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USA, Illinois, Chicago, St Philip Benizi, Baptisms, 1925 - Scaletta Philip ex Salvatore et Camparetti Dora.jpg


Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

People: Sam Scaletta, Salvatora "Dora" Comparetto, Narina Scaletta and 1 other.


Robbery in NY 1937

People: Jane Gabrielson and Sarah Klotz

1930 census - Jorgen Gabrielson

April 11, 1930

Washington, USA

Gunnar Gabrielson with his parents, Jørgen and Hanna Gabrielson, and siblings in the census of 1930.

People: Jørgen Lind Gabrielsen, Hanna Berge Gabrielsen, Gunder Gabrielsen and 3 others.

1907 - Jørgen Lind Gabrielsen - Emigrasjon. Kilde: Digitalarkivet/Arkivverket

July 24, 1907

Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

Jørgen Lind Gabrielsen emigrates from Norway with his family.

People: Jørgen Lind Gabrielsen, Hanna Berge Gabrielsen, Astrid Gilbertsen and 4 others.

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