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Euphrosyne Ouresina Palaiologina: Genealogics

 Genealogics ~ Leo van de Pas  continued by Ian Fettes

People: Helena Ouresina Palaiologina, Ioannes Doukas, ruler of Thessaly, ? Palaiologos and 8 others.

Ancestry of Theodora Kantakouzene

November 12, 1426

A GENEALOGY OF THE GRAND KOMNENOI OF TREBIZOND by Kelsey Jackson Williams (2006) Foundations (2006) 2 (3): 171-189 h...

People: Theodore Palaiologos Kantakouzenos, Helena Ouresina Palaiologina, Demetrius I Kantakouzenos, despot of Morea and 14 others.

Anna (Ianka) of Kiev


A History of Russia: Kievan Russia. George Vernadsky, Michael Karpovich Yale University Press, 1943 - Russia - 412 p...

People: Anna Vsevolodovna of Kiev and Constantine Doukas Byzantine Co-emperor

Public Member Trees

People: Samuel Ostler, Private, Joseph Fenn and 3421 others.

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