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  • Jewish American Photographers

    Peter Aaron Reuven Afanador?? Peter Agmatiel Amy Arbus Diane Arbus (Nemerov) Eve Arnold Bill Aron Mark Aronoff Abe Aronow Michael Avedon (Grandson of Richard Avedon) Richard Avedon Sid Avery Loretta Ayeroff Tina Barney Lillian Bassman Eileen Benjamin Stephen Berkman...

  • St. Catherine's College, Oxford University

    St. Catherine's College, University of Oxford Manor Road, Oxford Founded by Alan Louis Charles Bullock Baron Bullock 1962.

  • Jewish Comic Book Artists

    It’s not exactly a Huge Secret that the Jews Began and to this day still Dominate Hollywood….…it just happens to be a fact!!! Jews seem to have dominated many of the other arts also …The World of Music particularly Tin Pan Alley, The most famous Comedians are/were Jews, The most Famous Magicians were/are Jews. The immigrant’s from the Eastern Europe of the 1890’s while searching for "Der go...

  • Harris Manchester College, Oxford University

    Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford Mansfield Road, Oxford Founded originally by Presbyterian committee in 1757 Modern version founded by committee named after benefactor Major Charles Harris MC in 1990

  • Pioneers of Space

    In the year 2014 we are still in a pioneering phase of "space: the final frontier.". So please add profiles to this project of the men and women of "this" planet who are making it possible to dream of "other" planets. Note: there is a separate project for Astronauts and Cosmonauts From A Brief History of Space Exploration : Humans have dreamed about spaceflight since antiquity. The Chines...

  • St. Antony's College, Oxford University

    St. Antony's College, University of Oxford Woodstock Road, 0×ford Founded by Antonin Bease French Businessman, 1950

  • St. Hugh's College, Oxford University

    St. Hugh's College, University of Oxford St. Margaret's Road, Oxford Founded by Elizabeth Wordsworth, (daughter of Bishop of Lincoln & great niece ofthe famous poet William Wordsworth)in 1886 .

  • University of Guelph College of Business and Economics

    The College of Business and Economics (or Guelph Business) at the University of Guelph, in Guelph, Ontario was formed on May 1, 2006. The current dean of CBE is Julia Christensen Hughes, who was appointed in April 2009 for a 5-year term beginning on May 11, 2009. David Prescott and founding dean of the CME, Chris McKenna, precedes Julia Christensen Hughes. Currently the College of Business and ...

  • Jewish Ancestry Research Guide

    Jewish Ancestry Research Guide This Directory is an overview of Jewish themed projects on Geni. We hope you will find what you are seeking. For another comprehensive directory, please also see Jewish Genealogy Portal: A Guide to Jewish Projects and Resources on Geni . Please feel free to list your project with us. - Use Geni Projects "Search Box" for links that do not work International...

  • St. Hilda's College, Oxford University

    St. Hilda's College, University of Oxford Founded by Dorothea Beale 1893

  • World War One - Shot at Dawn

    Shot at Dawn - World War One 306 British Army and Commonwealth soldiers executed after courts-martial for desertion and other capital offences during World War I. They received no medal, are never mentioned in memorial services and their grieving families received no pension Of the ±200,000 men who had a court-martial during the First World War, 20,000 were found guilty of offences carrying...

  • Greenfield Cemetery - Peel Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

    Greenfield Cemetery Cemetery Address: Wellington Road 109 Concession 19, Lot 7, Peel Township GPS: 43.82946,-80.558411 Maintained by: Greenfield Cemetery Board Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • "Minerva" 1838 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    This project is to capture all the convicts who arrived in Australia on board the "Minerva" on 9 April 1838 Jane GARDINER David GARDINER Robert GARDINER

  • "David Scott" (Female Emigration) - arrived Australia 25 October 1834

    This project is to capture all the people who arrived in Sydney on board the "David Scott" on 25 October 1834 Female migration to Australia commenced under the Emigration Commission of 1831-1832. The Commissioners assisted hundreds of women to migrate and in 1832 despatched two ships whose only passengers were female emigrants: the Red Rover from Cork to Sydney and the Princess Royal from L...

