiecote see: Yorkshire, England, Church of England Parish Records, 1538-1873 Clapham Parish Register Part I 1595-1683 and Clapham...
  • Elizabeth Wildman (1599 - d.)
    1599 May 2 p.8 Eliz. filia Christopher de Newbiecote (see Clapham project)
    Matthew Wildman of Selside (deceased)
    Selside North Yorkshire "3. Horton in Ribblesdale) There is a transcript with an index at the North Yorkshire Record Office in Northallerton. There are a large number of entries for Cragg of which the...
  • Christopher Wildman de Newby (bef.1583 - 1610)
    Name: Mathew Wildman Gender: Male Baptism Date: 22 Feb 1610 (old style = 1611 new style) Baptism Place: Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Yorkshire ,England Father: Christofer Wildman de Newby Mathew Wildman in...

Include profiles from any Wildman Yorkshire/Lancashire tree even if they do not seem to be related as yet. These are individuals in the Lancashire Yorkshire border region in the 16th and 17th centuries

Pictured is a chapel that stood on the site of its replacement, the Church of the Good Shepherd of Tatham Fells. The new church has more elaborate architectural features. Note that in the parish the other church is St. James the Less, nearby to the north. Maps and location sources are at the bottom of this page.

sticker_new_right.gif (Dec 2017) There are multiple family names seen below that are also found in the Quaker settlements in Pennsylvania. Look into the attached projects, documents, and downloads. Here is one in particular: Tatham parish Quaker emigrants

sticker_new_right.gif (feb-mar 2020) -As this project grows SUB-PROJECTS for individual PARISHES are progressing. They are linked to this one. Also, many <WILDMAN> family relationships are being changed. These contradict some that are currently in FamilySearch, etc.

sticker_new_right.gif (March 2020) By tabulation of all Elizabeths born in Tatahm parish a hypothetical identification of the wife of Matthew WIldman amongst the numerous Claphams emerged. Elizabeth of Tatham is the wife of Matthew Wildman. We had established that the wife of Matthew had been born in 1616. There was only one baby named Elizabeth baptized in Tatham parish that particular year, Elizabeth Clapham. Seemingly then, Elizabeth Clapham was a great candidate to be the wife of Martin Wildman... but only if we restrict ourselves to Tatham parish for Matthew Wildman's wife (!)

A different theory has now emerged: The Elizabeth who married the Matthew Wildman of Tatham parish was a Tatham from the branch of that family that had been parishioners going to church in nearby Thornton-in-Lonsdale but then becoming Quakers in the very early years of that faith. Claphams, on the other hand, were not Quakers as the Wildmans and Tathams were.

Marmaduke Tatham, Elizabeth Wildman and other Wards, Wildmans, & Tathams are seen in the work chronicling the travails of Quakers of the day: Besse's Sufferings. It had troubled me that there were no Claphams among the Quaker faithful.

I suppose all this could be explored further in a yet to be created <geni discussion>.

~• written by Michael M. van Beuren, vol. curator, March 4, 2020, this represents a departure from previous work

A word of caution: FamilySearch seems to be using the work done here so we need to be careful about the work.


  1. Clapham
  2. Giggleswick
  3. Ingleton is geographically identical to Thornton-in-Lonsdale parish
  4. Melling ~ resources noted below ~ no sub-project
  5. Settle ~ the Quaker connection ~ is here on this page alone ~ there is also a modest subproject
  6. Tatham ~ is both on this page and also has a sub-project
  7. Thornton-In-Lonsdale is geographically identical to Ingleton parish
  8. Tunstall ~ is here on this page alone ~ no subproject
    1. see also Tunstall Parish Records
      1. difficult to read; poor penmanship; beginning in the 1620s

