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  • Brahmins

    All the BRAHMINS according to the ancient

  • Houdoire Family

    The aim is to record as many Houdoire family members and their spouses. The French Houdoire family are mainly based in the Ile de France region, or more specifically, Essonne, in towns and villages such as Dourdan, Roinville, Merobert, Richarville. There are other branches in the Paris area. My Great-Grandfather, Adolphe Alphonse Houdoire was born in Paris in 1862. He moved to England in about ...

  • Mintz Shmuel

    שלום , אני מחפש קרובי משפחה של Shmuel Minsk או mintz שנולד בשנת 1888 שם האב לייב, שם האם תמה ,שם הסב יעקב ,שהתגורר בליטא Kedainiai Krakenava ,אשמח לקבל פניות מכל מי שיודע על בני המשפחה 'תודה Hello, I am looking for relatives of Minsk or mintz Shmuel was born in 1888 Leib father's name, mother's name tama, grandfather Jacob, who lived in Lithuania Kedainiai Krakenava, I'd like to be contacted ...

  • Fletchers of Glen Orchy

    Introduction Welcome to the Fletchers of Glen Orchy project. This group is intended for descendants of the Glen Orchy Fletchers and interested parties to collaborate on the Fletcher family tree. Links The original source of most of this Fletcher tree: Glen Orchy Fletchers on /

  • David Norris

    Worked for the CSIRO, created the solar receptor and worked in Antarctica. Deceased

  • Lamberts and Lambeths of NC/TN

    This project aims to document the mysterious Lambert/Lambeth line in NC. Please feel free to join and add your profiles if you have relatives that fit the bill. Also, please mark suspected Cherokees/ Melungeons so we can look into them. Some major goals: 1) Try to figure out the path of the Lamberts/Lambeths as they moved through NC to TN. 2) Try to figure out some likely folks who many have ...

  • April Uprising / Априлско въстание (1876)

    The April Uprising (Bulgarian: Априлско въстание) was an insurrection organised by the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire from April to May 1876, which indirectly resulted in the re-establishment of Bulgaria as an autonomous nation in 1878. About 1,000 Muslims were killed during the uprising, leading the regular Ottoman Army and irregular bashi-bazouk units to brutally crush the rebels, leading...


    с. Бара, общ. Бара, Севлиевска околия, Търновски окр. СПРАВКИ В НАЦИОНАЛНИЯ РЕГИСТЪР НА НАСЕЛЕНИТЕ МЕСТА Справка за събитията за с. Бара, общ. Бара, Севлиевска околия, Търновски окр. Брой събития: 3 № Дата на събитие Вид събитие Документ 1 03.03.1878 наблюдавано за първи път Служебен документ за създаване на населените места 2 28.09.1949 промяна при ново административно-териториално уст...



  • Ellida Höjer Karlsson Family

    Inger hall min mormor hette höjer som ogift och kommer från sidesjö i finland

  • Sullivan - in Canada

    1990 - Lauretta June and/or June Lauretta Sullivan nee Smith dies cremated in Queens Park Cemetery Calgary 1980 - John Sullivan dies buried in Queens Park Cemetery Calgary 1910 - John Sullivan born, place and parents unknown

  • Petticoat Rebellion

    Women who played a role in the emancipation movement in Jamaica West indies and elsewhere, The untold stories. Rebel women women played non-military, supportive roles. Strategic manoeuvring was assigned to the women: supplying water; acting as guides to provision grounds; helping to guard captives; poisoning; acting as look-outs; even as go between in the final stage of the rebellion....

  • Shafirka Wilson and more

    Family tree expanding across many surnames

  • Familia Villanueva - Philippine Ancestry

    Project Status: Draft mode This project aims to trace the Villanueva family lineages in the Philippines. The Story of Anecito Villanueva [1] Luzon Visayas Mindanao References [1] The story of Anecito Villanueva

  • Ruadri King of Moray

    The identity of Raudri King of Moray - Máel Coluim of Moray (or Máel Coluim mac Máil Brigti) was King or Mormaer of Moray has been the subject of historic argument for centuries. This project is to look at all documentation and historic sources that may help in correctly identifying the parentage and ancestry of Raudri and his lineage. This project is an ongoing research collecting project. ...

  • Erlenheim

    Marie Annette Erlenheim sündis 1853.a. Tallinnas. Tema isa oli Cristopher Erlenheim ja ema Anna Hansu tütar. Nad abiellusid Vormsil ja nende poeg sündis seal (Alexander Reinhold Erlenheim 1843.a.) Cristopher Erlenheimi leidsin EELK Kuressaare Kogudusest (Saksa pihtkond) . Teised andmed sain Vormsi kogudusest, Suuremõisa mõis (Magnushoff).

