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1911 John Travers Crook.jpg


Camberwell, Greater London, UK

1911 Census

People: John Travers Crook and Crook

Census 1891, Williams.pdf

April 7, 1891

Toronto, King Township, ON, Canada

People: William Mathew Williams, John Crook, Charlotte Crook and 1 other.

1900 US Census, LaSalle, LaSalle County, Illinois

June 11, 1900

LaSalle, LaSalle County, Illinois, United States

People: Antony Bohn, Anna Maria Bohn, Michael Löbach / Loebach and 19 others.

David Mark Shepard Obituary

Died at St. Jerome's hospital

People: Irving C. Shepard, Amanda SHEPARD, Melina/Melinda A. S. Shepard and 16 others.

1910 United States Federal Census Record

April 16, 1910

Batavia, NY, USA

People: Irving C. Shepard, James B. Shepard, David Mark Shepard and 4 others.

1880 united states federal census record.jpg

June 10, 1880

Genesee, New York, United States

People: BETSY LORD Putnam, MYRON Putnam, Cora A. Hermance and 11 others.

1870 united states federal census record.jpg

August 5, 1870

Genesee, New York, United States

People: David Mark Shepard, Melina/Melinda A. S. Shepard, Flora B. White and 4 others.

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