General Organizational Concerns

  1. As of Jan 2018 over 190 Wildmans were been added on GENi from work done in this project, mostly from the 1600s. By February 2020 there are 275 profiles. Each profile is linked to this Master Project and, in most cases to one or more Parish Sub-Projects, involving many neighboring communities.
  2. The process has been to assemble Wildman tree(s) in each parish as dictated by findings made in each subproject. Hopefully, these may eventually be able to be connected in the World Family Tree. Some of the parish Wildman branches don't seem to have adequate sourcing to make such connections. But, by having more identifications made, prospects for future connections improve.
  3. It is clear that a fair amount of hopeful guessing has been done for Wildmans of this era in various on-line trees. Much of it is incorrect or unsourced. Please do not guess here without noting them as guesses.
  4. It is crucial to be aware that individuals often moved from parish to parish and didn't necessarily marry or die where each was baptized. Nonetheless, many stayed close to home and can be found in more than one set of parish records.
  5. Any one willing to add sourced additions and corrections are most welcome. Please send you collaboration request to add to these projects.
  6. By all means, please hyperlink profiles to references to them here in these projects. If you need help, contact a project member.
    1. I am willing: Mike van Beuren, originator


Clapham Parish

icn_favorite.gif see Sub-Project
profiles are cross referenced there...

Giggleswick Parish

see Sub-Project

Melling Church of England (1720-1751)

  1. Baptisms note: Later years follow and some relate to ceremonies held at Tatham
  2. Parish Registers Melling, St Wilfrid 1685-1812

Settle Quaker MM records


  1. Agnes Ward (Wildman) dau. of Richard married Joseph Ward c/o Q.M. 4th mo. 1683 at house of John Wildman of Moulterbeck
  2. Agnes Wildman widow died ye 11th day of ye 11th mo: & was buried ye 12th of ye same m: at year 1695
  3. Amanda Wildman dau. of John of hutton died 11th day of 1st month; buried 12th day 1st mo., 1695
  4. Ann Wildman , dau. of John m. Leonard Marshall at Lower Bentham Meeting 20th day 1st mo., 1687
    1. dau of union: Debora died 1704
  5. Eleanor Carr dau. of James and Margaret of Lower Bentham
  6. Elizabeth Lancaster dau. of John of Rantreefold in Tatham m. Isaac Lancaster
  7. Isaac of Tatham buried ye 28th day of ye 1st month 1691 Settle MM records
  8. James Wildman of Croasdale Grains : James known son of Martin m. Jenet Bland, dau of John at house of John Wildman at Bentham 18th day 3rd mo. 1684
  9. James Wildman of Branstonbeck who died 14th day and was buried 16th day, 5th mo., 1720 per Settle MM records.
    1. There are two James Wildmans (2nd cousins).
  10. Margarett Wildman, the daughter of James Wildman of Branstonsbeck, dyed the 8th day and was buried ye 9th day of ye 4th mo 1695;
    1. her mother is probably " Margaret Wildman widow late of Branstonbeck died on the 25th and was buried on the 27th day of the 7th mo.,1730 "
  11. John Wildman of Mouterbeck (Mewith) York County where Richard Wildman's dau. Agnes married Joseph Ward
  12. John Wildman of Gruskholm had a dau. Hannah Wildman who m.Thomas Chapman of Milldam 1726
  13. John Wildman of Rantreefold who died 1716 in the Bentham area per Settle MM
  14. Jonathan Wildman born 1694 , son of John of Rantreefold, Tatham Parish
  15. Jonathan Wildman born 1700
  16. Martha Hodgson of Rantreefold m. John Hodgson of Mewith in 1715 (Quaker)
  17. Martha (MNU) wife of Ja's Wildman of Burbly (Bentham area) died on the 24th and was buried on the 26th day, 12th mo., 1716
  18. Mary Marshall dau. of Ann née Wildman who m. Leonard Marshall in 1687 at Lower Bentham meeting
    1. Marshalls, Wildman and Priestleys were active in the Settle MM for at least another century
  19. Matthew Wilde (c.1682-1682) infant son of Elizabeth Wilde, of Mewith née Wildman external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  20. Matthew Wildman of Croasdale Grains
  21. Richard Wildman father of Agnes Ward (Wildman)
    1. "Richard Wildman of Ceasden (sp?) who died the 11th day 10th mo. 1700 and was buried 12th day 10th mo 1700 N.B. December 1700 {Settle Mtg. rec}
    2. Jane Wildman of Keasden (sic) widow died the 9th buried the 10th of ye 9th mo., 1701 ( 54.094580, -2.424328 )
  22. Thomas Wildman m. Mary Airton, dau. of Marshall of parish of Burnsey? Yorkshrie (house of Wm.Ellis of Airton? 14th,4th 1688
    1. prob. the same Thomas as Thomas Wildman 1659 Birth Settle, Yorkshire RG6/1116
  23. William Wildman son of Thomas of Branstonbeck and Mewith, Lancashire

Glaringly absent in the list above are the first Wildman Quakers such as Elizabeth who was a Tatham. Earlier I had thought she was a Clapham. Research on the surnames Tatham and Clapham is complicated as there are many people who had these names and there were settlements that were parishes that were called Clapham and Tatham.

