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Cairo Cemetery

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People: Hattie M. Burns

Gideon Walker 1735 - 1810 Scotland

Collaborative profile of Gideon Walker, born 1735, including biography and genealogy.

People: Gideon Walker and Priscilla Walker

Narcissa Duvall ( - 1888) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Narcissa Duvall


April 7, 1930

1930 census from

People: Lester P Duvall, Shirley A. Bodenmiller and Bertha J Duvall

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October 3, 1873

Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, Ontario, Canada

no image/ Birth of Viola Duvall lists parents as: Ezra Duvall-Sire and Agnes Collins-Dame

People: Agnes Duvall, Empey (Duvall) and Ezra Duvall

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June 25, 1895

Woodlands, Stormont, Ontario, Canada

marriage of Edward Alvinza Empey (a.k.a. Alvinsa Empey) to Viola Duvall lists parents of bride: Ezra Duvall-Sire of b...

People: Agnes Duvall and Ezra Duvall

1850 Census George Rankin

October 1850

OH, United States

People: Eliza Nye Wheeler, William L. Rankin, George W. Rankin and 5 others.

Social Security Death Index :: Washington :: Barbara Duvall


from: Washington State Digital Archives

People: Barbara DuVall

Notable People - John clark

~ Fort Hill Cemetery ~ NOTABLE PEOPLE General John S. Clark Born Nov. 2, 1823, Died April 7, 1912 John S. Clark was b...

People: General John S. Clark

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People: Mareen Duvall "The Immigrant", Brunner (Shaffner) and Susannah Falconer

Mareen Duvall's Wikipedia Page as of 02/07/2011

February 7, 2011

The wikipedia article for Mareen.

People: Mareen Duvall "The Immigrant"

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