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  • Medal of Honor Recipients, Jewish

    The Medal of Honor was created during the American Civil War and is the highest military decoration presented by the United States government to a member of its armed forces. It is bestowed "for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life, above and beyond the call of duty, in actual combat against an armed enemy force". The medal is awarded by the President of the United States o...

  • Jewish New Year Music & Meditation

    Kol Nidre , Perry Como Avinu Malkeinu , Barbara Streisand Kol Nidrei Jazz Singer scene by Neil Diamond Hallelujah - If it be Your Will - Who By Fire - Hineini, Hineini, - Leonard Cohen

  • Jewish Community of the Philippines

    Philippine Jewish Heritage Jews in the Philippines? Moment Magazine---great read! Comparative Zionisms: Singapore and Manila Jews in the Philippines Manila Jewish Community Rob Schneider , Entertainer "Saturday Night Live . Jewish Community in the Philippines Tracing the Tribe / Blog Manila: The Jewish Presence Tracing the Tribe / Blog

  • "Mokum" - Wondrous Jewish Amsterdam

    In Dutch, the city of Amsterdam is often called Mokum . It was given this name by Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe who sought refuge there, starting in the 17th century. Rembrandt's Jews Had Rembrandt moved into any other neighborhood of the city, he would have been surrounded by neighbors with such names as de Witt, Graaf, Van den Berg, and Janszoon. As it was, the occupants of the hou...

  • Genealogia Paulistana

    Este projeto tem por objetivo documentar e transformar em MP os perfis dos casais que dão origem às famílias descritas por Luiz Gonzaga da Silva Leme (1852-1919) em seu trabalho Genealogia Paulistana . Propõe-se que, ao incluir um casal neste projeto, revise-se a descendência a partir do trabalho de Silva Leme, em busca de elos faltantes e perfis duplicados. Começamos anotando as erratas aq...

  • Notable Bahamian Americans

    Bahamian Americans are Americans of Bahamian ancestry. There are an estimated 68,000 people of Bahamian ancestry living in the United States as of 2015. Bahamian Americans have been growing at a rate of 58% every decade since 1990. Bahamians began visiting the Florida Keys in the 18th century to salvage wrecked ships, fish, catch turtles, and log tropical hardwood trees. A Bahamian settlement...

  • Assemblée constituante (1789-1791)

    L'Assemblée constituante 9 juillet 1789 - 30 septembre 1791 . . _____________________________________________________ Luc, René, Charles ACHARD DE PERTHUS DE BONVOULOIR-LOYAUTÉ (°19/03/1744-†12/02/1827) Louis, Joseph ADAM DE VERDONNE (°07/12/1753-†06/11/1831) Pierre AFFORTY (°20/11/1724-†28/11/1802) Charles, Guy, François AGIER (°29/08/1753-†30/05/1828) Jean, Antoine D'AGOUL...

  • New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team

    New Zealand national rugby union team Nickname: All Blacks Emblem: Silver Fern Union: New Zealand Rugby Union Head Coach: Steve Hansen Captain: Kieran Read Most Caps: Richie McCaw (148) Top scorer: Dan Carter (1598) Top try scorer: Doug Howlett (49) As of 10 September 2016, 1153 players have been All Blacks. The "first" All Black was James Allan, which was decided by alpha...

  • Jewish Families from Wölfersheim (Hessen), Germany

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Wölfersheim (Hessen), Germany also known as Woelfersheim. Please refer also to Echzell. JewishGen-Wölfersheim (Hessen)

  • Les Grands Hommes du Panthéon

    Par un décret du 4 avril 1791, l'Assemblée nationale décide de consacrer le Panthéon à Paris comme nécropole accueillant les cendres des personnalités exceptionnelles qui ont contribué à la grandeur de la France. L'inscription sur le fronton du Panthéon porte l'hommage 'AUX GRANDS HOMMES LA PATRIE RECONNAISSANTE'. La décision d'inhumation au Panthéon appartient au président de la République fra...

