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van Beuren ~ immigrant family surnames

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  • Phebe Plasse (1566 - 1642)
    Married second husband, William Plasse, February 18, 1618/19, after losing her first husband, James Waters. ===sources=== more research needed Other Mannings seem to have been in contemporary Ipswi...
  • Samuel Gorton, 5th President of Providence and Warwick (1593 - 1677)
    There are various biographical sources including: Find a Grave MEMORIAL ID 31050767 Warwick Digital History Project Wikipedia - Samuel Gorton 5th President of Providence and Warwick
  • Hannah Mayhew Gager (1592 - c.1630)
    Dr. William Gager married by 1618 Hannah Gager. They came from Little Waldingfield, Suffolk to Massachusetts Bay in 1630 in the Winthrop Fleet, but probably not on the "Arbella." First settled in Charl...
  • Dr. William Gager (1592 - 1630)
    Dr William Gager - Find A grave ID 15147648 Saint Francis de Sales Cemetery, Charlestown, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA From ID: I8610 Name: William Gager Given Name: William
  • Joan Chesley (1659 - aft.1685)
    from TORREY: CHESLEY, Philip & 2/wf Joanna _____ (-1685+); by 1673, by Jun 1671; Dover, NH {Dover NH Mar. 28; Durham NH 2:51; GDMNH 139, 409; Reg. 5:205; Coltman Anc. 31}

From England (primarily) to New England (primarily in the 17th century)

Looking back from my own generation on my paternal side: The Ziegler (German) and van Beuren (primarily English) ancestry

Includes listings of women's maiden surnames

Keep in mind that this list is not an immigrant count. It identifies family names in which oftentimes there were many immigrant individuals.

Here is a note to describe this project's applicability>> For it to apply to you entirely, you have to be descended from both of the following individuals: Archbold van Beuren (1905-1974) and his wife (born) Margaret Ziegler (1908-1987). As of 2017 there are more than 33 individuals, living or dead, who are in the Geni World Family Tree fitting this stipulation. Some known offspring of my own cousins is missing. Generally:

icn_favorite.gif If you are either a PLUMER (P), DANA (D), DAVENPORT (DV), or VAN BEUREN (V), you might still find this immigrant sourcing of particular interest.

This project is the work of Michael van Beuren b. 1952


of both New England and New Netherland

~• in which these immigrant families settled •~
Note: a town that has a icn_magnifying_glass.gif icon indicates that there are related photos &/or projects attached here that provide additional information. The surname count in parentheses is estimated and inprecise yet it may be accurate enough to give an idea of where people settled. Keep in mind that children quickly spread to neighboring towns. spinner_blue.gif Tip: Search the alphabetized SURNAME list at the bottom of this page using the following town names. spinner_blue.gif

  1. Andover icn_magnifying_glass.gif, MA ......(2) map
  2. Barnstable, MA...(1)
  3. Billerica, MA........(3)
  4. Boston, MA.........(8)
  5. Boxford, MA........(2)
  6. Bradford, MA......(2)
  7. Braintree, MA.....(4)
  8. Brookline, MA.....(1)
  9. Cambridge, MA..(6)
  10. Cape Cod, MA. {other} ... (5), most notably the Mayhews, Snows and the Coffyn families
  11. Charlestown, MA ..(11)
  12. Chelmsford, MA ....(2)
  13. Concord, MA.......(2)
  14. Dedham, MA......(5)
  15. Dover, NH....(2)
  16. East & West Jersey (province) icn_magnifying_glass.gif project
  17. Fairfield, CT.......(2)
  18. Groton, MA........(3)
  19. Hartford, CT & Windsor CT .... (6)
  20. Haverhill, MA............................(5)
  21. Hingham, MA............................(1)
  22. Ipswich, MA .......(19) .. icn_magnifying_glass.gif first period construction FOSTER, SHATSWELL included • also:Map of early lots
  23. Lynn, MA..................................(3)
  24. Malden,MA...............................(1)
  25. Medfield, MA............................(2)
  26. Milford, CT................................(2)
  27. Milton, MA.................................(3)
  28. New Haven, CT .... (32).... icn_magnifying_glass.gif (map/photo) ; (project)
  29. New London County, CT....(5)
  30. Newbury, MA ...(30)... icn_magnifying_glass.gif (map/photo) ; (First Settlers List)
  31. Northhampton, MA .... (1)
  32. Old Saybrook, CT.......(2)
  33. Plymouth, MA ......(5)
  34. Rovidence, RI ......(1)
  35. Reading, MA icn_magnifying_glass.gif.... (4)
  36. Rowley, MA .........(22) icn_magnifying_glass.gif (project)
  37. Roxbury, MA .......(9) icn_magnifying_glass.gif (project)
  38. Salem, MA...........(14)
  39. Sherborn, MA.......(2)
  40. Taunton, MA.........(2)
  41. Springfield, MA.....(7)
  42. Stamford, CT........(1)
  43. Watertown, MA.....(15) icn_magnifying_glass.gif (project ; map)
  44. Wallingford, CT....(1) icn_magnifying_glass.gif Wallingford History
  45. Wenham, MA........(2)
  46. Wethersfield, CT..(2)
  47. Woburn, MA.........(3)
  48. Dutch New Netherland analysis of 22 individuals ; the analysis of New Netherland ancestors is also touched upon in the Gelderland Immigrant Project, something that I also designed.

As so many towns above are in Essex County, MA, See also: the Essex County sub project

I attempt here to only list a SURNAME once, even though there may be multiple family members who are immigrants.
As it is difficult to remember four associated branches of surnames as they relate to each profile, a leading initial is provided in parentheses (D) = Dana; (P) = Plumer; (DV) = Davenport; (VB) = van Beuren. The (P) and (DV), respectively Mass. & Conn. based ironically joined in yet a third state, Pennsylvania, when Henry Baldwin Plumer married Marilla Davenport in 1866. The (VB) and (D) lines joined in New York City when Michael M. van Beuren married Mary Lavinia Archbold in 1891.

