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  • Gruner

    (See also the Enderlein Project and Souders Project for more information about those branches of my ancestors and my family tree at The 19th Century Germany & Missouri Project provides more background. **** Johann Friedrich Carl (‘Charles’) Gruner (16 Apr 1825- 14 Apr 1900), my paternal great-grandfather, was born in Mellingen, which lies about five miles Southeast of the city of Wei...

  • Baumwoll Family

    The family of Jack Harry Baumwoll

  • Italians of Spanish Ancestry

    I have heard that the Sparagna family is originally descended from Spanish origins..Sephardic Jews to be exct. Does anyone have any information supporting this ?

  • Van Nieuwenborgh Family

    I am trying to discover my father's family. I have only just started on this quest. My father died when I was 19yrs old and after obtaining his birth certificate which gave his mothers name. After much research, I discovered the spelling was wrong. I have just ordered a copy of their marriage certificate which hopefully wlii give me more information. Does this data ring any bells with anybody e...

  • Zaalberg, Leiden, the Netherlands

    Sinds onze Polen reis hebben we uitgevonden dat Saalberg inderdaad bestaat, zowel als berg en als dorp. Het heet sinds 1947 Zachelmie en heeft een rijke geschiedenis. Bij het Staatsarchief (Archiwum) in Jelenia Gora (Hirschberg) was de dochter van de voormalige Staatsarchivar ( Anna Borys- ) heel behulpzaam bij het uitzoeken van oude boeken die we konden bekijken. We hebben in ...

  • Comtat d'Empúries

    (CA) Comtat d'Empúries (ES) Condado de Ampurias (EN) County of Empúries (FR) Comté d'Empúries Convencions de nomenclatura Veure Comtats de Catalunya .

  • Forfedrene til Helge Brekken

    Om forfedrene til Helge Brekken (Brekka, Brekken, Buksnes, Vestvågøy). Folketelling for 1910 - Brækken (Buksnes) (plads) : [ ] Folketelling 1865: Lars Mikal Thorsrensen: Lars Michael Torstensen Hans T. Larsen: Mathilde Oveida: Utdrag Buksnes bygdebok Via Vestvågøy Historielag ( [ ] ) - Buksnes bygdebok 1 og 2:

  • Viriyala Family

    Origin REPURU Village near Kakinada, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • KMDA KOLKATA METROPOLITAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (KMDA) Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), is the statutory planning and development authority for the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) under provisions of the West Bengal Town and Country (Planning & Development) Act, 1979. It is today the prime agency for planning, promoting and developing the KMA. Besides the pla...

  • jalgratas

    tutvun oma seniteadmata sugulastega.

  • Семья Грабовских (Grabovski Family)

    Цели проекта (Project's goals): Наполнение и доработка информации о семье Тонкоглас и связанных семьях родом из Украины, России и других стран. Советы: Сделайте как можно большее количество профилей в Вашем дереве принадлежащих к семье Чернявских "общедоступными". (Это позволит всем Чернявским искать родственников в вашем дереве).

  • Joseph Schurch Children

    Joseph Schurch (Img. of 1727 ) Children were born in Pa. His wife (1) Elizabeth (Young) died at sea. All his children were born to his wife (2) Catherine (Forry)

  • Chandrupatla Family

    Any body knows about this surname people, kindly inform me

  • Folga

    Origins of the family: (extract of information posted in Facebook by Dorota Folga Januszewska) "...the family Folga moved from Folgaria in Trento in Italy to Austria (Wien) and then to Galicia and Silesia. There is also some little village called Folga Pierwsza (Folga the First) not far from Miechow, ner Cracow, which bellonged, as I heard, to the family..." Pochodzenie rodziny: (wyciąg...

  • Fishwick

    Pedogree of Fishwicks from "History of the Parish of Preston in Amounderness" by Henry Fishwick, pub c. 1900, copy in Cambridge University Library NB "parish" in this context is not the 20thC ecclesiastical or civil parish of the same name, but the historic "greater parish" of mediaeval times.

  • Kuhlbacka

    Husbönder Johan Gustavsson Kuhlbacka Alexander Sundqvist Anders Viktor Sundqvist Alfred Sundqvist Kuhlbacka torp

  • Os duros

    O objectivo deste projecto é conseguir por todos os duros da Marteleira na mesma árvore. Por duros entenda-se Luis, Nuno, Sofia, Rui, David, Katia, André, ...

