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  • Butchers

    butcher is a person who may slaughter animals, dress their flesh, sell their meat or do any combination of these three tasks.[1] They may prepare standard cuts of meat, poultry, fish, and shellfish for sale in retail or wholesale food establishments. A butcher may be employed by supermarkets, grocery stores, butcher shops and fish markets, slaughter house, or may be self-employed.[2]An ancient ...

  • Cold Case Files

    A cold case is any criminal investigation by a law enforcement agency that has not been solved for (generally) at least one year and, as a result, has been closed from further regular investigations. A cold case may be closed for various reasons such as: previously available technology was not able to adequately analyze the evidence in order to form a conclusion; witnesses were hostile and unco...

  • 05. United States of America Portal - States

    Arkansas Connecticut Delaware Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Massachusetts Missouri New Hampshire New Jersey

  • Eesti Üliõpilaste Seltsi rahvaviiside kogumisaktsioon (1904-1916)

    EÜSi rahvaviiside kogumisaktsioonis osalenud isikud.

  • 04. World Portal - Countries

    England France Germany Spain United States

  • 01. Genealogy Research (Aids)

    Genealogy Research (Aids) Guide To Ancestry.Com Chapters 1 - 15 Genealogy Research (Aids)

  • 02. Family History of Jerome Michael Wilson

    My Belnap / Woodward / Clary Family - Notable People

  • 03. Natural Disasters

    1900 Galveston Texas Storm Hurricane Harvey - August 2017 (Part 1) Hurricane Harvey - August 2017 (Part 2)

  • Black Nobility Family Heads

    House of Orsini - Domenico Napoleone Orsini House of Chigi - Mario Chigi House of Colonna - Marcantonio Colonna House of Medici - Ottaviano de' Medici House of Gaetani - Bonifacio Gaetani House of Pamphili - Jonathan Doria Pamphilj House of Este - Lorenz Este

  • 16. Spain

    Dear Michael I agreed to integrate the project Spain but I do not wish to use GENI to do real estate development. Effectively there is a part of our family that is native to this region of Spain and especially from Elche which is a few kilometers from Alicante. Many of them left for Algeria in the 1800s. Here. If we use this project to better identify and bring information about this part of ou...

  • 15. Germany

    This project is dedicated to my family, past and present, and about where they came from. World War II Operation Barbarosa Nazi Germany Invasion of the Soviet Union The Germans Advance into Russia What if Hitler never invaded Russia? Hitler's War The Eastern Front - The Death Trap Battle of Stalingrad Battle of Stalingrad - Timeline Battle of Stalingrad Documentary

  • 14. France

    This project is dedicated to my family, past and present, and about where they came from. France Location of Ardeche in France France - Ardeche (Prehistoric and Ancient History - Pages 1-10) France - Ardeche (Prehistoric and Ancient History - Pages 11-20) France - Ardeche (Prehistoric and Ancient History - Pages 21-30) France - Ardeche (Prehistoric and Ancient History - Pages 3...

  • 10. 1900 Galveston, Texas Storm

    This project concerns one aspect of Grandpa Jean Leon Clary's life and that of his first wife Louise Clary and daughter Clarice Clary. Jean Leon Clary survived this incident, however, Louise Clary an Clarice Clary perished. Chapter III - A Marathon Over Water and Land and a Lifetime of Pain

  • Aasta Ema ja Aasta Isa (Eesti)

    Aasta ema on tiitel, mida annab alates 1998. aastast iga aasta mais (emadepäeval) Tallinnas Estonia kontserdisaalis üle Eesti Naisliit. 1998 – ajaloolane  Sirje Kivimäe , Tallinn, 4 last. - vt wikipedia 1999 – arst, Tartu Ülikooli lastekliiniku juhataja  Tiina Talvik , 2 last. 2000 – Tartumaa väikeettevõtja Krista Tomberg, 4 kasulast, 1 laps. 2001 – Kunda inglise ja soome keele ...

  • Delftenaren in de familie ?