  • "Shipley" 1822 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    "Shipley" brought convicts to Australia 4 times 1st - 1817 2nd - 1818 3rd - 1820 4th - 1822 This project is for the 4th voyage, which left England on 7 November 1821 and arrived in Port Jackson 11 March 1822 Carried - 150 male convicts (1 death) Master - Lewis Williams MONCRIEF Surgeon - George Shaw RUTHERFORD ANGEL, James ANGLE, James - see ANGEL, James ATWAY, Eusebius - see HA...

  • "Shipley" 1820 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    "Shipley" brought convicts to Australia 4 times 1st - 1817 2nd - 1818 3rd - 1820 4th - 1822 This project is for the 3rd voyage, which left England on 5 June 1820 and arrived in Sydney Cove in September 1820. Master - Lewis Williams MONCRIEF Surgeon - Henry RYAN Carried - 150 male convicts (4 died on voyage) - 1 female passenger BARNFATHER, George BERESFORD, Richard BERISFORD, Ri...

  • "Shipley" 1818 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    "Shipley" brought convicts to Australia 4 times1st - 1817 2nd - 1818 3rd - 1820 4th - 1822This project is for the 2nd voyage, which left England on 18 July 1818 and arrived in Port Jackson on 18 November 1818.Carried- 150 male convicts (3 deaths)Master - Lewis Williams MONCRIEFSurgeon - Robert Espie * AMBURY, Thomas* BARTLEMAN, Thomas* BATTLEMAN, Thomas - see BARTLEMAN, Thomas* BATTLEMORE, Thom...

  • "Northampton" 1815 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    This project is to capture all the convicts who arrived in Australia on board the "Northampton" on 18 June 1815* George GREENTREE b1810

  • "General Hewitt" 1814 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The General Hewitt was built in Bengal in 1812. The General Hewitt departed England 26 August 1813 in convoy with the Windham and the Wanstead. They were the next convict ships to leave England for New South Wales after the departure of the Earl Spencer in June 1813. Under the command of Captain Percy Earl, General Hewitt sailed from England on 26 August 1813, with 300 male convicts, 104 cr...

  • "Indefatigable" (Convict Ship) - English Convicts to Tasmania - 1812

    Convicts on the transport ship Indefatigable - 1812 The Indefatigable sailed from England on 4 June 1812, arriving in Hobart on 19 October 1812. It was the first convict ship to come directly to Hobart Town. Weighing in at 549 tons it was a three master square rigged vessel with three decks. 200 convicts embarked on the journey, with 1 dying on the voyage. Source: Convict List

  • "Duke of Portland" 1807 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The "Duke of Portland" arrived in New South Wales, Australia with 191 convicts Convict Samuel Adams James Algar Robert Anderson Samuel Ayres John Skinner Baker William Ballard John Ballenger Joseph Balsover Richard Bayly Timothy Beeney James Bendall Edward Blake John Bourn William Bowen James Bowler William Boyer Edward Bradbury Joseph Briant Joseph B...

  • "William Pitt" 1806 (Convict ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The William Pitt reached Port Jackson on 11 April 1806 with one hundred and seventeen female prisoners who all arrived in a state of good health. Convicts - 120 women, 1 man Deaths on voyage 4 Free Settlers Charles YORK, son of Mary CROOKS Gregory BLAXLAND (see Gregory Blaxland [Free Settler "William Pitt" 1806] ) - born 1778 died 1853. Spouse Eliza SPURDEN (see Elizabeth (Spurdon) ...

  • "Coromandel" 1802 (Convict ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The Coromandel arrived at Portsmouth on 12 January 1802 and departed from Spithead in company with the Perseus bound for Port Jackson on 12 February 1802. She came direct, the first convict ship to do so, and arrived in Port Jackson on 13 June 1802. Sources Jen Willetts, Convict Ship Coromandel 1802 Only one prisoner died on the voyage out 138 Male convicts Ship Master Alexand...

  • "Bellona" 1793 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    This project is to capture all the convicts who arrived in Australia on board the "Bellona" on 16 January 1793 Free Settlers Thomas Rose, Snr [Free Settler "Bellona" 1793] , his wife Jane (Topp) Rose [Free Settler "Bellona" 1793] and 4 children Mary Ann (Rose) Green - Murray - Singleton [Free Settler "Bellona" 1793] , Thomas Rose, Jnr [Free Settler "Bellona" 1793] , Joshua Rose [Free Sett...

