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Marriage of Ysak Isaäc and Sophia From

June 12, 1895

Amsterdam, Government of Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

People: Sophia From

Rut Margareta Louise Ruth - Arvidsjaur - is a search engine which helps you to look for information about a friend, relative or another deceased per...

People: Ruth Margareta Louise Ruth

Sveriges Dödbok 1901-2009 (CD)


Stockholm, Sweden

Detta är femte versionen av Sveriges dödbok. This is the fifth edition of the Swedish death index produced by The Fe...

People: Brita Johanna Nilsson, Margreta Sofia From Johansson, Frans Hjalmar Persson and 49 others.

Skifte Fredrich Olsen, Briksvær 1812.pdf


Skifte Fredrich Olsen, Briksvær 1812

People: Elen Elisabeth Andersdatter and Frideric Olsen From

Vestfold fylke, Sandar, Ministerialbok nr. 1 (1709-1733), Kronologisk liste 1729, uten sidenr.

June 26, 1729

Sandar, Vestfold, Norway

Dominica 2. post Trinitatis døbt Anders Drengsens barn, med det nafn Børge. Faddere Anne Drengsdatter som bar det, An...

People: Børge Anderssøn From

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