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People: Mary Finkel

ISJL : Encyclopedia of Southern Jewish Communities:

Luling, Caldwell, TX, USA

When one drives through Luling, it doesn’t take long to understand the origin of the town.  The train tracks which bi...

People: Oscar Walcowich, Isadore (Ish) Walcowich, Finkel and 1 other.

Ellis Island - FREE Port of New York Passenger Records Search Israel Finkel

Ellis Island is the symbol of American immigration and the immigrant experience. Use our Free Search to find your imm...

People: Israel Finkel

Turnofsky Turnofsky, Abraham 1930 US Census Index (#60326032)

Turnofsky Turnofsky, Abraham in 1930 US Census Index (#60326032)

People: Abraham Turnofsky, Philip (Pinchas Eliezer) Tornopsky, Shprintza Tarnowsky and 2 others.

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