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  • Jeffrey Joslin

    Looking for family connected to my father's side (Joslin) and my mother's side (Madigan/Archambault).

  • To Feel Connected

    We all come from 2 very large families. I am working on this project to help our kids and future generations learn their own long and very interesting family histories. Because there are so many of us, I would love some help from those who have already started the work, or have names, birth/death/marriage records that have been handed down.

  • Podgorski blizanci / Podgora's twins

    To clarify, prove or disprove a popular belief about high incidence of twin births in Podgora Work completed - see article in Cambridge Journal of Biosciance -- link High incidence of twin births in Podgora has attracted a fair amount of media attention. We will try to quantify it by looking at number of births per year for the last 300-400 years, parental age, incidence of both maternal an...

  • Sølvskatten 1816 - Egersund

    Prosjektet har til hensikt å samle alle profiler for personer som er nevnt i Sølvskatten 1816 for Egersund. Kilde:

  • NBW Incorporated Boilers Mechanical Piping Pressure Vessels Burners

    NBW Incorporated Boilers Mechanical Piping Pressure Vessels Burners

  • Home Improvement

    Laminated flooring is a popular option that many home owners give attention for the appearance of their house. It offers many benefits to those who choose to install it with minimal drawbacks. For more details visit .


    The Kedah sultanate is one of the oldest unbroken independent kingship lines in the ‘Malay world’, with 1,000 years of history, and arguably one of the oldest in the Islamic world. This project aims to examine key geopolitical and spiritual attributes of Malay kingship that have traditionally cemented the ruler, the peoples, and the environment. Siamese Muslim Kings of Nagara Kedah and Ay...

  • Jewish families in Milejczyce

    Jewish families in Milejczyce a village in the former Grodno Gubernia near Bialystok

  • Rowe Family of Jamaica

    This project is to research and find out more about the Rowe, Roye, and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. Elder's Stories Naming Conventions See generic Naming Conventions page. Names For consistency, please make sure the name fields of Master Profiles are first name, middle name, last name, maiden name if known, otherwise blank. Links The families of S...

  • Saint Michael - Knights : 1469-1565

    Ordre de Saint Michel < Back to main project Historical events in this timeframe 1478 : The Austrian Habsburgs take control over the Low Countries 1480 : Start of the Spanish Inquisition, after which all jews and muslims are ordered to leave Spain 1488 : Bartolomeu Dias reaches Cape of Good Hope 1492 : Discovery of the Americas by Cristóbal Colón 1494 : Start of the Italian wars...

  • Sõmerpalu koolid 1762-1918 - õpetajad, õpilased ja teised isikud (Eesti)

    Sõmerpalu vallas on kooliharidust antud juba 250 aastat, ehk alates 1762. 2012 aasta suvel ilmus Heljo Saare raamat "Sõmmõrpalu vallakoolid. Osula kool" , kus Uuno Ojala koostatud koolihariduse lugu aastatel 1762-1918 kenasti kirjas on. Projekti mõtteks on abistada raamatu lugemisel leida raamatus mainitud isikuid ja jälgida nende omavahelisi sugulus- ja hõimlusseoseid ning ka seoseid raamatu l...

  • Brim Family

    Info about the Brim Family

  • IAJGS Conference 2014 - Salt Lake City

    Please Note : The "IAJGS International Conference 2014 - Salt Lake City" Project is a volunteer initiative of the hundreds of avid genealogists participating in the development of the Jewish Genealogy Portal at It is not officially related to the IAJGS or the Conference, which speak for themselves on the web pages whose links are provided below. Now that we have the disclaimer out of ...


    Jobbe med og kartlegge min familie så langt tilbake så mulig, og finne informasjon om historien til forskjellige personer...