  1. (D) ADAMS, Alexander (c.1615-1677) m.COFFIN from: Brixton, Devonshire; to: Boston' { ~• my belief is that these two ADAMS men, Robert & Alexander, are closely related both being from from Devon}
  2. (P) ADAMS, Robert (1602-1682) m. WILMOT from: probably St. Mary's Parish, Devon; to: Newbury {potential pedigree collapse: if these ADAMS men were closely related back in Devon (P) vs (D)
  3. (P) ALCOCK, Jane (c.1615-1670) m. STEVENSON from: Newcastle, Northumberland; to: Cambridge
  4. (D) AMES see: EAMES
  5. (DV) ANDREWS, William (1570-1659) m. {wives not immigrants} from: Triwell, Northamptonshire; to: Roxbury & daughter who married PYNCHON, Rev. William & son who went to New Haven
  6. (D) ANGRAM, Lydia (1608-1634) m. MARSHALL from: Alford, Lincolnshire; (did not complete voyage)
  7. (D) ARCHBOLD, James (1766-1819) m. KENNEDY from: Kildare, Ireland; to: Baltimore and beyond
  8. (D) ATHERTON, James (1624-1720) m. HUDSON from: Wigan, Lancashire; to: Sherborn, MA
  9. (P) BAILEY, John (1590-1651) came alone, died alone from: Chippenham, Salisbury, Wilshire; to: Amesbury and son John III who m. EMERY, Eleanor and daughter Mary who m. EMERY, Daniel
  10. (P) BALDWIN, Mary (1612-1670) m. RICHARDSON from: Hull, Yorkshire; to: Woburn
  11. BANCROFT, John (1596-1635) m. ? from:Swarkston, Derbyshire; to: Lynn, MA & son BANCROFT, Lt. Thomas (1621-1684) m. METCALF from:London, Middlesex; to: Springfield, Hampshire County
  12. (DV) Elizabeth Danforth, widow Batty Barber, Elizabeth] (did not come to America, but her husband DANFORTH did)
  13. (P) BARKER, Elizabeth (c.1609-1698) m. KILBOURNE from Cambridgeshire; to: Rowley
  14. BARNARD, Mary (c.1620-1698) m. OSBORNE from: Ashford, Kent; to: New Haven (died in Fairfield)
  15. (P) BATT, Nicholas (1612-1677) m. NEWBURG from: Devizes, Wiltshire; to: Newbury and daughter who married ELITHORPE
  16. BAYLEY, Margaret (c.1587-1662) m. Warren from: Westbury parish, Gloucestershire; to: Watertown
  17. BEACH, Richard (1611-1691) m. COOKE from: St. Albans, Devon; to: New Haven
  18. (P) BEST, Elizabeth (1605-1661) m. HUNT from: Halifax, Yorkshire; to: Concord
  19. BIGELOW, John (1616-1703) m.WARREN from: Wrentham, Suffolk; to: Watertown < a founder
  20. BISHOP, James (1625-1691) m. LEWEN from: Surrey; to: New Haven
  21. BLAKE, George (1617-1698) m. TWEEDY from: ? to: Boxford
  22. (DV) BLOTE?, Elizabeth (c.1613-c.1647) m. SYMONDS to: Salem
  23. BOLEMAN, Maria (unk.) m. VON ERDEN (son Christian) (unk.)
  24. BONSALL, Mary (1753-1842) m. SPINGLER from: England; to: NYC
  25. (P) BOOTH, Jane (1610-1683) m. THORLEY from: Yorkshire, to Newbury
  26. BOYKIN, Jarvis (c.1615-1662) m. Isabel (MNU) from: Kent; to; New Haven
  27. BRIGHAM, Constance (c.1604-1684) m. Crosby from: Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Riding of Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  28. BRITTON, Mary (1597-1654) m. ANDREWS (the son William) from: Bedford, Bedfordshire; to: CT
  29. BROWN Francis of New Haven (1610-1668) m. EDWARDS from Ratcliffe, Yorkshire; to: New Haven
  30. (DV) BROWNE, Phoebe (1620-1664) m. LARRABEE from: Rusper, West Sussex; to: New London & Northhampton MA
  31. (D) BULLARD, Anne (1625-1711) m. DANA from: Barnham St. Martins, Suffolk; to: Cambridge, Mass. & Watertown daughter of Robert Bullard, of Barnham & Watertown & Anne MARTYN
  32. (D) BURBANK, John (1614-1681) and his wife Jemima MNU from: Greystoke, Cumberland; to: Rowley & dau. Lydia who m. FOSTER
  33. (P) BURPEE, Thomas (1639-1701) m. Kelley whose parents were imm. from: Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  34. BURWELL, Esther (uncertain) m. DENISON
  35. (DV) CARPENTER, Juliana (1584-1665) m. MORTON, George from: Wrington, North Somerset; to: Plymouth
  36. (D) CARRINGTON, Anne (c.1620-1671) m. LUNT from: England; to: Newbury
  37. CHAMPNEY, Margaret (1610-1662) {possibly related tot he next CHAMPNEY profile} m.POOLE from: Reading, Berkshire; to: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  38. CHAMPNEY, Richard (c. 1604-1669) m. Jane MNU from: Stisted, Essex; to: Cambridge
  39. (DV) CHAPIN, Joanna (c.1630-1683) m. LAMB from:Paignton, Devon; to: Springfield, MA
  40. (P) CHAPLIN, Hugh (1603-1653) m. SCOTT from: Bradford, Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  41. (P) CHENEY, John m. SMYTHE from: England; to: Newbury & his son Daniel Cheney, Sr. who m.• see Cheney Genealogy
  42. CHESLEY, Philip (c.1606-1685) m. THOMAS
  43. (D) CLARKE, Hugh (1612-1693) m. MASON from: England; to: Roxbury
  44. CLOSE, Hannah (1604-1656) m. DWIGHT from: Colchester, Essex; to: Dedham
  45. COFFER, Christian (female) (1605-1668) m. DAVIS, Thomas from:Marlborough, Wiltshire; to: Essex Co., MA
  46. (P) COLE, Ann (1606-1667) m. JEWETT, Maximillan from: Settrington, Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  47. COFFIN, Mary (1621-1691) m. Adams from: Brixton, Devonshire; to: Boston' Mary's brother Tristram Coffin, Sr. at one time owned about one-fourth of the island of Nantucket, and the whole of Tuckernock; Mary's mother: Joanna Coffin came to Mass. colony too.¶ The man from whom the Coffin's purchased Nantucket was the owner of Nantucket Martha's Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands: Gov. Thomas Mayhew . Mayhew's niece, Hannah Gager (Mayhew), is also our direct ancestor