  • Japanese prisoners from Wake Island, Guam and Cavitie

    Still a Work In Progress I am adding names as I find them and if there is no profile for him on Geni, I am starting one If you have any information about anyone listed here, please add it to his profile Join this project (Actions > Join Project) if you would like to become part of it Wake Island is sometimes called the Alamo of the Pacific. It was attacked at the same time as Pearl Harb...

  • R-P312 (Y-DNA)

    for R1b tested positive for P312/S116 , but negative for downstream SNPs: U152, L21, ... etc. Current designation: R1b1a2a1a1b Subclades R - R-M207/UTY2 * R1b1a2 - R-M269 * R1b1a2a1a1 - L11/S127 * R1b1a2a1a1a3, 439=null - R-L1, 439=null R1b1a2a1a1a4 - R-L48/S162 R1b1a2a1a1b - R-P312 R1b1b2a1b4 - R-U152 R1b1a2a1a1b3c - R-L2/S139 R1b1a2a1a1b3c1 - R-L20 R1b1a2...

  • World War One: Servicemen and Women from Sussex

    World War One: Servicemen and Women from Sussex Throughout the First World War, the guns and fighting in France and Belgium could be heard in East Sussex. At the end of the War the bodies of hundreds of thousands of British soldiers did not return home. Many other men who had been wounded and returned to Britain lost their lives and were buried in their country. Please link any GENi profile...

  • Obitelj pl.Maroli (de Marulis, Marulić)

    RODOSLOVLJE OBITELJI MAROLI (de Marulis, Maruli, Maroli, Marul, Marulić) Ovo je projekt o povijesti, podrjetlu i rodoslovlju splitske obitelji prezimena Marulić (de Marulis) Oblik ovog prezimena glasio je najprije de Marulis, zatim Maruli, te od 18. stoljeća Maroli. Nositelj prezimena je jedna od najstarijih splitskih plemićkih obitelji, koja je iznjedrila Marka Marulića , oca hrvatske knji...

  • South African World War II PARTICIPANTS

    This is the sub-project where all profiles of South Africans who participated during World War II can be added. All South African Army, Navy and Air Force soldiers who participated in WWII can be added to this project. Sub-projects for more specialised interests will be added when possible. Collaborators are welcome, and so are suggestions. Under "DOCUMENTS" you will find pages from WO3...

  • South African World War II PRISONERS OF WAR

    This is the sub-project where all profiles of South Africans who were Prisoners of War during World War II can be added. All South African Army, Navy and Air Force soldiers (and civilians?) who were Prisoners of War during WWII can be added to this project. About 334,000 men volunteered for full-time service in the South African Army during the war (including some 211,000 whites, 77,000 bla...

  • George Medal

    The George Medal ( GM ) is the second level civil decoration of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. The GM was instituted on 24 September 1940 by King George VI. The medal is presented to those performing acts of bravery in, or meriting recognition by, the United Kingdom. History In 1940, during the height of The Blitz, there was a strong desire to reward the many acts of civilian courage....

  • Jewish Diaspora Portal

    Please Join Us as we Trace Our Jewish Ancestors' Odyssey to Establish Contemporary Israeli & Diaspora Communities Spanish Jewish Odyssey YouTube - A - African Jewry, A Microcosm of the Jewish Diaspora Al Andalus - The Golden Age of Jews in Sepharad Mokum Wondrous Jewish Amsterdam Aleppo's Venerable Jewish Community

  • The Battle of Jutland - WW1 31st May - 1st June 1916

    The Battle of Jutland Date 31 May – 1 June 1916 Location North Sea, near Denmark 56°42′N 5°52′E The Battle of Jutland was a naval battle fought by the British Royal Navy's Grand Fleet under Admiral Sir John Jellicoe , against the Imperial German Navy's High Seas Fleet under Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer during the First World War. The battle was fought from 31 May to 1 June 1916 in the...

  • Jews of Australia - Tasmania

    Trek to Jewish Tasmanoa Judaism in Tasmania Hobart Synagogue Jewish Faith Overview of the Jewish faith in Tasmania The Jewish faith was first practised in Tasmania by male convicts predominantly from the East End of London, where their families had settled in the eighteenth century after fleeing persecutions in Europe. Lack of Jewish women precluded for many years their forming a trad...