  • Martinsson_munkedal

    Klanen Forsberg-Litzen-Martinsson

  • Frontier Regiment, Texas Cavalry (CSA), US Civil War

    CONFEDERATE TEXAS TROOPS Frontier Regiment, Texas Cavalry (McCord's) The Frontier Texas Cavalry was organized by order of the Texas State Legislature in order to "constitute a command for the special protection of the frontier against Indian depredations." The unit was organized in late 1862 and accepted into Texas state service on January 1, 1863. It remained in state service until finally...

  • Batra

    The Batra Family - Originally from Girote (Iran)

  • Janet Ralston Hoyt

    Janet Ralston Hoyt (Chase) Birth: September 19, 1847 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States Death: November 19, 1925 (78) Thomasville, Thomas, Georgia, United States Immediate Family: Daughter of Salmon P. Chase, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 6th Chief Justice of the United States and Sarah Bella Dunlop Chase Wife of William Sprague Hoyt Mother of Edwin Chase Hoyt and Franklin Chase Hoyt H...

  • Kate Chase

    Katherine Jane ("Kate") Chase Sprague (August 13, 1840 – July 31, 1899) was the daughter of Ohio politician Salmon P. Chase, Treasury Secretary during President Abraham Lincoln's first administration and later Chief Justice of the United States. She was a Washington society hostess during the American Civil War, a strong supporter of her widowed father's presidential ambitions that would have m...

  • Sarah Bella Dunlop Chase

    Sarah Bella Dunlop Chase (Ludlow) Birth: Death: January 13, 1852 Immediate Family: Wife of Salmon P. Chase, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, 6th Chief Justice of the United States Mother of Janet Ralston Hoyt

  • Eliza Ann Chase

    Wife of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Salmon P. ChaseAbraham Lincoln's Treasury SecretarySalmon Portland Chase was born on January 13, 1808, in Cornish, New Hampshire. He was the ninth of eleven children born to Ithmar Chase and Janet Ralston Chase. His father died when Salmon was nine years old, leaving his widow a small amount of property and ten surviving children. Chase's education beg...

  • Janet Chase

    Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on 1847 to Salmon Portland Chase and Sarah Bella Ludlow. Janet Ralston married William Sprague Hoyt and had 4 children. She passed away on 19 Nov 1925.

  • Ithamar Chase

    Note from the Chase Chronicles - April 1914 THE FATHER OF SALMON P. CHASE "At the recent Winter reunion of our Chase/Chace Family Association some discussion arose as to the name of the father of out distinguished kinsman, Honorable Salmon P. Chase. Thinking that some readers of the chronicles may be as uncertain upon this point as the members present at the reunion, we quote below from a biogr...

  • salmon p chase

    Son of Ithamar Chase and Janet Chase Husband of Katherine Jane Chase; Eliza Ann Chase and Sarah Bella Dunlop Chase Father of Kate Chase and Janet Ralston Hoyt Salmon P. Chase was born on January 13, 1808, in Cornish, New Hampshire. In 1849, he was elected U.S. Senator. In 1855, he became the first Republican Ohio governor. He ran for president a few years later, but lost to Lincoln. As Secr...

  • Åmåls kyrkoherdar

    Vicars of Åmål This project will list and gather information regarding the vicars of the city of Åmål in Dalsland, Sweden. List of Vicars 16??-????: Olavus Laurentii Hjerpe 1674-1688: Jonas Olav Hammar (?-1688) 1688-1699: Thorstanus Andreae Eurelius (1660-1699) 1701-1716: Olavus Beronis Palin (?-1716) 1718-1746: Sven Dahlqvist (1652-1746) 1747-1757: Andreas Sörström 1758-176...

  • Camilla online boutiques

    A classy collection of latest Camilla prints with all type of dresses and accessories. This all thing will only make you more smarter and trendy. For more information visit [ ]

  • BetterGedcom

    On November 9, 2010, the BetterGedcom was announced to create a standard for genealogy data portability. The mission statement for the project is: We seek to participate in establishing a standard for the transmission, sharing and updating of genealogical information. The press release announcing the project can be read here , and it's very simple (and free) to sign up and contribute to the...