  • "Prince of Wales" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

    This ship carried only one male convict and 49 female convicts. She was of 350 tons and skippered by Master John Mason. Built at the Thames in 1786. She operated in England until 1797 when her registration was transferred to Fort Royal, Martinique, after which, little is known. FEMALES Esther Abrahams Susannah Allen Sarah Ault Ruth Baldwin Elizabeth Bingham Susannah Blanchett...

  • "Friendship" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

    Friendship - Departed England 13 May 1787 and arrived at Botany Bay 19 Jan 1788. 80 male convicts boarded. 24 female convicts boarded and traveled to Cape of Good Hope. Ships Master was Francis Walton. Convicts: Arndell, Thomas Thomas Arndell, free "Friendship" 1788 Baldwin, Ruth (alias Bowyer) Barrow, Scott Best, John Bishop, Joseph Baughan, John Brand, Curtis Browning, Wil...

  • "Lady Penrhyn" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

    "Lady Penryhn" arrived 1788 Surgeon to convicts - John Turpenny Altree Surgeon to crew - Arthur Bowes Smuth 104 female convicts The following people were on the Lady Penrhyn Robert Abel Esther Abrahams Esther Juliana (Abrahams) Julian - Johnston [Convict "Lady Penrhyn" 1788] Roseanna Juliana Abrahams Roseanna Juliana (Abrahams) Nichols [Free Settler "Lady Penrhyn" 1788] John Adams ...

  • "Charlotte" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

    Departed England 13 May 1787 and arrived at Botany Bay 20 Jan 1788. 100 male convicts & 24 female convicts boarded. Ships Master was Thomas Gilbert. Convicts Acres, Thomas Thomas Akers/Acres, convict "Charlotte" 1788 Anderson, John Anderson, Fanny Baker, William William Baker [Free Settler "Charlotte" 1788] Bloodsworth, James James Bloodworth [Convict "Charlotte" 1788] Bryant, W...

  • Norwegians in the Civil War

    There were a lot of Norwegians who participating in the American Civil War. Many people have wanted a project covering this part of Norwegian - American history. "Telelaget" "Vesterheim" "15th Regiment Infantry, Field and Staff" "15th Wisconsin Infantry & their Flag" "15th Wisconsin (Scandinavian) Regiment" "15th Wisconsin Regiment at Wisconsin Historical Society" "Wisconsin Civ...

  • "Alexander" 1788 (Convict Ship) First Fleet (England to NSW, Australia)

    Alexander - Departed England 13 May 1787 and arrived at Botany Bay 19 Jan 1788. 210 male convicts boarded. Ships Master was Duncan Sinclair. Before "Alexander" left Portsmouth a fever broke out and killed 16 men. 15 more convicts died on the journey. Robert Abel (Convict) - No Geni Profile Robert Abel was born 4/3/1767 to Edward and Jane Abel Born c1772 Abel was convicted with another man...

  • "Glatton" 1803 (Convict Ship) (England to NSW, Australia)

    The "Glatton" departed England on 23rd September 1802 and arrived in Sydney Cove on 11/12 March 1803 Carried - 270 male convicts - 135 female convicts (12-14 people died enroutte) Captain - James COLNETT Surgeon - Jacob B MOUNTGARRETT ALCORN, Edward John ALCORN, Edward John - Edward John Alcorn, free Glatton 1806 ALCORN, Richard ALCORN, Sarah BABBAGE, Mary - Mary McEvoy, Convict...

  • Gårdshistorikk: Petvik, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge

    Kilde Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg , Bind II, 2. Opplag ( ) _____________________________________________________ Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 9 Ballstad og GÅRDSNR.10 Ballstadøy GÅRDSNR. 20 Bolle GÅRDSNR. 16 Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 31 Bø GÅRDSNR. 37 Farstad

  • Alaska Governors

    Alaska Governors 1st - William Allen Egan , (1959 - 1966) 2nd - Wally Hickel , (1966 - 1969) 3rd - Keith Harvey Miller , (1969 - 1970) 4th - William Allen Egan , (1970 - 1974) 5th - Jay Hammond, (1974 - 1982) 6th - Bill Sheffield, (1982 - 1986) 7th - Steve Cowper , (1986 - 1990) 8th - Wally Hickel , (1990 - 1994)