  • Jewish Families from Tovacov (Tobitschau), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Tovacov (Tobitschau) in the Czech Republic. Earliest known Jewish community was 1550. 1930 Jewish population was 56. Jewish community was cancelled in 1937. Arnost Forchgott, 1824-74, musician; Sidonie Grunwald-Zertkowitzova, 1852-1907, poetess; Hugo Kauder, 1888-1972, musician lived here. The J...

  • The Jersey Settlement, Warren County, Ohio

    The early history of Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio, is peppered with the names Barkalow, Maxwell, McCashen, Campbell, Vanderveer, Dubois, Lane, Schenck, Denise, Conover and Small. Nearly all these people came from New Jersey and were members of the New Jersey Presbyterian Church.They settled in Franklin Township and southern Montgomery County. In the latter part of the nineteenth centu...

  • American Revolution: Battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777

    The Battle of Bennington was a battle of the American Revolutionary War, part of the Saratoga campaign, that took place on August 16, 1777, in Walloomsac, New York, about 10 miles (16 km) from its namesake Bennington, Vermont. A rebel force of 2,000 men, primarily composed of New Hampshire and Massachusetts militiamen, led by General John Stark, and reinforced by men led by Colonel Seth Warner ...

  • Battle of Cold Harbor, (May 31 to June 12, 1864)

    The Battle of Cold Harbor was fought from May 31 to June 12, 1864, with the most significant fighting occurring on June 3. It was one of the final battles of Union Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's Overland Campaign during the American Civil War, and is remembered as one of American history's bloodiest, most lopsided battles. Thousands of Union soldiers were killed or wounded in a hopeless frontal as...

  • Cornell-Limerick Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Cornell-Limerick Cemetery The Cornell burial ground, which became known as Limerick Cemetery, was located on part of Lot No. 8, Beasley's Broken Front (BBF), south of the Preston-Berlin Road; the church was on the north side of the road. The Limerick Cemetery gravestones were re-located to Doon Pioneer Village, 10 Huron Road at Homer Watson Blvd., Kitchener in 1966 when Highway 8 was widened an...

  • "Buckinghamshire" (Ship) - Colonist to South Australia in 1839

    MARCH 21 - The ship Buckinghamshire, 1460 tons W. Moore Esq. Commander, from London and Plymouth 11th Dec., with general cargo, and emigrants. There were around 42 cabin passengers, 15 in steerage and 443 bounty emigrants, including 180 children. This is part of the Bound for South Australia - Ships Lists Portal Project Sources: The Ships Passenger List Southern Australian (Adelaide, ...

  • Royal mistress

    Royal mistress A royal mistress is the historical position of a mistress to a monarch or an heir apparent. Some mistresses have had considerable power. These powerful mistresses have been commonly referred to as the "power behind the throne". The prevalence of the institution can be attributed to the fact that royal marriages were until recent times conducted solely on the basis of politica...

  • South Peel Mennonite Cemetery - Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

    South Peel Mennonite Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: Concession 1, Lot 16, Peel Township GPS: 43.607853,-80.653862 Maintained by: South Peel Mennonite Cemetery Board==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Burgemeesters in LIMBURG nl.

    NLD : Politiek ‧ Bestuur ‧ Rechtspraak ‧ BURGEMEESTERS in LIMBURG nl. ‧ Voor Nederlandse burgemeesters in andere provincies zoekt u via Burgemeesters IN • Groningen nl. • Friesland • Drenthe • Overijssel • FLEVOLAND nl. • Gelderland • Utrecht • Noord-Holland • Zuid-Holland • Zeeland • Noord-Brabant • Limburg • Weet U slechts dat het door u beheerde profiel wel burgemeester was, maar n...

  • Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada - Cemeteries

    Links to Waterloo Region Cemeteries Kitchener Bridgeport Memorial Cemetery Cornell-Limerick Cemetery Doon Pioneer Cemetery Doon Presbyterian Cemetery First Mennonite Cemetery House of Industry and Refuge Cemetery

  • Jewish Families from Rogasen and Rogozno in Oborniki, Poland

    This project seeks to identify and collect Jewish individuals and family from the town of Rogasen or Rogozno in the area of Rogozno, 40 km North of Posen in the former Grand Duchy of Posen area. A settlement called Roguezno was mentioned as early as in 1192. It was granted town privileges in 1280. King Przemysł II was murdered in Roguezno in 1296 due to the actions of Brandenburgian margr...

  • Gårdshistorikk: Storeidet, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge

    Kilde Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg , Bind II, 2. Opplag ( ) _____________________________________________________ Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 9 Ballstad og GÅRDSNR.10 Ballstadøy GÅRDSNR. 20 Bolle GÅRDSNR. 16 Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 31 Bø GÅRDSNR. 37 Farstad

  • Emperors of China

    Huangdi (皇帝) was a title created by Zheng 政, First Emperor of Qin 秦始皇帝 (literally the First Huangdi of the Qin) in reference to the prehistoric traditions of the Three August Ones ( huang ) and the Five Emperors ( di ), and thereafter was employed by all who claimed the Mandate of Heaven over all or part of China, until AD 1912 when the last huangdi Puyi, Xuantong Emperor of Qing Dynasty 清宣統帝 溥...

  • Nobel Prize Winners

    "The Nobel Prizes" The Nobel Prize Organization Every year since 1901 the Nobel Prize has been awarded for achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and for peace. The Nobel Prize is an international award administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1968, Sveriges Riksbank established The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory...

  • Sanctuary Park Cemetery - Saugeen Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

    Sanctuary Park Cemetery located in Saugeen Shores. Cemetery Address: Eastwood Dr, Port Elgin Concession 9, Lot 11, Saugeen Township GPS: 44.43522,-81.378264Maintained by: Town of Saugeen Shores==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Boxer Indemnity Scholarship Program

    庚子賠款獎學金 The Boxer Rebellion of 1900. See wikipedia article . 1909 金濤 Cornell 魏文彬 Amherst 程義法 Yi Chi Mei Worcester 范永增 Fu-liang Chang 張福良 Yale Kang-Fuh Hu 胡剛復 Harvard 程義藻 Cornell 陸寶淦 朱惟傑 楊永言 吳清度 鄺煦堃 唐悅良 謝兆基 李鳴和 何杰 朱復 羅惠僑 吳玉麟 賀楙慶 邢契莘 MIT 王士傑 裘昌運 徐佩璜 王仁輔 Pan Cheng King 金邦正 Cornell 戴濟 嚴家騶 Chih Ping 秉志 Cornell 陳熀 張廷金 陳慶堯 盧景泰...

  • Edward I "Longshanks" descendants 15 generations

    Some Descendants of Edward I, King of England 1. Edward I, King of England born 17 June 1239, Westminister palace, England, occupation King of England 1272-1307, married (1) 18 Oct 1254, in Las Huelgas, Burgos, Castile, Spain, Eleanor of Castile, born ca 1244/45, Castile, Spain, (daughter of St. Ferdinand III and Joanna de Dammartin) died 24 Nov 1290, Hardeby, Lincolnshire, England, buried: his...

  • Jewish Families of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanyslaviv, Stanislau, or Stanisławów), Ukraine - משפחות היהודים מסטניסלבוב

    The project is dedicated to the memory of 300 years of a Jewish community of Stanisławów and its 50,000 members (of the county) that were brutally annihilated by the Nazis and their local Polish and Ukrainian collaborators in the Holocaust, in WW2. This project seeks to collect all Jewish families from the town of Ivano-Frankivsk (Stanyslaviv, Stanislau, or Stanisławów), Ukraine. ...

  • Europe – Russia

    This is an umbrella project to join different Geni projects related to European people and their descendants in Russia and to people born in Russia (not necessarily ethnic Russians) and their descendants in different European countries

  • Jewish Families from Bohorodchany, Ukraine

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Bohorodchany, Ukraine also known as Bogorodchany, Bohorodczany, Brodshin, Bradshin, Богородчани. Gesher Galicia-Bohorodchany Background Bohorodchany is an urban-type settlement in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, several miles from Ivano-Frankivsk. It is the administrative center of Bohorodchany Raion. Population: 7,872 (201...