  • SS Walnut Passengers, 1948

    On November 17th, 1948, the SS Walnut, a 164' x 28' cargo ship designed for a crew of 18 left Sweden. Aboard were 347 Estonian refugees, ages ranging from 9 months to 80 years, chancing the perilous journey and illegal entry into Canada. The ship travelled via Sligo, Ireland to Canada, arriving at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 13, 1948. One immigration officer welcomed the passe...


    This new geni is about the VANDRANGI family. Belongs to Ponduru, Vandrangi village in Srikakulam district.

  • Renfrow Family

    Clara Marie Bear Married to Ernest Raymond Renfrow Great Grand Parents.. Looking for more information please.

  • Odde de Bonniot Family

    The history and genealogy of the family and house of Odde de Bonniot in France.


    My Dear family members , plz rectify the replicas of a member having 2 profiles.. like my father profile created twice (@ raghu raman) , Mr.BS sudharson , rahuveer(@priya & raasmi) , Mrs vedavalli ( @ suresh babu mama) and some the dataconflicts , merging issues and data conflicts .. moreover plz find whether the person is present already or not b4 creating them a new profile ... I hope t...

  • Patinggi Kedit


  • Garingalao Family of the Philippines

    Descendants of Catalino Garingalao and Alfonsa Gelvezon from Guimbal, Philippines.

  • Zoek ze in Vlaardingen - Zuid-Holland - Nederland

    NL: Hier plaats ik -onder DOCUMENTEN- digitale URL's die 't zoeken in Vlaardingen makkelijker maken en de profielen van personen waarvan ik weet/vermoed dat ze in Vlaardingen geboren, getrouwd of overleden zijn. Als de gegevens compleet genoeg zijn, verwijder ik dat profiel weer van de pagina, zodat een dynamisch platform ontstaat. Wie weet vind ik zo ook leuke medewerkers met wie ik samen verd...

  • Alsagoff Collection

    Salam to All, I welcome any member of the Alsagoff Family to come forward with their contribution to help build up a truly representative 'tree'. Wasalam

  • رودمعجن

    این شجره نامه تمامی رودمعجنی هاست. رودمعجن روستایی در 50 کیلومتری شمال غرب تربت حیدریه است.


    Χριστίνα, Να προσθέσεις τους συγγενείς από τον πατέρα σου Ευχαριστώ

  • Gampala Family

    gampala family tree

  • с.Марьяновка, Шполянского р-на, Украина

    Цели проекта Создание всеобщего генеалогического дерева с.Марьяновки, наполнение предками, родственниками и другой информацией. Профайлы известных и исторических людей Иван Чернявский - Спортсмен. Участник 16 Олимпийских игр 1956 года в Австралии (г. Мельбурн). Многоразовый Чемпион СССР и УССР по бегу. Обладатель рекорда Черкасской области по бегу на 10000 м., который не по бит до сих пор...

  • Rimmalapudi Family

    Let's build the family genealogy of Rimmalapudi family. I started with my family and added members I know till my great grandfather.

  • Nasina Family

    Gouda Family

  • Bogard Family

    Looking for info on bogard family before Limuel and Susan Bogard (1831 - 1865). I cannot find the parents of Lemuel.

  • All McGonigles (McGonagle, McGunigle, McGunigal) Surname Study

    Connecting ALL variants of the McGonigle/McGunnigle surnames. (any derivative of the original Mac Conghail name). This project is in conjunction with the All McGonigle (And Variants) One Name Study at

  • Negeri Saribas

    Berdasarkan Syair Tarsilah Cetera Dato Gudam dan Temenggong Kadir Negeri Saribas

  • Nylander Family

    Ann-Britt Nylander,Alices älsta sycker och nu tänker med du död????

  • Michal Korenko Rodina

    Project na doplnene udajov a fotografii rodiny Michala Korenko. Ciele: dopln datumi narodenia vsetkych clenov rodiny dopln datumi umrtia (Jozef Zajac st., Maria Korenkova) dopln miesto narodenia (Jozef Zajac ml., Jozef Zajac st., Michal Korenko) dopln miesto umrtia (Jozef Zajac st., Maria Korenkova) dopln datumi svatieb dopln fotky narodeni dopln fotky svadieb dopn fotkych p...

  • Vivas Family

    From Sahuayo, Michoacan, Mexico

  • Lynn Family Ties

    Connecting the families with ties to Lynn, Massachusetts.

  • Munshi Parivar

    The Khaleel family originated at Lumb, Meerut, Uttar Pardesh, India. The earliest certain ancestor of the family was Samman, who is beleived to came from Rajasthan, India.