  48. CONNAUGHT, Bridget (c.1613-1682) m. PARKMAN from:England; to: Salem
  49. (DV) CONWAY, Ann (1611-1659) m. TRACY from: ? to: Old Saybrook
  50. COOK, Richard (c.1610-1658) m. WATSON from: Engalnd; to: Charlesrtown
  51. COOKE, Katherine (c.1612-1653) from: Thorne, Devon; to: New Haven m. BEACH; also: dau. of William (immig.) & MITCHELL, Thomasine
  52. COOPER, John (1610-1689) m. WOOLEN from: London; to: New Haven
  53. CORNELL, Guljamse (c.1625-1690) m. Margarietje Polhemius from: Netherlands; to: Flatbush
  54. (DV) CORLISS, George (1617-1686) m. DAVIS from: Exeter, Devon; to: Haverhill Mass
  55. (DV) COX, Ann Elizabeth (1607-1679) m. MORSE, Anthony from: Marlborough, Wiltshire; to Newbury
  56. (P) Craft, Abigail {born in Mass.} (1634-1706) m. RUGGLES dau. of Lieutenant Griffin Craft from: (prob.) Yorkshire; to Roxbury
  57. CRANE, Margaret (1600-1676) m. ROGERS from: Great Coggeshall, Essex; to: Rowley
  58. (DV) CRIB, Joan (1632-1654) m. Walden from:Burrington, Somerset; to: Wenham
  59. CROSBY, Robert (1595-1640) m. Brigham from: Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, East Riding of Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  60. (P) CROSS, Mary (c.1616-1697) m. WEST from England; to Ipswich
  61. (DV) CUTLER,John (1600-1638) m. WOODMANSSY from: Spauston, Norfolk; to: Hingham, Plymouth & son Samuel Cutler who m. (?)Elizabeth Cutler
  62. (P) CUTTING, John (1586-1669) m. WARD from: London; to: Newbury & daughter Mary NOYES
  63. DANA, Richard (1617-1690) m. BULLARD, Anne from:Manchester; to: Cambridge
  64. (DV) DANFORTH, Nicholas (c.1589-1638) m. Barber who did not come to America from: Suffolk; to Cambridge
  65. DAVENPORT, Rev. John (1597-1670) m. WOOLEY from: Coventry, Warwick, Warwickshire; to: Boston
  66. DAVIS, Elizabeth (c.1608-1683) m. PECK from: London; to Lyme
  67. DAVIS, Joanna (c.1624-1693) m. CORLISS from: Marlborough, Wiltshire; to: Haverhill Mass & father Thomas Davis, of Haverhill & mother COFFER
  68. (P) CURTIS, Mary (1621-1713) m. DEVOTION from: Nazeing, Essex; to: Roxbury
  69. DANIEL,Stephen (1626-1662) m. GREGSON, Anna from: ?; to: New Haven
  70. DAWES, Priscilla (1618-1663) m. ROGERS, John from: Sudbury, Suffolk; to: Billerica
  71. DEANE, Joan (1592-1665) m. POORE from: Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; to: Newbury
  72. DENISON, Robert (c.1610-1676) m.BURWELL from: ? to: ?East Jersey
  73. (P) DEVOTION, Edward (1621-1685) m. CURTIS from: La Rochelle, France; to: Brookline
  74. (P) DILLINGHAM, Judith (1578-1648) m. SHATSWELL, John from: Ipswich, Suffolk; to Ipswich
  75. (P) DUMMER, Jane (1628-1701) m. SEWALL from: Bishopstoke, Hampshire; to: Newbury
  76. DWIGHT, John (1599-1661) m. CLOSE from: Dedham, Essex; to: Dedham
  77. (D) EAMES, Robert {aka AMES}(1610-1671) m. Elizabeth MNU from: (perhaps) Dorset; to: Woburn and son who married BLAKE
  78. EDWARDS, Mary (1614-1693) m. BROWN of New Haven from: Sussex; to: New Haven
  79. (P) ELITHORPE, Nathaniel (c.1632-1709) m. BATT from: Rowley, Yorkshire; to: Rowley & father Thomas and his wife: Margaret (MNU) ; & aunt who went to New Haven: Katharine Miles, widow Constable
  80. ELWYN, Sarah (1593-1644) m. METCALF from: Heigham, Norfolk; to: Dedham
  81. (P) EMERY, Eleanor (1626-1700) m. BAILEY, John III from: Romsey, Hampshire; to: Newbury & her father John Emery, III who m. GRANTHAM, Alice
  82. ENGLAND, Jane (c.1615-1702) m.GREGSON from: Duffield, Derby; to: new Haven
  83. (P) FARNUM or VARNUM, Ralph (1603-1642) from: Rochester, Kent; to: Andover, Mass. (wife= Alice MNU) & daughter Mary POOR
  84. (DV) FAUNCE, John (1600-1653) m. MORTON from: Purleigh, Essex; to: Plymouth & his daughter was born 1628 in Plymouth & married ROBINSON
  85. FILER, Ann (1601-1662) from: Anderholt, Dorset; to: Windsor CT & dau. Katherine Hosmer who married WILTON
  86. FISK not an immigrant (perhaps of Mass.) m. JENKINS also not an immigrant
  87. FITTS, Bridged (1614-1673) from: ? to: Bradford
  88. (D) FITCH, Rev. James (1622-1702) m. WHITFIELD from: Bocking, Essex; to: Lebanon, New London County, Connecticut
  89. FLAGG, Thomas (1621-1698) m. Mary MNU from: Hardingham, Norfolk; to: Watertown
  90. (D) FLINT, Rev. Henry (1607-1668) m. HOAR from: Matlock, Derbyshire; to: Braintree
  91. (P) FLINT,Thomas of Salem (1603-1663) m. SOUTHWICK from: Flint, Wales; to: Salem
  93. (D) FOSTER, Abraham (1622-1711) m. BURBANK, Lydia from: Exeter, Devonshire; to: Ipswich son of imm. Reginald 'Renold' Foster, of Ipswich and WIGNAL, Judith
  94. (D) GAGER, Dr. William (1592-1630) m. MAYHEW; assoc. & neighbor of Gov. John Winthrop, Massachusetts Bay Colony Mass. colony; both from Suffolk, England to: Charlestown
  95. (VB)GERRITS, Lysbeth (1647-1727) m. PIETERSE's son from: Thiel; to: New Netherland
  96. GLOVER, Henry (1610-1689) m. Helena MNU from: England; to: New Haven
  97. GOFFE, Thomas (1589-1629) m. Holney from: Frisby, Gedney, Lincolnshire; to Mass Colony
  98. GOLD, Nathan (1623-1694) m. PHIPPEN from: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; to: Milford,CT
  99. (DV) GOOLE, Francis (1612-1676) m. MNU, Rose to: Chelmsford
  100. (P) GORTON, Samuel (1593-1677) m. MAPLET, Mary from: Lancashire; to Providence
  101. GRANT, Christopher (1608-1685) m. MNU from: England; to: Watertown
  102. GRANTHAM, Alice (c.1599-1649) m. EMERY, John III from: Romsey, Hampshire; to: Newbury