  • Jewish Families from Freudental (Baden-Württemberg), Germany

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Freudental (Baden-Württemberg), Germany. JewishGen-Freudental (Baden-Württemberg)

  • Willamette National Cemetery

    National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of the city of Portland, Oregon. Find a Grave

  • Jewish families from Velvary (Welwarn), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Velvary (Welwarn) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery - Wilmot Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery Also Known as: Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: Notre Dame Dr, Petersburg SRS, Lot 7, Wilmot Township GPS: 43.412838,-80.604986 Denomination: Lutheran Maintained by: Emmanuel Lutheran Church==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Lakeview Cemetery - Gravenhurst, Muskoka District, Ontario, Canada

    Lakeview Cemetery Also Known as: St. Pauls Cemetery Cemetery Address: Wagner St, Gravenhurst Maintained by: Links The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery Find A Grave

  • Douglas Hill Cemetery - Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

    Douglas Hill Cemetery Cemetery Address: 2199 Bruce Road 3 Concession B, Lots 17-18, Brant Township GPS: 44.213548,-81.228239 Maintained by: Douglas Hill Cemetery Board==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • House of Industry and Refuge Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    House of Industry and Refuge Cemetery The Waterloo County House of Industry and Refuge was bounded by Victoria Street North, Edna Street, Frederick St. and Dunham Ave and its farm also went north beyond Victoria Street North of the Railroad Tracks. There were two cemeteries. The first starting in 1869 was located north of the railroad tracks which run parallel to Victoria St. It continued in op...

  • Pine Hills Cemetery - Scarborough Township, York County, Ontario, Canada

    Pine Hills Cemetery Cemetery Address: 625 Birchmount Road, Scarborough Concession 3, Part Lots 29-30, Scarborough Township GPS: 43.719009,-79.267731 Maintained by: Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries ==Links== Canada GenWeb's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Purdy's Cemetery - Greenock Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

    Purdy's Cemetery Cemetery Address: Concession Rd 14, Cargill Concession 14, Lots 14-15, Greenock Township GPS: 44.219498,-81.339335 Maintained by: Purdy's Cemetery Trustee Board==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Sheffield Cemetery - Beverly Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada

    Sheffield Cemetery Cemetery Address: Seaton Road, Sheffield Concession 7, Lot 9, Beverly Township GPS: 43.335596,-80.200003 Maintained by: City of Hamilton==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • The history of the County of Brant, Ontario - Mulvany, 1883

    The history of the County of Brant, Ontario : containing a history of the county, its townships, cities, towns, schools, churches, etc., general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of the Six Nation Indians and Captain Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea), History of the Dominion, Miscellaneous Matters, Etc., Etc., Etc. by Mulvany, Charles Pelham Published 1...

  • St. Teresa Roman Catholic Cemetery - Woolwich Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    St. Teresa Roman Catholic Cemetery , Woolwich Twp., Waterloo Region, Ontario

  • Linwood Union Cemetery - Wellesley Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Linwood Union Cemetery Cemetery Address: 3673 Manser Rd., Linwood Concession 10, Lot 10, Wellesley Township GPS: 43.57867,-80.73029 Maintained by: Linwood Union Cemetery Board.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Pre - 1820 British Settlers in South Africa

    British Settlers in South Africa who landed before 1820 This list of Settlers who went to South Africa prior to 1820 are listed in the book "Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa ~ Part 1 up to 1826" by E Morse-Jones. (Published under the auspices of the 1820 Settlers Monument Committee A A Balkema/Cape Town 1971 2nd Edition). The names were posted by Tessa King on Rootsweb in 2004 T...

