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1891 Census Thomas Stainton b 1835.jpg


Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Census Census Year: 1891 Address: 19 Hamilton Road, Islington, London Name: Thomas Stainton Relation to head of the f...

People: Thomas Stainton, Kate Stainton, Emma Stainton and 3 others.

RICHARDS,Joseph DN 22 Oct 1841 im 1254 doc 5232.jpg

October 22, 1841

Albany district, Cape Colony

Official death notice signed by Sarah Attwell. Source:FamilySearch image 1254 D.N. 4100-6104 1840-1843 Family History...

People: Catherine Smith, Jemima Richards, Robert Richards and 6 others.

Item Display - Home Children (1869-1930) - Library and Archives Canada

October 3, 1870

Quebec, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Quebec, Canada

Departed Liverpool and Londonderry, September 22, 1870, on the Moravian arriving in Quebec City on October 3, 1870. U...

People: Edmund Balls

History of John Balls: Wayne and Bonnie Genealogy

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People: John William Balls

Balls, John chr 1824 2.jpg

December 25, 1824

Chediston, Suffolk, England

Balls, John - Christening record Dec 25, 1824 Parish Register of Chediston, Suffolk, England [FHL #993233 item 12, ...

People: John William Balls

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