  • Alabama Territory Governors

    Alabama Territory was formed on March 3, 1817, from Mississippi Territory. It had only one governor appointed by the President of the United States before it became a state; he became the first state governor. Governors of the Territory of Alabama William Wyatt Bibb (1817-1819) For the Governors of the State of Alabama see Alabama Governors

  • Kellogg College, Oxford University

    Kellogg College, University of Oxford Banbury Road, Oxford Founded 1990 as Rewley House achieved full college status & Kellogg tag 1994

  • "Somersetshire" (Ship) - Colonists to South Australia in 1839

    The Somersetshire 1839 from London with Captain John Jackson and 234 passengers, arrived Port Adelaide on August 24th, 1839 Sources: The Ships Passenger List If you have information on passengers or need help locating them on the tree, start a discussion here.. Some of the passengers: Samuel Sands a Tanner, and wife Elizabeth Keturah Putland Stories Related Projects: B...

  • Troops of the Confederate States of America

    During the Civil War many men of different United States Nations and cultures fought for the Confederate States of America (The South). These included Southern Whites, Freedmen (ex-slaves and the descendants of slaves), Native Americans, Mexican Americans and others. The specific purpose of this project is to create a family tree based upon the flags and battle-groups of the Confederates Stat...

  • Pindi kalmistu

    Olete teretulnud kõik need kes soovivad oma lähedased seoses selle rahupaigaga ära märkida ja projekti lisada. Projekt "Pindi kalmistu" koondab neid, kes on aegade jooksul seal oma rahu leidnud. Kultuurimälestise Riikliku Registri registrikanne vt. registrist ka kaasnevaid fotosid. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

  • Gonzales County, Texas United States of America

    Gonzales County, Texas United States of America Geographic Location: 29° 30' 5.8536" N, 97° 27' 8.9748" W This is a (sub) project of the State of Texas and Counties Project and the Gonzales County, Texas sub-project is for those who were born, lived, and died in Gonzales County, Texas . Gonzales County, Texas Genealogy on Gonzales County, Texas on Wikipedia Gonzales C...

  • Northern Confederates

    This project is for those who were born in the Northern States(Union) who fought for the Southern States (Confederate).

  • Pärnu vanad pildid

    Vanu pilte Pärnust läbi aegade : Vaadake rõõmuga ja lisage kommentaare, või parandage viiteid-täpsustusi. Kui kellegil veel midagi sarnast Pärnust, oleks tore näha. Olavi

  • Mijnwerkers in de familie

    - 2011-05-26-11:39 -jMu-meeZOEKen, helpen verWERKen & herZIENingen & document-e/o-profiel-linken en discussiebijdragen welkom. Straks ook graag attendering op interessante, leerzamen & leuke internet-URLs om profielen van mijnwerkers en documentatie te illustreren Mijnbouw -steenkolen-olie-gas-metalen-etc. Europese mijnen Steenkolenmijnen Nederlandse Staatsmijnen sinds 1901 Bij Nede...

  • University of Victoria

    The University of Victoria ( UVic or Victoria ) is a public research university located in Saanich and Oak Bay within Victoria, British Columbia. The university was founded as Victoria College in 1903, as the affiliate branch of McGill University, and is also credited with the beginnings of the University of British Columbia. A non-denominational institution, it transitioned to its current stat...

  • Finska sjöekipaget

    värvat marinförband, grundat 1830 vid upplösningen av autonomitidens första finländska militär. Förlagt till marinkasernen på Skatudden i Hfrs var Finska sjöekipaget 1 000 man starkt och disponerade tidvis över egna örlogsfartyg. Det deltog även till lands i försvaret av Sandhamn under den engelsk-franska flottans anfall mot Sveaborg 1855. Förbandet reducerades 1863 till en kader och upplöstes ...

  • People Connected to Jersey

    People Connected to Jersey Image right - Map of Jersey See also Bailiwick of Jersey - Main Page

  • World War One - Single, Isolated Profiles, United Kingdom

    World War One - Single, Isolated Profiles United Kingdom The purpose of this project is to keep isolated WW1 profiles of the United Kingdom in a holding group until they can be further developed. Please link profiles of WW1 participants from the United Kingdom, of any rank, survivor or casualty, who have an isolated profile with no further information found, to this project. By creating...