  103. GREGSON, Thomas (1611-1646) m. ENGLAND from: Ashbourne, Derbyshire to: (died in transit) < his wife & dau. Anna survived the trip, Anna married DANIEL, Thomas
  104. (VB) GREVENRAET, Tryntje (1634-1677) m. MEYER from: Reusel-De Mierden, North Brabant, Netherlands; to New Amsterdam
  105. GULLIVER, Anthony (1619-1706) m. KINGLEY from: Ireland; to: Milton
  106. GURNEY, John (1615-1652) m. Mary MNU from: London; to: Braintree
  107. HARBETLE, Dorothy (c.1619-1697) m.HAWLEY from: London; to: Roxbury
  108. HAR(R)INGTON, John (c.1595-1631) m. Ann MNU from: England; to: Watertown {drowned within a year}
  109. (P)2 HARRIMAN, Leonard (c.1692-1691) m. PALMER from: Uldale, Cumbria; to: Rowley
  110. (P) HARRIS, Ann (1612-1669) m. MAVERICK from: Hatherup, Gloucestershire; to: Charlestown then Reading
  111. HAWLEY, Thomas (1609-1676) m. HARBETLE from: Parwich, Derbyshire; to: Middlesex, MA
  112. (P) HAZELTINE, Robert (1609-1674) m. WOOD from: Biddeford, Devonshire; to: Rowley then on the Bradford and his brother Deacon Maximillian Jewett who married COLE {also in the SPOFFORD line}
  113. HEMINGWAY, Ralph (c.1609-1678) m. HEWES from: Bradford,West Riding,Yorkshire; to: Roxbury Mass
  114. HENDRICKSON, Hendrick (1636-1677) from: Utrecht; to: Middleton, Monmouth County, New Jersey
  115. HEWES, Elizabeth (1603-1686) from: Royston, Camb, Hertfordshire; to: Roxbury m. HENINGWAY
  116. HINKSMAN, Johanna (c.1588-1661) {husb. not an imm.} from: Gloucester, Gloucestershire; to: Braintree her dau. HOAR, Margery was an imm. & m. FLINT
  117. Dorothy Hiner & Unknown Hiner
  118. HITCHCOCK Matthias (1609-1669) m. Elizaberth MNU from: Marlerough, Wiltshire; to: New Haven
  119. (D) HOAR, Margery (c.1614-1686) m. FLINT from: Gloucestershire; to: Braintree & mother : HINKSMAN
  120. [HOBART, Mary (1574-1642) m. Clark from: Barnham, Norfolk; to: Dedham
  121. Stephen Hopkins • at age 28, left Plymouth England of June 2, 1609 aboard the Sea Venture and was shipwrecked in Bermuda • his wife, our direct ancestor, Mary Hopkins , did not make it to the New World, but his daughter followed him later: see Constance Snow, "Mayflower" Passenger
  122. HOSKINS, John (1598-1648) m. FILER from:Alderholt, Dorset; to: Windsor CT & his sister, Katherine Hosmer who m. WILTON
  123. HUBBARD, James (1603-1639) m. IVES from: Suffolk; to: Watertown
  124. (D) HUBBARD, William (1594-1670) m. Mary MNU from: Cambridge; to: Ipswich & son Rev. William Hubbard who m. ROGERS
  125. (D) HUDSON, Hannah (c.1635-1713) m. ATHERTON from: Wigan, Lancashire; to: Sherborn, Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts
  126. HULL, Richard from: ... to: New Haven 16xx
  127. (P) HUNT, William (1604-1667) m. BEST from: Halifax, Yorkshire; to: Concord his imm. dau. Ann married WOOD
  128. (P) INGERSOLL, Joanna (1624-1693) m. PETTINGELL from: Sandy, Central Bedfordshire; to Newbury & parents Richard Ingersoll & Ann LANGLEY
  129. (VB) JANS, Lysbeth (born c.1637) m. VAN HARTEVELT from Netherlands; to New Amsterdam (1655)
  130. (VB) JANSE, Saertie (1635-1686) m. SCHOUTEN from: Netherlands; to: New Amsterdam
  131. JASPER, Elizabeth (1578-1655) m. MORSE, Samuel from: Pedgrove, Suffolk; to: Watertown and Medfield son was also immig. ancestor
  132. JENKINS not an immigrant m. MILLS also not an immigrant
  133. JENKINS not an immigrant (perhaps of Mass) m. FISK also not an immigrant
  134. (P) JEWETT, Joseph (before 1610-1660) m. MALINSON from: Brafford, Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  135. IVES, Sarah (1604-1688) m. HUBBARD from: Suffolk?; to: Watertown
  136. (P) JOHNSON, William (1605-1658) m. STORY from: St. Georges, Canterbury; to: Charlestown
  137. (P) KELLY, John (c.1615-1644) m. Mary MNU from: Perhaps, Exeter, Devonshire; to: Newbury
  138. KEMBER, Joan (1584-1661) {husband did not emigrate} from: Brixton, Devon; to: Boston
  139. KENNEDY {unknown details} offspring married ARCHBOLD from: Ireland; to Maryland prob before 1800
  140. KENNEDY (not an immigrant) (m. ARCHBOLD) {placeholder}
  141. (P) KILBOURNE, Thomas (1578-1640) m. MOODY from: Wood Ditton, Cambridgeshire; to: Wethersfield (killed by Native Anericans)
  142. KINGSLEY, Stephen (c.1596-1673) m. SPALDING from: Sutterton, Lincolnshire; to: Milton Mass. & dau. Lydia Gulliver who m. GULLIVER
  143. (P) KNIGHT, Judith (1618-1675) m. MARCH from: Romsey, Hampshire; to: Newbury
  144. (VB)KOERTEN, Hassel (b.1626- ?) m. PIETERSE from: Nijkerk, Gelderland; to: New Netherland
  145. (VB) KUYPER, Claes (c.1627-1688) m. VAN VORST from: Purmerend, Noord-Holland; to New Amsterdam
  146. (VB)LAENEN (Lane), Gilbert (1646-1727) m. LAMBERSEN from: Liege, Walloon Region; to: Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey
  147. (DV) LAMB, John (1628-1690) m. CHAPIN from: Barnardiston Suffolk; to: Springfield,MA
  148. Lambert (not an immigrant) m. POTTER (an immigrant)
  149. (VB) LAMBERSEN, Jannetje (1652-1732) m. LAENEN (Lane) from:Tuil, Neerijnen, Gelderland; to: Monmouth, NJ dau. of Adriaen Lamberts Smeets/Smits of the Tappan patent
  150. LANGLEY, Ann (1590-1677) m. INGERSOLL, Richard from: Sandy, Central Bedfordshire; to: Salem
  151. (DV) LARRABEE, Greenfield (1620-1661) m. BROWNE, Phoebe from: England; to: New London
  152. LAWRENCE, John (1609-1667) m. WATERS, Eliz. from: Wisset, Suffolk; to: Groton & father Henry Lawrence & mother WEST, Mary
