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ייחוס - פראסט.pdf

Konin, Konin County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland

People: Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh 'Charif' Yanover A.B.D. Zülz, Posen, Furth, Avraham Abli Prost, Genendel Chana Prost and 92 others.

TREE - Hakham Moshe Haim Family Tree "Beit al-Hakham" page 2

Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq

Abdullah Family Tree Hakham Moshe Haim Family Tree "Beit al-Hakham" page 2 The Scribe 70

People: Victor Aboudi, Louise Aboudi, Bertha Aboudi and 126 others.

Gorlice, Poland


Gorlice, Galicia, Poland

49°40' / 21°10'. This is the yiskor book of Gorlice. Page 14 talks about Asher. Chapter 6 - People and Figures, ...

People: Asher Yeshaya HaLevi

Gorlice, Poland


Gorlice, Galicia

49°40' / 21°10'. Found via

People: Asher Yeshaya HaLevi

Girsh and Dvora Rubenshteyn, parents of Shmuel (1816).pdf

August 14, 1816

Zemaiciu Naumiestis, Raseiniai, Vilnius; Kaunas, Lithuania

This is the 1816 census of Shmuel's parents, though he wasn't born until 1823. Girsh and Dvora might have been border...

People: Dvora Rubenshteyn, Rifka Rubinshteyn and Girsh haLevi

The families of Kivel and Shmuel Rubinshteyn (1858)

May 25, 1858

Zemaiciu Naumiestis, Raseiniai, Kaunas, Lithuania

This census contains our direct ancestors, Shmuel and Slova (Shlova Raisel), along with their daughters Sheyna Liba, ...

People: Mira (Miriam) Chessler Margoliene (Rubinshtein), Sheyna Liba Rubinshteyn, Beyla Malka Grushka and 7 others.

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