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  • B.Vaidyanathan

    I would like to start a project, through which, all persons, belonging to this village, to come together, to know our relatives who are at present living in all parts of the world,. I am the son of late Balu Iyer, son of Vaidyanathan, grandson of Venkataraman of this village. Will you please join me in this project. vaidyanathan (lallu)

  • The Oatman Family

    This is a collaborative effort between the cousins of Tony & Dell Oatman to document the Oatman family.

  • Batlag Family

    To connect to relatives and build the family history of Batlags'.

  • Barrós Paz / Barrós Rilo

    (English: We want to connect to relatives/descendants of Maria Dolores Paz Doval (Television/Radio name – Anduriña), César Benigno Barrós Rilo, or César Barrós Paz… from Galicia, Spain… Cambre and Coruña (Español: Estamos buscando familia/decendientes de Maria Dolores Paz Doval (nombre de Tele radio – Anduriña), César Be), César Benigno Barrós Rilo “o” César Barrós Paz…de Galicia, España… Coruñ...

  • Romero Fernández Family

    Building up our genealogic Tree

  • Nediyamveettil

    A project to gather the hisory and profiles of the members of the Nediyamveettil family of Thrissur, Guruvayur, Wadakkancheri and elsewhere

  • Pullat Family

    A project to gather together the profiles of the members of the Pullat family of Thrissur

  • McAnall Project

    The purpose of this project is to trace this "McAnall" line from John Robert McAnall (1840-1916) back from the United States to his relatives and other McAnall/McNaul/McAnally/etc. lines in Ireland and Scotland.

  • Plourde Family

    any plourdes welcome

  • SS General Ballou - ex Naples 23 February 1950

    General Ballou made this voyage under charter to the IRO to bring Displaced Persons to Australia, sailing from Naples , Italy on 23 February 1950 with 1257 Displaced Persons on board under the Displaced Persons Scheme. General Ballou arrived in Sydney 23 March 1950. All passengers proceeded to the Department of Immigration Reception and Training Centre, Bathurst per special trains which depar...

  • Ortiz de Zarate ~~~ CHILE

    Apellido Ortiz de Zarate en Chile El propósito de este proyecto es interconectar a los Chilenos de apellido Ortiz de Zarate, y conectarlos a el (o los) imigrante(s) a su(s) antepasados en España.

  • Sayler Genealogy Project

    The Sayler Genealogy Project is devoted to sorting out the genealogies of the different Sayler, Saylor, Seyler, Seilor, Seiler lines that immigrated to the United States, many from Germany, Switzerland, and elsewhere in northern Europe. This project focuses in particular on the ancestors and descendants of Jacob Johannas Sayler, born 13 Jan 1747/48 in Berks, Co., Pennsylvania, died in 21 Sept...

  • Keluarga Tok Bangkok

    Salsilah Keluarga Tok Bangkok dimulakan pada 8 Januari 2011

  • Gowling Family

    I have 12 Gowling trees 'under construction.' Searching for the links that will connect these trees or at least some of them. Origins are North England; Lancashire, Cumberland, Westmorland, Yorkshire and Durham. Would like to hear from anyone who have an interest in this family.

  • Ceronio Family

    Original known forefather: Gideon & Dorothea 10 children: 8 sons, 2 daughters my father: third son: Pieter Cornelius, lived in Bloemfontein & Gesina Slabbert of Volksrust Peter Joseph George : fourth child

  • Gill Genealogy Project

    There are about 68 persons on the Gill Family on the Geni. Geni has a facility to create Family Projects. I have today started one - Gill Genealogy Project. Gills reportedly have a long history. This is in parts documented but authoritative content is lacking. I hope this Project can get information from varied sources and able to produce authentic document. SO GILLS OF THE WORLD PLEASE FOLLOW ...

  • Karesky Family

    The goal of this project is to locate people throught the world who have surnames of Karesky and attempt to contact them. I have found people with the Karesky surname in Argentina and corresponded with them. They were originally from Russia. 1/7/2011

  • Wegmaister - Wegmajster - Kupervaser

    Jakob Wegmajster was born in Warszawa in 1889 to Yisrael and Ester. He was married to Bela nee Blueth. Prior to WWII he lived in Warszawa, Poland. During the war he was in Warszawa, Poland. Jakob perished in 1942 in Warszawa, Ghetto This information is based on a Page of Testimony found in the Pages of Testimony of Yad Vashem provided by his son David Wegmaister.

  • Codoceo Project

    Finding out where Codoceo family come from....

  • wayne russell stinson

    Frederick Stinson born in North Carolina around 1800 and married Lydia Eastridge on Nov 27, 1827. They are the parents of: James Wallace born Sept 8, 1829 in Centerville, Union Co., Indiana and died Oct 29, 1909 in Bloomington, Franklin Co., Missouri

  • Kini Family

    This is to test if I can link all the surnames together to trace the ancestoral relationships present on Geni database

  • Drecun Family

    The aim of this project is creating a unified family tree for the Drecun family, and interconnecting as many family members as possible. Drecuns' oldest known ancestor's name was Vučeta Dreca, who, according to a legend came to the town of Obod, near Rijeka Crnojevića, Montenegro around 1480. A.D. to ask Master Ivan-Beg Crnojević's permission to settle in his land. Ivan sent him to Ljubotin...