It would be fascinating to figure out the dynamics between the Friends and the Conforming Church of England Wildmans who all lived and worked in thess small farming communities. It must have been galvanizing when the parish rector, Thomas Sharp, sent Elizabeth Wildman of Tatham parish off to Lancaster jail where she expired. Her death and other extended family persecutions precipitated the departure of her offspring and brother-in-law to America. Other branches who became Quaker remained part of the Settle MM.

It should be pointed out that nearby Bentham had it's own nucleus of Quakers who, in the early years met here and kept its own records, separate to that of Settle. The distinction is noted in the Settle MM records that have been filmed and digitized and can be found here

Tatham Parish, Church of England

See Also: Tatham Parish Subproject
a multitude that is handled in links and attached documents
The Index to Marriages is useful
A register copy dating to 1718 takes us back to 1558. The compilation here is from that record.

  1. Thomas Wildman married Agnes Swan (Tatham parish Latin records) 23 April 1577
  2. Anne Wildman dau. of Edward bap. 24 January 1583 (Tatham parish)
  3. Richard Wildman son of Edward bap. 20 Feb, 1590 (Tatham parish)
  4. Elizabeth Wildman Edwardi filia sepulta 23 Jan 1599 (Tatham parish)
  5. Matthew Wildman Bap. Feb 22 1619 (Horton-in-Ribblesdale) to Christopher Wildman ( see Clapham project for Xpofer Wildman )
    1. note: (future wife candidate) Elizabeth Tatham was baptized to Richard Tathame of Biggecroft in 1611 as well, at Thornton-in-Lonsdale
  6. Robert Wildman buried Feb 6 1612 (Tatham parish) ~• may have had a son or nephew Robert Wildman de Blakebanke
  7. Margaret Wildman dau.of Isabelle bapt. 6 Dec., 1617 (Tatham parish)
  8. Alice Wildman dau. of Matthew bapt. 27 Feb., 1620 (Tatham parish)
  9. Abraham Wildman son of George bapt. 30 Nov., 1624 (Tatham parish)
  10. Elizabeth Wildman dau of George bapt. 14 Jan., 1625 (Tatham parish) possibly 1626
    1. (suggested likely link) Elizabeth Wildman married Robert Remington first of March 1651
    2. Elizabeth the widow of Robert Remington was buried 8 Jan 1662 (Tatham parish)
    3. George son of Robert Remington buried 25 July 1669 (Tatham parish)
  11. James Wildman son of Matthew 21 dec. 1625 (Tatham parish)
  12. Edward Wildman son of George 24 March 1629 (Tatham parish)
  13. Margaret Wildman dau of Matthew bap 2 Feb., 1633 (Tatham parish)
  14. John Wildman son of Thomas bap 3 Dec., 1633 (Tatham parish)
  15. Thomas Wildman son of John bap.19 April 1635 (Tatham parish)
  16. Elizabeth Wildman dau of William (Guiliomi) bap 9 December 1638 (Tatham parish)
  17. James Wildman son of George 23 December 1639 (Tatham parish)
  18. Mary Wildman dau of John 24 March 1645 (Tatham parish)
  19. Mary Wildman dau of Christopher bap 19 March 1647 (Tatham parish)
  20. John Wildman son of George buried 25 April 1647 (Tatham parish)
  21. Isaac Wildman son of Richard bap 15 October 1648 (Tatham Parish)
  22. Elizabeth Wildman married Robert Remington first of March 1651 (Tatham parish)
    1. Elizabeth the widow of Robert Remington was buried 8 Jan 1662
  23. Agnes Wildman married Giles Bland 23 Aug 1653 (Tatham parish) ~• possible connection: Richard Wildman bap. in Clapham
    1. Name Agnes Wildman • Baptism Date: 15 Oct 1639 • Baptism Place • Father: Richard Wildman
  24. from outside area Sarah Wildman of Whitwray mar. Christopher Fawcet of Wrayton in the parish of Melling (Tatham parish rec.)
  25. Elizabeth Wildman dau. of Matthew bap 19 Oct., 1662 (notes that parents are Quaker) external/twitter_bird_small.gif
  26. Edward Wildman of Whitwray married Mary Sympson of the parish 16 February 1657 (Tatham parish)
  27. Edward Wildman married Rosamond Usherwood 17 November 1663 (Tatham parish)
    1. George Wildman son of Edward bap 29 Aug., 1664 (Tatham parish)
    2. the wife Rosamond was buried in Tatham parish 19 June 1679
