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People: Private User, Pierre VERITIER, Marie Madeleine BESSEY and 691 others.


People: Jens Uwe Oelgardt, Private, Peter Christoph Koch and 309 others. (22/08/2021) (22/08/2021)

People: Pierre Lamoral Dutrieu, Susanne Wallart, Pierre-norbert Dutrieu and 684 others.


People: Private User, Marie Louise Ernestine GILLIOT, Franois Louis Levray and 227 others.


People: Pierre-Olivier DESAULLE, Private, Jean Desaulle and 562 others.


People: Private, Private, Private and 366 others.


Principales personnalités de la lignée des

People: Auguste Louis Castel, Marie Castel, Paul Marie Léon Castel and 1 other.

Theodora Johanna Kempe | WieWasWie | DTB Trouwen | 50103277 bevat een historisch document met Theodora Johanna Kempe uit 1792: DTB Trouwen. Iedereen heeft een ges...

People: Cornelia Maria Castel

Forges de Brévilly

pas de mention explicite d'AC

People: Auguste Louis Castel

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