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Kijla Jacobs de Metz | WieWasWie | BS Overlijden | 822056

January 10, 1821

Rotterdam, Government of Rotterdam, South Holland, The Netherlands bevat een historisch document met Kijla Jacobs de Metz uit 1821: BS Overlijden. Iedereen heeft een ges...

People: Kela Klara Jacob van Cleeff, Jacob David de Metz-Maarsen, Marianne Margalith Gole Juda de Mets Maarsen and 1 other.

Simon Joseph Frankfort

Amutath Akevoth = (Amutah = registered foundation in Israel) (Akevoth = traces)

People: Alijda Frankfort


Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands

This is THE most important document in the Schavrien family history. It's a Gezinskaarten which is the closest Amster...

People: Joseph Schavrien, Aaltje Frankfort, Sarah Cohen Hamburger and 5 others.

Aaltje Death 2

April 1938

Hilversum, North Holland, The Netherlands

Translation: I would like to express my warm thanks on behalf of the family to the Lord and to Dr S Zwaap, the direct...

People: Joseph Schavrien and Aaltje Frankfort

Aaltje's Death

April 1938

Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands

People: Aaltje Frankfort

Death notice

September 5, 1938

Hilversum, North Holland, The Netherlands

Unknown Dutch paper

People: Sarah Cohen Hamburger, Hartog Frankfort and Schoontje Frankfort

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