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  • The Julian Afalla Family of the Philippines

    This project aims to organize the Genealogical data of the Julian Afalla Family of the Philippines and to create the Family Tree. This is in collaboration with the Search of the Julian Afalla Descendants in Facebook. How to Contribute: 1. Please click the "Join Project" button on the upper right of the project page. 2. After getting yourself added as a collaborator for the surname, select t...

  • Bani Husnan


  • van Leunen Family

    The family tree of the family van Leunen in the province of Noord Brabant (North Brabant) of Nederland (the Netherlands). Mostly centered around the town of Helmond. It might be that our ancestors were from the small village of Leunen, located due south of Venray in the province of Limburg. Originally researched by my father, Marinus Franciscus Jacobus Christianus van Leunen, and his friend...

  • Natt family

    michael--i'm trying to figure out how to give you access to everyone on your side of the ocean--bear with me...

  • Fredd family

    There is a Fredd/Fred family genealogy in "Ten Generations of the Fred Family, Quakers from Northern Ireland. I found it in the FRED folder at the Chester County Historical Society, 225 N High Street, West Chester PA 19380. The immigrants were John Fredd with his wife Catherine Starkey and children came to Birmingham Meeting in 1713, presenting a certificate from the "Monthly Meeting of Carlow"...

  • Nijs/Binkom

    Goal is to add the Nijs/Neijs family from Binkom

  • Fält Family

    Sukunimi Fält on annettu sotilasnimenä Jaakko Jaakonpojalle vuonna 1789 Pohjanmaan rykmentissä. Vanhin tunnettu esi-isä tällä hetkellä on Jacob Michelsson 1730-luvulta

  • Tamminen Family

    Karjalan Summasta lähtöisin olevista ja myös Iitissä asuneesta Tammisen perheen tietojen keruuta ja suvun laajentamista.

  • Ukkola Family

    Jaakko Ukkola oli tiettävästi kotoisin Sääskjärveltä Iitistä. Sieltä löytyy myös Ukkolanmäki, mutta ei ole tietoa mäen nimen alkuperästä. Hänen puolisonsa oli Liisa os. Linngren.

  • God's Lake Narrows Family Tree

    This is my attempt to trace the family linkages between members of the Manto Sakikan Cree First Nation.

  • Trentadue in Argentina

    Branch of the Trentadue family in Argentina.

  • Jakobsen Family

    jakob nilsen jakobsen = far til ottar meinor jakobsen ,mor H. Berta Olsen

  • Winkler Prost Family

    Facebook family group for the Winkler and Prost Families: If you would like to join and you are on facebook, just send me a note. Elliot Barnathan

  • essai

    premier essai

  • Merging all Carlberg trees

    There are multiple trees with Carlbergs in them. Is there any interest from you all to collaborate, instead of everyone having their own tree? What makes things worse is that some of those trees are partly merged. Either they should be completely merged into one big tree, or they should be completely separate. As it is now, it's a big mess, where some people appear as siblings to themselves. ...

  • Thomas Shepherd of Berryville VA

    I have conjectured that Thomas Shepherd of Round Hill VA and later of Berryville VA is the same Thomas Shepherd who disappeared from Middletown NJ in the 1750's or 60's. This project is to establish or disprove that conjecture. First step will be to create a profile for Thomas Shepherd of Middletown NJ. Profiles: Thomas Shepherd of Berryville VA: Thomas Shepherd Thomas Shepherd of Middl...

  • Viktor östlund

    Far till Jan Östlund

  • alshishani Tribe

    تم بناء هذا المشروع لكي يتم العمل على معلومات كل اقارب ، الحاج محمد هو والد ابراهيم والد اسماعيل والد محمبشير وفاطمة، ومن هتاك يتم التوسع و يتم اضافة الاقارب عسى ان نتمكن من اضافة اسماء جميع افراد العائلة و من ثم العشيرة

  • NKM

    Its for testing. not sure what a project is, in Geni.

  • Resolución de Conflictos Genealógicos en Familias Benabib y Feldman

    La intención de este proyecto es resolver los conflictos que han surgido con perfiles duplicados e inconsistencias de datos de diferentes miembros de las Familias Benabib y Feldman.