  • Family Lopez Fernandez de Lara

    EL Árbol genealógico de Guadalupe Fernández de Lara, Viuda de López

  • Villongco Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Villongco Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines ...

  • Siguion Reyna Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Siguion Reyna Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippi...


    The decision of the Partition of Bengal was announced on 19 July 1905 by the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. The partition took effect on 16 October 1905. Due to the high level of political unrest generated by the partition, the eastern and western parts of Bengal were never united because of Muslim pressure. In 1947, Bengal was partitioned for the second time, solely on religious grounds as par...

  • Gonsolve: Providence, RI


  • 3rd Arkansas Field Battery (CSA), US Civil War

    The 3rd Arkansas Field Battery (1860–1865) was a Confederate Army artillery battery from Pulaski County, Arkansas, during the American Civil War. The battery is also known as the Totten Light Artillery, Woodruff's Battery, the Weaver Light Artillery, and Marshall's Battery, but most commonly as the Pulaski Light Artillery . The Pulaski Light Artillery was organized at Little Rock, Pulaski Cou...

  • 3rd Regiment, Arkansas State Troops (CSA), US Civil War

    The 3rd Infantry, Arkansas State Troops (1861) was an Arkansas State infantry regiment that served during the American Civil War. The regiment was designated as the 2nd Infantry, Arkansas State Troops, by the State Military Board, but it was named the 3rd Arkansas by Brigadier General Nicholas Bartlett Pearce, Commander, 1st Division, Provisional Army of Arkansas.[1] The regiment is generally r...

  • Glander Family

    Jack Henry Glander Looking for more information on his father (Edward Glander) and mother (Nonie Elizabeth Glander) and brother, Vincent Hartley Brothers: Willard (Bill) Glander - deceased lived in Bellingham, WA area Edward (Bud) Glander - deceased living in Portland, OR area Eugene Coles - livings in Mehama OR Henry Glander and Nonie Elizabeth Dingman Hartley Glander Coles Paul (Nonie was...

  • Fischel Family

    Founder of yeshiva university new York . Architect, philanthropist.1928 biography. "fourth years of struggle for a principle".

  • shari thomas vande burgt

    my family history

  • von HILGEN ❧ family ‧ genealogy

    von HILGEN ❧ family ‧ genealogy Het is de bedoeling hier met vereende krachten van alle Hlgen-etc. profielbeheerders alle Hilgens een plek te geven en zo na te gaan waar en wanneer we familie van elkaar werden. Deze project-pagina is het vervolg van het Hilgen genealogy-project waar iedereen ook bronnen etc. kan plaatsen. Hier zullen ook aanwijzingen worden geplaatst voor het verder zoeken na...

  • Descendants of Eight

    Project Objective The objective of this project is to find all of the living descendants of 8 Pierce boys from Canandaigua, NY in the mid-1800s: William Eugene Pierce Robert Melvin Pierce Daniel Webster Pierce Thomas Benton Pierce William Henry Pierce James Hamilton Pierce George Washington Pierce Henry Leighton Pierce Project Goals The first goal is to try and track...

  • Redes familiares en las instituciones de Lanzarote

    En la convicción de que uno de los grandes males que padece nuestra isla es la existencia de redes clientelares dominadas por unos pocos clanes familiares, hemos decidido sacar adelante este proyecto para dejar en evidencia tal realidad. Nos proponemos investigar, descubrir y publicar los vínculos existentes entre altos funcionarios, políticos de los principales partidos y empresarios habitualm...

  • Green-Hywood

    Ancestors and descendants of Joan Green Hohenwalde Hywood Beaty Dietrich

  • Beaty-Hanna

    Ancestors, descendants of Stirling Beaty

  • Thomas-Worthington

    Relatives, ancestors, descendants of Jared M Thomas and Penny Thomas Worthington

  • Hywood-Potter Tree

    Relatives, Ancestors, and descendants of Karen Hohenwalde Potter Hywood

  • Dietrich

    Ancestors and descendants of Jacob Dietrich

  • Poutie Family


  • Bohdanowicze genealogy and DNA project: Grochowski, Rohatynski, Hulewicz, Hermanowski, Kijowski, Kormanicki

    Research of the descendants of Fedor Bohdan z Grochowca Grochowski - Junosza coat of arms (starosta of Przemysl in 1360). His son Wasko z Wojutycz Wojutycki (castellan of Przemysl in 1382) was the founder of Hulewicz dynasty, which settled in Galicia and Volhynia. The other son - Piehno Grochowski (starosta of Oleskо) was the founder of Grochowski, Hermanowski, Kijowski, Kormani...

