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  • Genealogia Sursilliana

    Genealogia Sursilliana Genealogia Sursilliana is an ancient genealogy project, stemming from the 1500’s. It concerns Erik Ångerman and his family, later known as Sursill, from Teg (now Umeå) Sweden. The history and the study of the family has reached almost legendary proportions. According to some current research the name Sursill was first adopted by those members of the family who moved o...

  • Le Gotha - Royal and Noble Titleholders

    Current titleholders of royal and noble houses The purpose of this project is to list the current titleholders of the royal and noble houses that are specified in the latest edition of the Almanach de Gotha . The official website of the Almanach will provide further guidance (but may not indicate the correct titleholders since its latest edition). We currently focus on Volumes I, II & III o...

  • Important Ancestral Family Tree Charts

    Please feel free to add any Important Online Family Tree Chart. No need to add any individual profile (except for the founder(s) of the dynasty)!!! Directory of Noble & Royal family Trees Medici Family Tree Kings of Spain Family Tree Danish Monarchs Family Tree British Royal Family Tree French Monarchs Tree Kings of Germany Tree Rulers of Russia Tree