  • Leni Campos Akcelrud

    Lenira is my sister

  • Alòs // Pascual

    En aquest projecte intentaré recopilar tota la informació possible de la familia Alòs i Pascual, les dos famílies de les quals sóc descendent. S'agraeix tota la colaboració i ajuda possible per tal de que puguem coneixer els nostres origens i altra gent de la nostra família que potser no tenim ni idea de que siguin parents nostres. Josep Alòs

  • kranskotarn

    Var kan man komma åt uppgifter om släkten när det tydligen saknas kyrkböcker? Jag är pensionär och har inte råd att köpa alla släktforskningsprogram som finns. Som bekant är dom inte precis gratis.

  • Kottackal Family

    A group for kottackal family.

  • رشدان Family

    بني رشدان من جهينة وقصتهم مع رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلم : كان بني رشدان من جهينة قبل الإسلام في الجاهلية يسمون بني غوى وكان واديهم يسمى غوى فغير ذلك رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلم وإليكم القصة . غيان : وهو بطن من جهينة وهو غيان بن قيس بن جهينة بن زيد وسموا بني رشدان لأنهم قدموا على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال من أنتم فقالوا نحن بنو غيان ف قال صلى الله علية وسلم : (( بل أنتم بنو رشدان )) فغلب ...

  • FRANCO FAMILY: Sephardi Family with roots in the port town of Chania, on the Greek Isle of Crete

    Please join us if you are also a member of our Jewish Franco Family with roots in the Greek Isles. Our earliest known patriarch was Aron Franco who lived ihe port city of Chania on the Greek Isle of Crete.

  • O'Shea Family

    Research into the O'Shea family in Ireland during the 19th century and their immigration to Canada and USA

  • Baisley family in New York

    The purpose of this project is to collaborate on discovering the ancestry of the Baisley family in Westchester County, New York, specifically the family of John Baisley, ca. 1780.

  • Sebastián de Amorrortu y Beitía

    PEDRO AMORORTU (Navarra-+ 40 años), llegó al país hacia 1874 deformado su apellido por AMOROTO, radicándose en Paraná, donde fue industrial de los hornos de cal, junto a Izaguirre, Uranga, Osinalde, y se casó con Eduarda Melo, padres de 1) Miguel Eulogio, cc Lucía Carfagna, padres de A) MIGUEL ANGEL AMOROTO (+ 2005), Concejal, Diputado y tres veces Intendente de Villaguay, cc Velia Rodenas, pad...

  • Amorrortu Family

    Sigue parte del texto de este pdf Es así el caso que llegados a la segunda mitad del siglo XVII encuentro antepuesto a nuestro apellido Amorrortu, el de Eizaga o Eitzaga; en otros Iza o Itza. Los archivos parroquiales microfilmados por los tesoneros y gentiles mormones llegan hasta ellos. Y para intentar avanzar aún más en el pasado, deberé recurrir al archivo histórico eclesiástico de Vizc...

  • van Klaveren Family

    Genealogy of the Van Klaveren family.

  • Balkhy Family

    Also known as Balkhi in parts of SouthEast Asia & Australia.

  • Jeremiah and Ruth (Barrow) Beaman - Greene County, NC

    This is for discussion of descendants of Jeremiah and Ruth (Barrow) Beeman of Greene County, NC. Descendants have spread to most of the Southeastern states. Please contact collaborator Matt Beeman to verify any information related to this family.

  • Burdorff Family

    Burdorffs of the world unite!

  • Lema Family

    Eberto Lema Araoz. Son of Natalio Lema and Maria Araoz. Brother of: Enrique German Lucila Marina Herminia Elvira



  • van de Ven Legacy

    Let's use this project to gather information about the van de Ven Family. Let's get to know our history...

  • Kraus Project

    This is a project on the Kraus Family.

  • Gillen

    Here's the link to Ellis Island


    En Mi perfil Lia Grünmann dice que tengo una hermana First Name Last Name Esto es un error.Mi única hermana es Raquel Grünmann. Por favor corregirlo o indicarme como hacerlo. Lia Grünmann

  • Carlos Pazzianotto

    Tentativa de mapeamento da família Pazzianotto ou Passianoto

  • napsrao

    get all names starting with the following initials - N, Nandagudi

  • pooja


  • Фамилия Колочинский

    Kolochinsky surname page. Проект "Фамилия Колочинский"

  • Kolochinsky surname page.

    Kolochinsky surname page. Проект "Фамилия Колочинский"

  • Siebert family tree

    I want to map the family tree of my fathers-side lineage.

