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  • Circle of USA ‧ Michigan ❜s

    Circle of USA ‧ Michigan ❜s Burial Listings of PILGRIM Home Cemetary and Graafschap Cemeteries in HOLLAND - Michigan State - USA d.d. 2015 jan-06 Dutch Immigrants from ZEELAND • d:eparture —A— Maatje Jozina ALLAART ‧ x ‧ d:1913-jul-31 ‧ 〓 fam A… Abraham ‧ x ‧ d:1913apr03 ‧ ...

  • Calvary Conservative Mennonite Cemetery - Woolwich Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Calvary Conservative Mennonite Cemetery Cemetery Address: 5064 Arthur St N, Elmira Woolwich Township GPS: 43.669579,-80.544315 Denomination: Mennonite==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Vroedschap van Zierikzee ‧ 1523-1795

    De Vroedschap van Zierikzee ‧ 1523-1795 BRON: P.D. de VOS. De Vroedschap van Zierikzee van de tweede helft der 16e eeuw tot 1795. 1523 : Lieven Anthoniszoon van BURGH ‧ c.1490-1556 ‧ 1523 : Willem Simonz, Ambachtsheer van Stavenisse en Cromstrijen 1498-1557 15xx-1553 : Jacob SUIJS, heer van Nederveen, Tolsende en Grijsoord ‧ 1520-1592 ‧ 1553-1562...

  • Nederlandse Verzetsgroepen - WWII

    Nederlandse Verzetsgroepen tijdens de Tweede Wereld Oorlog Dutch resistance groups during World War II Dit project geeft een overzicht over de vele verzetsgroepen die actief waren in Nederland tijdens de tweede Wereld oorlog. Deze lijst is niet compleet, sommige verzetsgroepen zijn nog niet geïdentificeerd en beschreven. Aanvullingen zijn altijd welkom. ENGLISH : This project is an...

  • Jewish Families from Flehingen (Baden-Württemberg), Germany

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Flehingen (Baden-Württemberg), Germany. JewishGen-Flehingen (Baden-Württemberg)

  • Mannheim Mennonite Cemetery - Wilmot Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Mannheim Mennonite Cemetery Also Known As: Latschaw Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: 1494 Bleams Road, Mannheim NBR, Lot 5, Wilmot Township GPS: 43.39589,-80.568291 Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: Mannheim Mennonite Church Cemetery Board. Originally the Latshaw Farmstead.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught ‧ Nederland

    -2014-apr-03-do-00:17-jMu--- info op deze pagina is ontleend aan de website v/h museum e/o persberichten. Nationaal Monument Kamp Vught Nieuws & Actuele informatie Brab. Dagblad 2012 jun-23: Herdenking Srebrenica - 1995 ~17 jaar geleden~ viel de enclave Srebrenica in handen van Serviers. O.a. met vertoning van 'n documentaire over Srebrenica, met aansluitend gesprek tussen: Dion van d...

  • Dickson Hill Cemetery - Markham Township, York County, Ontario, Canada

    Dickson Hill Cemetery Cemetery Address: 74 Dickson Hill Rd, Markham Concession 7E, Lot 30, Markham Township GPS: 43.944106,-79.27707 Maintained by: Dickson Hill Cemetery Board==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Wideman Mennonite Cemetery - Markham Township, York County, Ontario, Canada

    Wideman Mennonite Cemetery Cemetery Address: 10530 Hwy 48, Markham Concession 7, Lots 24, Markham Township GPS: 43.922456,-79.271813 Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: Wideman Mennonite Church==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Marx Binkley Cemetery - Ancaster Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada

    Marx Binkley Cemetery Cemetery Address: Lakelet Dr, Hamilton Concession 1, Lot 56, Ancaster Township GPS: 43.260862,-79.927984 Maintained by: City of Hamilton==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • St Boniface Cemetery - Maryhill, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    St Boniface Cemetery Also Known As: Old Walled Cemetery Across the road from St Boniface Cemetery - New . Cemetery Address: 1367 Maryhill Rd (Twp Rd 54), Maryhill Concession BUB, Lot 80, Woolwich Township GPS: 43.537089,-80.392913 Denomination: Roman Catholic Maintained by: R.C.E.C. of Diocese of Hamilton Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Baker and Connected Families of Jamaica