  • Genealogy Blogs

    This project is used to track genealogy blogs that exist on the web. As a starting point I've created an OPML file with all of the blogs that I have in my reader. As an addendum/reminder, this is a message I sent in response to M. Mysels tonight -- she asked me to provide a good starting point for folks that were unable to work with the link above: Ms. Mysels, Thanks for all the g...

  • Chiropractic Therapy

    Chiropractors state that they can help you with pain you are experiencing and that means a lot to individuals that are trying to find the pain relief that they think they won't ever overcome. For more details visit .

  • 1st Missouri State Militia Cavalry (USA), US Civil War

    1st Regiment State Militia CavalryOrganized in Missouri at large February 3 to April 9, 1862. Companies "A" and "B" in Davies County, Company "C" in Sullivan County, "D" in Putnam County, "E" in Gentry County, "F" in Linn County, "H" in De-Kalb County, "I" in Harrison County and "K" in Lundy County. Company "L" organized in Andrew and Buchanan Counties and attached May, 1863. Company "M" organi...

  • Palat Family

    Palat is a well-known Nair tarwad ( matriarchal family) located near Palghat , Malabar District of Madras Presidency of British India. This family has produced many eminent personalities like Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair (a past President of the Indian National Congress and a member of the Viceroy’s Privy Council), R.M.Palat , and many career diplomats etc Palat family has connections through matr...

  • 11

  • Virginia Infantry (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Virginia Infantry Regiments This is an umbrella project for all of the Virginia Infantry Regiments. See the Related Projects for details. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Fogden og sogneprestens manntall av 1664 for Egersund

    Prosjektet har som formål å samle alle profilene som er nevnt i manntallene fra 1664 for Egersund. Foreløpig er alle profilene jeg har oversikt over knyttet mot dokumentet der de er nevnt, se under dokumenter knyttet til prosjektet. Etter hvert vil jeg legge inn profilene i prosjektet også. Kilder: Sogneprestens manntal: Fogdens manntall:

  • Clarke Family

    Scope of Project To build a single, validated and documented shared family tree for the Clarke family, from earliest origins to near modern times. Related Projects Overview from: http:// General Note For more information about Geni Projects, see the Geni Wiki Projects Page . If you would like to contribute to this page, please feel free to edit it. Click here for instruc...

  • Floming Ancestry

    Let's build our family tree! If you have any interesting tidbits about the Floming family - such as how our name was changed at Ellis Island, this is where you can add/share.

  • Pouvoir exécutif de la France (1789-1815)

    Executive Government in France between 1789-1815 . Ce project couvre le pouvoir exécutif en France entre la Révolution (1789) et la fin de l'Empire (1815) This project covers the main political executive powers in France in the Revolutionary period (1789-1799) and under Napoleon's leadership (1799-1815). This includes the institutions known as Assemblée Constituante , Assemblée Législativ...

  • English Mediaeval Peasantry: Kibworth, Leicestershire

    Kibworth provides what may be a nearly unique opportunity to reconstruct family trees of peasant families going back to the thirteenth century. It requires collaborators living near Oxford, England. Michael Wood ("The Story of England", 2000) gives a detailed history of the village. He notes that transcripts of the Hundred Rolls of 1279 exist in the Bodleian Library, giving the names of the i...

  • Forgotten painter Faroe Island

    I have created this project to collect information about forgotten Faroe Island painters. The reason is my late relative Christian Ebenezer Skulason Magnussen, who painted quiet a lot of landscape pictures from the southmost Island Suderoy. I am interested to get information from people having one of the paintings created by Christian Magnussen they a widely spread. Hopefully also if possible a...

  • Bal Maidens

    Please include the Bal Maiden Record Number in the About section of each profile. Links

  • Reunion

    Family tree for reunion


    Avanti Travel is a full service travel company providing excellent "white glove" service to our leisure clients, our meeting & conference groups, and our sporting event partners. You will notice the personal touch behind meticulous planning.

