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  • Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

    Mary's University of Minnesota, founded in 1912, is a private, comprehensive, coeducational university with an undergraduate campus in the city of Winona, Minnesota, United States. Graduate and professional programs are offered at facilities in Winona, the Twin Cities, Rochester, Apple Valley, Minnetonka and Oakdale, Minnesota; and various course delivery sites around Minnesota and Wisconsin; J...

  • Saint Michael's College

    Michael's College is a private Catholic college of approximately 2,000 undergraduate students located in Colchester, Vermont, in the United States. Saint Michael's grants Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in over 30 majors.The campus is 100 percent residential.

  • United States House of Representatives from South Dakota

    List of United States Representatives from South Dakota=

  • Luther College (Iowa)

    College is a private coeducational liberal arts college located in Decorah, Iowa, United States. Established as a Lutheran seminary in 1861 by Norwegian immigrants, the school today is an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

  • Nogopalo kalmistu

    Olete teretulnud kõik need kes soovivad oma lähedased seoses selle rahupaigaga ära märkida ja projekti lisada. Projekt "Nogopalo" kalmistu" koondab neid, kes on aegade jooksul seal oma rahu leidnud. Kultuurimälestise Riikliku Registri registrikanne -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

  • Jewish families from Dub, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Dub in Prachatice District in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic

  • Cheshire - Famous People

    Cheshire - Famous People Image right - Lewis Caroll Cheshire has many notable people associated with it. Listed Alphabetically by surname- Names with Bold links are to Geni profiles. Non-bold links take you to other biographical web pages. How to add a link is explained in the attached document - Adding links to Geni profiles in projects. The following people of renown were either b...

  • Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - I and J

    Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - I and J This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page Extracted from Publication - THE WHITES OF ENKELDOORN 1880 to 1980 A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe. Author -- Sarel Van der Walt Completed in approximately the year 2001 POPULATION ENKELD...

  • Gustavus Adolphus College

    Adolphus College (Gustavus), is a private liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America located in St. Peter, Minnesota, United States. A coeducational, four-year, residential institution, it was founded in 1862 by Swedish Americans. To this day the school is firmly rooted in its Swedish and Lutheran heritage. The premier event on campus is the annual Nobel Con...

  • Jewish Families from Sokolivka, Ukraine

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Sokolivka, Ukraine also known as Sokołówka, Sokolovka, Sokoluvka, Sokelivke, Sokelifke. Gesher Galicia-Sokolivka

  • County Kilkenny - Famous People

    Famous People Connected to County Kilkenny Republic of Ireland Image right - John Banim (3 April 1798 – 30 August 1842), was an Irish novelist, short story writer, dramatist, poet and essayist, sometimes called the "Scott of Ireland." Those people of note with connections to the county are listed below. Some of these connections are a little tenuous - counties like to lay claim to ...

  • Hemman och torp i senare Liljendal (då nordöstra Stor-Pernå), före 1743

    För Pernå inklusive Liljendal finns kommunionböcker från 1743 (lilla ofreden) och övriga böcker (födsel-, vigsel- och begravningsöcker) från 1736. Rekonstruktion av tiden efter stora ofreden är ofta vansklig att göra. För Liljendal kapell finns en egeen kommunionbok 1748-1762 och från 1782 framåt...

  • Imigrantes Portugueses do Concelho de Funchal ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants of Concelho of Funchal to Brazil

    Este é um subprojeto relacionado ao Projeto Maior Brasil: Imigrantes Portugueses ao Brasil / Portuguese immigrants to Brazil Aqui estão relacionados os imigrante portugueses que vieram ao Brasil do Concelho de FUNCHAL . Antonio Furtado de Mendonça e Meneses (Funchal, Ilha da Madeira, c. 1784 - Brasil, ?) casado com Isabel Ferreira Cavalcante. Brás Esteves (Fu...

  • South Dakota Governors

    South Dakota Governors===List of Governors of South Dakota==

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Website HISTORY "Founded Feb. 12. 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest, largest and most widely recognized grassroots-based civil rights organization. Its more than half-million members and supporters throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, campaigning for...