  • Suomen rakuunarykmentti

    Suomen rakuunarykmentti 1889-1901 Tietoa Rykmentin komentaja 1889-1901 kenraalimajuri (1919) Oskar Teodor Schauman

  • British Writers: L - P

    British Writers: L - P This project is a place to gather together profiles of British born writers of all genres. Those with bold links have profiles on Geni. Links that are not bold are to other sources. Names are arranged alphabetically and spread across 6 projects to handle the numbers. (The arrowed buttons below are linked to the other pages).

  • Hardy County, West Virginia, USA

    This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of West Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county.

  • The Guide of Agoncillo - Jalandoni Clan in The Philippines

    We look forward regardless of generations, the heirs of the Agoncillo - Jalandoni clan in the Philippines will be reconnected. More updates soon! Crisologa Margarita Dalisay Agoncillo y Jalandoni , my 6th paternal great grandmother also known Andang Crising was born in Taal, Batangas. She was educated at Colegio de Santa Rose in Intramuros, Manila. Throughout her life, she did not want to be ...

  • World War One: Armed Forces - Channel Islands

    World War One: Armed Forces Channel Islands The British Army during World War I was fought by units which were made up exclusively of volunteers—as opposed to conscripts—at the beginning of the conflict. Because of the numbers involved this project is one of a number of projects where GENi profiles of World War One armed forces can be added. The First World War, from 1914-1918, universa...

  • Bridgeport Memorial Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Bridgeport Memorial Cemetery lso Known as: Bridgeport Free Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: 76 Bloomingdale Road, Kitchener Waterloo Township GPS: 43.482099,-80.473351==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Notable Dutch Americans

    Notable Americans of Dutch descent The first Dutch settlers arrived in 1624 and founded a number of villages and a town called New Amsterdam on the East Coast, which would become the future world metropolis of New York. According to the 2006 United States Census, more than 5 million Americans claim total or partial Dutch heritage. Today the majority of the Dutch Americans live in California, ...

  • Palace of Versailles

    Versailles was originally built in 1623 by French King Louis XIII le Juste, roi de France et Navarre as a hunting lodge made of brick and stone. His successor, Louis XIV le Grand, roi de France et Navarre , expanded the structure into a royal palace, in multiple phases. It was remodeled in 1738 by Louis XV, roi de France et de Navarre . Following the French Revolution in 1789, the palace fell i...

  • Heisman Winners

    Heisman Trophy Winners 1935 Jay Berwanger Chicago RB Sr. 1936 Larry Kelley Yale END Sr. 1937 Clinton Frank Yale HB Sr. 1938 Davey O'Brien TCU QB Sr. 1939 Nile Kinnick Iowa RB Sr. 1940 Tom Harmon Michigan RB Sr. 1941 Bruce Smith Minnesota RB Sr. 1942 Frank Sinkwich Georgia RB Sr. 1943 Angelo Bertelli Notre Dame QB Sr. 1944 Les Horvath Ohio State HB Sr. 1945 Felix "D...

  • Pioneer Park Mennonite Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Pioneer Park Mennonite Cemetery Also Known as: Weber Mennonite Cemetery, later as Strasburg Mennonite Cemetery Cemetery Address: Biehn Dr, Kitchener Biehn Tract, Lot 7, Waterloo Township GPS: 43.395872,-80.455091 Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • United States Army Command and General Staff College

    The United States Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC or, obsolete, USACGSC) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, is a graduate school for United States Army and sister service officers, interagency representatives, and international military officers. The college was established in 1881 by William Tecumseh Sherman as the School of Application for Infantry and Cavalry, (later simply the Infa...

  • Wars of Scottish Independence

    Wars of Scottish Independence The Wars of Scottish Independence were a series of military campaigns fought between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. The First War (1296–1328) began with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296, and ended with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328. The Second War (1332–1357) b...

