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  • Bowman

    Bowman's of southwest Virginia, northwest North Carolina. Searching specifically for parents and siblings of Thornton Bowman b. 1806 and wife Judith Sawyers b 1810.

  • Gerald H Murray & Margaret Gooderty

    I would like some help identifying antecedents of this couple; Gerald (Jerald) H Murray born Sep 1865 and Margaret Gooderty born in Feb 1868. They have a son John F Murray born in 1898 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey. John was married to Margaret Lord born 1897.

  • Annaghdown, Parish, Galway, Ireland

    Looking to find my family. My father was adopted and I am trying to build a tree on my fathers blood mothers side. Ruth Elizabeth Burke(Holland). Her mother was Mary Burke. See List of known relatives here.... Also there is another public profile for Mary Burke Holland. I am trying to connect to the manager now.. This is also family, just need to put the two together.. You can also search witho...

  • Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal

    The Saskatchewan Volunteer Medal (SVM) is a civil decoration for volunteers in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, introduced in 1995 by the Government of Saskatchewan. Prior to the establishment of the medal volunteerism could be recognized by the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, but this is only one of the fields for which the Order is presented. The medal was established to remedy inadequate ...

  • Jon Baum

    For Simon Kornweitz

  • Tresadern Family Tree

    Pulling together an up to date Family Tree for the Tresadern gamily

  • Família Castelo Branco no Brasil

    Identificar a descendência da família no Brasil

  • Order of the Takovo Cross, Medal for Independence and Liberation

    Order of the Takovo Cross was established by the Serbian Prince Mihailo Obrenović in 1865, in memory of Prince Miloš and the Second Serbian Uprising. The year of 1878 was important for the typological development of the order. In that year, the Order was restructured as the “Medal for Independence and Liberation”.

  • Moona Family

    This is the page for the Moona family Genealogy.

  • QUIÑONES généalogique famille

    Genealogical Project for the QUIÑONES family, this project will try to branch a great family tree until you reach the maximum distance in the time of our ancestors and the emerging new, so we can build the most complete pedigree possible.We can buy our Heraldic Certified History, Origin and Royal Coat of Arms in our name []Responsible and creator of this QUIÑONES Project:Boliva...

  • The Chaco War (1932-1935)

    Bolivia vs. Paraguay

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