  • Los Palmitos-Sucre y su gente

    La gran familia Palmitera oriunda de Los Palmitos - Sucre sin importar en que sitio del mundo residan o hayan vivido.

  • Puthiya Veettil Family

    See how far we can go.

  • Stearnes Family

    Widow of Dr Graham Nigel Stearnes, mother of Claire Stearnes and Jennifer Stearnes

  • Louise Kripal

    I would like to collaborate with any descendants and/or persons who have ANY info on any of the 12 or 13 children of Hortaire de Reggio and Louisa Adelaide Reggio. They were my great-grandparents.. I am the granddaughter of their youngest Louise Ann Reggio (Mcmanus).

  • Austin Family

    I started this project to clean up the tree around my 10th great grandfather Joseph Austin . If anyone is knowledgeable in this area, please help!

  • Slekter i Skrova

    Alle slekter med røtter i Skrova, Vågan kommune, Nordland.

  • Ahlberg Family

    Tracing the Ahlberg family both back in time and also how it has developed up to now.


    Vienas iš mano protėvių pavarde Požėla gyveno 18 a. šiaurinėje Lietuvoje, galbūt Linkuvos, ar Pašvitinio parapijos, kur ši pavardė buvo gan dažna.



  • Süddeutschland/Norden der Schweiz

    Southern Germany, Bavaria & Northern Switzerland..

  • Kręcisz Family

    Projekt genealogiczny rodziny Kręcisz

  • Any individuals with surname FACHER related to us, through Rebecca & Bayla Facher

    A project of mine for many years now, I would like to establish a blood relationship between us and numerous individuals of Jewish Galician origin having the surname Facher. We are all familiar with the descendents of Bayla Facher & Schmaryahu Knee as well as Rebecca (Rivka) Facher and her husband, Jonas Piperberg. Another sister of Rebecca & Bayla Facher married a Schlesinger. Perhaps thei...



  • Gester Family

    Släkten Gester. Det skulle vara kul om så många som möjligt vill bidra med fakta!

  • Golden Family

    The Golden Family Genealogy Project


    This project is to trace the villianallur family from its earliest roots

  • Brooks,Hornsby,Smith,Merida,Powell Families

    My name is Tara Denise Brooks. My maiden name is Hornsby. I am trying to find any information on my ancestors. I have some information on some of my family but missing more information. I have included some of the profiles in an attempt to locate as much info as possible on these family lines: Brooks Smith Merida Hornsby Powell Clark or Clarke Rich or Ritch King I am looking for any and a...

  • The Julian Afalla Family of the Philippines

    This project aims to organize the Genealogical data of the Julian Afalla Family of the Philippines and to create the Family Tree. This is in collaboration with the Search of the Julian Afalla Descendants in Facebook. How to Contribute: 1. Please click the "Join Project" button on the upper right of the project page. 2. After getting yourself added as a collaborator for the surname, select t...

  • Bani Husnan


  • van Leunen Family

    The family tree of the family van Leunen in the province of Noord Brabant (North Brabant) of Nederland (the Netherlands). Mostly centered around the town of Helmond. It might be that our ancestors were from the small village of Leunen, located due south of Venray in the province of Limburg. Originally researched by my father, Marinus Franciscus Jacobus Christianus van Leunen, and his friend...

  • Natt family

    michael--i'm trying to figure out how to give you access to everyone on your side of the ocean--bear with me...

  • Fredd family

    There is a Fredd/Fred family genealogy in "Ten Generations of the Fred Family, Quakers from Northern Ireland. I found it in the FRED folder at the Chester County Historical Society, 225 N High Street, West Chester PA 19380. The immigrants were John Fredd with his wife Catherine Starkey and children came to Birmingham Meeting in 1713, presenting a certificate from the "Monthly Meeting of Carlow"...

  • Nijs/Binkom

    Goal is to add the Nijs/Neijs family from Binkom

  • Fält Family

    Sukunimi Fält on annettu sotilasnimenä Jaakko Jaakonpojalle vuonna 1789 Pohjanmaan rykmentissä. Vanhin tunnettu esi-isä tällä hetkellä on Jacob Michelsson 1730-luvulta

  • Tamminen Family

    Karjalan Summasta lähtöisin olevista ja myös Iitissä asuneesta Tammisen perheen tietojen keruuta ja suvun laajentamista.

  • Ukkola Family

    Jaakko Ukkola oli tiettävästi kotoisin Sääskjärveltä Iitistä. Sieltä löytyy myös Ukkolanmäki, mutta ei ole tietoa mäen nimen alkuperästä. Hänen puolisonsa oli Liisa os. Linngren.

  • God's Lake Narrows Family Tree

    This is my attempt to trace the family linkages between members of the Manto Sakikan Cree First Nation.