  • McCoy

    George Washington McCoy and Sarah Jane (Bailey) McCoy Settled in Ketchum Idaho in the 1880's.

  • Land Blocks

    Here are copies of the documents I have uploaded for the whanau view.

  • Texas County Dirctory

    Anyone interested in doing research in Texas...please go to this link ... All the counties in Texas are listed..


    MALCHEN GOLDSCHMIDT nee HEIDELBERGER Born: April 22 1881, Burgsinn, Germany Father: HEIDELBERGER Born: Abt 1845, Burgsinn, Ufr. , Bayern, D Mother: --- שתי נקודות שיכולות לעזור: 6000000011222498369 קרוי ע"ש? (רוני יכול לעזור בזה אולי). משה פאול מינדן הי"ד, הבן-דוד חלל-צה"ל. מאחר והוא בן-דוד של הסבא-רבא כמדומני, ולא נראה קשר אליו מצד האב, אולי הקשר מצד האם. 2 points: 60000000...

  • Fiorella Family

    Most recently from the Foggia Region in Italy, paternally, and Clabria from the DeMarco side.

  • Lararus Abraham

    We are trying to locate a Medal that may have been awared to Abe.

  • Feigenbaum Surname

    This project is for collaborating to find a shared ancestry among Feigenbaums. Although the Feigenbaum name isn't very rare, I haven't been able to connect to any others outside my immediate family. Please use this project to gather information about the name, its origins, and profiles of Feigenbaums, both famous and otherwise. Links Feigenbaum Surname on Wikipedia

  • Veloso Family of the Philippines

    This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Veloso Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry ( de buena familia ), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines . ...

  • Dobyns Family from Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma areas

    Nathaniel Land Dobynes, father of Henry C. Dobyns, Robert Ingersol Dobyns and Wallace C. DoByns.

  • The Messina Component


  • Hambrick Family

    The connections and Inter weaving of those who hold the last name Hambrick

  • Mrljane (Pasman) - Croatian Genealogy

    This project is about Mrljane, Dalmatia, Croatia. This is also about the families who live/d here. Linda Grubisic. JURESKO, CIMERA, TRAVITCA, JADRESKO PREZIMENA NA OTOKU PAŠMANU DANAS U takozvana «pašmanska prezimena» koja su predmet ove analize, uvrstili smo ona prezimena koja su potvrđena u Leksiku prezimena RH sastavljenom na osnovu popisa stanovništva iz 1948., i u biračkim popisima iz ...

  • Rauthbord Family Matriarch

    AVRAHAM LEIZER RAUTHBORD, born circa 1830, origin: the shtetl Vidukle, Raisinai, Lithuania, was initially married to the woman who bore him his first three sons: SHACKHNA, HIRSCH LEIB and SHMUEL ITZHAK, before her untimely death, cause unknown. Current intensive research has not yet revealed any data whatsoever of birth, marriage or death dates, census or tax records or even basic informati...

  • Comtats de Catalunya

    (CA) Els comtats de Catalunya van ser les divisions administratives de la Marca Hispànica creada després de la conquesta carolíngia. (ES) Los condados de Cataluña fueron las divisiones administrativas de la Marca Hispánica creada después de la conquista carolingia. (EN) The Counties of Catalonia were the administrative divisions of the Marca Hispanica created after the Carolingian conquest....

  • Raknes - Aner og etterkommere av Thor Raknes

    The Raknes Project schjø! Prosjektet ombefatter Thor Raknes, NN og Synnøve Jørgine Johansen Hei, og velkommen ombord! Jeg og Jørgen har kommet ett godt stykke på våre fars sider nå, og en god del på den felles slekten, Raknes. Hjelp oss å fullføre etterkommerne, altså dere, og gjerne litt med forfedrene våre også! Har ikke dukket opp særlig med kjendiser, men via Aurheim har vi en link ti...

  • Hilgen genealogy

    ~von~Hilgen~Hilling~Hillinck~Hillingh~ aanvulling welkom! Netherlands~Pay-Bas~Nederland~Niederlande Ver. Staten van Amerika ~ United States of America history of the family in Amerika: family-history America Germany ~ Deutschland ~ Duitsland bronnen welkom! gevonden namen: • Bertram HILGEN ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ • Gesina Adelheid HILGEN ‧ geb. vor 1826 ‧ Es gibt (eine) ähnliche Per...