  28. Isaac Wildman married Jane Thornton 6 July 1664 (Tatham parish)
    1. Margaret Wildman dau. of Isaac baptized 14 May 1665 (Tatham parish)
    2. Rebecca Wildman dau. of Issac baptized 29 March 1668 (Tatham parish)
      1. Rebecca then buried 27 June 1668
    3. Mary Wildman the dau of Isaac baptized 14 March 1685 (Tatham parish)
    4. (?)Jane Wildman widow buried 24 Feb. 1708
  29. Matthew Wildman buried 21 October 1664 (remember that there are then two adult Matthew Wildmans in the parish)
  30. Abraham Wildman son of Edward baptized 9 September 1666 (Tatham parish)
    1. buried 12 April 1685 (Tatham parish) ~• see below
  31. Agnes Wildman dau. of Elizabeth baptized 2 June 1669 (Tatham parish) ~• suggested that Eliz.'s is a widow or a single mother
  32. Jane Wildman dau. of Edward baptized 10 May 1677 (Tatham parish)
  33. Aradah Wildman Dau. of John baptized 1 July 1677 (Tatham parish)
  34. Rosamond wife of Edward Wildman buried 19 June 1679 (Tatham parish)
  35. "Margaret Wildman buried 27 January 1680" (Tatham parish) ~• hard to tell which Marg.
  36. "Edward Wildman was buried upon the 9 March 1684" (Tatham parish)
  37. Mary Wildman the dau of Isaac baptized 14 March 1685 (Tatham parish)
  38. Abraham Wildman the son of Edward Wildman was buried 12 April 1685 (Tatham parish)
  39. Rosamond Wildman, dau of George was baptized 4 October 1686 (Tatham parish)
  40. Mary Wildman dau of George bapt. 3 Jan 1687 or 1688 (Tatham parish) ~• pages noted as disorderly
  41. Robert Wildman m. Jennet Bland in either 1687 or 1688 the month and day were February the 10th (Tatham parish) {Jennet's mother is a WIldman}
  42. Jennet Wildman married Robert Furnace 20 May 1692 (Tatham parish)
  43. Richard Wildman son of George baptized 10 May 1695 (Tatham parish)
  44. Alice Wildman married Thomas Sidgwick on the 28th of August (either) 1694 or 1695 (Tatham parish)
  45. Jane Wildman married Peter Lawason on the 16th of November (either) 1694 or 1695
  46. John Wildman son of John baptized 26 October 1686 (Tatham parish)
  47. Abraham Wildman son of George baptized 20 March 1697 (Tatham parish)
  48. John Wildman son of George Wildman baptized 27 January 1701 (Tatham parish)
  49. George Wildman buried 22 may 1703 (Tatham parish)
  50. Anne Wildman dau of George baptized 8 August 1704 (Tatham parish)
  51. Rosamond Wildman married Richard Show 14 January 1706 (Tatham parish)
  52. Gennet Wildman married Ralph Leeming 19 January 1706 (Tatham parish)
  53. Anne Wildman dau of Elizabeth baptized 1 August 1708 (Tatham parish)
  54. Jane Wildman widow buried 24 February 1708 ~• probably Jane Wildman (Thornton) above
  55. Richard Wildman son of William baptized 18 September 1709 (Tatham parish) ~•after this wedding of Bentham ~• the father William had moved into the parish having married Agnes Dowbiggin at Tatham
  56. Joseph Wildman of Bentham parish married Jane Nealson of Tatham May 1709 (day not clear) (Tatham parish)
  57. Margarett and Hannah daughters of Willam Wildman twins baptized 12 Feb., 1711 (Tatham parish)
  58. Margaret Wildman of Tatham mar. Miles Saul of Lancaster 3 Feb., 1712 (Tatham parish)
    1. Miles Saul buried 1 Jan 1728
    2. it may have been Margaret Saul's wife buried Sept 1727
  59. John Wildman son of William Wildman baptized 5 Feb. 1715 (Tatham parish)
    1. John Wildman of Bentham marries Isabell Bond of Tatham 29 November 1736
  60. William Wildman son of William baptized 7 Oct., 1716 (Tatham parish)
  61. Margaret Wildman Marries John Eckles May 1724 (Tatham parish)
  62. Anne Wildman buried Jan 13 1725 (Tatham parish)
  63. Mary Wildman dau of William baptized 7 May 1727 (Tatham parish)
  64. Margaret Wildman buried 5 September 1727 (Tatham parish)
  65. Margaret Wildman dau of William buried 19 September 1727 (Tatham parish)
  66. Mary Wildman dau. of Abraham baptized 29 April 1728 (Tatham parish)