  • Doon Presbyterian Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Doon Presbyterian Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: Mill Park Dr, Kitchener GPS: 43.395798,-80.423932 Denomination: Presbyterian Maintained by: Doon Presbyterian Church Cemetery.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Kinzie-Biehn Cemetery - Kitchener, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Kinzie-Biehn Cemetery Also Known as: Kinzie Biehn Pioneer Cemetery Community originally known as Doon, now part of Kitchener. In memory of the John Biehn and Dilman Kinzie families. Who, with a number of other families came to this tract of land from Montgomery County, Pa. In early April of the year 1800. There were nine covered wagon teams in this train. Erected 1974 Cemetery Address: Mill...

  • Gårdshistorikk: Sennesvik Nedre, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge

    Kilde Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg , Bind II, 2. Opplag ( ) _____________________________________________________ Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 9 Ballstad og GÅRDSNR.10 Ballstadøy GÅRDSNR. 20 Bolle GÅRDSNR. 16 Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 31 Bø GÅRDSNR. 37 Farstad

  • Rodzina Szydłowski

    Rozpoczynam dzisiaj projekt Rodzina Szydłowski aby zebrać w jednym miejscu wszystkie informacje o rodzinie. Zapraszam do współpracy całą swoją znaną mi, i nie znaną rodzinę. Chętnie również będę gościł wszystkie osoby chętne do współpracy i posiadające informacje przydatne przy badaniach. Zapraszam również wszystkie osoby zainteresowane tym projektem. Uprzejmie proszę o dzielenie się uwagami w ...

  • Altavilla Milicia, Palermo, Sicily, Italy - Records

    John Dale Kessel has kept some text files on his computer with links to the index pages... That evolves to shortcuts to various profiles within the records... That evolved to at times creating an index of chunks of records... Some of this is on the main John Dale Kessel wanted to see what it would look like to make that available here and work with it here. The end result would be a list of...

  • Lafayette County,Florida

    This project is for those that were born,lived, and died in Lafayette.

  • Angolan Genealogy

    Introduction: Ambundu people in Angola * Nzinga 'Anna' Mbande, Queen of the Ndongo and Matamba Slave Trade: Slaves to the Cape: Female Catharina/ Catarina van Angola Catarina van Angola Cecilia [van Angola?]: Cecilia van Angola, SM/PROG / Ciciliaa van Angola

  • A not so brief WELKOM SA CUZZINS brief.

    Hello new SA GENi user: (please scroll down for Afrikaans - & if you're more bilingual than me - please help with my translating & add in other SA languages you speak. ) So you've started your GENi tree & now you want to know what more there is, & who to ask, & if you can even risk making mistakes. This is our letter to you from the South African area of the tree to say, "Welkom cuzzin", we...

  • De Vries line out of the Netherlands and Brazil

    Note: To return to the host project, click HERE Sub-Project #1 (Mixed Blood) Pedigree Links through Photos (One of many similar projects) This one focuses on the DeVries - New Netherland blacks and mixed-blood The base couple is: Capt. Jan De Vries and Lare (Hilary) Criolyo, his wife/slave They had one surviving son: Jan De Vries II from whom the entire de Vries male line descends. A li...

  • Ramapo Mountain People - New Netherland to the Present

    A project that attempts to follow the blood lines of black and mixed blood slaves of 17th century New Netherland, through their settlement of the land patents of New Jersey, to the smaller Ramapo Mountain area, and beyond. This examination makes use of the Geni World Tree. It also explores evidence that these lines were fractionally part of the the Ramapo culture Click on the map, here to the...

  • Üliõpilasselts Liivika

    Üliõpilasselts Liivika Liikmed Üliõpilasselts Liivika koduleht

  • The Master Profiles of Philippine Heroes and Saints

    Every country has a great number of heroes to be proud of. In this page, we look forward that every generation of Filipinos from across the world will continue to remember the great men and women of Philippine history who brought awesome honors and legacies. We encourage the contributors to post anecdotes and other inspiring stories for each of the Philippine heroes and saints added.

  • El Shatt - WWII refugee camps

    El Shatt The El Shatt was a complex of World War II refugee camps in the desert of the Sinai peninsula, in Egypt. Residents lived there from the summer of 1944 to the beginning of 1946. The region of Dalmatia was evacuated by the Allies, ahead of a German invasion in 1944. The camp was disbanded in 1946 after the war ended. Fleeing the German offensive in the beginning of 1944, a large numb...