  • Latvian Ice Family

    An attempt to progress the Latvian Ice family tree as far as possible.

  • Cirulnik Family

    I want to know more information about the family Tsirulnik, that lived in Ukraine - place Ushomir. My great-grandfather Moshe and son Senya-Simon-Shimon died along at the hands of the Nazis in 1941-1942 year in Ushomir Я хочу узнать о семье Цирульник, которая проживала в Украине, местечке Ушомир . Mой прадед Моше погиб вместе сыном Сеня-Семен-Шимон от рук фашистов в 1941-1942 году в этом мест...

  • Governors of Malacca

    Governadores da Malaca Portuguesa (1511-1641) Gouverneurs van Nederlands Malacca (1641-1825) . . _____________________________________________________ Historical Context (Under construction) Malaca Portuguesa (1511-1641) 1512-1514 : Rui de Brito Patalim 1514-1516 : Jorge de Albuquerque (1° ves) 1516-1517 : Jorge de Brito 1517-1518 : Nuno Vaz Pereira 1518-1519 : Afonso ...

  • Vroedschappen onder de Republiek (1581-1795)

    "Vroedschappen" under the Dutch Republic . City councils in major cities during the time of the Dutch Republic (1581-1795) . _________________________________________________ Index Vroedschap van Alkmaar (1572-1795) Vroedschap van Amsterdam (1578-1795) Vroedschap van Den Briel Vroedschap van Deventer Vroedschap van Dokkum Vroedschap van Dordrecht Vroedschap van Enkhuiz...

  • Kingdom of Powys - Wales

    Aim of this project is to house all the profiles currently on Geni About the Kingdom of Powys : The Kingdom of Powys was a Welsh successor state, petty kingdom and principality, that emerged during the Dark Ages following the Roman withdrawal from Britain. Based on the Romano-British tribal lands of the Ordovices in the west and the Cornovii in the east, its boundaries originally extended...

  • De Lage Landen, kruispunt van godsdiensten (1521-1789)

    Low Countries, Crossroads of Religions (1521-1789) Inleiding Dit project beoogt een index van religieuze en filosophische stromingen die via de Lage Landen betekenis hebben gehad voor de wereld van vandaag. Het uitgangspunt hierbij is de rol van de Republiek als aziel voor vluchtelingen, én als vertrekpunt voor migraties naar nieuwe werelden. Terwijl alternatieve meningen elders doorgaans h...

  • Los Lavayén en Bolivia

    Se publicará en breve un libro sobre la ascendencia de la familia Lavayén, que entronca con las casas reales de España y Francia, remontándose más de 1.000 años en la historia. Estén atentos.

  • Família Mena Barreto / Mena Barreto Family

    Mena Barreto (ou Menna Barreto, na grafia antiga) é uma tradicional família brasileira do Rio Grande do Sul, que se difundiu politicamente e militarmente pelo Brasil, desde os fins do Brasil enquanto colônia do Império Português (1530-1815), passando pelo Reino Unido de Portugal, Brasil e Algarves (1815-1822), pelo Império do Brasil (1822-1889), até a atual República brasileira (1889-). A ori...

  • Alyssa Stojanovic Lessons to get flexible and muscular body with dancing five rhythms

    Alyssa Stojanovic Lessons to get flexible and muscular body with dancing five rhythmsDance rhythms of the five is a technique developed in California. Very popular with celebrities, this method is efficient to have a flexible and muscular body. It also helps relieve stress and keep a good mood. Focus on the dance of the five rhythms.1.The five rhythms dance was created by Gabrielle Roth in the ...

