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The Sunday Morning Star - Oct 25 1942.jpg

October 18, 1942

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

People: Harry Yaskin, Frank (Froim,Froim-Mottel) Charles Yaskin, Bessie (Bascha) Yaskin and 3 others.

Irving Caplan (Unknown-1934) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in unknown and died in 19 May 1934 Scarborough, Ontario Irving Caplan

People: Irving Caplan

Lottie Kaminsky Caplan (Unknown-1942) - Find A Grave Memorial

People: Lottie Caplan

Benjamin Caplan (Unknown-1920) - Find A Grave Memorial

Born in unknown and died in 1 Jan 1920 Scarborough, Ontario Benjamin Caplan

People: Benjamin Caplan

Itz Caplan 1925 - 1992 BillionGraves Record

People: Itz Caplan

Ida Orvitz 1903 - 1983 BillionGraves Record

Grave site information of Ida Orvitz (23 Mar 1903 - 1 Nov 1983) at B'nai Israel Cemetery in St. Catharines, Niagara R...

People: Ida Orvitz


November 19, 1965

Toronto, Toronto Division, ON, Canada

People: Private, Sarah Kideckel, Isobel Kideckel and 17 others.

Border card

United States, Border Crossings from Canada, 1895-1956 Manifests of Alien Arrivals at Buffalo, Lewiston, Niagara Fal...

People: Norman Chousky and Esther Caplan

WWII Yng Men's - Norman Caplan

c. 1940

People: Private and Annie Caplan

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