  153. (P)2 LEE, Ruth (c.1602-1642) m. WOOD from: Warwickshire; to: Charlestown
  154. LEWEN, Mary (1629-1664) m. BISHOP from: ? to: New Haven both her parents were immigrants: Thomas & Elizabeth VINCHER Lewen
  155. LIEBERMAN, Paul (c.1828-c.1868) m. Barbara MNU from: Germany; to: Philadelphia
  156. (DV) LOCKE Elizabeth (1590-1662) m. WILLOUGHBY, Col. William from: England; to: Charlestown
  157. (P) LONGFELLOW, William (1650-1690) m. Sewall, Ann {whose parents were immigrants} from: Leeds, Yorkshire; to: Newbury
  158. LONGLEY, William (1614-1680) m. GOFFE from: Gedney, Lincolnshire; to: Groton
  159. (P) LOW, Thomas (1605-1677) m. TODD from: Polestead, Suffolk to: Ipswich
  160. (VB)LUITGIRT, Jannetje (1640-c.1680) m. HENDRICKSON from: Utrecht; to: (future) Brooklyn
  161. (D) LUNT, Henry (c.1610-1664) m. CARRINGTON≠ from: England; to: Newbury
  162. (DV) MADDOX, Alice (1624-1681) m. NEUMAN from: Brilley, Herefordshire; to: Ipswich
  163. (P) MALLINSON, Mary (1606-1652) m. JEWETT from: Bradford, Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  164. MANNING, Phebe (1566-1642) m. WATERS from: Kent; to: Salem {nephews in Ipswich?}
  165. MAPLET, Mary (1607-1677) m. GORTON from Middlesex, England; to Providence and Warwick RI
  166. MARSHALL, Thomas (c.1605-1664) from: Alford, Lincolnshire; to: Boston & son Capt. Samuel who m. WILTON
  167. (P) MARCH / MARSH, Hugh (c.1620-1693) m. KNIGHT, Judith from: ? to Newbury
  168. MARTYN, Anne (1604-1660) m. BULLARD, Robert from: Barnham St. Martins, Suffolk; to: Watertown
  169. Mayhew m. GAGER; Hannah Mayhew was b.1592 in Tisbury, Wiltshire
  170. McCannon (not an immigrant) m. VON ERDEN (grandson of imm) {placeholder}
  171. (D) Mason, Elizabeth b. 1621 in Watertown MA (?) {placeholder}
  172. MATTHEWS, Elizabeth (1612-1684) m. TUTTLE from: Exeter, Devonshire; to: New Haven
  173. (P) MAVERICK, Elias (1604-1684) m. HARRIS from:Awliscombe, Devon; to: Charlestown
  174. MERRICK, Thomas (1620-1704) m. STEBBINS from: St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales; to: Springfield, MA
  175. METCALF, Elizabeth (1626-1711) m. BANCROFT from: Norwich, Norfolk; to: Reading & her parents were immigrants: Michael Metcalf (immigrant) & [Sarah Elwyn Metcalf Sarah ELWYN
  176. (VB) MEYER, Jan (c.1630-1700) m. GREVENRAEDT from: Amsterdam, Holland; to: New Amsterdam & son Pieter Meyer who m. VAN HAERT
  177. MILES, Richard (1598-1667) m. ELITHORPE, Catherine from: Wormley, Hertfordshire; to: New Haven
  178. MILLS not an immigrant... m.JENKINS (not an immigrant) {placeholder}
  179. MITCHELL.Thomasine (1599-1654) m. COOK, William from: Stockland,Dorset; to: Fairfield/New Haven
  180. MOESSNER, Rosina (1711- unk.) m. SPINGLER, Balthus from: Neckartenszlingen, Germany; to: NYC
  181. (P) MOODY, Francis (female) (1584-1650) m. KILBOURNE from Cambridgeshire; to: Wethersfield
  182. MORRIS, Thomas,Sr. (1583-1619) m. REESE from: London; to: New Haven & son Thomas + wife Elizabeth (perhaps HOLYOKE)
  183. (DV) MORSE, Anthony (1606-1686) m. COX from: Marlborough, Wiltshire; to: Newbury His sister-in-law was Elizabeth Morse, Witch of Newbury
  184. MORSE", Joseph (1613-1654) m. PHILLIPS from; Redgrave, Suffolk; to: Dedham and father: Samuel Morse, of Boxted & Medfield of Medfield & perhaps mother JASPER
  185. (DV) MORTON, Patience (1615-1691) m. FAUNCE from: Holland; to: Plymouth & her father George MORTON who married CARPENTER, Juliana
  186. MYERS not an immigrant m. MILLS also not an immigrant
  187. (DV) NEFF, WIlliam (c.1616-) to : Haverhill
  188. (P) NEWBURG, Lucy (1614-1679) m. BATT from: England to: Newbury
  189. NEWMAN, Gov. Francis of CT (1600-1660) m. MNU from: England; to: New Haven
  190. (DV) NEWMAN, Thomas (c.1615-1674) m. MADDOX from: Brilley, Herefordshire; to: Ipswich
  191. (P) NOYES, Rev. Nicholas (1615-1701) m. CUTTING, Mary from: Cholderton, Wiltshire; to: Newbury
  192. (P) NURSE, Francis (1618-1695) m. TOWNE from: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk; to: Salem
  193. OSBORNE, Jeremiah (1624-1676)
  194. BARNARD from: Ashford, Kent; to: New Haven
  195. PALMER, Elizabeth (1595-c.1692) m. WALKER from: Great Plumstead, Norfolk; to: New Haven
  196. (P)2 PALMER, Thomas (1620-1669) m. WHEELER from: Rowley, Yorkshire; to: Rowley & his daughter Margaret HARRIMAN
  197. (DV)2 PARKE, Thomas (1615-1709) m. THOMPSON from: Hitcham, Suffolk; to: Preston, New London
  198. PARKMAN, Capt. Elias (c.1610-1662) m. CONNAUGHT from:Sidmouth, Devonshire; to: Salem
  199. (P) PEARSON, John (1610-1693) m. PICKARD from Yorkshire, to Rowley
  200. PECK, William (1601-1694) m. DAVIS from Colchester, Essex; to Wallingford, CT
  201. (P) PETTINGELL, Richard (1611-1695) m. INGERSOLL from: Shotesham, Norfolk; to: Newbury
  202. PHILLIPS, Hannah (1616-1676) m. MORSE from: Buxted, East Sussex; to:Boston
  203. PHIPPEN, Sarah (c.1633-1693) m. GOLD from: Weymouth, Dorset; to: Milford CT
  204. (P) PICKARD, Dorcas (1621-1702) m. PEARSON from: Yorkshire; to Rowley Daughter of John Pickard and Ann Pickard (Lume) who were also immigrants
  205. (DV) PIERSON, ABRAHAM (1609-1678) m. MITCHELL from: Settle, Lancashire/Yorkshire; to: Newark, NJ (area)
  206. (VB) PIETERSE Hessel <patronymic (1622-1688) m. KOERTEN from: Nijkerk, Gelderland; to: New Amsterdam & son Pieter Hesselse Van Orden
  207. (P) PLUMMER, Francis (c.1594-1673) m. Ruth (MNU) from: London; to: Newbury
