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Spring Hill, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, United States

People: William Franklin Morgan, Franklin G Morgan, Talmadge Dewitt Morgan and 1 other.

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Richland, Keokuk County, Iowa, United States

People: Mary Goodwin, Elmer Kenneth Goodwin, Elmer M Goodwin and 2 others.

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Newton, Jasper County, Iowa, United States

People: Iva Lucille Goodwin, (Goodwin) and John "Ray" Raymond Goodwin

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Cottonwood County, Minnesota, United States

People: Iva Lucille Goodwin, Marlyn Goodwin, John "Ray" Raymond Goodwin and 1 other.

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West Virginia, United States

People: Dora Alice Goodwin, Charles Thomas Goodwin, Susanna Goodwin and 6 others.

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West Virginia, United States

People: Charles Thomas Goodwin, Calvin B Goodwin, Missouri Ann Goodwin and 5 others.

Rae Goodwin Footstone

January 22, 1988

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Ruchel bat Yeserel Zalman Rae Goodwin Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt 1908-1988

People: Rae Goodwin

Jack Gerson Goodwin Footstone

April 19, 1994

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Zachary Gershon bar Yisker Dov Jack Gerson Goodwin Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle 1907-1994

People: Jack (Gerson Guttman) Goodwin

Birth of Gerson S. Guttman

January 30, 1907

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

born 1907-01-30 Gerson S. Guttman son of Samuel Guttman and Sophia Engelberg having been omitted to be entered, has b...

People: Jack (Gerson Guttman) Goodwin, Sophie Guttman and Samuel Guttman

Birth of Estelle Lois Guttman

April 27, 1937

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

1937-04-27 born in Montreal Estelle Lois Guttman daughter of Gerson Samuel Guttman and Rae Goodman [signed by father]...

People: Rae Goodwin, Jack (Gerson Guttman) Goodwin and Kotler (Guttman)

Marriage of Gerson Samuel Guttman and Rae Goodman

November 5, 1933

Montreal, Montreal, Québec, Canada

1933-11-05 Gerson Samuel Guttman, bachelor 645? Bloomfield, Montreal son of Sam Guttman and Sophie Engelberg Rae Good...

People: Jack (Gerson Guttman) Goodwin and Rae Goodwin



Internet Archive

Excerpt from James Knox Blish's 1905 "Genealogy of the Blish Family in America"

People: Timothy Blish, Lucia Ann Blish, Ariadne Blish and 1 other.

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