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1955 - Divorce of Richard and Theresa Farina

November 1955

Russell, AL, USA

People: Theresa Fariña

1911 - Birth Record for Theresa Crozier

September 1911

Northern Ireland

People: Theresa Fariña

1935 - Passenger List, Theresa Crozier

March 28, 1935

Havana, City of Havana, Cuba

People: Theresa Fariña

1930 - Passenger List, Theresa Crozier

April 28, 1930

New York, New York, United States

People: Theresa Fariña

Mimi Farina Biography - bio, life, family, childhood, children, parents, death, wife, school, mother, young, book, old, born, college, husband, house, marriage, time, year

American folksinger and activist Mimi Farina (1945–2001) was perhaps best known for her recordings with her late husb...

People: Mimi Fariña

Bread and Roses Founder Singer-Activist Mimi Farina Dead at 56

Mimi FarinaShe died at home with family and close friends at her bedside after a two-year battle with neuroendocrine ...

People: Mimi Fariña

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