    Delftenaren in de familie ?Technisch-hogeschool Delft ~ TUD : Technische Universiteit Delft ~ Delft Technical University ~ l'Universite d'... ~PLEASE ADD ONLY PROFILES WITH DIPLOMA, for curriculum vervalsing is in Nederland zelf doorgedrongen tot het parlement ooit, en dat willen we hier alles-behalve stimuleren of faciliteren…—A——B—

  • SPORT : skaters ‧ NL ‧ schaatsers

    SPORT : skating ‧ NL ‧ schaatsen Wikipedia_NL ⓒ‧oaches Speed ~ lange-afstand-schaatsers Sprint ~ ⨀‧lympians - ⨀lympic speed skaters alphabetical —0— nog in te voegen, aanvulling welkom ! —A— Jillert ANEMA ‧ Harlingen 27-jul 1955 ‧ ⓒ ‧ wiki-nl —B— Jan BAZEN ‧ ‧ ⨀ ‧ wiki-nl Jan BLOKHUIJSEN ‧ ‧ ⨀ ‧ wiki-nl Lieuwe de BOER ‧ ‧ ⨀ ‧ wiki-nl Margot BOER ‧ ‧...

  • New Jersey: Slaves freed before ratification of the 13th amendment

    Sub Project to Slaves freed in America before the Emancipation Proclamation Freed in New Netherland or New York before January 1, 1863 Discussion Slavery was brought to the Hudson River area in the early 1600s, if not before. The first known slaves to be freed, that is, the first ones known by me, worked for the DWIC. For the few that were freed, the path was gradual. But they are include...

  • Danish Resistance Movements during WWII

    På dansk for neden, danish below The Danish Resistance Movement (Danish: Modstandsbevægelsen) was an underground insurgency movement to resist the German occupation of Denmark during World War II. By the German occupation in 1943 many Danes were involved in underground activities, ranging from producing illegal publications to espionage and sabotage. Resistance agents killed an estimated 400 ...

  • Fluvanna County, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site =This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Lancaster County, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site =This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • National Medal of Arts

    National Medal of Arts The National Medal of Arts is an award and title created by the United States Congress in 1984, for the purpose of honoring artists and patrons of the arts. It is the highest honor conferred to an individual artist on behalf of the people. Honorees are selected by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and ceremoniously presented the award by the President of the ...

  • "Mary Ann" 1791 (Convict Ship) Third Fleet (England to NSW)

    "Mary Ann" was the first ship of the Third Fleet to arrive in Sydney. The "Mary Ann" left England on 16/2/1791 and arrived in Sydney on 9/7/1791. She left with 150 female convicts and 9 of them died on the journey Master - Mark MUNRO Crew Thomas TAMBLETON Thomas Tambleton, crew "Mary Ann" 1791 Convicts Allen, Elizabeth Anstey, Mary Ann Apardley, Ann Asker, Elizabeth Ba...

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ‧ index ‧ Rector Magnificus

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - since 1880 ——— 1880-1881 : Abraham KUYPER ‧ 1837-1920 ‧ 1881-1882 : Frederik Lodewijk RUTGERS ‧ 1836-1917 ‧ 1882-1883 : Philippus Jacobus HOEDEMAKER ‧ 1839-1910 ‧ 1883-1884 : Dammes Paulus Dirk FABIUS ‧ 1851-1931 ‧ 1884-1885 : Friedrich Wilhelm Jacob DILLOO / DILOW ‧ 1841-1892 ‧ 1885-1886 : Jan WOLTJER ‧ 1849-1917 ‧

  • "General Hewitt" 1814 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The General Hewitt was built in Bengal in 1812. The General Hewitt departed England 26 August 1813 in convoy with the Windham and the Wanstead. They were the next convict ships to leave England for New South Wales after the departure of the Earl Spencer in June 1813. Under the command of Captain Percy Earl, General Hewitt sailed from England on 26 August 1813, with 300 male convicts, 104 cr...

  • HMS Orpheus: 1826 to Australia

    HMS Orpheus The object of this project is to identify the 213 passengers aboard The Orpheus on 12 Sept. 1826 and link their trees to this project. Main Resource Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild protected under international copyright law HMS Orpheus was a Jason-class Royal Navy corvette that served as the flagship of the Australian squadron. Orpheus sank off the west coast of Auckland, ...