  • Flood surname

    The aim of this project is to collect information about the Irish surname Flood. In addition, we encourage sharing of information so that we all can learn more about this family's history.

  • Forero surname/Apellido Forero

    The aim of this project is to collect information about the Spanish surname Forero. In addition, we encourage sharing of information so that we all can learn more about this family's history.

  • Collodel Family

    The Collodel family has its origin in San Pietro di Feletto (TV, Italy) but its members are now spread all over the world (notably in Brazil, the USA and Australia). The main aim of this project is to reconstruct the Collodel family tree and make it as large as possible through the collaboration of all the members of the family. If you are a member of the Collodel family or a relative, you are ...

  • Tycksen Family

    Step by Step, looking for family members on the Danish / German area of Schleswig-Holstein area. I do know that the Tycksen name was changed from what it was when my Great Grandfather emigrated to America. Tuchsen or the german U in some of the data. Family place of his birth was Hohenhorn / Flensburg.

  • Einan Family

    I am trying to find out as much about my ancestors as possible. All I know is that there were 3 brothers (Adolph, Henry, Hans) that left from Bodo Norway that came to America.

  • Drzewo genealogiczne Anny Stankiewicz

    Witaj Aniu ! Jestem wieloletnim genealogiem mojego ojczystego rodu. Mam swój profil i spore drzewo genealogiczne, wciaż rosnace w portalu Geni. Spotkałem się z drzewem genealogicznym Stankiewiczów i zaprzyjaźniłem się z jego właścicielem. Będzie mi bardzo miło nawiązać z Tobą kontakt. Pozdrowienia z Wrocławia ! Andrzej Olejarz Śląskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne, Wrocław

  • Chitnis Family


  • DiFronzo Family

    Di Fronzo's in my tree from Fontanarosa: Angelo, Luigi, Rafaelle, and Giacommina- all siblings. some Di Fronzo's in Fontanarosa as of 5/29/2009...they have to relatives somehow: Giovanni Di Fronzo b. 9/28/1925 Filomena Di Fronzo b. 2/12/1953 Maria Di Fronzo b. 10/25/1958 Giovani Luca Di Fronzo b. 9/30/1983 (Switzerland) living in Fontanarosa. Tiziana Di Fronzo b. Switzerland and...

  • Rowberg

    Todd Kise

  • wedding

    Having lived with my wife for almost nine years now, we decided that its perfect for us to give way for the blessing of our marriage to be held on the 16th of April 2011,at ANGLICAN CHURCH OF KENYA,ST. THOMAS PARISH DIOCESE OF KAJIADO MASAI LODGE RD PARISH, ONGATA RONGAI. don't miss this great event!

  • Familie Angerer

    Erforschung der Vorfahren der Familie Angerer in Niederösterreich. Wichtige bisher bekannte Eckdaten: Johann Angerer wohnhaft um 1750 in Sitzendorf an der Schmida Johann Angerer geb. in Sitzendorf an der Schmida Ferdinand Angerer geb. 1777 in Wolfpassing Johann Angerer geb. 1803 in Gaisruck Umzug 1805 nach Hausleiten bei Stockerau Ludwig Angerer geb. 1851 in Tiefenthal Anton Angerer geb. 1890 i...

  • Italian Immigrants in Camden New Jersey

    A place to keep track of the Italian families that made their home in Camden New Jersey. Anecleto (sp.?) Mignone/Magnone- Father Domenico Mignone in Cempaloni (sp?) Ciriaco Magnone- 420 Pine St., Camden Angelo Di Fronzo Rafaelle Di Fronzo

  • חידוש הקשר עם אבא

    נטלי,,ניר,,, אני שמח מאד ללמוד שאתם גם מסודרים בחיים לנטלי,,יש ילד שדומה לי שתי טיפות מים לניר ומיכל יש את רותם וגיא נהדר,,, אני סבא ל-3 נכדים,,,,ידיעה יותר טובה מזאת לקראת יום הולדתי שחל השבוע 6/4/2011 נטלי ,,כאשר אתם מגיעים לארץ,,אני מבקש לראותכם ניר ומיכל,,אתם יכולים להזמין אותי לחגוג אתכם את הסדר,, אני מבטיח שתהנו מאד מאבא שלכם ,, אוהב אתכם ואת כל המשפחת המורחבות אתם תמיד בליבי !!!

  • Обренић Family

    Драги Обренићи... Пишите да се зна... шта и како....

