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November 9, 1870

Quebec, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Québec, Quebec, Canada

Departed Liverpool and Londonderry, October 27, 1870, on the Peruvian arriving in Quebec City on November 9, 1870. Ul...

People: Maria France

U.S.S. Monterey.jpg

November 1943

USS Monterey (CVL-26) was an Independence-class light aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, in service during W...

People: Raymond Joseph France


December 30, 1944

People: Raymond Joseph France


September 30, 1944

People: Raymond Joseph France


August 30, 1944

Naval muster roll, U.S.S. Stagbush

People: Raymond Joseph France

Book of Memories

This obituary is protected by copyright by Parnick Jennings Funeral Home and Cremation Services. Proudly Serving the ...

People: Mary Ann France Carter



People: James Freeman France

Helen France marriage to Theodore Ward

November 15, 1946

Elkhart, IN, USA

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People: Helen Louise Ward, Floyd Wills/Willie France, Bertice Chambers France and 1 other.

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People: ternet (Berg), Brager (Berg), Peter S Hull, Jr. and 106 others.

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