  • "Lady Castlereagh" (convict ship Tasmania via) Sydney 1818

    Arrived Port Jackson on 30 April 1818 landing 39 male convicts , continued onto Van Deamons Land arriving 11 June 1818 landing 261 male convicts Convicts that remained in Sydney Total 39 : Emanuel Solomon Vaiben Soloman Resources Claim A Convict This project is included in The History Link Project - Trace your ancesters! you can add projects here

  • "Duke of Portland" 1807 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The "Duke of Portland" arrived in New South Wales, Australia with 191 convicts Convict Samuel Adams James Algar Robert Anderson Samuel Ayres John Skinner Baker William Ballard John Ballenger Joseph Balsover Richard Bayly Timothy Beeney James Bendall Edward Blake John Bourn William Bowen James Bowler William Boyer Edward Bradbury Joseph Briant Joseph B...

  • "Shipley" 1818 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    "Shipley" brought convicts to Australia 4 times1st - 1817 2nd - 1818 3rd - 1820 4th - 1822This project is for the 2nd voyage, which left England on 18 July 1818 and arrived in Port Jackson on 18 November 1818.Carried- 150 male convicts (3 deaths)Master - Lewis Williams MONCRIEFSurgeon - Robert Espie * AMBURY, Thomas* BARTLEMAN, Thomas* BATTLEMAN, Thomas - see BARTLEMAN, Thomas* BATTLEMORE, Thom...

  • "Northampton" 1815 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    This project is to capture all the convicts who arrived in Australia on board the "Northampton" on 18 June 1815* George GREENTREE b1810

  • "William Pitt" 1806 (Convict ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The William Pitt reached Port Jackson on 11 April 1806 with one hundred and seventeen female prisoners who all arrived in a state of good health. Convicts - 120 women, 1 man Deaths on voyage 4 Free Settlers Charles YORK, son of Mary CROOKS Gregory BLAXLAND (see Gregory Blaxland [Free Settler "William Pitt" 1806] ) - born 1778 died 1853. Spouse Eliza SPURDEN (see Elizabeth (Spurdon) ...

  • "Scarborough" 1790 (Convict Ship) Second Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

    The Scarborough arrived on 28 June 1790 Captain John Marshall Surgeon Augustus Jacob Beyer 253 male convicts Scarborough arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on 13 April 1790, and spent 16 days there, taking on provisions, and eight male convicts from HMS Guardian, which had been wrecked after striking an iceberg. She and Neptune parted from Surprize in heavy weather and arrived at Port Jackson...

  • Nicolaes Boulin, edelman of koopman?

    Auteur C. van de Klippe schreef a.d.h.v. archief- en literatuur onderzoek een studie uitgetypt in een schriftje, nu in het Rijksarchief onder de titel Genealogie van de de Bourgondische Vlaamse en Zeeuwse geslachten Micault , de Boulin, Boulyn, Bolyn ZIE BRON . Hij kon gebruik maken van bronnen die door het bombardement van Middelburg op 17 mei 1940 verloren zijn gegaan. het is daarna uitgetypt...

  • United States Senators from Rhode Island

    United States Senators from Rhode Island List of United States Senators from Rhode Island (from U.S Senate web site--no links) List of United States Senators from Rhode Island (with wikipedia links)

  • Morgados de Loureiro

    Os primeiros membros documentados desta família, com origem na actual freguesia de Silgueiros, perto de Viseu, foram Daganel (Daniel) de Loureiro e sua mulher D. Sancha Gonçalves, que fundaram a paróquia de Silgueiros em 1186, enquanto padroeiros da Igreja de Santa Maria de SIlgueiros.A igreja incluía “espaços para cemitério, terras para lavoura, pastos, árvores, águas e tudo o mais”, como nos ...

  • Kylä Vegarus, Suojärvi - aliprojekti Asutusluettelo

    Kylä Vegarus, Suojärvi -projektin pääsivulle Suojärven Vegaruksen kylän asukkaita Tälle sivulle kerätään Vegaruksen kylän asukasluetteloita eri lähteistä. Ideana on, että sivulle tulevat nimet ovat kuten alkuperäislähteessä, ja kustakin nimestä on linkki sukupuuhun. Aiempia ja myöhempiä ajanjaksoja tulossa pikkuhiljaa. Niitä saa myös lisätä (esim. ottamalla "urakaksi" jonkin tietyn lähded...