    Under construction, collobrations welcome. Associated names Heath, Powell, Williams, Smith, Tate, Walker, Evans, Hewitt, Charlton, Byfield, Brown,

  • Norske ordførere

    Dette prosjektet har som formål å samle alle ordførere i Norge. Fra Wikipedia ( ): Formannskapslovene var to lover som ble vedtatt i 14. januar 1837 og som gjaldt fra 1. januar 1838. Det ble opprettet nye folkevalgte organer i henhold til disse lovene både i bygder og byer. Landet ble delt inn i formannskapsdistrikter, 355 på landet og 37 for byene. Ve...

  • House of Hesse

    The subject of this project is to descripe the rulers of the house of Hesse and its branches. This project is a subproject to Noble houses of Europe Hesse, 1264–1458 Henry I the Child 1264–1308 Otto the Elder son of Henry I, 1308–1328 until 1311in Upper Hesse (Marburg), reunited Hesse in 1311, by the dead of John John , son of Henry I, 1308–1311 in Lower He...

  • State of Arkansas with Counties Project

    This is a project for those who were born, lived or died in the State of Arkansas.

  • Danske biskopper i gennem tiden

    This pilot project has been made ​​, to provide an overview who are / were bishops in Denmark ' . write like if something is missing. Biskop . 1200 . Absalon. Ærkebiskop Absalon Hvide . Anders Sunesen Skjalm Vognsen. Peder Vognsen. Ebbe Vognsen. Peder Sunesen. Peder Jacobsen. Niels Stigsen. 1300 . 1400 . Peder Jensen Lodehat . Jens Andersen Lodehat 1500 . Ped...

  • State of Colorado with Counties Project

    This is a project for Colorado and it Counties. You may place relations here and in the county. (Name of Community),(Name of County),(Name of State). Person of Contact: Chris L.Mathews Please go to following link for more information.

  • Zeepzieders in de familie

    Zeep-zieders in UW familie ? grondstof vetten: reuzel - boter - levertraan - hennep-olie - lijn-olie - raap-olie - een mengsel diverse oliën - & loog: pot-as kalk-loog in nauwe relatie met het beroep van BLEYKER of BLEKER gevonden tbv GENI-invoer e/o documentatie Zeepzieders & -ziederijen Gelderland ▶ NIJMEGEN Louis ALBERS ‧ bruidegom ‧ 20-aug 1...

  • Labor Movement

    Finding Aid: The following google search terms are useful in locating profiles of people involved in the labor movement. To use them visit google and type them as a search term: labor movement workers movement afl-cio organized labor Introduction: The term labour movement or labor movement is a broad term fo...

  • The Noble Surname von Arscheid and de Orscheid

    Currently researching the Noble family 'von Arscheid/Orscheid' - von Ütgenbach family. The Kalscheid are therefore a branch of the Ütgenbacher as well as the Ascheid. Brethren of the Teutonic Order of Knights The surname 'Arscheid' or 'Orscheid' has many different variation as a result of transliteration due to linguistic barriers or dialectic prerogatives. ( Ascfaeid Arsc...

  • Teutonic Knights

    The Order of The Teutonic Knights of St. Mary's Hospital in Jerusalem - 1190-2015 The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem (Official names: Latin: Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum , German: Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus St. Mariens in Jerusalem ), commonly the Teutonic Order (Today: German Order = Deutscher Orden ,...

  • Lords of Ütgenbach

    Coming Soon UPDATE 10-04-2014 Working presently will up-date as the work develops This is the story of confessors and inquisitors, Knights and combat, witch trials and heretics, amidst a cast of stoic characters in an age of intrigue! We will attempt to answer some of history's greatest mysteries and unlock many hidden secrets... Chronik Schloss Hülchrath Moischt is a part of M...