  • Stikeman Family

    Researching the Stikeman family and linking Stikeman relatives.

  • Keluarga Besar H. Ilyas Pare

    H. Ilyas (1905-...) - Hj. Markatoen (19... - 1964) Pare Putra-Putri (01). Sriyatun - Paimin, (02). Rohyatun - Imam Sudjono, (03). Mustadjib - Hj. Munziah, (04). Mustadjab, (05). Mustadji - Atmini, (06). Rodijah - Soekarno, (07). Mustamar, (08). Jaelani, (09). Djumiatun - Nurchayat, (10). Hj. Zuminah - Drs. R. Soekaton, (11). Drs. Iwan Soegito - Tri Mulyani,

  • Keluarga Besar R. Syafi'I Mertoatmojo - Madura (1903-1972)

    R. Syafi'i Mertoatmojo Rr. Kiftijah ; R. Abdurrachman ; Rr. Suleha ; Rr. Rokayah ; Rr. Hasanah ; Rr. Siti Aminah ; R. Rahmat ; Rr. Subaidah ; R. Roeswandi ; R. Syafi'un ; Ms. M.Erfan ; Ms .Fathurrahman ; Umi Kultsum ; Dewi Hindun ; Satrio Joyoadikusumo ; Fadjar Djojoadikusumo ; Irianto Joyoadikusumo ; Nurul Karimah ; Nurul Ardiyati ; Nurul Qomariyah ; Budi Mulyani ; Ario Joko Sulistio ; Zakar...

  • Adopted

    Born 02/13/1954, Rex Hospital, Raleigh, NC, USA to Betty Glenn Green. Delivered by A.L. Wilkerson. Father said to be Elliott from Vance County, NC, USA. I believe this last name is Caulder and he lives in Henderson, Vance, NC, USA. Looking for all the genealogy I can get on these families. Surnames: Clark, Green, Caulder,Caribou

  • Alanna Wilson

    I am attempting to research my family history on my mother's side including my grandparents. My grandparents: Peter Whityck (died: Oct. 1940) and his wife: Ksenia Bratass (maiden name) where born in Poland. What I have been told is that they immigrated from Poland between 1910 to 1930. Unfortunately, I don't know the town they are from or any further ancestral history. I'm also trying to find f...

  • yadav family


  • Brandsar Family

    Om slekts-/etternavnet Brandser x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Av Helene Brandser: Etternavnet skal ha oppstått etter en mann i slekta som het Brand, så om noen andre slektsforskere kan finne fram til når tid den der Brand levde, og om han ...

  • Memories of Larry

    Lawrence Gideon Raisz 1925 - 2011 He lived to work more than he worked to live. He had a sense of humor. He liked to hike and ski and windsurf too. Started Windsurfing at age 60! I loved when he would say to me "aren't you smart?" He was and is the greatest man I have ever known. After his passing I realized better that it was less how very much he knew but more how he worked with people and ...

  • Familia Rivero

    Recordar la historia actual y pasada de los Rivero para saber de nuestra herencia y enseñar a nuestros descendientes.

  • Ira Evertt Dunlap and Joseph Dunlap

    Looking for information about Ira Everett Dunlap and brother Joseph Dunlap.....we know Ira was married to Minnie O'Mary Dunlap...........from Tennessee

  • Robert Lee Birdwell

    We are looking for information about Robert Lee Birdwell from Tennessee was married to Ella Mae Roberts.............We think his sister was Josie.......he lost both parents at a pretty young age....father was murdered....but we have little information

  • James Owen O Mary Family

    Trying to find any information about this family line......we think he was married to Elizabeth Stewart O'Mary....possible relatives Joseph Dunlap and Ira Everett Dunlap possible other links James and Cecilia O'Mary Does anyone know any of these ancestors? These would be people possibly living in Tennessee

  • Roanna Bailey to Other WV Baileys

    Roanna Pepper (nee Bailey) was born on May 10, 1810 and died on July 7, 1901 at age 91. She was the wife of Johnson Pepper, and together they had 12 children, including three sons who apparently all served in Civil War: Marshal (Confederate), Thomas B. (Confederate), and James B. (Union--he was the youngest). [ ] has a seemingly reliable tree for Roanna that starts with Thornsberry Bailey as ...

  • Marcos Glik

    Este proyecto es para completar el arbol de mi bisabuelo Marcos Glik y su esposa

  • African-American Nashville

    Various African-American families of Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Mi Familia

    Spanish Project

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