  • Red River Colony

    The Red River Colony (or Selkirk Settlement ) was a colonization project set up in 1811 by Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk on 300,000 square kilometres (120,000 sq mi) of land. This land was granted to him by the Hudson's Bay Company, which is referred to as the Selkirk Concession. The establishment of Canada in the late 19th century led to the creation of what is today Manitoba, although m...

  • Humanisme in Nederland

    Humanisme in Nederland In februari 1946 werd het Humanistisch Verbond (HV) opgericht als reactie op het 'geestelijk nihilisme' - dat mede had geleid tot de verschrikkingen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog - en de achterstelling van on-gods-dienstigen in Nederland. Initiatiefnemers waren onder meer J.P. (Jaap) van PRAAG, Garmt STUIVELING en Jan BRANDT CORSTIUS. Ook de weduwe van de vooraanstaande vr...

  • Rietdekkers in de familie

    Rietdekkers in de familie naam-associaties DEKKER Rietdekker etc.

  • Marblehead Genealogy Project

    Marblehead The purpose of this project is to share resources to assist researchers document the founding families of Marblehead in the 16th century and shortly thereafter. Vital records of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849: Volume I (The Essex Institute, Salem, Mass. 1903) Births Vital records of Marblehead, Massachusetts, to the end of the year 1849: Volume II (The...

  • Jewish Families from Żywiec, Poland

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Żywiec, Poland. Gesher Galicia - Żywiec Brewery Museum Zywiec wikipedia Folk dancing Overview Żywiec /ˈʒɪvjɛts/ (Polish pronunciation: [ˈʐɨvjɛt͡s]) is a town in south-central Poland with 32,242 inhabitants (Nov. 2007). Between 1975 and 1998, it was located within the Bielsko-Biała Voivodeship, but has sinc...

  • Founding Families of Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Scope of project This project identifies members of the founding families of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1706. Overview On 23 April 1706 Francisco Cuervo y Valdés wrote to the king of Spain and to the viceroy of New Spain he had founded a new villa in New Mexico. Francisco Cuervo y Valdés named the community after the viceroy, Fernandez de la Cueva, Duque de Alburquerque. The governor, in...

  • Jewish Families from Jičín, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Jičín (Titschein, Gitschin or Jitschin) in Bohemia, Czech Republic. Located 50°26' N, 15°21' E, 46 miles ENE of Praha (Prague) in the scenic region of the Bohemian Paradise (Český ráj) under the Prachov Rocks (Prachovské skály). Jewish population: 358 (in 1880), 90 (in 1939). The town is landmarked due to its significan...

  • The Ulster Plantation

    The Ulster Plantation King James I believed that colonising Ulster would quell rebellion and win over the 'rude and barbarous Irish' to 'civility' and Protestantism. Learn about the English and Scottish planters and the role played by the London Companies in the Plantation of Ulster. The Plantation of Ulster (Irish: Plandáil Uladh) was the organised colonisation (plantation) of Ulster —a pr...

  • Historic Buildings of Ayrshire, Scotland

    Historic Buildings of Ayrshire Now East and North Ayrshire See Historic Buildings of Britain and Ireland - Main Page Image right - Dumfries House If you have information about any of the Buildings mentioned below please share it here. If you have ancestors linked to any of the places please add them to the project.

  • People Connected to County Monaghan

    People Connected to County Monaghan Republic of Ireland See also County Monaghan Burials County Monaghan - Main Page County Monaghan Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries and Graveyards

  • Eesti pankurid

    Siia võiks koondada Eestis tegutsenud pankurid ja pangaametnikud läbi aegade.

  • Watauga Settlement

    The Watauga Association (sometimes referred to as the Republic of Watauga) was a semi-autonomous government created in 1772 by frontier settlers living along the Watauga River in what is now present day Elizabethton, Tennessee. Although it lasted only a few years, the Watauga Association provided a basis for what later developed into the state of Tennessee and likely influenced other western fr...