  • Dawes Roll

    The Dawes Roll This project is an atempt to identify those on the Dawes Roll within Geni. Dawes Rolls From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Dawes Rolls (or Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes, or Dawes Commission of Final Rolls) were created by the Dawes Commission. The Commission, authorized by United States Congress in 1893, was required to negotiate wi...

  • Appalachian State University

    State University (also referred to as Appalachian, App State, App, ASU) is a comprehensive (Master's L), public, coeducational university located in Boone, North Carolina, United States.Appalachian State was founded as a teacher's college in 1899 by brothers B.B. and D.D. Dougherty. It expanded to include other programs in 1967, and joined the University of North Carolina system in 1971. It is ...

  • Jewish Families from Fritzlar (Hessen), Germany

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Fritzlar (Hessen), Germany also known as Virshlar. JewishGen-Fritzlar (Hessen)

  • Žrnovnica (Zrnovnica)

    A branch of the Croatian Genealogy – Dalmatia project / Ovaj projekat je dio projekta Hrvatsko Rodoslovlje - Dalmacija Ovo je projekt geneologija žrnovačkih prezimena Žrnovnica (Zrnovnica, Zrnovnizza) ŽRNOVNICA - stara žrnovačka prezimena

  • Jewish Families from Chropov (Skalica), Slovakia

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Chropov (Skalica), Slovakia. Family History-Chropov (Skalica)

  • Sla er vast een SLAG naar ...

    —2013-dec-11-wo-20:25+GMT-winter~time—jM-vu—add-create-o-join? welcome to link & discuss with others who had ancestors or descandants that were victimed in battles or other not so funny games... ‧ ‧ 1787 mei-09 : Slag bij Vreeswijk ‧ bij dorp De VAART - Utrecht Oranjegezinden Patriottten Leger oranje-gezinden ca.300 personen Nicolaas P...

  • Fashion industry people

    Fashion industry people are people who work in the clothing and accessories design industry, including designers, models, fashion photographers and journalists. The fashion industry is a product of the modern age. Prior to the mid-19th century, most clothing was custom made. It was handmade for individuals, either as home production or on order from dressmakers and tailors. By the beginning o...

  • Jewish Families from Casta (Pezinok). Slovakia

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Casta (Pezinok), Slovakia also known as Cseszte [Hun], Schattmansdorf [Ger]. JewishGen-Casta (Pezinok) Family Search-Casta (Pezinok)

  • Eesti lennundus - Estonian aviation

    Siia projekti on soov koondada kõik eesti lennundusega seotud isikud läbi kõikide ajajärkude: sealhulgas kõik lennutunnistusega lendurid (sõjaväelendurid, tsiviillendurid, harrastuslendurid, purilendurid), lennukikonstruktorid, lennukiehitajad, lennujuhid, lennuinstruktorid, stjuardessid, mehaanikud, lendude/lennuväljade abipersonal jne. ...

  • Bialystok Ghetto גטו ביאלסטוק

    The Bialystok Ghetto was set up by Nazi Germany between July 26 and early August 1941 in the new capital of Bezirk Bialystok district of German-occupied Poland. About 50,000 Jews from the vicinity of Białystok and the surrounding region were herded into a small area of the city. The ghetto was split in two by the Biala River running through it (see map). Most inmates were put to work...

  • Capital punishment

    No profiles please. Create projects and index them on this page in the methods section. Add profiles to those projects. Please feel free to add "related projects" also. definition From New World Encyclopedia : Capital punishment , or the death penalty, is the execution of a convicted criminal by the state as punishment for the most serious crimes—known as capital crimes. The word "...

  • MEEKRAP-teelt in Nederland

    landbouw & industrie MEEKRAP -teelt in Nederland ‧ beeld: Rubia tinctorum Linnaeus 1753 PLANTAE Embryophyta Spermatopsida Bedektzadigen \\ 'nieuwe' tweezaadlobbigen LAMIIDEN Gentianales RUBIACEAE beroepen in deze bedrijfstak de mee‧delver : 'Die eet als een meedelver' de mee-drooger : de mee‧kroter : de mee-stamper : de kroten‧spitter : de...

