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1614 - Will of Catherine Jernigan Crane Carey

People: Anthony Crane, of London, Elizabeth Carleton, Robert Crane, of Southwell and Chilton and 10 others.

Pedigree of Godwyn of Clistwell

The Visitations of the County of Devon:] Comprising ..., Volume 1, Pages 1-452  edited by John Lambrick Vivian.  Page...

People: Foulke Buttery, Esq., Rubine Hervey, Henry Crane, Esq. and 10 others.

Pedigree of Stumpe of Malmesbury

Collectanea Topographica Et Genealogica, Volume 7.  Page 83.

People: Foulke Buttery, Esq., Thomas Harvey, Rubine Hervey and 12 others.

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