  • Jewish families from Kozárovice (Kosarowitz), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the village of Kozárovice (Kosarowitz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Slægtsnavn Lysholt, Fredericia

    Hvor stammer navnet Lysholt fra? Er navnet evt. taget fra Lysholtgård på Fyn, Søllested Sogn i Glamsbjerg? Lysholtgård udskilt fra Lille Lysholt [ ] Lysholt (Store og lille Lysholt - gårde og huse) [ ] Kort [ ] Og hvorfra stammer Jens Lysholt født ca. 1767?

  • Pärnu vanad pildid

    Siin on kogutud vanu pilte Pärnust läbi aegade : ja teine album veel: Vaadake rõõmuga ja lisage kommentaare, või parandage viiteid-täpsustusi. Kui kellegil veel midagi sarnast Pärnust, oleks tore näha. Olavi

  • Bear Creek Cemetery

    Bear Creek Cemetery

  • Quaker Cemetery - Sophiasburg Township, Prince Edward Township, Ontario, Canada

    Quaker Cemetery Cemetery Address: Bloomfield Concession 1, Lot 21, Sophiasburg Township GPS: Denomination: Quaker Maintained by: County of Prince Edward.==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada - Cemeteries

    Links to Prince Edward County Cemeteries Cemeteries are listed under their historical township location (current municipality) Sophiasburg Township Quaker Cemetery Links Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project-Prince Edward County

  • Cedarvale Conservative Mennonite Church Cemetery - Minto Township, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada

    Cedarvale Conservative Mennonite Church Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: Concession 11, Part Lot 37, Minto Township GPS: Denomination: Mennonite Maintained by: Cedarvale Conservative Mennonite Church Cemetery==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Mississippi State University

    Mississippi State University of Agriculture and Applied Science, commonly known as Mississippi State University (MSU), is a land-grant university located in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, United States, partially in the town of Starkville and mostly in an unincorporated area. Mississippi State, Mississippi is the official designation for the area that encompasses the university.It is classified...

  • Brant County, Ontario, Canada - Cemeteries

    Brant County Farringdon Burial Ground

  • College of the Sequoias

    College of the Sequoias (COS) is a public two-year community college in Visalia which is in Tulare County and California's San Joaquin Valley. The college is named for the Giant Sequoia trees native to the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range.

  • Riverdale Old Order Mennonite Cemetery - Egremont Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

    Riverdale Old Order Mennonite Cemetery 'Cemetery Address: Concession 7, Lot 20, Egremont Township GPS: Maintained by: Riverdale Old Order Mennonite Church==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • State of Nebraska and Counties

    This project is for those who were born, lived and died in the State of Nebraska.

  • Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery (Linwood) - Wellesley Township, Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada

    Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery Cemetery Address: 5025 Ament Line, Linwood Concession 11, Lot 11, Wellesley Township GPS: 43.57796,-80.718409 Denomination: Lutheran Maintained by: St. Peter's Lutheran Church==Links== Canada Gen Web's Cemetery Project Find A Grave

  • Rotary International

    Service Above Self = Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated human rights purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. It is a secular organization open to all people regardless of race, color, cree...

  • Nassau County, Florida

    This project is for those who were born, lived, and died Nassau County, Florida.

  • Weber State University

    State University is a public university in Ogden, Utah, United States. It is a coeducational, publicly supported university offering professional, liberal arts and technical certificates, as well as associate's, bachelor's and master's degrees. Weber State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. Programs throughout the university are accredited as well.

  • Super Bowl Champions

    The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the world. The game culminates a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. Normally, Roman numerals are used to identify each game, rather than the year in which it is held. For example, Super Bowl I was played on January 15, 196...

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Please note that this refers to the hall of fame for American football , not association football (soccer) . Pro Football Hall of Fame Web site: Hall of Famers by Year of Enshrinement

  • Green Bay Packers (NFL)

    The Green Bay Packers are a professional American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, that competes in the National Football League (NFL). They are members of the league's North division of the National Football Conference (NFC). Green Bay is the third-oldest franchise in the NFL, organized and starting play in 1919. It is the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional ...

  • Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

    The Atlanta Falcons are a professional American football team based in Atlanta, Georgia. They are a member of the South Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).The Falcons joined the NFL in 1965[3] as an expansion team, after the NFL offered then-owner Rankin Smith a franchise to keep him from joining the rival American Football League (AFL). The...

  • Boer Colony in Mexico / Boer Diaspora

    . . . if my country was lost to me I wished to choose a flag to live under for myself . . . I did not only feel , but I was a perfect stranger in my own country. My home destroyed; my money confiscated; no hope held out that any restitution would ever be made. Where I used to be somebody, I was now not only nobody, but I was an intruder, an unwelcome guest. . . Genl. Ben Viljoen Boers Prosper...

  • Governors-General of India

    =Governors-General of India= Governor-General of India (or, from 1858 to 1947, the Viceroy and Governor-General of India) was originally the head of the British administration in India and, later, after Indian independence in 1947, the representative of the Indian monarch and head of state. The office was created in 1773, with the title of Governor-General of the Presidency of Fort William. The...

  • Finding Out You Come From Noble Blood.

    Only three generations ago there was a young woman who married my great grandfather Henry J. Sturwold, her name was Maria Bissing. Not much was talked about her past other than her parents were still in Germany and they gave her to her father's family coming to the USA to raise her. Well a century later, I found out that her mother, a Margravine married a commoner her father which was utterly f...

  • Pioneers Founders of Vermont

    Many families left Massachusetts and Conneticut to settle new land in Vermont (also parts then known as part of New York) shortly after the Revolutionary War. Many of these families were allied in England, then Massachusetts, Conneticut, and would be again on the Vermont frontier. Guildord, Windham County: A schedule of the inhabitants is extant, dated May 11, 1772, in which the names of the ...

  • Jewish Families from Zarki, Poland

    50°38' N 19°23' E 132 miles South South West of Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland Żarki [Polish], Zharki [Yiddish), Zharki [Russian], Zarki [German], Zharik, Zhurik From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Voivodeship=Silesian County=Myszków Gmina=Żarki Population 4,419 in 2006 Additional Reading: Website Żarki (German: Zarki) is a town in Myszk&#...

  • Corinth National Cemetery

    National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery in the city of Corinth, in Alcorn County, Mississippi. Find a Grave

  • Point Lookout Confederate Cemetery

    During the Civil War, Point Lookout was one of the largest prisons of CSA POWs. Many men died there from exposure, malaria, scurvy and TB. Originally, the soldiers were buried in two cemeteries near the prison camp. However, because the cemetery land started to erode into the Chesapeake, in 1870 the state of Maryland removed the remains. In 1910 they were moved again and re-interred in a burial...

  • Tahoma National Cemetery

    National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery in the city of Kent, in King County, Washington. Find a Grave

  • Pioneer Treks to Rhodesia - Others

    These are 3 smaller treks to Rhodesia - the Hulley-Cawood has no listing in "Many Treks Made Rhodesia" by S.P. Olivier and details have been taken forn Jeannie M Boggie's "First Steps in Civilizing Rhodesia." Carruthers trek details from Jack Carruthers biography, Harare National Archives. More information will be added as it is found. Getting Involved Feel free to follow, request to coll...

  • Knights of the Golden Circle

    KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. The Knights of the Golden Circle or K.G.C. had its beginnings in the formation of Southern Rights Clubs in various southern cities in the mid-1830s. These clubs were inspired by the philosophies of John C. Calhoun (1782–1850). Calhoun had an illustrious political career serving as a congressman from his home state of South Carolina, a state legislator, vic...

  • Jewish Families from Hustopece (Auspitz), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Hustopece (Auspitz) in the Czech Republic. Earliest known Jewish community was 15th century. 1900 Jewish population was 260. 1930 Jewish population was 103. Banishing of Jews in 1651, grant of residence in 1848, and establishing of Jewish community about 1860 were important events. Rudolf Honigs...

