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  • International Places Project Index

    International Places Project Index=Every person is born somewhere, marries, lives, works and dies somewhere. Places are a key component to family history research. This project aims to be the starting point in your search for a place on Geni to discover more about your ancestors. If a place you are looking for is not listed, and you cannot find a project on the place then you may consider creat...

  • Kamenka: Ancestors and Descendants

    The project is intended as a duplicate to the Kamenka-Каменка-Baehr-Bahr project, but including all people related to this village, not only those who lived there personally. Under construction, for the time being . . . . . stay tune :) On 6/22/11 only 22 profiles added.

  • Esmeralda Floripes's notable ancestors

    My Notable Ancestors My ancestors immigrated to the Azores around mid to late 1400's, they came from Flanders and Portugal and their roots go deep into Central Europe royalty. Balkans . DNA comp 8% (East Balkan + East Med) ca. 246/50 – 18 August 330: Saint Helena of the Cross 48th great grand mother Belgium/ Flanders, England, Germany, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Denmark DN...

  • Scandinavian sagas

    Project Scandinavian sagas This project has as its aim to create on Geni an accurate representation of the genealogical information present in the parts of the Saga literature that present a reasonably coherent picture. The sagas we work from are: Snorre's "Ynglingesoga" "Hvorledes Norge ble bosatt" from "Flateyarbok" "Orkneysaga" Landnamabok, The goal is t...

  • Perpetual Emigration Fund

    The Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company was organized in October 1849. The "donations to the fund" helped outfit members "for the trek west" from 1850 to 1887. It also funded voyages to America starting in 1856. The fund was dis-incorporated in 1887 under the provisions of the Edmunds-Tucker Act. Approximately 30,000 people were assisted with all or part of their transportation expenses during th...

  • New Zealand Settler Ships - Høvding 1872

    The SS "Høvding" sailed from Kristiania/Christiania (now Oslo), Norway on May 31, 1872. It arrived Napier, New Zealand, on September 01, 1872, after a voyage of 93 days with 365 Norwegians and 11 Danes on board. The passengers settled in New Zealand. Norsewood cemetery co, Høvding emigrants Migrations from Scandinavia to New Zealand, TeAra Emigranter 1872 med ss "H...

  • Royalty In The Family

    Trying to gather all my royal ancestors in one place. Direct ancestors only.

  • Danish Diaspora

    I would like to document the movement of Danes from the towns of Galten and Galtenhof, north of Schleswig-Holstein, into Germany prior to 1848. I would specifically like to track those who kept the surname Galten and moved into the German towns of Nordorf, Kiel, or may have subsequently returned to Denmark or migrated to the US. It would be helpful to have assistance from volunteers in Aarhuis ...

  • U.S. Virgin Islands

    This is a subproject of the West Indies Master Project. Links Virgin Islands Ancestry Discovery Group Hugh Forte Obit INGERBORG AGATHA CARTIER-HENRY DEAD AT 92 Alice Cartier Petersen Dies at 98 Eugene Ivor Williams Jr. Dies at 28 Verona Euritta Henry Smith Dead at 70