  • Battle of Pea Ridge, AR March 6-8, 1862 US Civil War

    Battle of Pea Ridge, AR Editors of American Heritage Magazine. A Guide to America's Greatest Historic Places, c. 1985, pp.9-10. Pea Ridge, just south of the Missouri border, was the site of the Federal victory that secured Missouri for the Union and influenced the course of the Civil War throughout the Mississippi Valley. This park [Pea Ridge National Military Park, 11 miles northeast of Ro...

  • Vahastu kalmistu

    Raplamaal Kaiu vallas Vahastu külas asub Vahastu kalmistu. Vahastu kalmistule püstitati 1931a Vahastu Vabadusõja mälestussammas, mis taastati 1989 aasta .Kalmistule on maetud Weimerite ja Waldmanite esivanemad.

  • Rahumäe kalmistu

    Rahumäe kalmistu

  • Vestryman

    A vestryman is a member of his local church's vestry, or leading body. He is not a member of the clergy. History In England especially, but also in other parts of the United Kingdom, parish councils have long been a level of local government rather than being solely ecclesiastical in nature. This probably arises from the role of the Church of England as the established church and the Parish...

  • United States Merchant Marine

    The United States Merchant Marine are United States civilian mariners and a fleet of U.S. civilian and federally owned merchant vessels. These fleets are managed by either the government or private sector, and engage in commerce or transportation of goods and services in and out of the navigable waters of the United States. The Merchant Marine is responsible for transporting cargo and passeng...

  • State of New Mexico with Counties Project

    This project is for those who were born, lived, and died in the State of New Mexico.

  • State of Rhode Island with Counties Project

    This project is for those who were born, lived, and died in the State of Rhode Island.

  • Duval County, Florida

    This project is for those who were born,lived, and died in Duval County,Florida.

  • Tufelds from Mogilev, Belarus

    Tufeld (Tufelt) family originally from Mogilev, Belarus

  • Bethel Mennonite Church Cemetery - Pilkington Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

    Bethel Mennonite Church Cemetery is located in Township of Centre Wellington Cemetery Address: Concession 5, Lot 10, Pilkington Township GPS: 43.687767,-80.441283 Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: Bethel Mennonite Church Cemetery Board.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • St Jacobs Mennonite Cemetery - St Jacobs, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    St Jacobs Mennonite Cemetery Also known as: Three Bridges Cemetery Cemetery Address: 2035 Three Bridges Road (formerly Township Road 21), St Jacobs GCT, Lot 37, Woolwich Township GPS: 43.549345,-80.582196 Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: St. Jacobs Mennonite Church Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • The Battle of Westport, MO October 23, 1864, US Civil War

    The Battle of Westport , sometimes referred to as the Gettysburg of the West , was fought on October 23, 1864, in modern Kansas City, Missouri, during the American Civil War. Union forces under Major General Samuel R. Curtis decisively defeated an outnumbered Confederate force under Major General Sterling Price. This engagement was the turning point of Price's Missouri Expedition, forcing his a...

  • Virumaa hariduselu

    Ida- ja Lääne Virumaa haridusasutused (koolid, lasteaiad), haridusjuhtimine; huviharidus; õpetajad, samuti Virumaalt pärit haridustegelased.

  • Gårdshistorikk: Reppe, Vestvågøy, Nordland, Norge

    Kilde Kilde Buksnes Bygdebok av Ola Berg , Bind II, 2. Opplag ( ) _____________________________________________________ Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 9 Ballstad og GÅRDSNR.10 Ballstadøy GÅRDSNR. 20 Bolle GÅRDSNR. 16 Buksnes GÅRDSNR. 31 Bø GÅRDSNR. 37 Farstad

  • Universiteit van Harderwijk - 1648-1811 - Gelderse Universiteit

    Universiteit van Harderwijk - 1648-1811 - Gelderse Universiteit Harderwijk is een stad van negotie, Men verkoopt er bokking, blauwbessen en bullen van promotie Promovendi 1690 : Jacob ROGGEVEEN ‧ 1659-1729 ‧ ontdekkingsreiziger ‧ 1693 : Herman BOERHAAVE ‧ 1668-1738 ‧ medicus ‧ 1709 : Lodewijk PALM ‧ Leiden 1668-1...