  • Jewish families from Smečno, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Smečno in Bohemia, Czech Republic.The civil books also contain data of Jewish families from Libušin (Libuschin).

  • Tolerated Jews of Vienna (1804)

    All Jews were expelled from Vienna in 1670, and only a very few families were permitted to live there over the next 150 years. On December 31, 1804 authorities in Vienna set forth a list of 126 Jewish families who were then permitted to live in the city. The list was published in Urkunden und Akten zur Geschichte der Juden in Wien (Sources and Documents on the History of Jews in Vienna) (1526-1...

  • Sephardic and Crypto-Jews of New Mexico

    The Descendants of Sephardic, Anusim, Converso, and Crypto-Jews are welcome to add their Ancestors and/or their own profiles to this project. Jews of New Mexico When most people think of the the "Jews of New Mexico", they think of German/Ashkenazi Jews coming in the Santa Fe Trail in the late 1800's, early 1900's and setting up mercantile stores from Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Albuquerque a...

  • University of Minnesota Duluth

    University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) is a regional branch of the University of Minnesota system located in Duluth, Minnesota, United States. As Duluth's regional comprehensive university, UMD offers 14 bachelor's degrees in 85 majors, graduate programs in 27 different fields, a two-year program at the School of Medicine, a four-year College of Pharmacy program, and a Doctor of Education program...

  • Jewish Families from Frauenkirchen, Austria

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Frauenkirchen in Burgenland, Austria. In the second half of the 17th century Hussars attacked and pillaged the Jewish Community, then living in Mönchhof in the Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz. The abbot of the monastery ordered the expulsion of the Jews out of Mönchhof “to avoid further inconvenie...

  • Medal of Honor recipients, Philippine–American War

    The Philippine-American War was an armed military conflict between the United States and the First Philippine Republic, fought from 1899 to at least 1902, which arose from a Filipino political struggle against U.S. occupation of the Philippines. While the conflict was officially declared over on July 4, 1902, American troops continued hostilities against remnants of the Philippine Army and othe...

  • Zamagias/Aquilo Family Tree

    Building the Family Tree of Stephen Michael Zamagias and Norma Jean (Aquilo) Zamagias

  • Ireland at the 2016 Summer Olympics

    Ireland at the 2016 Summer Olympics The aim of this project is to create a genealogical collection of profiles of all Irish participants of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Total of Irish participants: 77 in 14 sports Flag bearer: Paddy Barnes List of participants per sport ATHLETICS Robert Heffernan Thomas Barr Ciara Mageean Mark English Ciara Eve...

  • Jewish Families from Radomsko, Poland

    Located 51°04' N 19°27' E 105 miles South West of Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland Radomsko [Polish], Radomsk [Yiddish], Nowo Radomsko [Polish], 1857-1917], Novo Radomsk [Russian], Naya Radomsk From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Voivodeship=Łódź County=Radomsko County Gmina=Radomsko (urban gmina) Population 38,000 in 2014 Radomsko is a town in centra...

  • College Basketball Coaches

    This project is for anyone who has coached, including at the assistant and associate levels, at the collegiate level. NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and other college-level associations are all welcome, as are both men's and women's coaches.

  • Pioneers of Rhodesia - Individuals

    List 1 Pioneers of Rhodesia: Selected transcription of excerpts from article by Edward. C. TABLER in Africana Notes and News, September 1972, vol 20 No. 3 ANDERSON, Alexander Gillies (c.1843-1912). "Sandy" Anderson came to Durban 1868. ANDERSON, Andrew Arthur. He was an early advocate of Imperial expansion in Southern Africa in the interests of British trade. His journey to Matabeleland i...

  • Border Reivers

    Border Reivers Scope of Project To explore the culture and families of the counties known as the Badlands (England) and Scottish Borders (Scotland). Please collaborate and build our family trees for the original "Hatfields and McCoys." Reivers from: What was a Reiver? Expert Keith Durham (author of "Reivers" and "The Border Reivers") describes him thus: a professional rustler and ...