  67. George Wildman married Isabell Leeming 7 Jan., 1728 (Tatham parish)
  68. Abraham Wildman was buried 20 Sept., 1729 (Tatham parish)
  69. George Wildman son of George was baptized 2 July 1732 (Tatham parish)
  70. George Wildman son of Edward was baptized 21 Sep., 1733 (Tatham parish)
  71. William Wildman son of George was baptized 5 May 1734 (Tatham parish)
  72. Mary Wildman dau of George baptized 11 April 1736 (Tatham parish)
  73. John Wildman of Bentham marries Isabell Bond of Tatham 29 November 1736 (Tatham parish)
  74. William Wildman son of John baptized 3 Jan., 1737 (Tatham parish)
  75. Joshua Wildman son of George baptized 17 Jan., 1737 (Tatham parish)
    1. Joshua buried 22 Nov., 1759 (Tatham parish)
  76. William Wildman son of Edward baptized 27 May 1740 (Tatham parish)
  77. Joseph and Mary Wildman (twins) of Edward baptized 15 April 1746 (Tatham parish)
    1. Joseph Wildman was buried 13 Nov. 1746
  78. Agnes Wildman dau. of William 29 Jan., 1748 (Tatham parish)
  79. William Wildman buried 14 Feb., 1749 (Tatham parish) ?
  80. Margaret Wildman dau. of William baptized 21 April 1751 (Tatham parish)
  81. Richard Blessard and Jane Eccles both of Tatham married 25 Nov., 1751 (Tatham parish)
  82. Mary Wildman buried 14 Aug., 1758 (Tatham parish)
  83. Mary Wildman dau. of William bap.17 June 1759 (Tatham parish)
  84. Catherine Wildman dau. of William bap. 29 Mar., 1761 (Tatham parish)
  85. Edmund Wildman son of William bap. 18 Oct 1761 (Tatham parish)
  86. Henry Wildman son of William bap 5 June 1768 (Tatham parish)
  87. William Wildman Buried 20 Dec. 1769 (Tatham parish)
  88. Margaret Wildman dau. of George bap. 18 Mar., 1770 (Tatham parish)
    1. Margaret Wildman dau. of George buried 13 Apr., 1770
  89. William son of George Wildman bap. (note : not dup) 21 Apr., 1771
  90. William son of George Wildman bap. 7 Jul., 1771 (both Tatham parish)
  91. James son of William Wildman bap. 12 July 1772 (Tatham parish)
  92. Isabel dau. of George bap. 30 May 1773 (Tatham parish)
  93. Bella Wildman dau. of George bap. 22 Jan., 1774 (Tatham parish)
    1. Bella dau. of George buried 30 Dec., 1774
  94. Edward Wildman buried 8 Apr. 1774 (Tatham parish)
  95. Grace Wildman buried 2 Sep. 1774 (Tatham parish)
  96. Edward Wildman son of George bap. 25 Aug. 1774 (Tatham parish)
  97. James Wildman son of Richard bap 27 August 1775 (Tatham parish)
  98. George Wildman buried 26 September 1775 (Tatham parish)
  99. Thomas Wildman son of George baptized 15 June 1777 (Tatham parish)
  100. John Place, son of George Wildman baptized 11 Oct 1776 or 1777 (Tatham parish)
    1. "John Place Wildman" buried 7 May 1778
  101. Joshua Wildman son of Richard buried 29 March 1778 (Tatham Parish)
  102. Margaret Wildman buried 27 December 1778 (Tatham parish)
  103. Margaret Wildman dau. of George baptized 26 Sep., 1779 (Tatham parish)
  104. Thomas Wildman "of riper years" baptized 31 Oct., 1779 (Tatham parish)
  105. Grace Wildman dau. of Edward baptized 1 Dec., 1782 (Tatham parish)
  106. Edward Wildman son of George buried 9 Dec., 1782 (Tatham parish)
  107. Margaret Wildman "in Mewith" buried 11 Jan., 1783 (Tatham parish)
  108. James Wildman son of William WIldman "poor" baptized 16 May 1784 (Tatham parish)
  109. Ann Wildman wife of Richard "poor" buried 16 October 1785 (Tatham parish)
  • "A Register of the Christenings at Tatham Chapel A.D. 1786"
    • William son of Ellin Wildman bap't 8th January 1786 POOR
    • Jane daughter of Catherine Wildman bap'd 27 June 1787
    • Betty daughter of Catherine WIldman (Craggs) bap'd 19 Aug., 1792 ~• note: Craggs is a settlement in Tatham parish {per MMvB}
    • Thomas the son of Jonathan Wildman of Balshaw and Elizabeth his wife born Thursday the 20th February; baptized Sunday 29th March 1812
  • "A Register of Burials at Tatham Church A.D. 1786" < no Wildman entries until 1810
    • Dorothy wife of William Wildman died 12th Sept and was buried 15th September aged 74 years