  • Golden Ages - Leiden: Science & Education

    < BACK Leiden: Wetenschap & Onderwijs (Science & Education) . Leidse Universiteit De Universiteit van Leiden is de oudste in Nederland (1575). Willem van Oranje nam het initiatief tot de oprichting om de stad te belonen voor het dappere verzet van de stad tegen de Spaanse belegeraars. Het devies van de universiteit, ‘Praesidium Libertatis’ (‘bolwerk van de vrijheid’), verwijst daarnaar....

  • Dranoff Connection

    This project was created to help fill in the missing pieces on many of family trees.

  • Emigranter fra Nes kommune, Akershus, Norge/Norway

    Dette prosjektet vil fokusere på de nesbuer som utvandret fra Nes kommune Akershus i perioden 1850 til 1920. Fortrinnsvis emigranter til USA og deres etterkommere.

  • Governors of Western Australia

    List of Lieut.-Governors of Western Australia Captain Sir James Stirling RN ( wikipedia entry) List of Governors of Western Australia Captain Sir James Stirling RN ( wikipedia entry) John Hutt ( wikipedia entry) Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Andrew Clarke KCH ( wikipedia entry) Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Irwin ( wikipedia entry)

  • Vallatud Vestid

    Vallatud Vestid on kooslus, mille juhtfiguurideks on Ott Lepland, Tanel Padar ja Jalmar Vabarna. Lisaks kuuluvad koosseisu Danel Pandre, Kaspar Kalluste ja 2013. aasta lõpus liitunud Tarvi Kull. Tanel Padar is Ott Lepland's first cousin four times removed's husband's third great nephew! Jalmar Vabarna is Ott Lepland's first cousin thrice removed's husband's niece's husband's fir...

  • British Ships to South Africa in the 1800's - S.S. Hawarden Castle

    British Ships to South Africa in the 1800's - S.S. Hawarden Castle See Main Project Page - British Ships to South Africa in the 1800's S.S. Hawarden Castle Launched: Thursday, 11/01/1883 Built: 1883 Ship Type: Passenger Cargo Vessel Tonnage: Gross: 4341 Net: 2772 Length: 380.6 feet . Breadth: 48.2 feet . Owner History: Castle Mail Packet Company Status: Sunk - 05/09/1905 ...

  • Hilzenrath Family

    The family Hilzenrath=Abosh belong to the priests tribe named "Cohanim" לפי מילון שמות המשפחה היהודיים מאת היינריך ואווה גוגנהיימר (באנגלית), יש ) ilex מציין את הצמח Hilse הילזנרט הוא ככל הנראה שם מקום ובו היסוד כפי שפירשת, במשמע של מקום, - rat המכנים אותו בעברית צינית) והיסוד אומלאוט u- ב hulzin משק. דהיינו משק שבו גדל צמח הצינית (צמח שמקשט גינות עם פרי אדום קטן ולא אכיל). המילון מציע עוד אפ...

  • Puriņu dzimtaskoks

    Uzvārds Puriņš tiek rakstīts - Purrin, Purring, Purrinsch, Purin, Purriņsch, Purris


    kakek mak ayah

  • Nilambur Kovilakam Royal Family

    Nilambur Kingdom or Nilambur Kovilakam was a former feudal city-state in present day Kerala state, India,situated near to the Nilgiri range of the Western Ghats.[1] It was ruled by Samantha Kshatriyas who were the vassals of the Zamorins of Calicut, with the capital located 25 kilometers north of Manjeri in present day Malappuram district. Famous Vettakkorumakan Kovil (famous for Pattutsavam) a...

  • Governors of Essequibo (1616-1814)

    Gouverneurs van Essequebo . . . _____________________________________________________ Historisch perspectief (Historical Context) Reeds in 1581 ontstond een kleine Zeeuwse kolonie bij de rivier Pomeroon (huidig Guyana), maar die werd in 1596 door Spanjaarden en indianen verwoest. De inwoners trokken naar een eiland op de nabije rivier Essequibo, waar ze onder leiding van Joost van d...

