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1940 Cenus, NC, Edgecombe, Township # 10 - Sheet 16A

April 18, 1940

Edgecombe, North Carolina, United States

People: Edward Earl Council Sr., Gladys Moreland, Mary Ida Council and 4 others.



Beaufort, South Carolina, United States

People: John Sauls, Jr., H. Martin Sauls, John Sauls, Sr. and 12 others.

Sarah Bowers Jenks (1765 - 1842) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Sarah Jenks

Samuel Bowers Sr.

Person Sheet

People: Sylvester Bowers

History of Pawtucket, Rhode Island - 1

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People: Sylvester Bowers

1776rdraught of boston

People: Sylvester Bowers

John F Bowers (1894 - 1962) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: John F. Bowers

1900 census Morey

June 18, 1900

Scranton, PA, USA

People: Walter Henry Morey, Charles Morey, Phoebe Morey Lutz (Loveland) and 3 others.

Jeffrey Ferris (1604 - 1666) - Find A Grave Memorial

May 31, 1666

Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut

People: Susanna Ferris, Mary Ferris, Jeffrey Ferris, of Greenwich and 1 other.



People: Sylvester Bowers

USS%20Warren%20(1776) Information, USS%20Warren%20(1776) Reference Articles - FindTarget Reference

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People: Sylvester Bowers

1900 Census Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory - George Whitted and family

June 2, 1900


Census image from 1900 with George Whitted and family listed.

People: George Washington Whitted, Amanda Whitted, John S. Whitted and 7 others.

John Bowers (1860 - 1950) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: John Bowers

Obituary of Margaret E. Bowers (Sherk)


London, ON, Canada

Assumed to be from the London Free Press in 1983

People: Margaret E. Bowers

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