  • Jewish Families from Brezovica nad Torysou (Sabinov), Slovakia

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Brezovica nad Torysou (Sabinov), Slovakia also known as Berzevice [Hun], Brezovica, Berzevicze. JewishGen-Brezovica nad Torysou (Sabinov) Family Search-Brezovica nad Torysou (Sabinov)

  • Canadian Jewish History

    Canadian Jewry Notable Canadian Jews Canada: jewish Family History Research Guide History of Jews in Canada Wikipedia List of Famous Canadian Jews JewishGen - Canada The Jewish Historical Society of Western Canada The Canadian Jewish Heritage Network Toronto Jewish Community JEWISH GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY OF CANADA Montreal Jewish Community Jewish Genealogical Socie...

  • Vrijmetselarij & Broederschappen

    Vrijmetselarij & Broederschappen elders op internet ) Stichting Argus Broederschappen uitsluitend vrouwen Orde van Weefsters Vita Feminea Textura since 1947 met Loges in: • ALKMAAR - Vita Animo Concipere Est • AMSTERDAM - Ludus Sacer • APELDOORN - Via Lucis • BILTHOVEN - Alma Mater -na 2003 werkgroep- • BUSSUM - Sophia Omnia Vincit ...

  • ⓓ ◦ BREED ~ BREET ~ etc.

    This project has been set up to service the Breed-Breet-Breedt tree on Geni. We will post links to useful web pages here, but probably the most important purpose is to have somewhere where descendants can post queries and ask for help. Please do not add all your Bree(dt) profiles to this project - only those that there are queries about. We will add an outline of immediate descendants at the ...

  • Jewish Families from Dębica, Poland

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Dębica, Poland, also known as Dembitz, Debitsa, Dembica, Dembits, Dembitsa, Dembiza. KehilaLinks - Dębica Yizkor - Dembitz Gesher Galicia - Dębica Background Dębica ([dɛmˈbit͡sa]; Yiddish: דעמביץ‎ Dembitz) is a city...

  • Finlands riksdagsmän under svenska tiden - Suomen kansanedustajat ruotsin ajalta

    Översikt / Yleisesittely Projektets målsättning är att göra upp en förteckning över svenska riksdagens ledamöter från Finland, under svenska tiden fram till år 1809. Geografiskt kan Finland i detta skede fattas i vid bemärkelse, så projektet kan omfatta personer från t.ex. Åland och Tornedalen. &...

  • Muslim Philosophers, Mathematicians & Scientists

    Tracing the Influence and History of the Ancient Scholarly World of Muslim Philosophers, Mathematicians & Scientists to the present. Please feel free to join, add more profiles and information. Prophet Muhammad of Islam PBUH (570 - 632) Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Massimo Palazzi شيخ عبد الهادي ...

  • Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University

    Lady Margaret Hall, University of OxfordNorham Gardens, OxfordFounded by Edward Talbot, warden of Keble College & his wife Lavinia in 1878.

  • Vladarji Slovenije / Rulers of Slovenia

    Zgodovina Slovenije od konca 1. svetovne vojne do danes Dežela Kranjska Država SHS = 29. oktober 1918 - 1. december 1918 Anton Korošec (1872 - 1940) Kraljevina SHS 1. december 1918 - 3. oktober 1929 Aleksander i. Karađorđević (1888 - 1934) 16. avgust 1921 - 6. januar 1929 Kraljevina Jugoslavija = (Dravska banovina do 20. aprila 194...

  • Jewish Families from Košice, Slovakia

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families form Košice, Slovakia. Košice was home to one of the largest and most important Jewish communities in Slovakia. In 1930, the city's more than 11,500 Jews made up 16.4 % of the total population. Jews could settle here only after 1840, when the legal ban on Jewish residence was lifted. Several streams of Judaism existed he...