  • The Children's Friend Society - Master Canadian List

    The Children's Friend Society - Master Canadian List The following is a list of list of children that were sent to Canada as part of the Children's Friends Society emigration scheme. Some of these children were not really children and others mere babes either taken away from their parents or sent from children's homes and workhouses in England. See also the various ships listed on the Main ...

  • 23rd Virginia Infantry - Company G (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company G === need to lookup ==The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • 56th Virginia Infantry - Company F (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company F =The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Eesti Vabariik eksiilis

    Siia projekti on kokku kogutud Eesti Vabariigi juhid eksiilis. Eesti Vabariigi peaminister presidendi ülesannetes eksiilis Jüri Uluots 17.06.1940-09.01.1945 August Rei 09.01.1945-29.03.1963 Aleksander Warma 30.03.1963-23.12.1970 Tõnis Kint 23.12.1970-01.03.1990 Heinrich Mark 01.03.1990-07.10.1992

  • Deddens Family

    This is my mom's father's family. They came from germany around 1854 to Louisville KY & then some of them moved to St Louis Mo.

  • mtDNA R0a2 (Ashkenazi)

    Haplogroup R0 occurs frequently in the Arabian Plate with its highest frequency in Socotri (Population 50,000 Yemen) 38% [4] and its also found in a high frequency in the Kalash (Population 6,000 in Pakistan) with 23%[5] smaller frequency in North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Anatolia, Iranian Plateau & Dalmatia. Its greater variety in the Arabian Plate suggests R0a originated in and spread from...

  • Colorado Freedom Memorial

    The Colorado Freedom Memorial was dedicated in 2013 at the Springhill Community Park in Aurora. Medal of Honor William Edward Adams 1939–1971 Links Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation

  • Flemish Refugees in Cologne 1567-1570

    (Temporary workshop) Source: Ch. Rahlenbeck, Revue trimestrielle, onzième année, tome deuxième, quoted in "Documents d’histoire précoloniale belge", by Léon de Febve de Vivy (Incomplete list) (Possible source for finding missing links, the transcriptions on this site... - 17th Century Hollanders) . Maître Arnold Hesius, d’Anvers ; Gilles de Sceppere, flamand ; Jean Six, bourgeois ...

  • Hyde Park on Hudson (film)

    The main characters in the film Hyde Park on Hudson are Margaret "Daisy" Lynch Suckley and Franklin Delano Roosevelt . The two are said to be sixth or "distant" cousins. So who were their common ancestors? Let's find out. Links Hyde Park on Hudson - film , Roosevelt library - genealogy , Wilderstein Archives

  • Tirona Family Tree

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Tirona Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Los Otero's de España

    Otero (apellido) Distribución territorial de apellidos en España, según Instituto Nacional de Estadística En la jurisdicción de Cabezón de Liébana, lugar del partido judicial de Potes, en la provincia de Cantabria, tuvo su solar una familia de este apellido, con ramas en la villa de Potes y en los lugares de Colio (Cillórigo-Castro), Frama y otras del partido judicial de Potes. De esta fa...

  • Castle Stories

    Castle Stories Castle - a large building, typically of the medieval period, fortified against attack with thick walls, battlements, towers, and often a moat. Aim of this project This project aims to provide a list of all projects about castles and the people who owned and lived in these castles. The idea is to create projects per country with a list of castles, with their history and stor...

  • 44th Virginia Infantry - Company F (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company F =The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Admiraliteit van Amsterdam (1586-1795)

    The Admiralty of Amsterdam ; . . . ______________________________________________________ Vlootvoogden (Commanders) 1598- : Jacob van Heemskerck, viceadmiraal 1622-1623 : Jochem Swartenhondt , luitenant-admiraal 1629- : Pieter Pietersz Heyn, luitenant-admiraal 1654- : Jan van Amstel, commandeur 1665- : Abraham van der Hulst, viceadmiraal 1665-1673 : Isaac Sweers, vicea...

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