~•so ends a reading of 131 pages on the site (ancestry dot com) for Parish Registers Tatham 1558-1812

  1. Thomas Wildman of Branstonbeck & Mewith and his (Theoretical) son Thomas show promise as Quakers who did not emigrate to Pennsylvania
  2. The Parish register for the Church of the Good Shepard (1760-1803) shows many entries for Wildman names, indicating continued Wildman and Clapham affinity for the Church of England

Thornton-in Lonsdale, Church of England

icn_favorite.gif see Sub-Project

  1. Parish Register Typed transcription, quite clear; many Wildmans. These Wildmans as yet show no close relation to the Wildmans of Tatham Parish.

Tunstall, Church of England

  1. Baptism: 5 Oct 1628 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs.: Dorothea Wildman - filia Roberti Wildman
  2. Aegidis Wildman married Elizabethe Puplee or Russell (wrong spelling/scribbled) October 24 1634
  3. Baptism: 28 Aug 1635 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. : Johanis. Batty - spurij filij (ut asseritur) of Edwardi Wildman & Margt. Batty Register: Baptisms 1625 - 1753, Page 14, Entry 2; (seems to be a bastard child that was given his mother's surname)
  4. Baptism: 22 Feb 1637/8 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Johis. Wildman - filius Anthonij Wildman
  5. Aegidis Wildman, the younger; baptized 1639; son of Anthony Wildman who also had a son John bap 1637 (same register)
  6. Aegidis Wildman, the elder of Tunstall {perhaps an uncle of "the younger"} died 1651
  7. Burial: 25 Nov 1633 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. [unnamed] Wildma. - uxor Gyles Wildma.; Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 10, Entry 2 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  8. Baptism: 17 Jun 1638 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Elizabethae Wildman - filia Edwardi Wildman
  9. Baptism: 19 Aug 1638 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Jone. Wildman - filia supurae (ut dicitur) of Robti. Wildman, junioris ~• attn: hard to place - be careful ? Robert Wildman ; Robert Wildman de Greenclose ; Robert Wildman de Newbiecote ; Robert Wildman de Newbiecote ; but I think it is this last: Robert Wildman of Tunstall (born out of wedlock)
  10. Baptism: 25 Oct 1639 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Aegidij Wildman - filius Anthonij Wildman
    1. Anthony Wildman (older than the Anthony that follows and father of Aegidis, the younger who was baptized in 1639)
  11. Baptism: 29 Mar 1640 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Aegidij Wildman - filius Edw. Wildman
    1. note: ~• I will use the the name Giles
  12. John Wildman son of Anthony b.c. 1638 Burial: 6 Oct 1660 St John the Baptist, Tunstall
  13. Anthony Wildman married Barbara Ruffell on Dec. 2, 1649 ~• note: see Eliz. Russell in first entry of this section
  14. Brian or Priam Wildman, son of Robert, died April 27, 1642 (another Briani (last name Carter) shows up in the record too: 11.13.1642 : Brian looks to be of an older generation and is perhaps the scion of most here in Tunstall Wildmans
    1. Burial: 27 Apr 1642 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Briani Wildman - filius Roberti Wildman Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 33, Entry 6 Source: LDS Film 1517648
  15. Dorothea Wildman, filia Rob'ti, baptized March 18th, 1652/53
  16. Edward Wildman b. bef. 1617 whose children are in the register
  17. Elizabetha Wildman, dau. of Anthony, bap. 14 July 1642
  18. Burial: 15 Mar 1642/3 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Elizabethae Wildman - filia Edwardi Wildman Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 36, Entry 5 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  19. Burial: 6 Sep 1646 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. [unnamed] Wildman - infantis of Aegidij Wildman Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 42, Entry 2 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  20. Burial: 16 Mar 1646/7 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Janae Wildman - viduae of Johis. Wildman Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 44, Entry 1 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  21. Burial: 16 Jul 1647 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Edwardi Wildman - Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 44, Entry 11; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  22. Elizabeth Wildman, dau. of Aegidis, bap. July 30, 1648