  208. (P) POOR(E), Daniel (c.1624-1689) m. FARNUM, Mary from: Salisbury, Wiltshire; to: Andover,Mass.
  209. POLE, Anne (1589-1683) m. STREET. Rev. Nich. from: Bridgwater, Somerset; to: Taunton
  210. (VB) POLHEMIUS, Rev. Johannes (c.1598-1676) m. van der WERVEN from: Germany; to: Brooklyn via Brazil
  211. POOL(E), John (1608-1667) m. CHAMPNEY from: John Poole, of Reading; to: Reading
  212. POTTER, Charles (c.1819- ?) m. LAMBERT from: London; to Brooklyn & elsewhere
  213. POWELL, Capt. Thomas (1616-1681) m.WHITSON from: Powellton, Suffolk; to: New Haven
  214. PYNCHON, William (1590-1662) m. ANDREWS from: "Springfield", Chelmsford, Essex; to: Roxbury & Springfield but died in England Came to America in 1630
  215. (VB)RAPALJE, Joris (1604-1663) m. TRICO from: Valenciennes, France; to: New Netherland Emigration date: January 25, 1624
  216. REESE, Mary (c.1587-1619) m. MORRIS from:England; to: New Haven
  217. REYNOLDS, Robert (c.1587-1659) m. PULLEYNE from: Aylesford, Kent; to: Boston brother of William Reynolds of Bermuda
  218. (P) RICHARDSON, Thomas (1608-1651) m. BALDWIN from: Westmill, Hertfordshire; to: Woburn
  219. ROBINSON, Isaac (c. 1610-1704) m. FAUNCE from: Holland; to: Barnstable
  220. ROGERS, John (1612-1686) m. DAWES from: Moulsham, Essex; to: Billerica
  221. ROGERS, Rev. Nathaniel (1598-1655) m. CRANE from: Haverhill, Suffolk; to: Rowley & dau. who m. Rev. William Hubbard
  222. (P) RUGGLES, John (1625-1658) m. CRAFT from: Nazeing, Essex; to: Roxbury
  223. (VB)RYERSON, Marten (1638-1687) m. RAPALJE from: Amsterdam; to Bergen Co., NJ
  224. (DV) (P) SAFFORD, Thomas (c.1600-c. 1666) m. SUTTON from: Perhaps, Ipswich, Suffolk; to: Ipswich
  225. SANFORD, Andrew (1617-1684) m. (MNU) Mary Sanford from: Stanstead, Mountifitchet, Essex; to: New Haven {Mary was executed for witchcraft}
  226. (VB)SCHOUTEN, Jan (1635-1690) m. Saertie Janse from: Oldenzeel, Amsterdam; to: New Netherland < including (1st) the Delaware "South" River
  227. (P) SCOTT, Thomas (1595-1654) m. STRUTT from: Rattlesden, Suffolk; to: Ipswich & daughter [Elizabeth Spofford Elizabeth Spofford (Scott)
  228. (DV) SETTEN, Mary (c.1630) m. WATTLES to: Ipswich
  229. (P) SEWELL, Henry (1615-1700) m. DUMMER from: Coventry, West Midlands; to: Newbury & parents Henry & Ann HUNT
  230. (P) SHATSWELL, Mary (c.1606-1694) m. WEBSTER (Dana line) & EMERY (Plumer line)(yes, two lines rejoin later for vBs from: Ipswich, Suffolk; to: Newbury & her father Deacon John William Shatswell, Sr of Ipswich, Mass. and mother DILLINGHAM
  231. SHEAFFE, Dorothy (c.1601-1657) m. WHITFIELD from: Woodchurch, Kent; to: New Haven
  232. SHED, Daniel (c.1596-1657) m. Sarah MNU from: Finchingfield, Essex; to: Billerica
  233. SILSBY, Joanna (1612-1704) m. LEIGHTON, Thomas from: England; to Dover, NH
  234. SMITH, Mary )1603-1664) m. WYLLYS (Gov. of CT) from: Fenny Compton, Warwickshire; to: Hartford
  235. SMITH, Susannah (1615-1674) m. TAYLOR from: Weymouth, Dorset; to: Stamford CT < husband died at sea
  236. (P) SMYTHE, Martha (1610-1684) m. CHENEY from: Roxburgh, Scottish Borders; to: Newbury
  237. SNOW, Nicholas (c1599-1676) m. Constance HOPKINS • came to Cape Cod on the Anne in 1623
  238. SOUTHWICK, Sarah b.circa 1606 prb. in Salem, she being perhaps the sister of the imm. Lawrence Southwick and BURNELL, Cassandra the persecuted Quakers of Salem and Shelter Island (Long Island)
  239. SPALDING, Mary (c.1600-1668) m. KINGSLEY from: Bardney, Lincolnshire; to: Milton Mass
  240. SPINGLER, Henry (1747-1814) m. BONSALL from: Neckartenzlingen, Germany; to: NYC & parents: father= Balthus; mother= MOESSNER
  241. (P) SPOFFORTH, John (c.1585-1668) m. SPOONER (from: Silkstone, Essex; to: Rowley & son John Spofford, II
  242. SPOONER, Elizabeth (1586-1679) m. SPOFFORTH (from: Selby, North Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  243. STEBBINS, Rowland (1592-1671) m. WHITING from: Essex; to Springfield, Mass. & dau. Sarah Merrick who m. MERRICK
  244. STREET, Rev. Nicholas (1603-1674) m. POLE from: Bridgewater, Somerset; to: Taunton
  245. (P) STEVENSON, Andrew' (c.1620-1683) m. ALCOCK from: Newcastle, Nothumberland; to: Cambridge
  246. (P) STORY, Elizabeth (1609-1684) m. JOHNSON from: ? to: Charlestown
  247. (P) STRUTT, Elizabeth (1594-1678) m. SCOTT from: Rattlesden, Suffolk; to: Ipswich
  248. (DV) (P) SUTTON, Elizabeth (1603-c.1670) m. SAFFORD from: Perhaps, Saffron Waldron, Essex; to: Ipswich
  249. (P) SWAN, Joanna (c.1585-1684) m. HAZAELTINE whose son was an imm. from: Eastrington, East Yorkshire; to: Rowley
  250. (DV) SYMONDS, John (1593-1671) m. BLOTE from:North Walsham, Norfolk; to: Salem
  251. (P) TALMADGE, Jane (c.1613-1640) m. WALKER of Norfolk from: Norfolk; to: Lynn?
  252. TARBELL, Thomas (c.1620-1678) m. Mary MNU from: ? to: Watertown
  253. TAYLOR, Rev. Edward (1642-1729) m. Elizabeth Taylor; Edward is the son of John Taylor, V ,who died at sea, and Susannah Bates
  254. (DV) TAYLOR, Sarah (1616-1677) m. WILLOUGHBY from: Wapping, Middlesex; to: Charlestown
  255. THOMAS, Joan (1659-?) m. CHESLEY
  256. (DV)2 THOMPSON, Dorothy (1624-1729) m. PARKE from: Daventry, Northamptonshire; to: Preston, New London
  257. (P) THORLEY or THURLOW, Richard (1606-1685) m. BOOTH from: Yorkshire to Newbury
  258. (P) TODD, Margaret (1597-1680) m. LOW from:Polstead, Suffolk; to Ipswich