  • St. Stephen's Lutheran Cemetery - Lyndoch Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

    St. Stephen's Lutheran Cemetery Cemetery Address: 126 Moccasin Lake Road, Schutt Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Township Denomination: Lutheran Links Northern Ontario Canada Gravemarker Gallery

  • Springvale Baptist Cemetery - Whitchurch Township, York County, Ontario, Canada

    Springvale Baptist Cemetery Also known as: Second Markham Baptist Cemetery, Sixth Line Baptist Church Cemetery Established in 1851. Cemetery Address: corner of Kennedy Rd & Stouffville Road, Stouville Concession 6, Lot 35, Whitchurch Township GPS: 43.953408,-79.327286 Denomination: Baptist Maintained by: Springvale Baptist Church Cemetery Board.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A...

  • Red Bay Cemetery - Albemarle Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

    Red Bay Cemetery Cemetery Address: 395 Huron Road Concession 4, Lot 19, Albemarle Township GPS: 44.80167,-81.28245 Maintained by: Town of South Bruce Peninsula.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Emmanuel Evangelical United Church Cemetery - Lyndoch Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada

    Emmanuel Evangelical United Church Cemetery Cemetery Address: 837 Schutt Rd, Schutt Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Township==Links== Northern Ontario Canada Gravemarker Gallery

  • Uxbridge Cemetery - Uxbridge Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada

    Uxbridge Cemetery Cemetery Address: Cemetery Road, Uxbridge Concession 6, Lot 28, Uxbridge Township GPS: 44.095198,-79.133161 Maintained by: Uxbridge Cemetery Company. Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Stone Church Cemetery - Thorah Township, Ontario County, Ontario, Canada

    Stone Church Cemetery Cemetery Address: Main St E, Beaverton Concession 4, Lot 9-10, Thorah Township GPS: 44.436846,-79.12946 Denomination: Presbyterian Maintained by: Stone Church Cemetery Commission.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Bengt Jakob Ignatiuksen jälkeläiset

    Ignatius -suku on lähtöisin Viipurin läheltä Ignattalan kylästä, jossa vuoden 1543 maakirjan mukaan asui Per Maununpoika Ignatt. Suvun ensimmäinen kirkonmies oli Mathias Ignatius (s. n. 1610 Viipurissa ja k. 1680 Juvalla). Hän työskenteli pappina Savonlinnassa. Sukuseuramme kantaisäksi sukuseuran sääntöjen mukaan on nimetty teologian tohtori, Vihdin kirkkoherra 1794 - 1801, Halikon kirkkoherr...

  • Rosebank Cemetery - Wilmot Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Rosebank Cemetery Cemetery Address: Concession 2, Lot 4, Wilmot Township GPS: 43.373356,-80.541152 Maintained by: Rosebank Cemetery Board.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Jewish Families from Nový Jičín (Neutitschein), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Nový Jičín (Neutitschein) in the Czech Republic. NOVY JICIN (Czech, Nový Jičín; Ger. Neutitschein), town in Moravia, Czech Republic. Jews are recorded in Novy Jicin in the middle of the 14th century as owners of houses, and as cloth merchants. The Jewish lane (Judengasse), which in 1581 containe...

  • State University of New York at Cobleskill

    University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill, also known as SUNY Cobleskill, is a comprehensive college offering degrees in agriculture and technology; business and computer technology; culinary arts, hospitality and tourism; early childhood; and liberal arts and sciences. The school began as the Schoharie State School of Agriculture in 1911 and joined the SUNY sys...

  • 13th Virginia Infantry - Company F (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Company F The purpose of this project is to document all the profiles of the men who served in this unit. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Alternatiivmeditsiini spetsialistid, parapsühholoogid, selgeltnägijad, bioenergeetikud.

    Siia projekti kogume kõik inimesed, kes on tegelenud eestis aktiivselt inimeste tervendamisega ja vaatavad inimest kui tervikut. Ka Hiina meditsiini inimesed, kes töötavad viie elemendi süsteemiga.

  • "Coromandel" (Ship) - Colonists to South Australia in 1836

    The Coromandel arrived at Kingscote Kangaroo Island on the evening of January 10th or 11th 1837, moved on to Holdfast Bay (Glenelg) on January 17th 1837, and was the first migrant ship to arrive in South Australia, after proclamation of the government of the province. There were156 passengers when the ship left England, including 53 married (or in 2 cases about to be married) couples, 4 single ...