  23. Burial: 9 Apr 1651 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Roberti Wildman, senioris - Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 59, Entry 13 Source: LDS Film 1517648
  24. Henry Wildman son of Richard of Tunstall; bap. 1.20.1655
  25. Helena Wildman married Edward Outerweed? of Bentham in November 1641 ( no birth in register for Helena earlier )
  26. Jane Wildman dau. of Robert bap.1638
  27. Jane Wildman of Tunstall dau. of Edward baptized 21 April 1642
  28. John Wildman bap. 1637 son of Anthony (see Aegidis 1639)
    1. Thomas Wildman: 1648 at Tunstall; Wildman, Thomas to Browne, Anna on Oct. 16th {had issue} John 1654 (~• see below)
  29. John Wildman, son of Robert, bap. March 4, 1648
  30. John Wildman, son of Aegidis, bap. January 26,1651 John Wildman
  31. Baptism: 12 Mar 1654/5 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. John Wildman - Son of Thomas Wildman Abode: Tunstall Register: Baptisms 1625 - 1753, Page 79, Entry 4 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  32. John Wildman, son of Thomas "of Tunstall" ; baptized March 20, 1654 > John died four years later
    1. Burial: 7 Dec 1655 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. John Wildman - Son of Thomas Wildman Abode: Tunstall Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 82, Entry 3 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  33. Robert Wildman, the elder (of whom little is known other than he fathered Dorothea who married FNU Tatham; and Jane
  34. Robert Wildman of Tunstall and wife Dorothea Wildman ; she died in 1673
    1. Robert Wildman m. Dorothea Towne on Oct 6. 1641
  35. Thomas baptism: Thomas son of Roberti Wildman; 13 April 1651 who then died a few days later on the 19th = Burial: 19 Apr 1651 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Thomae Wildman - filiae [sic] of Robti. Wildman Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 60, Entry 2 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  36. Burial: 13 Aug 1651 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Aegidij Wildman - Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 61, Entry 1 Source: LDS Film 1517648
  37. unnamed son of Robert Wildman buried right after birth in Jan. 1641/42 having been baptized
  38. unnamed son of Aegidis Wildman buried 6 September 1646 at Tunstall
    1. hard to place: DEATHS: March 1646 “sepult. Jana vidua John Wildman” note: John does not appear as a married before this in the record, nor does Jana (or Jane for that matter)
  39. Baptism: 1 May 1659 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Jane Wildman - Daughter of Thomas Wildman Abode: Tunstall Register: Baptisms 1625 - 1753, Page 101, Entry 4 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  40. Burial: 6 Oct 1660 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Johis. Wildman - filius Anthonij Wildman Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 109, Entry 1; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  41. Burial: 24 Apr 1664 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Roberti Wildman - filius Bryani Wildman Abode: Tunstall Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 132, Entry 2 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  42. Burial: 15 Sep 1664 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Joanae Wildman, viduae - Abode: Tunstall Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 133, Entry 3 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648
  43. Burial: 20 Dec 1666 St John the Baptist, Tunstall, Lancs. Robert Wildman - Abode: Tunstall Register: Burials 1627 - 1753, Page 139, Entry 5 ; Source: LDS Film 1517648

