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1940 USFC Augustine family


Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

Name: Frances Augustine Age: 14 Estimated birth year: abt 1926 Gender: Female Race: White Birthplace: Illin...

People: Anna Augustine, Joseph Augustine, Walter Augustine and 5 others.

Person Details for Bessie Roderick in household of Eli Roderick, "United States Census, 1900" —

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People: Amelia Christina Augustine, Eli Roderick, Hazel Roderick and 2 others.

1910 Census James & Edna Murphy.pdf

April 18, 1910

Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH, United States

People: James Joseph Murphy and Edna Victoria Murphy

1920 Census James & Edna Murphy.pdf

January 7, 1920

Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, United States

People: Edna Victoria Murphy, James Joseph Murphy, Jr., James Joseph Murphy and 1 other.

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