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Tom Harmon, the University of Michigan's "old 98," is chased by Ohio State defenders in Harmon's last game as a Wolve...

People: Lou Harmon, Tom Harmon, Gene Harmon and 1 other.

The Sheafe Family of Old & New England. Page 5.

People: Thomas Sheafe, Sr. and Mary Sheafe



Laurel Creek, Watauga, NC, USA

Name: Councel Harmon Age in 1860: 53 Birth Year: abt 1807 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1860: Lorrel Creek,...

People: Goulder Carroll Harmon, Goulder Harmon, Rebecca Louisa Harmon and 22 others.



Watauga, NC, USA

Name: Council Harrison [Council Harmon] Age: 42 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1808 Birth Place: North Carolina Gender...

People: Council Harmon, David Hicks, Jr., Elizabeth Hicks and 30 others.



Ashe, NC, USA

Probert Grun Ashe North Carolina Amons Gean Ashe North Carolina Cabb Coffoy Ashe North Car...

People: Amos Jordan Ward, Council Harmon, PHILLIP Paul SHULL and 10 others.



Ashe, NC, USA

Holsclaw John Ashe North Carolina Adams Sarlton Ashe North Carolina Ward Duke Ashe North Carolina H...

People: Samuel Tester, John Hicks Holtzclaw, Tarleton Adams and 6 others.



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

Harmon Council 63 abt 1807 Male White North Carolina 63 Harmon Selah 42 abt 1828 Female White North Car...

People: Robert Tester, Mary Lucinda Harmon, Calvin Benjamin Ward and 32 others.



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

Glenn M. A. White Male 19 abt 1861 Self (Head) Married North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Glenn ...

People: Willie Hicks, Elizabeth Hicks, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Hicks (Ward) and 21 others.



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

59 Agers Washington 42 abt 1828 Male White North Carolina 59 Agers Lucinda 41 abt 1829 Female White Nor...

People: Martha J Love, Julia A Love, Joseph Findley Love and 10 others.

Helen Harmon's BC



People: Helen Murphy



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

3 Presnell Nathan A Head Male White 49 1861 Married North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina 3 Pre...

People: Abner Betherd Harmon, Mary Emma Harmon, Fred M. Harmon and 37 others.



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

Presnell Nathan Head White Male Apr 1866 34 Married 15 1885 North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina...

People: Nathan A. Presnell, Josephus Cephus Presnell, Martha Caroline Presnell and 22 others.



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

Presnell E. W. White Male 57 abt 1823 Self (Head) Married North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Pres...

People: Andrew James Presnell, Sarah Jane Presnell, Lucinda Presnell and 16 others.



Laurel Creek, NC, USA

6 Presnell Eli 48 abt 1822 Male White North Carolina 6 Presnell Lucy 41 abt 1829 Female White North Car...

People: Mary Anna Ward, Adelade A. Ward, Eli J. Mast and 30 others.

1910 Census Smyth VA Harmon.jpg

April 30, 1910

Smyth, VA, USA

Year: 1910; Census Place: Olympia, Smyth, Virginia; Roll: T624_1649; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 0090; Imag...

People: Jerome Bonaparte Harmon, Astoria Caldonia Harmon, Lorena Florence Harmon and 4 others.

1870 Census Bland County VA Harmon.jpg

July 3, 1870

Bland, VA, USA

Year: 1870; Census Place: Sharon, Bland, Virginia; Roll: M593_1636; Page: 424A; Image: 97; Family History Libra...

People: Jerome Bonaparte Harmon, Nancy Jane Harmon, Astoria Caldonia Harmon and 5 others.

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