  • Luxembourg - 2016 - Summer Olympics

    Luxembourg ‧ 2016 ‧ Summer Olympics l'Equipe Olympique sources ... more welcome! alphabetical —0— reserve? —C— Laurent CARNOL ‧ 1989 ‧ swimming ‧ ⌘ —G— Charles GRETHEN ‧ 1992 ‧ athletics:800m. ‧ ⌘ —H— Chantal HOFFMANN ‧...

  • nomina synonyma

    under construction : we zijn nog aan 't werk : even geduld a.u.b. ACHTER-NAMEN~SiR-NAMES~ A: B: * Bronck~Bronx --- C: D: *E:---L: M: Minuit~Minnewit --- N: O: P: Q: R: S: T: U: Uilenreef ~Ulenreef ~ Uylenreef ~ Ulenreef ~ Oelenreef ~ Uilenreef Vrielink ~ V: Verroen~Veroen~Veron~ --- W: X: Y: Z: VOORNAMEN~

  • American Visual Artist

    Visual art of the United States or American art is visual art made in the United States or by American artists. Before colonization there were many flourishing traditions of Native American art, and where the Spanish colonized Spanish Colonial architecture and the accompanying styles in other media were quickly in place. Early colonial art on the East Coast initially relied on artists from Euro...

  • Sabbatarian Christians,Messianic Judaism etc.

    This project is about the convergence point between the two related Abrahamic Religions of Christianity and Judaism who worship on the Sabbath and have Jesus Christ as a central religious leader.

  • Äldre svenska frälsesläkter

    Äldre svenska frälsesläkter "svenskaregenter" "svenskadel" "Livrustkammaren" "Historiska personer i Sverige och Norden" 124 av dom her gamla frälsesläkter. flera fins nog,men man får ta tag i dom efter hand. "Introducerad adel" mycket info fins at få tag på, hos : "Riddarhuset" "Äldre svenska frälsesl�...

  • Jewish families from Osvračín (Wostraschin), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the village of Osvračín (Wostraschin) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

  • Virginia Cavalry (CSA), US Civil War Project

    Back To: (The Commonwealth Of Virginia) Back To: (Virginia In the Civil War 1861-1865) Back To: (Virginia Military Units) Down To: (4th Regiment) Down To: ( Company A ) Down To: ( Company D ) Down To: (6th Regiment) Down To: ( Company I )

  • Silk Weavers

    Silk Weavers Silk weaving is often found in census returns as the occupation of an ancestor. The object of this project is to give some background to the industry. Please link any silk weavers that you come across in your research to this project, and share information on the subject with others. Getting Involved Free to follow, request to collaborate To join the project use the reque...

  • E-M34 (Y-DNA)

    For people tested with paternal haplogroup (Y-DNA haplogroup) E1b1b1c1* (E-M34) or for people believed to have had this haplogroup based on tests of paternal descendants. Defining Mutations M34 Origin (to be added) Distribution E-M34 is prevalent among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, as well as among Ethiopians. There is some agreement that it is a paternal lineage that emerged fr...

  • Killed by machinery

    Killed by machinery Please add Geni profiles of those killed accidentally by contact with a machine. From The 25 most common causes of death 20: Contact with machinery. Odds of dying: 1 in 5,189 People with arachnophobia should know that they are almost 200 times more likely to die from contact with machinery than contact with venomous spiders, where the odds are almost 1 in a milli...

  • Tornadoes

    Tornadoes Add profiles for those who have DIED in or as a result of injuries from a Tornado. If the tornado is a well-known historic event, please consider making a project for it, and listing it in this umbrella. If all you know is "died in a tornado," add to this project. Use discussions to ask questions, make comments, etc. Also Known as : twisters or cyclones A tornado is...

  • G-L497 (Y-DNA)

    This project is for people who have tested and been assigned the paternal haplogroup G-L497 and also for people who are believed to have belonged to this paternal haplogroup based on tests done on descendants. Add your earliest known direct paternal ancestor to the project. Defining Mutations See the ISOGG Haplogroup G tree for the most recent discoveries and mutations . * L497 L497 i...

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