  • British Army - The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    Badges above from left - The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons), 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards, The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

  • Quantrill's Raid (The Lawrence Massacre) August 21, 1863

    This project is set up for those who participated in and those that survived Quantrill's raid. When the Kansas Territory was opened to settlement in 1854, abolitionists from New England rushed to the area in an effort to keep the territory from becoming pro slavery. Lawrence, Kansas was founded by the anti-slavery Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Society which was formed in 1854 and aided many emig...

  • Jewish families from Sedlčany, Příbram District, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Sedlčany, Příbram District, Czech Republic and some surrounding villages. Village district(bezirk) and region: Until 1918, Sedlčany - Selcan (previously Seltschan) was part of the Austrian monarchy (Austrian side after the compromise of 1867), head of the district of the same name, one of t...

  • Family of Alling Ball (d. 1689, Massachusetts)

    This family is in disarray, with very little documentation. The wives are also entangled, and help in documenting would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a well researched website.

  • Television portal

    This is a central listing for all television-related projects on Geni. Please add all profiles to their relevant subprojects. Awards Canada's Walk of Fame Emmy Award winners Golden Globe winners Screen Actors Guild Award Hollywood Walk of Fame Television Hall of Fame inductees Individual Shows Celebrity Masterchef - Britain Doctor Who

  • Early Monmouth County, New Jersey

    Among the first European settlers in the area were a group of Quaker families from Long Island who settled the Monmouth Tract, an early land grant from Richard Nicolls issued in 1665. They were followed by a group of Scottish settlers who inhabited Freehold Township in about 1682-85, followed several years later by Dutch settlers. The Dutch families who settled in Monmouth County came from Ki...

  • Regent(-ess)en Weeshuis Zierikzee

    BRON: P.D. de VOS : De Vroedschap van Zierikzee - van de tweede helft der 16de eeuw tot 1795namen volgens straks alfabetisch of chronologisch, afhankelijk van het resultaat.

  • J-L1253 (Y-DNA)

    Most distant known ancestors British Isles and Ireland England Graham, Joseph (born abt. 1677, Allendale, Northumberland, England); kit 170429 . Turner (Graham), John (born 1845, London, England – 1928, Bruneau, Owyhee County, Idaho); kits 253298 and 262587. Ireland Graham, Francis (born abt. 1770, Ireland); kit N100843. Graham, Robert (1728, Ireland – 1820, Wa...

  • Burgemeesters in OVERIJSSEL nl.

    Politiek ‧ Bestuur ‧ Rechtspraak Burgemeesters in de provincie OVERIJSSEL ‧ nld ‧ Voor Nederlandse burgemeesters van andere provincie zoekt u in Burgemeesters IN … • GRONINGEN nl. • FRIESLAND nl. • DRENTHE nl. • k OVERIJSSEL nl. • [ FLEVOLAND nl.] • Gelderland • Utrecht • NOORD-HOLLAND nl. ...

  • Lake County,Florida

    This project is for those who were born, lived, and died in Lake County,Florida.

  • Lafayette County,Florida

    This project is for those that were born,lived, and died in Lafayette.

  • Jewish Families from Gusyatin, Ukraine

    This project seeks to collect all Jewish families from the town of Gusyatin (Husiatyn), Ukraine. Gusyatin in Wikipedia A brief History of Gusyatin, Ukraine on JewishGen Gusyatin cemetery

  • Jewish Families from Stadtallendorf (Hessen), Germany

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Stadtallendorf (Hessen), Germany also known as Allendorf [Ger, before 1960], Stadt-Allendorf, Allendorf im Bärenschießen. JewishGen-Stadtallendorf (Hessen)

  • Jewish Families from Grevenbroich/Erft (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Grevenbroich/Erft (Nordrhein-Westfalen), Germany. JewishGen-Grevenbroich/Erft (Nordrhein-Westfalen)

  • Jewish Families from Bolesav (Llava), Slovakia

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Bolesav (Llava), Slovakia also known as Bolešov [Slov], Bolessó [Hun], Bolesó, Bollesó. JewishGen-Bolesav (Llava) Family Search-Bolesav (Llava)

  • Delegates at the Uppsala Synod 1593

    Detta projekt är för personer som deltog eller Undertecknade Uppsala mötes beslut The Uppsala Synod in 1593 was the most important synod of the Lutheran Church of Sweden. Sweden had gone through its Protestant Reformation and broken with Roman Catholicism in the 1520s, but an official confession of faith had never been declared. The synod was summoned to Uppsala by Duke...

