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Massachusetts, United States

Petition for U.S. Citizenship filed in Massachusetts

People: Private, Sender "Sander" Kamelgarn, Rebecca Kamelgarn and 3 others.

Alexandre Blumstein's Memoirs

Cover of the book: Blumstein family Background: Grodno and Niemen river

People: Nataniel Tolek Brunet, Dr Haim Blumstein, Private and 1 other.


Chronology of the liquidation of Jews in Grodno. In Russian

People: Dr Haim Blumstein



Hrodna, Hrodna Province, Belarus

Dr Haim Blumstein witnesses murders by SS Oberscharfuehrer Kurt Wiese in Grodno Ghetto n°2. Judgment in the Cologne C...

People: Dr Haim Blumstein


May 1937

Hrodna, Hrodna Province, Belarus

List of Contributors to the Jewish Kehillah in Grodno in 1937

People: Nochim Niankowski, Aba Tarlowski, Private and 1 other.

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