  • Seeking Jewish Owners of Nazi Looted Books

    Help is requested to find the former owners Genealogists are being asked for help in providing information leading to the original owners of a large collection of approximately 10,000 books so-called the “Stürmer or Streicher Library”currently in the possession of the Jewish Community of Nuremberg (IKG). Remnants of the books were given to the city library on permanent loan by the Jewish Co...

  • CORRIE family of Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa

    This purpose of this project is to determine the provenance of Joseph Johannes Corrie, and to keep a record of his descendants. Joseph Johannes CORRIE * 25/02/1863 Listed as Jozef Johannes Cori on his eldest daughter 1. Anna Petronella's baptismal entry. 1887. Listed as Jozef Johannes Corri on his eldest son 2. Joseph Johannes' baptismal entry. 1888. Listed as Joseph Corrie on his third...

  • Richmond County, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site =This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • New Zealand Settler Ships - London 1842

    Ship: 700 tons, Captain: Thomas Atwood, Surgeon Superintendent: W M Turnbull M D, Sailed Gravesend 2nd January 1842 - arrived Port Nicholson 1st May 1842 Cabin Passengers Attwood Susanna Wife of Captain Attwood Kelham James Georgenia Empson Charles Sheppard Mrs William Torre Mrs Henry Wills Mrs Margaret Interme...

  • Prince George County, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site =This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin


    Kruopiai 18 a. antroje pusėje gyveno tuometinės Saločių parapijos kaimuose: Vainaroniuose , Vaškuose . Vainaroniai dabar administraciškai priklauso Pakruojo rajonui, tačiau parapijos centras Saločiai ir kiti parapijos kaimai priklauso Pasvalio rajonui. LAURYNAS KRUOPIS Karališkasis žemdirbys Laurynas Kruopis 18 a. antroje pusėje gyveno Vainaronių kaime. Laurynas Kruopis Lauryno Kruo...

  • Notable New Zealanders

    Kia Ora! Welcome. This project is to document the genealogies for notable people who were born in or lived in Aotearoa New Zealand. Prime Ministers List of New Zealand Prime Ministers Henry Sewell (1856-1856) Sir William Fox (1856-1856) Sir Edward Stafford (1856-1861; 1865-1869; 1872-1872) Alfred Domett (1862-1863) Frederick Whitaker Frederick Weld George Waterhouse

  • 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Champions

    1985 Chicago Bears final roster Quarterbacks 9 Jim McMahon 4 Steve Fuller 18 Mike Tomczak Running backs 34 Walter Payton 26 Matt Suhey FB 20 Thomas Sanders 29 Dennis Gentry 33 Calvin Thomas Wide receivers 83 Willie Gault 85 Dennis McKinnon 82 Ken Margerum 86 Brad Anderson 96/89 Keith Ortego 81 James Maness Tight ends 87 Emery Moorehead 80 ...

  • Disney Legends

    The Disney Legends Awards is a hall of fame program that recognizes individuals who have made an extraordinary and integral contribution to The Walt Disney Company. Established in 1987, the honor was traditionally awarded annually during a special private ceremony; since 2009, it has been awarded biennially during Disney's D23 Expo.[1]Recipients are chosen by a selection committee, formerly app...

  • Punished in Colonial America

    I've been running across ancestors who were publicly "punished" in Colonial America, have you? Here's a project to remember what they endured. from Crimes and Punishment in Colonial America In Colonial America the court structure was quite different from Great Britain. The colonial system was a hierarchy of overlapping courts and common law was the law of the land. The common law was gr...

  • Bauhaus Artists

    Bauhaus Artists Pictured Right: The Bauhaus Museum - Tel Aviv Bauhaus , was an art school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts, and was famous for the approach to design that it publicised and taught. It operated from 1919 to 1933. At that time the German term About this sound Bauhaus (help·info)—literally "construction house"—was understood as meaning "School of Building". T...

  • University of Vienna

    The University of Vienna (German: Universität Wien) is a public university located in Vienna, Austria. It was founded by Duke Rudolph IV in 1365 and is the oldest university in the German-speaking world. With its long and rich history, the University of Vienna has developed into one of the biggest universities in Europe, and also one of the most renowned, especially in the Humanities. It is a...