  • to edit

    To correct the surname as Padma rajasekhar intead of Padmarajasekhar NIL

  • The Doctolero/ Lagare/ Fortes/ Ancheta Project

    Add your family tree and keep your information current.

  • Awards

    Research Fellow (Yale University) September 1977-December 1977

  • Descendants of Lemuel Fish (1762-1855) of Sandwich, Massachusetts

    This project aims to document all known descendants of Lemuel and Lettice (Eldred) Fish of Sandwich, Massachusetts, the purpose being to extend the excellent work documented by Lester Warren Fish in The Fish Family in England and America.

  • Vår første slektlige tilknytning

    Hei, jeg lurer på om vi klarer noensinne å finne ut om vi har en slektlig tilknytning og hvor langt tilbake det evt kan være. Kanskje kortere enn man skulle tro siden vi begge har slekt fra stange (min mormors slekt). Samtidig får vi prøvd ut dette "prosjekt" systemet

  • Jamie Ancestry Tree

    Import of Ancestry GEDCOM file

  • Solichin Family

    Family tree of Stephanus Solichin.....

  • Kai Otson

    Kai Otson was proposed by Heino Lainurm as his grandmother. However, Based on Mihkli church records, Heino's grandmother was Kai Lüllman. This raises the issue of error in Heino's memory as the douments offer a hard proof. Now the question is: Who was Kai Otson that Heino remembers? Lembit Maimets.

  • Coronation of Anne Boleyn - June 1, 1533

    This project is focused on identifying official participants and their profiles, adding anecdotal as well as well documented information and stories regarding the arguably unsuccessful Coronation and Procession of Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort of England On Thursday 29 May, Lady Anne, marquess of Pembroke, was received as queen of England by all the lords of England. And the mayor and aldermen, ...

  • کامل کردن لیست اقوام

    سلام آقا فرهاد آقا لطفا کمک کن تا درخت خانوادگی بزرگی رو با کمک همدیگه بسازیم در این پروژه مهم میشه از هر کسی کمک گرفت لطفا از هر کوششی دریغ نکن پیام

  • عائلة خنفر

    مشروع بناء شجرة عائلة خنفر

  • Cum ar fi daca ne-am uni pentru o zi

    Asa cum zice si numele proiectului, eu si sotia mea va propunem sa ne sincronizam pentru o zi si sa ne vedem cu totii la un gratar si o sesiune foto! Pentru posteritate si familiile noastre :) Astept propuneri

  • Where genealogy and spirit connect

    Join us every Tuesday 11 am Pacific, Noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern for enlightening and engaging subjects LIVE on, Station 1. Guests include those from both the genealogy and spiritual communities and we do allow call in questions from our listeners Toll Free 888-815-9756 Worldwide. Please visit for information on upcoming shows as well as to list...

  • Rollin Family Lineage

    This project exists to trace the long lineage of the Rolling family through history.

  • Spencer's of Badby to the four Brothers of CT.

    The Spencer Family The Spencer name is derived from the individual in charge of the household stores (the Spence). On a plaque in the church at Dives-sur-Mer, Normandy, France is a list of all the knights who took part with William the Conqueror in the invasion of England. Named on the plaque are Gurillaume le Despensier and Robert le Despensier. The Despensier brothers were members of the d’...

  • Ayala Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Ayala Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • WV Shreve Project

    The goal of this project is to join together all of the Shreve families of West Virginia into one place. Many of the Shreve's have some sort of ties to the WV families which root back to New England.

  • Sammartino

    Trying to trace back the Sammartino line into Ricco, Italy.

  • Fabie Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Fabie Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...


    this subject is to share and show the links / history of all the Dixon's and Suber,s native family history.

  • Mullican Family

    Trace out Mullican Family tree

  • Gabriunaites_sujungimas

    Bandau kas tai yra projektas ir ar jį galima panaudoti skirtingų medžių sujungimui. Tikslas - sujungti Kotryną Gabriūnaitę (Stanislovo Gučo žmoną) dviejuose medžiuose. Vaidotas OK Jei bus klausimų - tel. +370-699-47828 arba email

  • 24MTC

    Bring a common forum for all 24 Manai Telugu Chettiars spread over tamilnadu and overseas

  • Navas family in Venezuela

    My father family is from Venezuela so I wanted to know if some of them is connected with the Geni system. Mi padre es de Venezuela, entonces quisiera averiguar si puedes ser que tengo alguna familia conectada a la systema de Geni.

  • Pidal Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Pidal Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

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