  • Maryland in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865

    This project is used to relate all units from Maryland who served in the Union Army. See Maryland (CSA) for units that served in the Confederate Army.

  • 18th Century American Women

    Bring your well developed profiles of American women of the 1700s to this project. notables Frances Slocum (Mo-con-no-quah, "Young Bear" or "Little Bear") was an adopted member of the Miami tribe. From List of American women's firsts 1700s - Henrietta Johnston becomes the first female artist working in the colonies. 1750 - Jane Colden was the first woman in America to win distin...

  • Biologists

    A group collecting the most famous and least known biologists. SEE ALSO THE PROJECT-PAGE : BIOLOGISTES A biologist, or biological scientist, is a scientist who studies living organisms, often in the context of their environment. Biologists involved in fundamental research attempt to explore and further explain the underlying mechanisms that govern the functioning of organisms. Biologists in...

  • Nevada Legislature

    The Nevada Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Nevada. The Legislature is a bicameral body, consisting of the lower house Nevada Assembly, with 42 members, and the upper house Nevada Senate, with 21 members. All 63 members of the Legislature are elected from an equal amount of constituent districts across the state. The Legislature is the third smallest bicameral state leg...

  • French Wars of Religion (1562–98)

    French Wars of Religion= French Wars of Religion (1562–98) is the name given to a period of civil infighting and military operations, primarily fought between French Catholics and Protestants (Huguenots). The conflict involved the factional disputes between the aristocratic houses of France, such as the House of Bourbon and House of Guise (Lorraine), and both sides received assistance from fore...

  • Dichters in de familie

    -2012-01-23-13:12-jMu-meewerken & aanvullen welkom, graag via via profiel-links Dichters in de familie hebban olla uogala nestas bigunnan hinase hic enda thu 
 wat unbidan we nu

 alle vogels zijn aan hun nesten begonnen behalve ik en jij
 wel waarop wachten wij XIIe - abdij van Rochester - 
vlaamsche monnik - Hier kunt u al die familie-leden linken die de ambitie hebben/hadde...

  • Universiteit van Franeker ‧ 1585-1811 ‧ Academia van Vrieslant

    Universiteit van Franeker ‧ 1585-1811 ‧ Academia van Vrieslant CURATORIUM 1585-1904 : de Staten van Friesland, qualitate qua HOOGLERAAR De Universiteit van Franeker had 170 tot 198 hoogleraren en kende de volgende faculteiten: Godgeleerdheid : 43 hoogleraren Rechten : 39 hoogleraren Geneeskunde : 27 hoogleraren Letteren : 30 hoogleraren Wijsbegeeste : 31 hooglera...

  • Jewish Families from Košetice (Koschetitz/Koschen), Czech Republic

    This projects seeks to collect representative profiles of all of the Jewish families from Košetice (Koschetitz/Koschen) in the Czech Republic.

  • Eesti punanurk

    Siin on need Eestiga seotud "punased" kellel selle ENSV asjaga otsest sidet polnud

  • Jewish families from Stod (Staab), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Stod (Staab) in Bohemia, Czech Republic. "Stod (Czech pronunciation: [stot]; German: Staab) is a town in the Plzeň Region of the Czech Republic. It lies some 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-west from the region capital of Plzeň upon the Radbuza River. Stod is also the seat of the Municipality with Extended Competence. His...

  • University Utrecht ‧ index ‧ Rector Magnificus

    University Utrecht ‧ index ‧ Rector Magnificus

  • U8a1a1a (Mitochondrial DNA)

    Haplogroup U8 Haplogroup U8 is found mostly in those with a European maternal ancestry Haplogroup U8a1a1a U8a: The Basques have the most ancestral phylogeny in Europe for the mitochondrial haplogroup U8a. This is a rare subgroup of U8, placing the Basque origin of this lineage in the Upper Palaeolithic. The lack of U8a lineages in Africa suggests that their ancestors may have originated f...

  • Village Lylyvaara, Ilomantsi, Finland

    Tämä on Kylä Lylyvaara, Ilomantsi kyläprojekti.