  • Strasburg Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Strasburg Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Cemetery Address: Strasburg Rd Kitchener GPS: Denomination: Lutheran Maintained by: City of Kitchener ==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project [hFind A Grave]

  • Attorney Generals of the United States of America

    The United States Attorney General (A.G.) is the head of the United States Department of Justice per 28 U.S.C. § 503, concerned with legal affairs and is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States government. The attorney general is considered to be the chief lawyer of the U.S. government. The attorney general serves as a member of the president's cabinet, and is the only cabinet de...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

    The FBI originated from a force of special agents created in 1908 by Attorney General Charles Bonaparte during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. The two men first met when they both spoke at a meeting of the Baltimore Civil Service Reform Association. Roosevelt, then Civil Service commissioner, boasted of his reforms in federal law enforcement. It was 1892, a time when law enforcement was o...

  • Stetson University

    University is a private, nonprofit university with four colleges and schools located across the I-4 corridor in Central Florida, United States, with the primary undergraduate campus located in DeLand. In the 2017 U.S. News and World Report's guide to America's Best Colleges, Stetson ranks as the 5th best regional university in the South, 5th best for veterans among regional universities in the ...

  • Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)

    The Pittsburgh Pirates are an American professional baseball team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB). They are organized in the Central Division of the National League (NL), and play their home games at PNC Park; the Pirates previously played at Forbes Field and Three Rivers Stadium, the latter of which was named after its location near the confluenc...

  • Wirt County, West Virginia, USA

    This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of West Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Partinico, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

    Progenitors See the parent Sicily Project for an explanation and criteria of the progenitors list Abbate Abbate, Giovanni - son was born in Partinico Garofalo Garofalo, Maria - son was born in Partinico Ingrastia Ingrastia, Francesco - son was born in Partinico Rappa Rappa, Catarina - son was born in Partinico

  • Jewish DNA Project at Family Tree DNA

    This Geni project is intended, at this stage, as a vehicle for testing possible ideas for links between Geni and the "Jewish DNA Project" that I manage at Colorized Database of Project Participants I have created this Geni project at my own initiative, and I do not wish to imply that it has the approval of either or Your comments are welcome,...

  • Canadian Authors

    Canadian authors are those who produce literature originating from Canada. While Canadian literature, like the literature of every nation-state, is influenced by its socio-political contexts, Canadian writers have produced a variety of genres. Influences on Canadian writers are broad, both geographically and historically. Please add to this project all Canadian literary figures, including poe...

  • Ancient and Early Medieval Chinese Literature — a reference guide (Knechtges, Chang, eds.)

    All the biographies in About Me's are drawn from Knechtges, David R. and Chang, Taiping, eds. Ancient and Early Medieval Chinese Literature , A Reference Guide. Leiden: Brill, 2014. Now available online consisting of mostly literary figures from the Han to the Sui Dynasty. During this "Early Medieval" period, traditionally known as the Six Dynasties (Wei, Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen), al...

  • Merton College, Oxford University

    Merton College, University of Oxford Merton Street, Oxford Founded by Walter de Merton Chancellor of England under Henry Ill & Edward I & Bishop of Rochester, in 1264. Merton College (in full: The House or College of Scholars of Merton in the University of Oxford) is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. Its foundation can be traced back to the 1260s when...

  • Msgnr.Reynold Purackal

    Msgr. Reynolds Purackal : 1910-1988 The Catholics of Alleppey, who knew Msgr. Reynolds and has personal contact with him, he was a legend. His pastoral care, concern for the poor, and commitment to the cause of the orphan boys had endeared him to all. His contacts and interactions with ordinary people cut across the barriers of caste and creed. An eloquent preacher and a convincing speaker,...

  • Wilmot Centre Cemetery - Wilmot Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Wilmot Centre Cemetery Cemetery Address: 2517 Bleams Rd Wilmot Township GPS: 43.38533,-80.62878 Maintained by: Wilmot S.S. #10 Cemetery Board.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

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