  • Kaufering IV Concentration Camp (Subcamp of Dachau)

    Kaufering concentration camps were a network of subsidiary camps of the Dachau concentration camp.With the intensification of the Allied air war against German industrial and military enterprises after 1943, the German Armaments Ministry and the Schutzstaffel (SS) agreed to accelerate construction of massive underground factories, using large numbers of conscripted laborers and concentration ca...

  • Brewster Family

    Scope of Project To build a single, validated and documented shared family tree for the Brewster family, from earlier origins to near modern times. Overview from ) Elder William Brewster (c. 1560 or 1566 – April 10, 1643) was a Pilgrim colonist leader and preacher born in Doncaster, England and raised in Scrooby, in north Nottinghamshire, who reached what became the Plymouth ...

  • Jewish Families of Grodzisk Wielkopilski (Formerly Graetz)

    This is a shell for Jewish families of Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Poland 52°14' N 16°22' E 196 mi W of Warszawa This town was known as Graetz and was at one time in Prussia and in Posnan Province. The tzaddik from Grodzisk copied from the town website in December 2015: Rabii Eliyahu Guttmacher. Poznan disciple of Rabbi Akiba Eger. Initially, he was a rabbi in Pleszewie and 183...

  • Kranjski deželni zbor

    Kranjski deželni zbor (nemško Krainer Landtag) je bil najvišji, zakonodajni organ deželne avtonomije vojvodine Kranjske. Uveden je bil s februarskim patentom (26.2.1861), s katerim je Avstrijsko cesarstvo stopilo v ustavno obdobje. ( Wikipedia ) Kranjski deželni zbor je sprejemal zakone, ki so bili v deželni pristojnosti. V pristojnost deželne ...

  • Dežela Kranjska / Krain / Carniola

    Kranjska (nemško Krain , latinsko Carniola ) je zgodovinska pokrajina, ki je v grobem obsegala današnje slovenske pokrajine Gorenjsko, Dolenjsko in Notranjsko. Prvič je bila omenjena leta 973 kot del vojvodine Koroške. Od leta 1002 naprej je bila Kranjska samostojna mejna grofija s svojimi mejnimi grofi. Leta 1364 je postala vojvodina in od leta 1849 do leta 1918 je ...

  • Ellis Island Irish arrivals

    Ellis Island Irish arrivals On the 2e January 1892 the new emigration building Ellis Island opened its doors to emigrants from all over the globe. The first person to arrive was an Irish girl called Annie Moore ' many Irish emigrants followed in Annie's footsteps. Aim of this project This project aims to create a collection of profiles of the Irish emigrants who arrived at Ellis Island an...

  • Slovenski pesniki / Slovenian poets

    Celovit seznam slovenskih pesnikov ( Wikipedia ) A Alja Adam (1976–) Fran Albreht (1889–1965) Ivan Albreht (1893–1955) Vera Albreht (1895–1971) Jakob Alešovec (1842–1901) Miha Andreaš (1762–1821) Majda Artač Sturman (1953–) Anton Aškerc (1856–1912) Imre Augustič (1837–1879) Miha Avanzo (1949&#x...

  • Jewish Families of Kolomea / Kolomyja, Ukraine

    Background Kolomea (or Kolomyya; Pol., Kołomyja; Ger., Kolomea, Colomea), city on the Prut River in Ukraine. Jews first settled in Kołomea, then part of Poland, at about the turn of the sixteenth century. Although many were murdered and the community was destroyed during the Khmel’nyts’kyi massacres of 1648–1649, the Jewish population quickly reestablished i...

  • Gårdshistorie fra Gjessøya, Rødøy, Nordland, Norge

    Gjessøy er en øy i Rødøy kommune. Gårdsnummer 72 Bnr. 1 Gjessøy – kalt ”Gården” Rundt 1810 overtok Niels Gabrielsen fra Konsvik i Lurøy. Nils hadde adresse på Gjessøya alt i 1809. Gift med Maren Olsdatter [Maren Olsdatter]. Niels døde 12.08.1855, 89 år gammel. 2 barn. Sønnen Gab...

