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Shelley of Michelgrove, Sussex (page 68-69)

The Baronetage of England: Or The History of the English Baronets, and Such Baronets of Scotland, as are of English F...

People: William Shelley, of Michelgrove, Sir Richard Knollys, Sir Henry Belknap, Lord of Oston and 18 others.

Marriage Records Index, Book 9 - Aug. 12, 1919 to Oct. 20, 1920 - Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site

c. October 20, 1920

The Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site is an attempt to gather in one place many of the public domain reco...

People: Raymond J. Wahl, Agnes Lenore Williams, Harvey A. Williams and 4 others.

Our Royal, Titled, Noble, and Commoner Ancestors & Cousins - Person Page - 1310

Margaret Fleming Margaret Wotton Elspeth Stewart William Douglas, 8th Earl of Douglas Sir James Douglas, 9th Earl of ...

People: Margaret Fleming, Margaret Wotton, Marchioness of Dorset, Elspeth Stewart and 33 others.

1870 Census Thomas Potts

July 5, 1870

Putnam, Ohio, United States

People: Lucinda Nye, Thomas Potts, Ida Nye Potts and 2 others.



People: Margaret Belknap

Henry "Harry" BELKNAP , Esq of Crofton, Kent - Adelicia of BELMEIS

Ancestors of Henry "Harry" BELKNAP , Esq of Crofton, Kent

People: Sir Henry Belknap, Lord of Oston

Henry Belknap b. See Notes d. 3 Jul 1488

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People: Sir Henry Belknap, Lord of Oston

Pedigree: Henry (of Crofton) BELKNAP

     Born:  abt. 1434    Died:  1488

People: Sir Henry Belknap, Lord of Oston

Anne Belknap b. Abt 1456 d. Y

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People: Anne Wotton

I29845: ALPAIS de AQUITAINE of the WestPrincess (ABT 0764 - AFT 0852)

Daughter of Charlemagne King of Franks (742-814) and Unknown Mistress.

People: Joan Belknap

A Family Tree with Anne Belknap

John TALBOT Esquire [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 was born 1545 in Grafton, Worcestershire, England. He...

People: Anne Wotton

Rebecca foutz obit 1915.jpg


Dover, OH, United States

People: Anna Reagan, Mrs. John Barthalow, George Caldwell and 9 others.

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