  • Alger Family History Project

    This is an attempt to create a clear and documented family bloodline.

  • Descendants of Obadiah Knuckles and Susan Johns

    Looking to find relatives of Obadiah Knuckles and Susan Johns of Amherst County, Virginia. Obadiah was listed on the initial tribal roll of the Monacan Indians.

  • Families of Valle Crucis and Laurel Creek, Watauga, NC

    I aim to identify all of the citizens caught on the censuses of these townships!

  • Timmavajhala Family

    Uniting Thimmavajjala family

  • Brucker Family

    Seeking info on Moshe Brucker and descendents. Brucker was from Radowicz, Romania and emigrated to Montevideo, Uruguay in about 1924. He was married to Rachel Goldenberg. Children were David and Miriam. He had a newsstand there. His mother's maiden name was Kastner. Any info appreciated.

  • Steinsapir Family

    Steinsapir Family

  • Azzam Family

    To ALL Azzam Family, everywhere in the Planet: Join the Geni "Azzam" Tree and write to me at about any updates you deem necessary. Your Comments are appreciated. Also, you may want to use this Link , where needed.

  • RVS

  • Золотое кольцо Уфы

    Меры повышения креатива в области культурной индустрии вокруг Уфы, в т . ч. с привлечением краеведческих и генеалогических данных. Если сравнивать с Золотым кольцом вокруг Москвы у нас конечно для сравнения и представить то нечего. Есть с десяток помещьищих имений, следы которых ещё можно обнаружить, но ни одного целого строения в радиусе 50 км от Уфы (Остались одни названия деревень по имени ...

  • 2011 Hermsen Reunion

    Lisa posted the group photos from the reunion in her Geni photo album. I have the original full sized (approx 4500 x 3000 pixel at 350 dpi, 8 x 12) original files. Family members wanting copies of the files can e-mail me at . If a family member has the photo editing software, time and the talent to create a composit of the three originals using the best indivdual photo...

  • Family Claude

    Mr. Claude and Mr. Meron are the family members are brothers and my family Korbi Mr. Maron has a son named Professor Michael Meron Meron Mr. Claude-old father named Jacob Cold is a former politician and Member of the Knesset in a country not known only he knows Professor Meron is a lot to ask Jacob what he did as a politician + Professor Miron case found that Mr. Claude are family members...

  • Rose Family Connection

    This is for those who are part of the Rose Family. If you are a Rose or have a Rose in your tree, then join and discover if you are a part of this rapidly growing family. We are always open to more members.

  • Maison de Scarpone

    Conventions de nommage Voir aussi: Royaumes médiévaux de l'Europe occidentale

  • Roe

  • I Corps (USA), US Civil War

    I Corps (First Corps) was the designation of three different corps-sized units in the Union Army during the American Civil War. The units served in the following armies: Army of the Ohio/Army of the Cumberland, Alexander M. McCook, September 29, 1862 – November 5, 1862 Army of the Mississippi, George W. Morgan, January 4, 1863 – January 12, 1863 Army of the Potomac and Army of Virginia ...

  • Spilice

    A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project / Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija. Obitelji, prezimena, etimologija prezimena. Spilice Families / Spilice - obitelji Spilice Surnames / Spilice - prezimena Etymology of Surnames from Spilice / Etimologija prezimena iz Spilice

  • Crpala

    A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project / Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija. Obitelji, prezimena, etimologija prezimena. Crpala Families / Crpala - obitelji Crpala Surnames / Crpala - prezimena Etymology of Surnames from Crpala / Etimologija prezimena iz Crpala

  • Degļu mājas

    Degļu mājās dzīvojuši

  • Retssag

    Hele retssagen er transskriberet af Gunhild Dalgaard en efterkommer af Moust Eriksen [Side 421 bag] Pro Memoria Inden vedlagde af hr: Bye og Herrets foged Just i Mariager d 28 i f: M: Holdt poleminair? Forhør haver, Selveier Boelsmand Mouritz Erichsen af Sønder Ondsild Bye tilstaaet at have bortstiaalet en hæst paa marken fra Selveier Lar Pedersen Qvotrup, udi bemelte Sønder Ondsild Bye og sa...

  • Lance Family

    This project is started in hopes to gain more knowledge on the Lance side of the family. Please List names, dates, and even stories that you may have pertaining to the Lance line. I would love to see how far back we can find our relatives, where the Lance name originated on our side ( from what I have found is that the Lance's either were from Australia or England a few from Ireland), and what ...

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