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Anthony Ayling.pdf

August 15, 1939


People: Anthony Ayling

Mary Jane Clark Ayling.pdf

April 14, 1893

Mitcham, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

short form of birth certificate shows Mary Jane Clark not Ayling so nan may have been born before the marrage

People: Mary Jane Turner

Albert Henry Ayling war records.jpg

August 8, 1915

Bailleul, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

People: Albert Henry Ayling

Mary Ayling Death Cert.jpg

May 9, 1972

Sutton, Surrey, UK

People: Mary Jane Turner

Wiiliam & Mary Marriage Cert.jpg

April 12, 1919

Mitcham, UK

Marriage of Mary Jane Ayling to William turner

People: Mary Jane Turner

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