Parish Registers Whittington in Lonsdale 1538-1812, Church of England

  1. Jane Wildman dau of "John the younger" baptized Sep. 9 1666

Whitwray or Wray

(records are absent but it is known there were Wildmans in Whitwray)

  1. 1 May 1656 Lawrence Bullock of Tossett, Long Preston parish & Sarah Wildman of Whitwray
  2. 16 Feb 1657 Edward Wildman, Whitwray, & Mary Sympson, Cartmell parish (In Tatham Parish records) ~•? Sarah and Edward are perhaps sister and brother


General Comments

<Wildman> is a very common name for certain parishes along the Yorkshire/Lancashire border. So much so that to catalog all individuals would take several pages. As an alternative, some resources are cataloged here.

For my own purposes one thing we notice is the absence of the given names Matthew and Martin in Tunstall...while there is evidence of their families in Tatham

The records of other parishes that might be of help, tiny communities, don't seem to be available.
Free-standing trees are now added on GENi unconnected to the World Family Tree.

Although I'd expected to find conclusive examples of some same Wildmans in multiple registers, say if one was baptized at Tatham and married at Tunstall, so far I've not seen this. Sharper eyes and better organizational skill is probably needed along with more comprehensive lists. These parishes are, after all, not distant from each other.

The time frame I've been focusing upon runs roughly from the 1500s to 1650.

Project Timeline

  • Early 1500s : Evidence that there were various families of the surname Wildman living in many parishes along the Yorkshire/Lancashire border
  • 1513 September 9: Battle of Flodden (Scotland vs. England: Scotland loses but many soldiers from the north of England die) see notes at Henry Wildman de Newby
  • 1536 The Pilgrimage of Grace: the second of two popular uprisings in Yorkshire against Henry VIII's break with the Roman Catholic Church - 9,000 descend on York - 216 leaders executed - economic injustices and famine contributed to the troubles
  • 1549-52 : 1st attempt to switch from Latin Mass to the English Prayer Books
  • 1568, English authorities moved Mary Queen of Scots to Bolton Castle to be kept in captivity
  • 1597 Local outbreak of bubonic plague
  • around 1600 identification of the line of Wildmans that eventually emigrated to Pennsylvania
  • 1616 Elizabeth Wildman, Quaker Martyr is baptized; Church of England, Tatham parish
  • 1642 1st English Civil War begins
    • " In Northern England, the Royalists had the advantage in numbers and local support, except in parts of Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire, where the Parliamentarians had support from the clothing-manufacturing towns which "naturally maligned the gentry". "
  • c. 1645 Elizabeth marries Matthew Wildman in Tatham Parish (see Elizabeth's profile for details)
  • " The failure to conclude a political agreement with the king led eventually to the outbreak of the Second English Civil War in 1648 "
  • in the same era: George Fox (1624-1691) visits Lancashire and many Non-Conformists are convinced to become Quakers.(1652) Fox at Pendle Hill and then preaches to approximately one thousand people at Firbank Fell.
  • 1652-1658 Lancashire becomes center of the Quaker movement
  • September 1658 Death of Oliver Cromwell, setting in motion the return of monarchy under Charles II.
  • 1665 The Great Plague
  • 1666 Great Fire of London
  • Oct 1669 Fox married Margaret Fell of Swarthmoor Hall, Lancashire
  • Margaret Fell, wife of George Fox is jailed at Lancashire. Elizabeth was incarcerated in the same castle jail.
  • 1677 Elizabeth Wildman, Quaker Martyr dies in jail
  • c. 1690: Children and grandchildren of Elizabeth Wildman leave for the Province of Pennsylvania
  • 1700s : While some Wildmans remain in Yorkshire/Lancashire as Quakers, others retain their devotion to the Church of England
  • (This project attempts to make connections between the various Wilman pedigrees)


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  9. Index to Tatham marriages
  11. Quakers in Great Britain: 1650s-1750s of particular interest:1) Yorkshire B-1575, M-1642, D-1610 ; 2) Lancashire B-1644, M-1652, D-1654
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  2. Place names in Tatham c. 1786