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Margaret Ann Neve MP (1792 - 1903)

[ ] Margaret Ann Neve, née Harvey (18 May 1792 – 4 April 1903) of St. Peter Port, Guernsey, English Channel was the first recorded female supercentenarian. Biography As a child, Neve survived a f...

6/27/2015 10/1/2016

Jeanne Calment MP (1875 - 1997)

"Jeanne Nicolas Calment"

She and Hendrick "Old Henry" Francisco are the only ultracentenarians not mentioned in religious texts.

1/15/2015 9/18/2016

Lucy Hannah MP (1875 - 1993)

Lucy Hannah was an American supercentenarian. Hannah is the second-oldest person ever from the United States and the world's third-oldest verified person ever, after Jeanne Calment and Sarah Knauss. ...

3/5/2012 9/17/2016

Emma Morano MP (1899 - 2017)

Emma Martina Luigia Morano was an Italian supercentenarian who lived to the age of 117, and was the last known survivor of the 19th century. Read more at Wikipedia Emma passed away on April 15, 201...

9/15/2016 9/15/2016

Hendrikje Schipper MP (1890 - 2005)

Ooit, oudste levende persoon in Nederland Vanaf het overlijden van Catharina van Dam-Groeneveld op 16 februari 2001 tot aan haar eigen overlijden was Van Andel de oudste levende persoon in Nederland....

10/15/2011 3/28/2013

Besse Berry Cooper MP (1896 - 2012)

World's oldest living person from June 21, 2011 until her death on December 4, 2012.

4/13/2012 9/5/2012

Sarah Knauss MP (1880 - 1999)

Sarah DeRemer Knauss (née Clark; September 24, 1880 – December 30, 1999) was an American supercentenarian. She was considered the world's oldest living person by Guinness World Records from April 16,...

3/5/2012 3/5/2012

Hendrick "Old Henry" Francisco MP (1686 - 1820)

"Old Henry", "Hendrick "Old Henry" Francisco"

He is by a dozen percentage points the oldest person to ever have lived not mentioned in a religious text. He is the only hypercentenarian not mentioned in a religious text. Hendrick Francisco , ...

9/7/2009 3/5/2012