  • Born in Edsleskog before 1785

    Project description Assign profiles to the this project where birthplace has been specified to the parish of Edsleskog and year of birth is earlier than 1786. Since Edsleskog birth records begins in 1786, there is no way to verify data in household examinations about people born in the parish earlier than 1786. Still, the main source for profiles in this project are household examination re...

  • Antarctic Explorers

    Antarctic Explorers Image Right - Jameson Adams , Frank Wild and Eric Marshall (left to right) of the Nimrod Expedition plant the Union flag at their southernmost position. Please link GENi profiles of people who were involved in Antarctic Exploration to this project. See also Arctic Explorers The first land south of the parallel 60° south latitude was discovered by the Englishma...

  • Split i Splićani

    Splitski gradonačelnici kroz povijest Načelnici za francuske uprave (1805-1813) 1806–1809 Jakov pl. Cindro 1809–1810, 1810–1811 Petar pl. Alberti , v.d. načelnik 1810 Antun Sarti, v.d. načelnik 1810 Nikola pl. Ivelio, v.d. načelnik 1811–1813 Josip pl. Cindro Načelnici za austrijske uprave (1813-1918) 181...

  • Chabad Worldwide

    Chabad Worldwide extends to communities across the globe, from Miami to Moscow, and from Mumbai to Basel. Chabad was founded in the late 18th century by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi . The Lubavitch branch takes its name from Lyubavichi, the Russian town where the group was based until the early 20th century. Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn , the sixth leader, fled war-torn Europe for New York in 1...

  • Ellis Island Arrivals: 1892-1900

    This project is the first sub-project for arrivals at Ellis Island. Please add your ancestors or other relatives who arrived during this period. After 1900, the projects will encompass each succeeding decade. afterwards we will work on a master project or portal! Summary Immigration timeline After 1892, nearly all immigrants came in through the newly opened Ellis Island. One immig...

  • Byzantine Emperors

    Byzantine Emperors & Empressess . This is a list of the emperors of the East Roman or Byzantine Empire. All Byzantine Emperors regarded themselves as Roman Emperors, the term "Byzantine" being coined firstly by Western historiography much later, in the 16th century. Although the barbarian West recognized the Eastern Empire's claim to the Roman legacy for several centuries, on 25 December 80...

  • Trinity Lutheran Cemetery - Woolwich Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Trinity Lutheran Cemetery Also Known as: Shantz Station Cemetery / Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: 1248 Kramp Road, Shantz GCT Lot 85, Woolwich Township GPS: 43.497235,-80.368273 Denomination: Lutheran==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Breslau Mennonite Cemetery - Woolwich Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Breslau Mennonite Cemetery Also Known as: Cressman Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: 220 Woolwich St S, Breslau EGR, Lot 115, Woolwich Township GPS: EGR, Lot 115 Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: Breslau Mennonite Church Cemetery Board==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Bruce County, Ontario, Canada - Cemeteries

    Links to Bruce County Cemeteries Cemeteries are listed under their historical township location (current municipality) Brant Township Walkerton Cemetery Walkerton Protestant Cemetery Carrick Township Mildmay United Church Cemetery Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery Elderslie Township Township Map

  • Walkerton Cemetery - Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

    Walkerton Cemetery Cemetery Address: 115 Cemetery Rd, Walkerton Concession 3, Lot 27, Brant Township GPS: 44.115206,-81.144678 Maintained By: Municipality of Brockton Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Maryland Governors

    List of Governors of Maryland==

  • Alden/Mullins Family

    About This Project This project is part of the Notables series. This project focuses on the Alden/Mullins Family Tree, including, but not limited to: William Mullins Alice Unknown John Alden Priscilla Mullins John Alden Jr Elizabeth Alden Joseph Alden Sarah Alden Jonathan Alden Ruth Alden Rebecca Alden Mary Alden Priscilla Alden David Alden This list will event...

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