  • CWGC: Randfontein Cemetery and Randfontein Memorial

    Images: Left - Ranfontein Cemetery -Courtesy of eGGSA Library ; Right - Randfontein Memorial - Courtesy of Derek Walker [ ] Randfontein Cemetery 18 identified Military Casualties Randfontein Cemetery contains 17 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, most of them from the Air Training School that was then established at Randfontein. There is also one First World War burial in the...

  • British Army - The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own)

    Above - Cigarette Card, Colours of The Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Regiment), Courtesy of cigcardpics - flickr - 44841559@N03 ; Badge Right - The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own), WW1; Courtesy of British Military Badges The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) British Army - Infantry

  • Practicing American Attorneys

    This project is for living U.S. attorneys , as opposed to deceased/historical/powdered ones.

  • Notable African Americans

    African Americans (also referred to as Black Americans or Afro-Americans ) are an ethnic group of Americans with total or partial ancestry from any of the Black racial groups of Africa. The term may also be used to include only those individuals who are descended from enslaved Africans. As a compound adjective the term is usually hyphenated as African-American . Black and African Americans co...

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Sernancelhe ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Sernancelhe to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de SERMANCELHE .

  • Holocaust in Poland

    The Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Poland took the lives of three million Polish Jews, destroying an entire civilization. Poles represented the largest number of people who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. To date, 6,135 Poles have been awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by the State of Israel 700 of which received their awards posthumously. Between October 1939 and July 1942 a sy...

  • Holocaust in Greece - שואת יהודי יון

    This project is in memory of the Greek Jews that perished at the hands of the Nazis in the Holocaust. Jews have lived in Athens since the 3rd century B.C.E., and the remains of an ancient synagogue can be found in the Agora, at the foot of the Acropolis. The Jewish community in Athens is Romaniote , who speak Greek and have assimilated into the city’s culture over time. On the eve of World ...

  • Essex County, Virginia, USA

    Official Web Site =This project is a table of contents for all projects relating to this County of Virginia. Please feel free to add profiles of anyone who was born, lived or died in this county. Point Of Contact For This Page: Donald Colvin

  • Acting First Ladies of the United States

    are times when someone other than the President's wife acted in the role of First Lady of the United States, mainly when the President was a bachelor/widower or when his wife declined/was unavailable to serve as hostess.

  • States Senators from Tennessee

    Added a properly titled Project to replace this one. Would have edited title but don't know how. Would like to delete this project but don't know how. Please refer to Project entitled: United States Senators from Tennessee

  • Tennessee Women's Hall of Fame

    The Tennessee Women's Hall of Fame is a non-profit, volunteer organization that recognizes women who have contributed to history of the U.S. state of Tennessee. The organization was founded and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2010 to recognize accomplished women who have impacted the development of the state of Tennessee and improved the status of other women. It is the brainchil...

  • Shays' Rebellion

    Hard times followed the American Revolutionary War. A lack of hard currency and government debt resulted in higher taxes and new policies set by the government. During this time it was also more difficult to obtain imported goods such as tea, coffee, and material for clothing. Many citizens fell into debt. Shays' Rebellion took place between 1786 and 1787 in central and western Massachusetts....

  • Finnegan Connections

    finding connections from the Finnegan's from Plymouth, Luzerne County, PA

  • Millikin University

    University is an American co-educational, comprehensive, private, four-year university with traditional undergraduate programs in arts and sciences, business, fine arts, and professional studies, as well as non-traditional, adult degree-completion programs (PACE) and graduate programs in business administration and nursing. Millikin's campus is in Decatur, Illinois and serves approximately 2,40...

  • District of Columbia in the US Civil War (USA) 1861-1865

    total of 15,131 men fought in two regiments and four battalions of infantry and one regiment of cavalry. Other independent companies were raised during the war for local defense, including 33 companies of infantry and one company of cavalry raised from the District militia from April to July 1861

  • 36th Massachusetts Infantry (USA), US Civil War

    The 36th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry was an infantry regiment that served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. History of the Thirty-sixth regiment Massachusetts volunteers. 1862-1865 The rooster begins on page 653 . Battles Battle of Fredericksburg Battles of the Wilderness Battle of Spottsylvania Court House

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