  259. (P) TOWNE, Rebecca known primarily as Rebecca Nurse, hanged as witch (1621-1692) m. NURSE from: Great Yarmouth; to: Salem
  260. TIDD, Susanna (1592-1678) m. WISE from: Great Sampford, Essex ; to: Ipswich
  261. TRASK, Capt. William (1585-1666) m. SOUTHWICK from: East Coker, Somerset; to: Salem
  262. (D) TRAVERS, Henry (c.1611-1648) m. FITTS from: (prob.) Wiltshire; to: Newbury & dau. Sarah G Wallingford who married WALLINGFORD
  263. (VB)TRICO, Catalyntje (1605-1689) m. RAPALJE from: Pris, Hainut, Spanish Netherlands; to: New Netherland
  264. (P) TRUMBLE, John (1612-1657) m. Ann MNU (later Swan) from: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland; to: Rowley
  265. TUTTLE, William (1607-1673) m. MATTHEWS from: Ringstead, Northampshire; to: New Haven . son Thomas Tuttle, Sr., Immigrant who m. Powell, dau. of imm. Capt. Thomas Powell, of the New Haven Colony & Parsons who did not imm.
  266. TWEEDY (?), Dorothy (1615-1702) m. BLAKE from: ? to: Boxford
  267. VARNUM (see FARNUM)
  268. (VB)VAN BEUREN, Johannes (1678-1755) m. MEYER in NY from: Amsterdam; to: New York
  269. (VB) VAN DER LAEN, Beatrix m.VAN VOORST
  270. (VB) VAN HARTEVELT, Denys m. JANS from: Wijk bij Duurstede ; to: New Amsterdam (1659)
  271. (VB)VAN NUYS, Aucke (c.1621- 1698) m. VAN LANGENDIJCK from:Nuis, Marum, Groningen, The Netherlands; to Flatbush
  272. VAN LANGENDIJCK, Magdalena (1622-1666) m. VAN NUYS from: Broek op Langedijk, Noord-Holland; to: Flatbush
  273. (VB) VAN VOORST, Annetje dau. of Cornelius Hendricks Van Vorst of Utrecht and either Beatrix van der Laen or Vrouwtje IDES
  274. (VB) van der WERVEN, Catherine (c.1618-1702) m. POLHEMIUS from Breukelen, Utrecht; to: (future Brooklyn) via Brazil
  275. VON ERDEN, Johan Adam (c.1700-?) from: Knittlingen, Grand Duchy of Baden; to: Philadelphia wife is unknown
  276. VINCHER, Elizabeth (1607-1681) m. LEWEN from: Aston Abbots, Buckinghamshire; to CT
  277. WAKEMAN, Martha (1596-1664) m. DAVIS from: Upper Arley, Worcestershire; to: New Haven
  278. WALKER, John of New Haven (1589-1652) m. PALMER of New Haven from: ? to: New Haven & his son John (c.1618-1652) husband of Grace (MNU)
  279. (P) WALKER, Richard of Norfolk (1593-1687) m. TALMADGE from: Norfolk; to: Lynn
  280. (P) WARD, Mary (1592-1664) m. MILLER from: Cholderton, Wiltshire; to: Newbury
  281. (DV) WALDEN, Edward (c.1625-1679) m. CRIB from:Coventry, Warwickshire; to: Wenham, MA
  282. (D) WALLINGFORD, Nicholas (c.1629-1682) m. TRAVERS from: Fareham, Hampshire; to: Newbury
  283. WATSON, Frances (1600-1677) m. COOK, Richard from: Cardington, Bedford; to: Malden
  284. (DV) WATTLES, Richard (c1611-1676) m.SETTEN from ? to: Ipswich
  285. WARREN, John (1585-1667) m. BAYLEY from: Nayland, Suffolk; to: Watertown and daughter: Mary Bigelow who m. BIGELOW
  286. (D) WATERS (the husband of MANNING, Phebe) did not immigrate ; but his daughter Elizabeth Lawrence , did
  287. (D) WEBSTER, John (c.1604-1646) m. SHATSWELL, Mary from: Oulton, Suffolk; to: Ipswich
  288. (DV) WEST, Jerusha (16??- ) m.NEFF
  289. (P) WEST, John (1616-1685) m. CROSS from England; to Ipswich {perhaps related to another gg: Mary Lawrence}
  290. (DV) & (P) WHEELER, John (1591-1670) m. YEOMAN from: Salisbury, Wiltshire; to: Newbury & son David who m. WISE, Sarah ; & daughter Ann Palmer who m. PALMER; and dau. Elizabeth who married (DV) BUTTON
  291. (D) WHITFIELD, Abigail (1622-1659) m. FITCH from: Surrey; to: Old Saybrook, (Present Middlesex County), Connecticut Colony & parents Rev. Henry Whitfield (returned to England) & SHEAFFE, Dorothy
  292. WHITING, Sarah (1591-1649) m. STEBBINS from Bocking, Essex; to: Springfield, Mass.
  293. (D) WHITNEY, John (1592-1663) m. Elinore MNU from: St Margarets, Westminster, London; to: Watertown (a founder)
  294. WHITSON, Priscilla (1620-1681) m. POWELL from: Suffolk; to: New Haven
  295. WIGNAL, Alexander (1570-1631) m. Williams, Mary Frances from :Exeter, Devon; to: Watertown wife not an immigrant & dau. Judith who m. FOSTER and moved to Ipswich
  296. (DV) WILLOUGHBY, Lt. Gov. Francis (1613-1671) m. TAYLOR, Sarah from: London; to: Charlestown
  297. WILTON, David 1608-1678) m. HOSKINS from: Beaminster, Dorset; to: Windsor CT and dau.(non-imm.) who married MARSHALL
  298. (P) WISE, Humphrey (1591-1639) m. TIDD from: Salisbury, Wiltshire; to: Ipswich and daughter Sarah who married WHEELER
  299. (P) WILMOT, Eleanor (c1610- 1677) m. ADAMS, Robert from: Hunting Field, Suffolk; to: Newbury
  300. (P) WOOD, Ann (c.1610-1684) m. HAZELTINE {Ann is the dau. of Edward Wood , an immigrant who settled Charlestown}
  301. WOOD, Edward (1598-1642) m. LEE from: Nuneaton, Warwickshire; to: Charlestown & son Thomas Wood, of Rowley who m. Hunt
  302. (DV) WOODMANSEY, Mary (1601-1681) m. CUTLER from: Spauston, Norfolk; to Plymouth then on to Hingham
  303. WOOLEN, Mary (1614-1668) m. COOPER from: England; to: New Haven
  304. (DV) WOOLEY Elizabeth (1603-1676) m. DAVENPORT from: Coventry, Cheshire; to: Boston
  305. WYLLYS, George (1590-1645) m. SMITH from: Fenny Compton, Warwickshire; to: Hartford
  306. (DV) & (P) YEOMAN, Agnes (1592-1662) m. WHEELER from: Salisbury, Wiltshire; to: Newbury
  307. ZIEGLER, Gustav (1821-1882) m. Bartels who did not immigrate from: Saxony (Wernigerode area); to: Philadelphia & son Charles Henry who m. non-imm Annie, dau. of LIEBERMAN