  • Trentadue in Argentina

    Branch of the Trentadue family in Argentina.

  • Jakobsen Family

    jakob nilsen jakobsen = far til ottar meinor jakobsen ,mor H. Berta Olsen

  • Winkler Prost Family

    Facebook family group for the Winkler and Prost Families: If you would like to join and you are on facebook, just send me a note. Elliot Barnathan

  • essai

    premier essai

  • Merging all Carlberg trees

    There are multiple trees with Carlbergs in them. Is there any interest from you all to collaborate, instead of everyone having their own tree? What makes things worse is that some of those trees are partly merged. Either they should be completely merged into one big tree, or they should be completely separate. As it is now, it's a big mess, where some people appear as siblings to themselves. ...

  • Thomas Shepherd of Berryville VA

    I have conjectured that Thomas Shepherd of Round Hill VA and later of Berryville VA is the same Thomas Shepherd who disappeared from Middletown NJ in the 1750's or 60's. This project is to establish or disprove that conjecture. First step will be to create a profile for Thomas Shepherd of Middletown NJ. Profiles: Thomas Shepherd of Berryville VA: Thomas Shepherd Thomas Shepherd of Middl...

  • Viktor östlund

    Far till Jan Östlund

  • alshishani Tribe

    تم بناء هذا المشروع لكي يتم العمل على معلومات كل اقارب ، الحاج محمد هو والد ابراهيم والد اسماعيل والد محمبشير وفاطمة، ومن هتاك يتم التوسع و يتم اضافة الاقارب عسى ان نتمكن من اضافة اسماء جميع افراد العائلة و من ثم العشيرة

  • NKM

    Its for testing. not sure what a project is, in Geni.

  • Resolución de Conflictos Genealógicos en Familias Benabib y Feldman

    La intención de este proyecto es resolver los conflictos que han surgido con perfiles duplicados e inconsistencias de datos de diferentes miembros de las Familias Benabib y Feldman.

  • Leni Campos Akcelrud

    Lenira is my sister

  • Alòs // Pascual

    En aquest projecte intentaré recopilar tota la informació possible de la familia Alòs i Pascual, les dos famílies de les quals sóc descendent. S'agraeix tota la colaboració i ajuda possible per tal de que puguem coneixer els nostres origens i altra gent de la nostra família que potser no tenim ni idea de que siguin parents nostres. Josep Alòs

  • kranskotarn

    Var kan man komma åt uppgifter om släkten när det tydligen saknas kyrkböcker? Jag är pensionär och har inte råd att köpa alla släktforskningsprogram som finns. Som bekant är dom inte precis gratis.

  • Kottackal Family

    A group for kottackal family.

  • رشدان Family

    بني رشدان من جهينة وقصتهم مع رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلم : كان بني رشدان من جهينة قبل الإسلام في الجاهلية يسمون بني غوى وكان واديهم يسمى غوى فغير ذلك رسول الله صلى الله علية وسلم وإليكم القصة . غيان : وهو بطن من جهينة وهو غيان بن قيس بن جهينة بن زيد وسموا بني رشدان لأنهم قدموا على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال من أنتم فقالوا نحن بنو غيان ف قال صلى الله علية وسلم : (( بل أنتم بنو رشدان )) فغلب ...

  • FRANCO FAMILY: Sephardi Family with roots in the port town of Chania, on the Greek Isle of Crete

    Please join us if you are also a member of our Jewish Franco Family with roots in the Greek Isles. Our earliest known patriarch was Aron Franco who lived ihe port city of Chania on the Greek Isle of Crete.

  • O'Shea Family

    Research into the O'Shea family in Ireland during the 19th century and their immigration to Canada and USA

  • Baisley family in New York

    The purpose of this project is to collaborate on discovering the ancestry of the Baisley family in Westchester County, New York, specifically the family of John Baisley, ca. 1780.

  • Sebastián de Amorrortu y Beitía

    PEDRO AMORORTU (Navarra-+ 40 años), llegó al país hacia 1874 deformado su apellido por AMOROTO, radicándose en Paraná, donde fue industrial de los hornos de cal, junto a Izaguirre, Uranga, Osinalde, y se casó con Eduarda Melo, padres de 1) Miguel Eulogio, cc Lucía Carfagna, padres de A) MIGUEL ANGEL AMOROTO (+ 2005), Concejal, Diputado y tres veces Intendente de Villaguay, cc Velia Rodenas, pad...

  • Amorrortu Family

    Sigue parte del texto de este pdf Es así el caso que llegados a la segunda mitad del siglo XVII encuentro antepuesto a nuestro apellido Amorrortu, el de Eizaga o Eitzaga; en otros Iza o Itza. Los archivos parroquiales microfilmados por los tesoneros y gentiles mormones llegan hasta ellos. Y para intentar avanzar aún más en el pasado, deberé recurrir al archivo histórico eclesiástico de Vizc...

  • van Klaveren Family

    Genealogy of the Van Klaveren family.

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