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WV Birth Record: Florence Pierson

December 5, 1881

Nicholas County, West Virginia, United States

Daughter of Lorenzo B Pierson and Mary Jarrell

People: Lorenzo B Pierson, Mary F. "Jarrell" Pierson and Florence "Pierson" Boys

Marriage Record: Charles Boys & Florence Pierson

December 31, 1905

Rushville, Rush County, Indiana, United States

Daughter of Lorenzo and Mary Jarrell Pierson, son of Gilbert and Elizabeth Inonis Boys

People: Charles Boys and Florence "Pierson" Boys

Sir MARTIN CALTHROPE, or CALTHORPE, (Draper), Lord Mayor, 1588-89.

Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, Volume 1 By London and Middlesex Archaeological Soci...

People: Joan Boys, Sir Martin Calthorpe, Lord Mayor of London, Robert Heath, of Linsfield & Eatonbridge and 2 others.

John Boyse (died 1625) in Cambridge Alum database

People: John Boys, Dean of Canterbury and Thomas Boys, Esq., of Eythorne

"Rise & Fall of the House of Bargrave" (page 30-31)

Under the Sign: John Bargrave as Collector, Traveler, and Witness By Stephen Bann

People: Angela Boys, Anna Naylor, John Bargrave of Patricksbourne, 1st of Bifrons and 5 others.

The Visitation of Kent, 1619 - viewing page 6

Page 6 of the book The Visitation of Kent, 1619 free to view online!

People: Capt. John Martin, of Jamestown, Dorcas Adney, Dr. John Bargrave and 11 others.

Dearing, Henry & Boys, Louisa - Marriage.JPG

December 22, 1861

London, Bethnal Green, England, United Kingdom

People: Henry Dearing and Louisa Dearing

Item Display - Home Children (1869-1930) - Library and Archives Canada

June 26, 1871

Quebec, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Quebec, Canada

Departed Liverpool, June 15, 1871, on the Prussian arriving in Quebec City on June 26, 1871. Ultimate destination was...

People: Emily Boys

The visitation of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564 (1881) Pg. 343

Yorkshire, England

The visitation of Yorkshire in the years 1563 and 1564 (1881) http:...

People: Edmund Wingfield, Lady Margaret Wentworth, Margery Waldegrave and 9 others.

TudorPlace Bio - Peter WENTWORTH (Sir Knight)

Lillingstone Dayrell, Buckinghamshire, England

Sir Peter WENTWORTH, Knight

People: Sir Peter Wentworth, Sr., Kt., Elizabeth Wentworth, Sir Geoffrey Gates, Kt. and 16 others.

History of Parliament Online - WENTWORTH, Peter (1524-97), of Lillingstone Lovell, Oxon.

Lillingstone Lovell, Buckinghamshire (was Oxon.), England

WENTWORTH, Peter (1524-97), of Lillingstone Lovell, Oxon. b. 1524, 1st s. of Sir Nicholas Wentworth of Lillingstone L...

People: Sir Peter Wentworth, Sr., Kt., Nicholas Wentworth, Sr., Lady Jane Wentworth and 13 others.

Lincolnshire pedigrees (1902) Vol. III Pg. 939

Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Lincolnshire pedigrees (1902) Vol. III

People: Lady Margaret Sheffield, Sir Hamon de Sutton, III, Mary Sutton and 26 others.

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