  • Oesterkwekers in de familie

    Oesterkwekers in de familie OESTER-teelt in NEDERLAND Ned. OESTER-vereniging oesterkwekers in wiewaswie —A— Marinus Jacob ABRAHAMSE ‧ 1837-1894 ‧ —B— Abraham Johannes van den BERG ‧ c.1889-1956 ‧ & Janna Marina TOUSSAINT Karel van den BERGE ‧ x ‧ & Janna van BAREN Jan van den BERGE ‧ x ‧ & Jannetje TRAMPER Cornelis Lauweres BOM ‧ c.1861-1944 ‧

  • Universiteit Groningen ‧ index ‧ Rector Magnificus

    Universiteit Groningen ‧ index ‧ Rector Magnificus ————— 1614-1615 : Ubbo EMMIUS ‧ 1547-1625 ‧ 1615-1616 : Hermann RAVENSPERGER ‧ 1586-1625 ‧ 1616-1617 : Cornelis PIJNACKER ‧ 1570-1645 ‧ 1617-1618 : Nicolaus Petrus MULERIUS ‧ 1564-1630 ‧ 1619-1620 : Johannes Epinus HUNINGA ‧ 1583-1639 ‧ 1620-1620 : Franciscus GOMARUS ‧ 1563-1641 ‧ 1620-1621 : William MAKDOWELL ‧ 1590-1667 ‧ ...

  • Hetta - Enontekis - Finland

    (The text is written in Norwegian) Prosjektet er opprettet i forbindelse med slektsgransking i området Hetta. Og for å redegjøre for stedet og området Hetta i Enontekiö, Finland. Noen profiler er lagt som linker til prosjektet. Tekst i dette prosjektet mangler og vil ventelig bli innskrevet ved senere anledning. Kilder: Kirkebok Enontekiö församling Linker til andre nettsteder: En...

  • Cinema Brasileiro/Brazilian Film

    O cinema do Brasil existe como exibição e entretenimento desde julho de 1896, e como realização e expressão desde 1897. Embora nunca tenha chegado a se estruturar plenamente como indústria, o cinema brasileiro, em seus mais de 110 anos de História, teve momentos de grande repercussão internacional, como na época do Cinema Novo, e de crescimento do mercado interno, como no período da Embrafilme....

  • van Beuren ~ immigrant family surnames

    From England (primarily) to New England (primarily in the 17th century) Looking back from my own generation on my paternal side: The Ziegler (German) and van Beuren (primarily English) ancestry Includes listings of women's maiden surnames Keep in mind that this list is not an immigrant count. It identifies family names in which oftentimes there were many immigrant individuals. Here is a...

  • Great Migration: Passengers of the Arbella, 1630

    Note from the Chase Chronicles - July - October, 1930 "John Winthrop begins his journal of the voyage of the Arbella on March 29, 1630: "Riding at the Cowes, near the Isle of Wight, in the Arbella , the ship three hundred and fifty tons whereof Capt. Peter Milbourne was master, being manned with fifty-two seamen and twenty-eight pieces of ordnance..... upon conference it was agreed that (...

  • 1820 Settlers - Cock's Party

    Cock's Party 1820 Settlers Main reference The Settler Handbook by MD Nash See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence Additional information from South African Settlers The aim of this project is to link profiles on Geni to the names in the list, and to expand notes about individuals - mostly on the Profile page in the "About Me" field, or here if no profile exists. Getting...

  • Ostrogašica

    Ostrogašica , općina Unešić

  • University of Toronto

    Introduction The University of Toronto (U of T) is a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1827 by a royal charter as King's College, the first institution of higher learning in Upper Canada. King's College was controlled by the Church of England until 1850, when the institution became secular and assumed its present name. The University of Toronto is a d...

  • Paikkakunta Lavansaari

    Lavansaaren (Karjalankannas) paikkakuntaprojekti Lavansaaren ja lähialueen sukututkimusprojekti. Rekisteröidy paikkakuntaprojektin lisäksi suurempaan kokonaisuuteen, koko Suomen ja Karjalan sukupuuta rakentavaan Suomi ja Karjala -projektiin , sekä soveltuviin kyläprojekteihin (Ahnuksen osalta kyläprojekteja ei vielä ole). Projekteihin liittyminen: kullakin projektisivulla klikkaa Toiminnot ...

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