Oddities of Pedigree Collapse

  1. A twelfth great grandmother is also a "twelfth great grandmother's 1st wife" Mary SHATSWELL had two husbands and bore a child with each. Each is an 11th gg to me.. illustration
  2. HOSKINS, John (1598-1648) m. FILER & his sister, Katherine Hosmer who m. WILTON < each of these are great-greats...
  3. Hannah Newman (Morse) had two husbands. Each are great-great grandfathers in the pedigree. NEWMAN & THURLOW. I suppose choices for spouses were slim in those days. And men had to be careful in Essex Co.... or they might choose a witch ;)... Elizabeth Morse, Witch of Newbury >> Elizabeth Morse, Witch of Newbury is Hannah Thurlow / Newman (Morse)'s aunt.
  4. John Wheeler, I married YEOMAN, Agnes They are parents in both the (DV) & (P) tree. The lines came back together when Henry Baldwin married Marilla Davenport in 1866. photo rendering
  5. Elizabeth Safford and her husband are in both the DV & P trees as we look back from my 21st century generations
  6. Dorothy Parke and her husband are in the DV tree twice (DV)2

BELOW: are the birthplaces of the immigrant families
the surname count is in parentheses

English Counties

  1. Befordshire (3)
  2. Berks(hire) (1)
  3. Cambridgeshire (4)
  4. Derby(shire) (5)
  5. Devon (12)
  6. Kent (6)
  7. Gloucestershire (3)
  8. Hampshire (4)
  9. Lancashire (4)
  10. London (Middlesex) (10)
  11. Lincolnshire (6)
  12. Norfolk (10)
  13. Suffolk (23)
  14. Surrey (2)
  15. Warwickshire (5)
  16. Wiltshire (12)
  17. Yorkshire (13)
  18. England (unknown county) (16+)

~• not all inclusive; a few are left out

Low Countries

  1. from Holland, Netherlands, United Provinces... (18) icn_magnifying_glass.gif (projects): immigrants ; map of the Wallabout ; interactive map of early Manhattan ; documents> profile list for New Amsterdam immigrants ; Surrender of New Amsterdam ~ Remonstrance document

other countries

  1. France (2 or 3)
  2. Germany (3)
  3. Ireland (3)
  4. Scotland (1)

New Amsterdam

HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: My own New Amsterdam ancestors in a nut-shell aka: The immigrant van Beuren ancestors ... Note that Dr. Johannes was the last to arrive on the continent. The color coded columns are: orange=date of birth ; blue=specific immigrant name ; green=country of origin... It is interesting that the vBs were last.... and not really to "New Amsterdam" proper as the name of that outpost on Manhattan changed in 1664 and Dr. J. came in 1700.

It is notable that none of my earliest immigrant ancestors were Dutch born. They were of Germanic and French origin. It was illuminating for me to go through the steps of putting this in chronological and cultural order. There are profiles for each of these individuals on GENi dot com.

See: photo/chart & details.


as of June 25 2016 there were 2,348 descendants of Dr. Johannes van Beuren including spouses... This has grown from about 1,400 two years ago. I see the potential to quadruple this number in 10 years... {MMvB , vol . curator}